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7/05/2023 1:36 pm  #131

Re: Good If It Goes: The Story of the OBA

Ibrahim Mohammed Shoes
SoulForce lands a contract with Ibrahim Mohammed to produce the Ibrahim 1s, complete with multicolored laces!


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Re: Good If It Goes: The Story of the OBA

1985 Offseason
LEAGUE EXPANSION - In a meeting right before the OCS Finals, the league solidified that there would be six new teams added for competition in 1985, bringing the total to 24.

Each team will receive a subsequent post for their branding. The cities receiving teams are as follows:

City Van East
Novak Junction

RIVERS SUSPENDED - Choristers star Harlow Rivers has been suspended for the first five games of the 1985 season due to his early exit during the 1984 OCS Finals. During the league meetings, Remolvo argued that the league office should not step in and "be the morality police" while everyone else argued in support of the basis of sportsmanship. Remolvo's pleas were unsuccessful, and the league voted to suspend Rivers.

Sources indicate Rivers will not appeal the suspension.

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Re: Good If It Goes: The Story of the OBA

Convenance Canines

Convenance is a small city at the intersection of the Loose and Schism Rivers. The team went with the Canines for the alliteration and originality. Deciding what dog would represent them was the tricky part. They went with a bulldog because of the attractive mix of approachable, cute, grumpy and vicious.

The Canines will sport white jerseys with brown trim and and alternating brown-and-orange waistband at home. Their away jerseys will feature the same design, but in orange.

The Canines will play their home games at the St. Martin's Mining Co. Court.

The Convenance Canines are looking to chase down a championship like a tennis ball in a game of fetch! Welcome to the Convenance Canines!

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Re: Good If It Goes: The Story of the OBA

City Van East Sunrisers

The sun rises in the East, right? That's going to be the promotional tagline for City Van East this year. That's the reason why the team name was chosen. Much like the sign, they chose a very bright color scheme of pure red, yellow and combined it with a burnt orange. While the home uniforms look fine, the away jerseys look like mustard got into fisticuffs with ketchup. No matter, as the players liked them enough.

They will play their home games at TractionTech Arena.

The Sunrisers are looking to heat up the OBA!

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Re: Good If It Goes: The Story of the OBA

Kennedy Hooks

The Kennedy Hooks are named after the legendary pirates that used to steal from the rich on the banks of the Ocean of the Swords in the town. They will be optimizing a navy, cyan and gold color scheme. The Hooks will opt for an off-white cream look at home and a navy-and-cyan jersey on the road.

Charles Court is the home of the Hooks.

The Kennedy Hooks are ready to pillage the league!

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Re: Good If It Goes: The Story of the OBA

Novak Junction Hustlers
Novak Junction is the eastern-most major city in Oneieoa. The city is the hub for the trains that take citizens anywhere they desire. The "Hustlers" moniker comes from the many vagabonds and stowaways that used to make their homes on empty boxcars and cabooses. Their logo is a simple "N."

"The Junction" will be rocking blue and yellow for their color scheme. They will be the first team to add a "sash" design; An oblique line with the wordmark going from the right shoulder to the left, with a horizontal one underneath.

The Hustlers will play at the Gerald Sports Complex. In another departure from the norm, railroad tracks are extended on the hash marks between the three point line and half court. The initials "NJH" also appear on the right side short corner of each side of half court.

The Novak Junction Hustlers are rolling into town!

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Re: Good If It Goes: The Story of the OBA

(Ragley) Soup
Now you may be thinking... what's with the parenthesis?

Ragley's a weird town. A really weird town. They don't want a city name before their team name. They will officially be going by "Soup." That's it. Just "Soup." Not "Ragley Soup." Not "The Soup." Not "Soup Soup." Nope. Just simply "Soup." Whatever questions you may have, that's the answer.


Their home jerseys will be Soup. Their away jerseys will be Soup.


They will play home games at The Bowl.


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Re: Good If It Goes: The Story of the OBA

Veñuto Valor
Veñuto is a town on the Veñuto River, founded by Callibrano Veñuto. The name "Valor" felt original and it had some cool alliteration to it.

The Valor will go with white uniforms with black trim and red lettering for home. In a questionable move by the Horrible Woeful Unsatisfactory Logo and Apparel Company, the black jerseys on the road will have... black lettering that can only be seen with a red outline.

The Paddler Arena is the home of the Valor.

The Valor are going for all of the glory!

That's all for the 1985 expansion! What team is your favorite of the new bunch?

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Re: Good If It Goes: The Story of the OBA

Championship Banners
After a shipping delay, Luva finally received the championship banner for their 1983 title.

Gin City also received their championship banner for 1984.

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Re: Good If It Goes: The Story of the OBA

1985 Season
The inaugural 24-team season was a smashing success!!! 12 teams finished .500 or better as the competition heightened. Travel had more of an effect on the players as they put more miles on their already exhausted bodies. How did things shake out for everyone?

The Simeka Sleuths were apparently tired of the "young and inexperienced" excuse and put that work in all offseason. The skyrocketed to their first ever #1 regular season finish. The Sleuths flew through the air to play some of the most exciting basketball in all the land.

McQuelsey came in second as Bryson McMurray continued to be a top five player in the league. He had his best shooting season thus far, knocking down 42% from beyond the arc. Relative newbie Mickey Kirkland played a good second fiddle as an extra boost for the Woodpeckers.

The Monocles returned to their level of play from 1983 and landed themselves in the third slot. Io October improved his outside shooting and defense. He also bulked up. Ish Anderson also impressed as the commander of the offense, landing 8.4 assists per game.

Luva once again finds themselves in the #4 vs. #5 game for the playoffs. Sinclair Journey, to no one's surprise, dominated in almost every game on his way to All-OBA First Team honors for the fourth year in a row. Freddy Duncan and newcomer Devin Harris were the second- and third-leading scorers for the Mountaineers.

The Crows have made it to the postseason for the first time since Quentin Crown's retirement as Felix Grant continued to be a defensive anchor. The defending champion Porkers fell down to the sixth seed, but still had a fantastic campaign as Byron No continued his exceptional play. Navon Oren is still finding new ways to score and weave through defenses, leading the way for Boothtown to clinch a playoff spot for the second year running.

Perhaps the biggest storyline heading into 1985 would surround Remolvo and how they would handle the drama with Harlow Rivers. During his suspension, the Choristers went a woeful 1-4, losing to the likes of Convenance, Novak Junction, Mescudi and Ensylvan. After he rejoined, they bounced back and it did not appear that there was any tension between him and his teammates. However, it did showcase just how much help Rivers needs, even if the sample size was relatively small. Remolvo did just enough to make it to the final spot of the playoffs.

The Bay had a chance to make the playoffs but fell just short as they lost in the final week against the Sleuths. Lots of positive to be taken away from their season, as John Hamilton and Junior Black are still on their game. Stanley Sweetney landed his first MVP award, leading the league in points and offensive rebounds while being one of the most staunch defenders in the league. However, that wasn't enough to bring The Team of the River Galloway to the postseason. Pablo Ruiz is proving himself to be a nice player for the Irving Ricos. Ruiz finished with All-OBA Second Team honors and led the Ricos to their first winning record in five years. Bojan Turk was also great for Them Moonbois, but Hitts Weckerthaul is aging.

Some more young talent emerged in the league from the teams that finished middle-of-the-pack. Jefferson Connors took another step forward for the Cudas, as did Tyrone Buckley for the Dachshunds. Both teams are projecting their to brighter futures. The Valor of Veñuto finished as the best of the expansion teams behind a fast-paced offense. Dovinwitt and Ensylvan still need another piece to compete consistently for playoff spots.

Soup, much like all the other expansion teams, experienced major growing pains as they turned the ball over at an astronomical rate. They, along with Nachtigen, Kennedy, and Convenance, showed some flashes, but otherwise struggled against the rest of the league. The Razors, Sunrisers, and Hustlers were all big oofs. However, in a bright spot, Julio Ball was the only player from the expansion teams to make an All-OBA team. In another positive, Novak Junction was voted by fans as having the best home arena and the best concessions. That's fun.

All-OBA Teams

1985 Playoffs
#1 Simeka Sleuths vs. #8 Remolvo Choristers
The Sleuths are starting to come into their own this year. The offense was stellar and the growth was immeasurable. Brody Rizzo, Sol Renfro, Esteban Grover and Alex Zaragoza are a quartet to be reckoned with. They can score from any point on the court. The Remolvo Choristers are coming in scorching hot and have shown glimpses of the #1 seed play from last year. With Harlow Rivers back in the mix fully, will the Choristers remain as intimidating in the #8 spot as they were a year ago at #1? Can the Sleuths keep defenses on their toes and fool the Choristers into oblivion?

#4 Luva Mountaineers vs. #5 Irving Crows
No stranger to the playoffs, the Mountaineers are still playing incredible ball. Sinclair Journey has a good supporting cast and is still expanding his individual game. Irving has had a bit a of a break from postseason play, but they do have an advantage inside with Felix Grant. Is that Luva magic going to be in the air once again? Can the Crows hold the Mountaineers and limit their offensive opportunities? Can Irving keep up with Luva's pace? Will Luva have an interior answer for Grant?

#3 Murdlock Monocles vs. #6 Gin City Porkers
One game separated these two teams in the regular season. The Monocles will be making their second-ever playoff appearance with the same core that took them to the OCS Finals a few years ago. The one team they may not want to face are standing in their way - the defending champion Gin City Porkers. Byron No is the best player on both teams. He has the playoff experience and now, an OCS Finals MVP to his name. The battle between Ibrahim Mohammed and Io October will be must-watch television. Can the Monocles keep the Porkers duo from scoring at will? Will the pressure amount to be too much for the Porkers to defend their title?

#2 McQuelsey Woodpeckers vs. #7 Boothtown Mobsters
Even though all of these games are going to be fun... a playoff matchup between Boothtown's Navon Oren and McQuelsey's Bryson McMurray makes it even more exciting. This one has the potential to be a shootout. This game contains two winners of the previous three MVP awards. Boothtown is slightly better on the offensive end. McQuelsey is far superior on the defensive end. Who will come out on top? Can the Mobsters pull of the upset? Will the Woodpeckers return to the OCS Finals for the first time in six years?

It's the 1985 OBA Playoffs baby!!!

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