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Re: Good If It Goes: The Story of the OBA

OBA Hall of Fame Inaugural Class of 1983
Prior to the OCS Finals, the Hall of Fame was opened for the very first time. The Hall of Origin will feature some of the players who carried the OBA through its opening years. The players are as follows:

Congratulations to the Class of 1983!!


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Re: Good If It Goes: The Story of the OBA

Retired Jerseys
A handful of players have had their numbers retired from their respective teams.

Brian Williams

Andre Oz

Carl Baker

Evans Strong

Isaac Revon

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Re: Good If It Goes: The Story of the OBA

1984 Offseason
The Table in The Back Room of The Bar of The River Galloway was jovial at the offseason meetings for numerous reasons. For one, the Hall of Fame induction ceremony was a smashing success. Over 10,000 people were in attendance, and the event lasted no longer than 2:30. Pretty good for the amount of speeches that they needed to get through!

Further expansion on the horizon - With the exception of the first season in Bara, each new team finished in the green every year. A big reason for that first Bara season operating slightly in the red was the major undertaking of a large infrastructure project that limited traffic near the Bara Plaza. With that context considered, the league unanimously voted to approve of adding teams to compete in the 1985 season. No cities have been outright selected as of yet, but, rest assured, that will be decided on before the 1984 OCS Finals. A set number has not been decided on either, but the league is hoping for at least four new teams.

The meetings were catered by TacoTown.


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Re: Good If It Goes: The Story of the OBA

1984 Season

While not quite as dramatic as last year, 1984 had plenty of fun and excitement to offer. Most of the playoff teams remained the same, with a handful of squads filling in.

Remolvo repeated as the #1 seed in the league, a feat that hasn't been done since the Baker/Strong era Murdlock Razors accomplished it in 1976 and 1977. Once again, however, Harlow Rivers was brutally robbed of a spot on the All-OBA team. Some cite the tumultuous relationship he had with the media all season as the reason for this emittance. Michael Williams defended him publicly, saying "conduct off the court should not determine the perception on the court. The dude plays well and we win and we don't have him on the all-league team? That's a load of crap."

The Gin City Porkers moved up the ranks behind Ibrahim Mohammed and Byron No, who both had great seasons. Mr. No slashed his way into the paint, using his handles and lengthy frame to his advantage. The Team of the River Galloway also succeeded as Stanley Sweetney was voted to a second consecutive All-League team. Marlin Drew also had a fantastic swan song season, announcing before the first game that 1984 would be his last season. While he was certainly moving slower, his shooting was still impeccable. The Bay Bishops played slightly better defense this year, which helped them move back into the playoffs after a one-year hiatus.

The Mountaineers of Luva had a similar regular season to last year, no doubt aided by the dominant play of reigning OCS Finals MVP Sinclair Journey. Luva continued to employ creative offensive gameplans to dodge any defensive strategy thrown at them. Simeka enjoyed another year of success as their three-headed monster of Brody Rizzo, Sol Renfro and Esteban Grover carried. At 18-16, both McQuelsey and Boothtown rounded out the last two playoff spots. Bryson McMurray finished second in the MVP voting behind the Mobsters' Navon Oren. Oren was crowned MVP for a second time, becoming the fifth player in league history to win multiple MVP awards. Oren led the league in both points and assists.

The Crows performed much better in 1984, as Felix Grant scared off most opponents that tried to score in the paint. Mescudi took a step back as Bojan Turk continued to take on a leading role from Hitts Weckerthaul. The Murdlock Monocles was less of a good team and more of a beneficiary of the rest of the league not being... great. The Monocles, Drakes, Ricos and Cudas all just sort of beat up on each other all year, losing to the teams above them and beating the teams below them, with some anomalies here and there. Ensylvan was massively disappointing after their third place finish the year prior. After a hot start, the Drakes lost their 10 of their last 14 games. Pablo Ruiz continued to dazzle for the Ricos, but the campaign to get him some help continued throughout the year. Bara's Jefferson Connors was solid, but was the lone bright spot for the Cudas.

The Razors fell shortly behind the rest of the pack as they continue to struggle finding an identity post-Baker/Strong. The Dovinwitt Louds and Nachtigen Titans were terrible. Desherd City won 11 games because Tyrone Buckley is becoming a basketball behemoth. The Dachshunds were a one-man show the entire year. They went 0-16 against the playoff teams.

In other news, the Dachshunds did have Bring-Your-Dog-to-the-Game Day and the cleanup was minimal! Good for them! Of the dogs in attendance, most were golden retrievers and labs. But there were plenty of Dachshunds making LOTS of noise!! Neat stuff!!

1984 All-OBA Teams

Journeyman I Release

A new player in the shoe game, The Stomps signed Sinclair Journey to his first shoe deal and the first in the company's history. The shoe featured lightened versions of the Luva color scheme. Upon release, the Journeyman I's sold close to 300,000 pairs, becoming one of the most successful shoe drops of all-time.

1984 Playoffs
#1 Remolvo Choristers vs. #8 Boothtown Mobsters
For the second year in a row, the Choristers must face the league's MVP in their opening playoff matchup. There has been fuel for the fire all year for Remolvo who is still looking to win their first OCS Finals. With Harlow Rivers and Michael Williams having the potential to carry them there, this is their best chance yet. Navon Oren and the Boothtown Mobsters stand in their way. Will Remolvo finally get over the hump and prove they aren't a cursed team? Will Boothtown play an adequate and entertaining Cinderella in 1984?

#4 The Bay Bishops vs. #5 Luva Mountaineers
A true bounceback year for The Bay Bishops, their trademark high-powered offense has carried them to a top four seed. They have the ability to upend any opponent with the sheer style of their play. However, the reigning champion Luva Mountaineers are looking to 3-peat. If Sinclair Journey plays as well as he has in the previous two postseasons, the Mountaineers will be tough to beat. Will the defense stay strong enough for The Bay to move forward in the playoffs? Will Journey and the rest of the Mountaineers make it another remarkable run?

#3 The Team of the River Galloway vs. #6 Simeka Sleuths
Marlin Drew just wants one more chance at a ring before he calls it quits. The veteran guard has been mentoring the young Stanley Sweetney, who is on his way to becoming a superstar. While the Sleuths are still youthful, they now have some playoff experience that is sure to better prepare them for this year's first round. Can Drew ride off into the sunset a champion one last time? Can Sweetney have his statement game in the postseason? Will the triple-tandem of the Sleuths take down The Team?

#2 Gin City Porkers vs. #7 McQuelsey Woodpeckers
This seems to be the team Gin City had been waiting for since their inception. Byron No is proving to be a capable #1 and Ibrahim Mohammed is getting it done on the defensive end for the Porkers. On the other side, the Woodpeckers are led by Bryson McMurray, who already has an MVP and a handful of All-OBAs to his name. Will the slow growth of the Porkers culminate into the ultimate prize? Will McMurray, with his ability to score at three levels and defend most positions, be too much for Mr. No to stop?

The 1984 playoffs are here! Who is taking home the Golden Carrot?

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Re: Good If It Goes: The Story of the OBA

Looking good, this is some exciting stuff you got here! Keep it up!


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Re: Good If It Goes: The Story of the OBA

Jayhawk wrote:

Looking good, this is some exciting stuff you got here! Keep it up!

Thank you kindly!! Do you have a favorite team so far?

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Re: Good If It Goes: The Story of the OBA

1984 Quarterfinals

#1 Remolvo Choristers 92, #8 Boothtown Mobsters 66
Navon Oren had himself a game for the Mobsters. He scored 43 of his team's 66 points. While that is an incredible individual performance... it certainly isn't going to get the job done against the best team in the league. The rest of the Mobsters' shots clanked off the iron at an embarrassing rate. Meanwhile, not even Oren would be able to stop the explosive offense of the Choristers. Remolvo pushed the pace effectively. Most possessions went like this:

- Boothtown missed shot.
- Remolvo rebound (more than likely Harlow Rivers).
- 30-foot pass to a screaming player (more than likely Rivers or Michael Williams).
- Remolvo makes layup.
- Wash, rinse, and repeat.

As far as a statement goes... yeah... Remolvo wasn't messing around in their opener.

#4 The Bay Bishops 72, #5 Luva Mountaineers 71
A CLASSIC was held at the Green Center in The Bay. Sinclair Journey, sporting his trademark floppy man-bun into a ponytail, dazzled as he had done for most of his career. The first four baskets for the Mountaineers came courtesy of Journey, and it looked like he was set to continue his incredible string of playoff success. However, John Hamilton had other plans, as he led the charge back. At half, the score was tied at 38. Hamilton refused to miss from long range, moving about quickly off-ball to get his open shots. Tied at 69 with a minute left, the Bishops doubled Journey and left a cutting Freddy Duncan to receive a flashy pass and lay the basketball in. The clock was fast winding down, as the Bishops called their final timeout to draw up a play. Here is the transcript of the KBAY radio call for the final possession. This call comes courtesy of Mickey "the Microphone" Mullhollow:

"Welcome back to 99.9FM KBAY. If you're just tuning in, boy oh boy you've missed a game for the ages. Luva's Freddy Duncan just laid in an open shot about five feet from the rim to put the Mountaineers up 71-69. The Bay blitzed Sinclair Journey, as I would have done had I been out there, considering Journey has 33 points and Duncan has had a relatively quiet game. No matter; what's done is done. The Bishops break the huddle and they have 16 seconds to put up a good shot. Hamilton to inbound the ball to Junior Black. Here's the roll and Black picks it up just before half-court. Hamilton is racing around some screens, Black still with the ball. Black gives it up to Hamilton. Eight seconds left. Journey guarding Hamilton... left dribble.. crossover... he goes in to atta- NO! He leaps back... fades away... shots up... THE HAMMER!!!!!! THE HAMMER!!!!!!! HAMILTON'S SHOT CIRCLES AROUND THE RIM, BOUNCES OUT OFF THE BACKBOARD AND IT BOUNCES BACK IN!!!! DID HE GET BEHI- HE DID!! THE OFFICIALS HAVE CONFIRMED! THREE-POINT BASKET FOR THE HAMMER! HAMILTON SENDS THE BISHOPS TO THE SECOND ROUND!!!!"

One for the ages indeed, Mr. Microphone. One for the ages indeed.

#3 The Team of the River Galloway 71, #6 Simeka Sleuths 86
Once again, Simeka is home to Cinderella!! The Sleuths pulled off the upset, thanks to the exceptional play of Sol Renfro. While Brody Rizzo was also great - 24 points and seven assists - it was Renfro who ascended his game. He would be the second-leading scorer of the playoffs - only Boothtown's Navon Oren scored more - with an even 40. Marlin Drew fell short of a coveted championship run and a good performance. The crafty veteran finished the game with only 12 points on 3/12 shooting. Stanley Sweetney played well, netting 29 points for The Team in the losing effort. It's tough to overcome a 40-point performance from the second-best player on any team, let alone one with as good of chemistry as Simeka. The Sleuths advance to the second round as the sixth seed for the second consecutive year.

#2 Gin City Porkers 88, #7 McQuelsey Woodpeckers 81
The Porkers had an offensive explosion as well. As predicted, Byron No dominated for Gin City. He netted 28 points on an efficient clip while being guarded by the best perimeter defender in the league. However, Bryson McMurray was no slouch for the Woodpeckers with 32 points and three steals. Gin City controlled the tempo for most of the game. Late in the second half, McQuelsey brought the lead down to one point after they had been down by as much as 11. Ibrahim Mohammed had two massive dunks and made another four free throws - incredible considering his 53% mark from the charity stripe - to seal the deal for the Porkers. Gin City wins their first playoff game in team history!

#1 Remolvo Choristers vs. #4 The Bay Bishops
It would be a tall task for the Bishops to continue their magic show against the Choristers. For as intimidating as Remolvo was all year, that only increased with their overpowering play in the first round against Boothtown. The Choristers, though, don't shoot the ball as well from distance as The Bay. John Hamilton is on fire and looking to extend the flame ignition to an OCS Finals appearance. Will Remolvo prove to be too much for the Bishops? Can The Bay hold it down just enough on the defensive end to pull off yet another miracle?

#2 Gin City Porkers vs. #6 Simeka Sleuths
The Sleuths find themselves in an almost identical situation as the year before. After winning their first round game against a tough opponent, they have to travel to make another attempt at taking down the #2 seed. This time, however, it will be a much improved and matured Gin City team. Byron No has put on a spectacle in his best season yet. He and Ibrahim Mohammed have an older-younger-brother-from-another chemistry that is tangible and unrivaled by perhaps anyone else in the league. If there is a tandem that can rival it, it certainly could be the Sleuths The Porkers know what Simeka can do. Any one of Brody Rizzo, Sol Renfro or Esteban Grover can go off on a given night. Which of these teams will make their first OCS Finals appearance? Will it be the Porkers that have long experienced the growing pains? Will it be the youthful and bubbly Sleuths, beloved by fans and embraced as the lovable underdog?

The semifinals are fast approaching...

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Re: Good If It Goes: The Story of the OBA

1984 Semifinals

#1 Remolvo Choristers 76, #4 The Bay Bishops 75 (OT)
Another fantastic game in what is shaping up to be the most exhilarating playoffs yet! This was neck-and-neck all the way through. John Hamilton, not known for his defense, held Choristers star Harlow Rivers to 10 points in the first half. Michael Williams' offensive efforts were much more successful, eclipsing 17 points before halftime. Remolvo big man Javen McFoster III helped with seven rebounds and 14 of his own points. On The Bay's side, Hamilton hit three from the perimeter and a few middies to end the half with 15. The Choristers held a two-point advantage heading into the second half. They extended that lead to nine halfway through until Junior Black and Hamilton hit a handful of downtown daggers to tie it back up. Tied at 67 with ten seconds left, Rivers had a chance to send the Choristers to the OCS Finals with an open 20-footer that blomped off the iron and fell to the side. As such, we were headed to the first overtime game in the history of the playoffs.

The five-minute free-basketball period had all fans on the edge of their seats. The Bishops struck first with a layup by Black. The score would remain that way for a minute until Michael Williams knocked down two consecutive threes for the Choristers to put them up by four. Hamilton hit a midrange jumper for The Bay. Rivers was left wide-open in the corner and sunk what would become Remolvo's last basket of the period. It was up to the Choristers to protect their five-point advantage with 0:30 remaining on the clock. The Bay scored quickly on a Hamilton three-pointer and stole the following inbound pass. Black was fouled and sent to the line for two shots, but missed the first free throw. Making the second, the Bishops failed to get the ball back as the Choristers played keep away and sealed the victory. Remolvo will be heading to the OCS Finals for the first time since 1981 when they lost at the hands - or should I say, talons - of Quentin Crown and the Irving Crows.

#2 Gin City Porkers 93, #6 Simeka Sleuths 78
The atmosphere on Meats Street - yes, that is the name of the street the arena is located on - was unlike anything seen in league history. The game coincided with the Great Gin City Grilldown. At the Grilldown, cooks from all over the country broke out their smokers, spiced up their spices and sauced up those sauces in a BBQ competition. The winning restaurant was Pearly's, a small joint out in Novak Junction near the western border. Pearly's came with a pulled pork sandwich with a zesty ranch side and carrot sticks. Delicious! Can you tell the author has not had dinner yet this evening? Anyways...

While the smokers were up and running outside of the arena, it was Byron No who came to cook inside for the Porkers. No was grilling the Sleuths all night, hitting his first seven shots. He couldn't be stopped even if the defense poked him with sharp, dangerous skewers. Like a steak without a proper dry rub, Gin City was not satisfied with the 20-point lead they had at half. Even as Simeka mounted a small comeback, the Porkers came together as a unit, tighter than the meats on a kebab. No was smacked hard in the second half, picking up a little shiner on his forehead, but otherwise continued forth. Finishing the night with an astounding 53 points, this was the type of well-done performance only seen on rare occasion. Although Remolvo will be hosting the OCS Finals, there will certainly be a little bit of pink in the stands to support Gin City in the championship game for the first time.

Good grief... the author of this series really needs to eat.

#1 Remolvo Choristers vs. #2 Gin City Porkers
This marquee matchup will be the first #1 vs. #2 OCS Finals since 1980, when the second-seeded Mescudi Moonmen took down the top seed Luva Mountaineers. Choristers superstar Harlow Rivers has heard enough about how he "isn't clutch" and how he allegedly "hates the media." Best believe he has heard it all and that it will only be fuel for what he is expecting to be a top-notch performance. His partner-in-crime Michael Williams will also have to be ready to go, carrying on with his stellar playoff streak. Fresh off the celebratory Grilldown of the Sleuths, Gin City is upset-minded and focused. They have easily scored the most points in this postseason behind the strength of budding star Byron No. However, they are very inexperienced in the playoffs, let alone the big game. Will Harlow Rivers finally emerge from the rubble as a champion, proving the naysayers wrong? Will the culmination of the Choristers hard work result in ultimate victory? Can No receive help from the other Porkers to keep the powerful Choristers in check?

The 1984 OCS Finals are almost here!!!!

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Re: Good If It Goes: The Story of the OBA

#1 Remolvo Choristers 55. #2 Gin City Porkers 74

There has only been one OCS Finals with a larger margin of victory. That was in 1978 when Andre Oz's The Team of the River Galloway defeated The Bay Bishops by 28.

It was an absolute display of dominance from start to finish for the Porkers. It was unbelievably embarrassing for the Choristers. Everyone around the country tuned in to watch one of the most highly-anticipated Finals in years. Instead, they got a bodybag of the highest order.

Starting off with the positives - Remolvo's National Choir sang the national anthem and it was beautiful. Marvelous. Perhaps the best anthem in OCS Finals history. Possibly the best anthem in the history of singing national anthems.

On Gin City's side, they had nothing but great things going for them. Byron No led all scorers at the half with 27 points. It was absurd. Every shot - from the circus threes and the fadeaways to the contested jumpers - seemingly fell through the hoop for the Porkers star. After Gin City led by 25 at half, No only played nine minutes in the second half. He finished the game with 38 points en route to his first OCS Finals MVP award. Ibrahim Mohammed brutalized Javen McFoster III. It was, quite honestly, a bit pathetic that no one could stop the Porkers veteran. A walking double-double all year, Mohammed was no different tonight, nabbing 15 and 15. Sadly for the Porkers fans, their first championship would not be the talk of the country, as it was overshadowed by inter-team drama.

Harlow Rivers metaphorically failed to show up for the Choristers. Michael Williams didn't shoot the ball particularly well, but he was their leading scorer with 24 points. But Rivers was terrible. He made two field goals in the first half and headed into halftime with seven points, where he remained until the final buzzer. During the first half, Williams seemed to be encouraging Rivers in the huddles to keep shooting. Rivers appeared to be receiving the conversation well, nodding and fist-pounding his career-long teammate. But tensions rose in the second half; Rivers took the first shot of the second half and air-balled. From that moment onward, he was checked out on both ends. The typically twitchy, strong Rivers was letting No drive by him with ease. Rivers sat separately at the end of the bench from his teammates after he checked out for the last time, which Williams took umbrage with. After Williams called out Rivers verbally, Rivers walked back to the locker room at 5:45 and did not return to the bench.

While walking out of the building, clearly attempting to hide from the media, Rivers was discovered by one reporter. The journalist asked him about the verbal altercation.

"Mike told me I wasn't being a team player because of where I was sitting on the bench at the end of the game. He thought I had given up, which is the furthest thing from the truth, man. I was visibly frustrated with how I had played tonight. As a hooper, this is something you dream for every night. You can question how I played today. Lord knows I'm already doing it to myself. But never question my effort. Ever."

Williams response came after the game, prior to the Rivers interview.

"Listen... I love Harley man. He's my dude through and through. I'll let him sleep on things, blow off some steam, and then I'll reach out to him sometime tomorrow. He's a hard worker and a hell of a basketball player. But as men, I'd like to keep this conversation between Harley and me. Thanks."

After Rivers' quote was released to the public, Williams responded with this:

"Alright well... I don't necessarily want to talk about this publicly, but because it is of public interest, I'll speak on it. The on-court conversation between Harlow and I was about leadership. Body language is a crucial communication skill, and in sport it is no different. I called his body language into question at that moment. We have a lot of young guys on the team and, perhaps more importantly, the next generation of hoopers watching us on national television. I understand we were down by 20-something at that time. I understand some days the ball doesn't go in the hoop. That day has happened for every hooper in existence. Harlow is one of the best players in the world and he had an opportunity to dig in and show people that the fight isn't over until the final bell. Between him hanging his head, crossing his arms on the bench, sitting away from teammates, and the lack of defensive tenacity we are used to seeing from him... I took it upon myself to more-or-less call him out on it.

Look... I'm not going to stand down on my love for Harlow. Dude comes in and works his butt off day in and day out. He's a great guy and a great teammate. I think unfortunately frustration got the best of him."

When asked about any communication between them following the loss:

"We had an hour-long conversation on the phone last night. Again, I don't want to get into the details because that's a private discussion between myself and Harley. But yeah, it was a good, healthy talk."

That's about the end of the drama so far between the Choristers. In the meantime... congratulations to the Gin City Porkers on their first championship! Their championship celebration banquet was catered specifically by Pearly's, the champion of the Great Gin City Grilldown.

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Re: Good If It Goes: The Story of the OBA

A Monumental Mural and Monumental Shoe Deals

This mural was found a few days after the Porkers won their championship. The mural depicts Byron No as the buzzer sounded, solidifying Gin City's first title. The artist is unknown.

New Shoes
While SoulForce is still going strong with their shoes and licensed team apparel, The Stomps are closing in on this new crop of stars for shoe deals. The Journeyman IIs, the sequel to Sinclair Journey's record-selling first shoe, were released shortly after the 1984 OCS Finals. Complete with the Mountaineers color scheme, the shoe now includes the tag line "Always Respect Your Journey" on the ankle. The Journeyman IIs outsold the Journeyman Is by an additional 100,000 units.

Sinclair Journeyman II

In the month following the Finals, The Stomps came to an agreement with Byron No, the reigning Finals MVP. The advertising line for this shoe was "Who's gonna stop me when I'm No. 1? No one." This is also the first shoe by The Stomps to feature their wordmark, rather than just the logo of the yet-to-be-named robot. This shoe did outsell the Journeyman Is, but not the Journeyman IIs. The No. 1s include the Porkers color scheme with a fresh turquoise as a nice touch.

Byron No No. 1

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