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Re: Canadian International Hockey Association

WCLH 1977-78 season

1. Fargo Owls
2. Kenora Pioneers
3. Abbotsford Forest Kings
4. Nanaimo Sharks
5. Brandon Buffalos
6. Moose Jaw Wings
7. Saskatoon Cats
8. Medicine Hat Hawks
9. Lethbridge Cougars
10. Swift Current Battalion

Season Story
October 7, 1977, marks the Swift Current Battalion inaugural season opener that fans been waiting for as the team played against the Moose Jaw Wings. Battalion rookie forward Ron Gratton scored his first goal in his WCLH career, and he would add three assists to give the team their first win in the team’s history. Swift Current would add 12 more wins and ended last place, but the mayor of Swift Current said, “This team is here to stay long term!”

One of many big stories that were all talks about was a trade between Kenora and Saskatoon that suppose to be a win for the Cats as they received forward Jake Folk and defence Reggie Gordy. The Pioneers end up getting goalie Zack Mick and a 2nd round pick. Unhappy that he got traded lit a fire inside Zack as he got the chance to start for the Pioneers and went on a roll with a 24-5-1 in 30 games and gave the team a 2nd place finish. While the Cats fell apart in the second half, top key players got injured to even Kevin Vale, Sam Fritz, and Matthew Edwards got the call up from their pro hockey clubs as Saskatoon finished 7th to make things not sit well for the Cats they have a playoff match up with the Pioneers.

The other team that had their ups and downs was the Brandon Buffalos. In the first half of the season, the team played very well, the team even placed in 1st over the Fargo Owls. The second half was where the team went downhill. Tim Woods, the team head coach, had problems trying to keep the team together. The Buffalos 14 game losing streak led to a locker room fight between forward Luke James and defence Paul Cole. The team’s chemistry was not there as the Buffalos ended the season in 5th.

For the second year in a row, the Fargo Owls took 1st place in the WCLH with what would be a new record of 43-5-2, to add more records by the Owls, goalie Nate Benn made a record of 15 shutouts out of 30 games.

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Re: Canadian International Hockey Association

1978 WCLH Playoffs

1st Round (best 3 of 5)

1st Fargo Owls vs. 8th Medicine Hat Hawks: Game 1 was back and forth until, in the 3rd period behind 3-2 Hawks, Sam Park got a breakaway and beat Owls goalie Nate Benn to tie the game 3-3. It took two overtimes to end game 1 as the Owls James Morry scored a top corner with 5:21 left in the 2nd overtime. Game 2 was all Owls as they would beat the Hawks 4-1, then the Owls blank the Hawks 5-0 in game 3 to finish the series in 3 games.
2nd Kenora Pioneers vs. 7th Saskatoon Cats: Pioneers head coach Leo Newton said, “This is our series, plain and simple.” Those were the words that motivated the team as Kenora did more than swept the Cats in three games they also kept the Cats from scoring goals as Pioneers goalie Zack Mick shut Saskatoon out in all three games.

3rd Abbotsford Forest Kings vs. 6th Moose Jaw Wings: Game 1 was important for the Wings, with forward Shawn Ryan scoring 2 goals and 2 assists, defencemen Herb Williams shutting down the Forest Kings offence, and rookie forward Joe Robin played like he is the veteran with 1 goal, 4 assists as the Wings beats Forest Kings 5-2. Abbotsford got a wake-up call from game 1, so they turned it around in game number 2 as forward Grey Bushey lead the way with 2 goals, 1 assist and forward Rick Queen made 3 assists as Forest Kings takes it 3-1 to even the series one apiece. Forest Kings got themselves on a roll as Grey Bushey scored a hat-trick witch would be it as Abbotsford wins it 3-1 to take the lead in the series 2-1. Game 4 was must-win for the Wings as they played just like game 1 as Shawn Ryan made 2 goals, 3 assists as Moose Jaw wins it over Abbotsford with 6-3 final to tie the series 2-2. Game number 5, the first two periods was even between the two but when period number 3 started it was all Moose Jaw as Herb Williams shock everyone as he scored his first-ever goal, after that three other Wings players score goals as the Moose Jaw Wings win game 5 with the score of 6-2 and win the series 3-2.

4th Nanaimo Sharks vs. 5th Brandon Buffalos: The drama in Brandon shows it as both Luke James, and Paul Cole tried to put their difference aside, but it wasn’t enough as Nanaimo swept the Buffalos in 3 games all thanks to forward Luke Stillman with 4 goals, and 8 assists in 3 games, also international junior star Kenta Takamachi played great with 5 goals, 4 assists in 3 games. “With my players step their game up to another level, it’s just what we needed to be ready for round 2.” Sharks head coach Sam McLee said at the press conference after game 3.

Round 2 (best 3 of 5)

1st Fargo Owls vs. 6th Moose Jaw Wings: This is the rematch between Fargo and Moose Jaw from last year playoffs, unlike that year was round 1 this year it is round 2. In-Game one Moose Jaw shocked the Owls with a 4-1 win in front of a sold-out Fargo Center. “We played awful plain and simple I didn’t need to tell my players they know it, and they’ll find a way to turn this around and quick.” Owls head coach Rich Gibs said after the game. The Owls turn it around in both games 2 and 3 thanks to goalie Shawn Paxton who let in just 2 of 61 shots he took, forward Dick Bartram lead the way with 4 goals and 2 assists in two games for the Owls to take the series lead 2-1. Game four is where the event that everyone would call it “the comeback” after two periods the Wings were leading 5-1, but in the third period Fargo was starting to play like a must-win mode as Dick Bartram scores a hat-trick, followed by defence Jack Moore, and forward Justin Ash to break a tie with 1:07 left in the third period, the Owls went defence mode as Moose Jaw players were shooting pucks all over goalie Frank Watson as they held on until the game clock hit zero. The Fargo Owls completes the comeback with a score of 6-5 to win game four and the series 3-1.

2nd Kenora Pioneers vs. 4th Nanaimo Sharks: Both teams play hard, Kenora took game one 3-2, the Sharks takes game two with a 4-2 win, Kenora bounce back in game three 4-1 victory, but in-game four the Pioneers thought that they’re going to win it but two late goals made by both Curtis Samford, and George Rogers to win it 4-3 to even the series 2 apiece. Game number 5 the Pioneers suffer a huge heartbreaker. Goalie Zack Mick injured his hip during the first period, Zack finished the period but didn’t came back in the second as he got replaced by backup Luke Osborne and the Sharks took the advantage and scored 4 unanswered goals as Nanaimo win game five 7-3 to win the series 3-2. “It was my call to sideline Zack he was hurt real bad I don’t want to have him suffer a career-ending injuring that will hunt both him, me and the team, so with that we will fight another day, and we will be better.” Pioneers head coach Leo Newton said after losing game 5.

1978 Jade Trophy Championship (best 4 of 7)

1st Fargo Owls vs. 4th Nanaimo Sharks: For the second year, the Fargo Owls are back in the finals, while the Nanaimo Sharks' last championship appearance was back in 1974 when they were the Greyhounds. In-game one, Fargo got off in a hot start as Dick Bartram did it again with 2 goals and 4 assists as the Owls win 7-4. Fargo took game two with Dick Bartram, who made 3 goals and 5 assists as they blew out Nanaimo 8-2 final to take a 2-0 series lead. Game 3 was a game-changer for the Sharks as Kenta Takamachi scored a hat-trick, his playoff career first as he led the Sharks to a 4-2 win. The Sharks would continue to roll as Luke Stillman made 1 goal, 4 assists as Nanaimo beat Fargo 5-2 to even the series 2-2. Game five is a must-win for both teams many said that “if you win game 5, you win the whole series!” That is what the Owls did as Justin Ash, and Dick Bartram each scored a goal and kept the Sharks from scoring as the Owls takes game five 3-1. Game number six is where the Owls have the answers, while the Sharks does not as the final score is the Owls 3, Sharks 2 as Fargo wins the series 4-2, and the 1978  Jade Trophy Champions and they will make the trip to Toronto for 1978 Valor Cup Tournament for the second year in a row.

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Re: Canadian International Hockey Association

OMJHA 1977-78 season

1. Kitchener Generals
2. Kitchener Legionnaires
3. Barrie Admirals
4. Oshawa Diamonds
5.  Waterloo Maroons
6. Guelph Crusaders
7. Oakville Oaks
8. Owen Sound Arrowbirds
9. Milton Micmacs
10. Burlington Metros
11. Orangeville O’s
12. Peterborough Braves

Season story

It was a big two days for both Peterborough Braves and Orangeville O’s as both played home and home games against each other. The first game between the two was at Orangeville Arena as the O’s wins the home opener 3-2 and O’s forward Jack Blackbell was the 1st star with two goals and one assist. The second game was a big for the folks in Peterborough as they felt like its homecoming, and it shows it as the Braves beat the O’s 4-2 thanks to the 1st star of that game Shawn Steel with a hat-trick. Both teams finished in the bottom 2 with almost the same record, but the O’s got the season series match-up better than the Braves with 3-1-0.

One of the biggest news that did not sit well for the OMJHA, mainly the Milton Micmacs as forward Sam Warner, signed a deal with SWOHL’s Flint Fury. Questions about how it went wrong between the player and the Micmacs, sources say that the Micmacs had the money ready for Sam until suddenly the money was gone to makes it worse for the team. They lost good players to injuries and call ups from the Pro hockey clubs. The Micmacs once had a 12-game winning streak and hit 4th place in the first half of the season but hit a 15-game losing streak in the second half and finished 9th.

1977-78 season was the best season that the Barrie Admirals have ever performed. With the help of captain Ross Silverman leading the team along with Leo Jackson’s 30 goals, 75 points season and rookie goalie Stan Cole played like he isn’t a rookie with 25 wins and ten shutouts in 35 games he played skyrocketed the Admirals to finished third place.

Things came from bad to worse for both the Guelph Crusaders and team owner Jack Doan as for some odd reason, the league fee didn’t when through, and the city of Guelph isn’t happy about it. Jack took both the league and the bank that does the league’s banking to court. However, Jack has the advantage, but the lack of proof both the league and the bank won the court battle with that the OMJHA made an 11 team owner vote by the score of 8-3 Jack Doan ownership of the Guelph Crusaders is no longer his anymore. Unhappy with the decision, Jack Doan quote, “Mark my words, this league will regret taking this team away from me.” As for the team’s fate being in Guelph, that depends on if anyone willing to buy the team and keep them in the city, if there is no offer on the table, then the team will be up for sale for relocation.

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Re: Canadian International Hockey Association

1978 OMJHA Playoffs

Round 1 (best 3 of 5 games)

1st Kitchener Generals vs. 8th Owen Sound Arrowbirds: The Arrowbirds may have squeeze in the 8th place, but they are no match as the Generals took care of them in all three games with Patrick Herbco leading the way with 9 goals, 13 assists in 3 games, and the defensive duo of Neil Kelly, and Bill Walls kept the Arrowbirds offence from scoring.

2nd Kitchener Legionnaires vs. 7th Oakville Oaks: Game one was controversial as three of four goals made by the Oaks shouldn’t be counted due to numbers of Oaks players bumping, hooking, to even slashing Legionnaires goalie Ben Chandler, head coach Lenny McLeish was not happy with the referees as Legion lost 4-3. After that, the Oaks couldn’t score a goal in game 2 to 4 as the Legionnaire shut them out and sent the Oakville Oaks packing for the season in four games.

3rd Barrie Admirals vs. 6th Guelph Crusaders: The Admirals took game 1 in Barrie with a 3-1 win over the ownerless Crusaders. In-game 2 the Crusaders tie it 3-3 after being down 2-0 going into the 3rd period, in overtime Guelph’s forward Rob Bell score it top corner as the Crusaders even the series one apiece in Guelph. Back at Barrie for game 3, it was back and forth as the game is tie 2-2, in the third-period Admirals Leo Jackson scored 3 goals straight with 12 minutes left in the game as the Admirals went on and won game 3 with the score of 5-2. Game 4 is where many believe would be the last game in Guelph as there are no local businesses interested in buying the team, so that means the league will move on to plan “B” sell the team to relocate. In hopes to try to extend more home games the Crusaders played their “A” game as they scored 3 unanswered goals in the 2nd period the Admirals couldn’t recover as the Guelph Crusaders wins game four 4-2, after the game the Crusaders made a salute to the fans in the  Guelph Memorial Auditorium as many felt that it is indeed the last game the Crusaders ever played in Guelph. Back in Barrie, it’s winner take all game 5, and the victor will go to the second round. In contrast, the loser goes home, Crusaders lead 2-0 after the first period, but the rest of the game was all Admirals as they score 4 goals 2 in the 2nd and 2 in the 3rd period as Barrie win both the game 4-2 and the series 3-2 as the Admirals moves on to the 2nd Round.

4th Oshawa Diamonds vs. 5th Waterloo Maroons: Despite the Maroons swept the Diamonds in the season, but Oshawa got their payback by sweeping them in the playoffs. Game one Diamonds took the Maroons down 4-1. Game two the Maroons got shutout big time by the Diamonds 5-0. Game three Waterloo had a lead 2-0 going into the 3rd period until Diamonds forward Greg Banks made two goals and two assists and helped the team complete the sweep over the Maroons with a 4-2 win and moving on to the 2nd Round.

Round 2 (best 3 of 5 games)

1st Kitchener Generals vs. 4th Oshawa Diamonds: In Kitchener both battle back and forth in game one where after the buzzer sound off in the 3rd period the game is tied at 4 apiece heading into overtime, with 1:39 left in the 2nd overtime Greg Banks shot the puck top corner for his 3rd goal of the game and the Diamonds takes game one over the Generals 5-4. The rest of the series went downhill for the Diamonds as the Generals took game two 4-2, then 5-1 in game three, and in-game four, the Generals finish the Diamonds off with a 6-1 score. Once again, the Generals are heading to the Smyth Cup championship as they win the series 3 to 1.

2nd Kitchener Legionnaires vs. 3rd Barrie Admirals: The Legionnaires took game number one 5-3 after being behind 3-0 after the 1st period. Game two was the same, the Admirals had the lead after the 1st period but fell apart in the 2nd period and couldn’t come back in the 3rd as the Legionnaires win it 4-2. Game three the Admirals had a 4-0 lead after the 2nd period, Legionnaires John Herbco who been quiet for the whole series scored 2 goals and 3 assists as they came back and swept the series 3 to none over the Barrie Admirals. The Admirals coach Leon Thomas said, “We played a good series, but we couldn’t finish the job, but next year we will be ready.” As for the Legionnaires, they’re heading to the Smyth Cup championship for the third year in a row.

1978 Smyth Cup championship (best of 4 of 7 games)

1st Kitchener Generals vs. 2nd Kitchener Legionnaires: For the second year in a row, it’s a battle of Kitchener as both the Generals and Legionnaires face each other for the Smyth Cup title. Game one the Legionnaires was all over the Generals as they win it 4-2. It was the same in game two, but it was a close game as it was 1-1 going into the 3rd period, John Herbco scored the tie-breaker goal with 3:20 left in the game as the Legionnaires take a 2 to 0 series lead. Game three is where the Generals bounce back as Patrick Herbco made 1 goal, 3 assists as the Generals take it 4-2. Game four the Generals face against a different Legionnaires as John Herbco suffers a torn muscle on his left arm, defence Joe Harley twisted his right knee, and goalie Ben Chandler hurt his back from game three. The Generals took the chance and win it 5-2 to tie the series 2 apiece. Game five the Generals dominated the Legionnaires with a 7-1 win to take a 3 to 2 series lead. Game six John Herbco, Joe Harley, and Ben Chandler are back from their injuries, but it would not be good enough as the Generals won game 4-1, win the series 4 games to 2, won their second straight Smyth Cup title and headed to the Valor Cup tournament.

One day after the Smyth Cup Championship, the OMJHA announced that the Crusaders hockey team got sold to Businessman Ryan Byron Sr., the founder of “Clear Honey Inc” in Buffalo, New York. Senior said that the Buffalo Falls Arena is the perfect place to house the team in. It is for the first time in OMJHA history that the league will have an American team be part of it. As for the city Guelph, they banned Jack Doan and his company from being in Guelph for good. “It’s a sad day that this had to end bitterly in Guelph, but a new era in Buffalo that are hungry for a hockey market to thrive in,” Said OMJHA president Franklin Name.

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Re: Canadian International Hockey Association

1977-78 AQHL Season

1. Trois-Rivieres Titans
2. Drummondville Les Rouges
3. Verdun Knights
4. Cape Breton Warriors
5. Laval Tigers
6. Portland Clippers
7. Moncton Bears
8. Fredericton Vikings
9. New Glasgow Highlanders
10. Shawinigan Voltages
11. Sherbrooke Loups

Season Story

The Shawinigan Voltages opened the first game of their inaugural season with a 3-1 loss to the Verdun Knights in front of a sold-out Voltage Arena. The first game shows some good sign for the city as believe it or not; the city is getting a brand new arena in the next two years. “Things are indeed looking up here in Shawinigan.” Volts Owner Pierre Leflar said.

With being the bottom of the league the Sherbrooke Loups made some moves that can help them down the road. The Loups traded some players but the most significant trade they did is traded the last member of the 1974 Valor Cup champions forward Paul Dupree to the Trois-Rivieres Titans for both 1st Round, and 2nd Round picks for the 1978 draft.

 The Fredericton Vikings made some good moves, but two of their top 3 players end up getting the call up from the pros which hurt the team, luckily the team barely finished 8th with help from forward Sam Brady who made 20 goals, 45 points this season kept the team from looking at the playoffs from the outside.

Both the Titans and the Les Rouges battled for 1st place of the league as they fought back and forth. Still, on one game, the Les Rouges suffered a 4-2 loss to the Portland Clippers that cost their chance to keep up with the Titans as Drummondville finished 2nd place just 10 points behind the Titans as they finish 1st for the second straight season.

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Re: Canadian International Hockey Association

Owls are the ones that I’m backing going into the big dance. Hope they can make something of it.

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Re: Canadian International Hockey Association

1978 AQHL Playoffs

Round 1 (best 3 of 5 games)

1st Trois-Rivieres Titans vs. 8th Fredericton Vikings: The Vikings made the most of this series as they gave the Titans a hard time. Game one the Titans had a 2-0 lead, but the Vikings made two surprising goals to tie the game and sent it to overtime, which Titans Jim Goff scored the overtime winner in front of a full house at the Aréna de Trois-Rivières. Game 2, the John Haskell Arena, is packed with hockey fans as the Vikings surprised the Titans with 4 unanswered goals early in the third period. Midway in the third, the Titans regain the lead as left-winger Guy Mulgrew scored a goal with 5:20 left in the game until around 0:36 left Vikings defenceman Pete Lass tie the game and just like game one both teams are going in overtime. 9:20 left in the first overtime Titans right-winger Jon Rehnquist scored his first playoff career goal to give the team the win 6-5 and the commanding lead 2 games to none in this series. Game three back at Trois-Rivieres this time around the Vikings took the lead going into the third period 3-1. Guy Mulgrew scored two goals to tie the game and made this game in overtime. It took with 5:56 left in the second overtime for Jon Rehnquist to score the O/T winner 4-3 and finish the series 3 to none as the Titans move on to 2nd Round.

2nd Drummondville Les Rouges vs. 7th Moncton Bears: In game one was a blowout win for the Les Rouges as they beat the Bears 8-0. Game two was a different tone as the Bears put the Les Rouges in tight spots as the Bears took game two 4-2 to even the series 1 apiece. The Les Rouges couldn’t recover from game 2 as they lost badly to Moncton 3-1 in game three. Game four was no different Drummondville struggled throughout the game as Moncton was too much as the Bears takes a shutout win 3-0 and win the series 3-1 as everyone witness for the first time in league history that a 7th seeded team beat a 2nd seeded team.

3rd Verdun Knights vs. 6th Portland Clippers: In game one, Portland shocked the Knights with the win of 4-2 score, but things got ugly as Knights forward Cody Nadeau got checked hard by Clippers defenceman Joe Hunt as the game clock hit zero. “That was a dirty hit, and they know it, come game 2 we will hurt them with our game-playing.” Knights head coach Nathen Giguere said at the press conference after the game. Head coach Nathen and the Knights kept their word and beat the Clippers 5-3. The Knights continued their momentum going with a solid 3-1 win. Verdun Knights finish off the series with a 4-1 win over the Portland Clippers and the series 3-1.

4th Cape Breton Warriors vs. 5th Laval Tigers: Game number one the Tigers took the lead, but the Warriors came back as Alex Jacks played a key role as he made 3 assists to helped Cape Breton takes game one 5-3. Laval fought back in game two as they beat the Warriors 3-1. Cape Breton turns it around for themselves as they beat Laval 3-2 in game three. In game four, the Tigers threw everything at the Warriors and succeed with a shutout win 3-0 to even the series 2 apiece. Game five it’s a winner takes all as the Warriors made it to the Tigers and win game five 4-2 and move on to the 2nd Round with the series win 3 to 2.

2nd Round (best 3 of 5 games)

1st Trois-Rivieres Titans vs. 7th Moncton Bears: Game one is where everyone will see who will more likely will win this series, and the Titans show it as Paul Dupree made two critical goals as they beat the Bears 4-2. The Bears fought back in game two, but it was not enough as the Titans shut them down with a 5-3 victory. Trois-Rivieres Titans finish the Bears off in game three thanks to left-wing Jaune Fredette’s 2 goals, 4 assists as the Titans wins it 6-1 and sweep the series.

3rd Verdun Knights vs. 4th Cape Breton Warriors: In game one, the Warriors surprised both the Knights and the fans at the Dome de Verdun with a 4-2 win. Game two at the Warrior Arena, the Knights, took down the Warriors with a 3-2 win thanks to forward Rene Hebert, who made 3 key assists in that game. Game three the Knights thought they got the game in the bag, but the Warriors had other ideas as Alex Jacks made his first hat-trick of his playoff career along with 3 assists as Cape Breton takes it 6-4 for 2 games to 1 and hopes to finish the series at the Warrior Arena. Game four the Knights struggled through the 1st period, but came back and with help from defenceman Leon Corbet scoring a key goal to keep their season alive, the Warriors was all over Knights goalie Keith Corbet in the 3rd period, but Keith was a brick wall as he stops 21 shots as the last buzzer hit and the Knights even the series with a 5-3 win and heads back to Verdun for game number five. The Knights are determined to win on home ice, and with Rene Hebert scoring 2 goals, 2 assists, and Leon Corbet with his 2 goals, 3 assists helped Verdun Knights win the game five 6-2 and win the series 3 to 2 heading to the Bronz Cup finals against the Titans.

1978 Bronz Cup Championship (best 4 of 7 games)

1st Trois-Rivieres Titans vs. 3rd Verdun Knights: Game one at the Aréna de Trois-Rivières where the Titans took care of business as they took the win 4-1 over the Knights thanks to Jaune Fredette with 2 goals and 1 assist. Game two was the same score 4-1, but this time it’s Paul Dupree made 3 goals, and 1 assist. Game three the Titans thought they got lead 4-1 after the 1st period when the 2nd period started that where Knights played a good game as Leon Corbet made 2 goals and 3 assists as Verdun Knight wins it 6-4 final in hopes to keep it up and tie the series. In game four, the Knights gave it all, but the Titans kept the game their way as they won the game in overtime 4-3. Trois-Rivieres Titans took it to the Knights with help from both Jaune Fredette and Paul Dupree as they win game five 6-1 and become back to back Bronz Cup Champions and will take a trip to Toronto for the 1978 Valor Cup tournament.

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Re: Canadian International Hockey Association

1978 Valor Cup  Tournament (Toronto, Ontario)

For the first time in CIHA Valor Cup history that three teams are battling for the Valor Cup together back to back. This time however all three teams finished the same record with 2 wins and 2 losses but the only the difference is that the Titans finished 1st with the most goals for with 15 after a their last game of the tournament where they won 7-1 blowout over the Fargo Owls.

2nd vs. 3rd semi-finals: With the Titans moving on to the finals they’ll wait to see who going to the finals with them. In the first period the Owls played strong but the Generals took over in the 2nd period, and then the Generals finish the Owls off in the 3rd period as the clock hit zero the Generals are going to the Valor Cup finals with a 5-2 final over the Owls.

1978 Valor Cup finals: Period number 1 was wild, shots were made by both teams, and both goalies were on their heads as the 1st period ends with the score of 0-0. In the 2nd period the Titans finally broke through the wall as Jaune Fredette score on a breakaway, but the Generals got it back as Patrick Herbco shot on point to tie the game as the buzzer sound as the 2nd period end with a 1-1 tie game. The 3rd period was all Generals as Patrick Herbco, Neil Kelly, forward Sam Ricky, and Ed Greer score a goal as the 3rd period ended with the score of 5-1 and the Kitchener Generals is the 1978 Valor Cup champions with Patrick Herbco the Valor Cup MVP.

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Re: Canadian International Hockey Association

1978 CIHA Off-season

1978 AQHL Draft
Many top teams tried to offer the bottom 3 teams picks for players, but those offers were not good enough to anybody’s taste, so the bottom team’s picks are still in their hands. With their 1st pick still intact, the Sherbrooke Loups waste no time and made their pick, and they took forward Josh Winter from Saint John, New Brunswick. The Volts select goalie Trevor Corbet from Boisbriand, QC. Forward Jaune Poulette of Quebec City, QC, was the 3rd pick by the New Glasgow Highlanders.

1978 OMJHA Draft
Peterborough Braves hit the jackpot with forward Mike Mellon from Pickering, Ontario, who is a scoring machine after making 42 goals for the Pickering Jr. B club and lead them to an all-Ontario Jr. B title.  The Orangeville O’s select from Collingwood defence Ron Green; not only can he play defence, but he can also score too, which could be what the O’s need to boost their offence. Pick number 3; the Burlington Metros took defence Matthew Walton from Guelph that the Metros title him “the man with the cleanest hits,” which they need in hopes of heading back to the top of the league.

1978 WCLH Draft
The Battalion may have traded some picks, but they kept their 1st pick and used it to select defence Peter Warwick from Flin Flon, MB. Lethbridge Cougars pick, from Calgary, AB forward Jack Burk. Medicine Hat Hawks got themselves a forward from Red Deer, AB Seth Lewis, who’s been under the Hawks' radar for a good year and believed that he could give the team what they need in a chance of getting in the playoffs long term.


CIHA: The Valor Cup is going to the national capital as the brand new Ottawa Civic Forum will be the place for the tournament; it’s also the home of soon to be the Ottawa Pro Hockey Club as the city got themselves an expansion team which they’ll debut in the 1980-81 season.

CIHA: With Ottawa hosting the 1979 Valor Cup tournament, the trio leagues and the CIHA president Joseph McGeorge saw some teams giving their arenas upgrades to even building brand new arenas, so they decided they will have a team hosting the Valor Cup tournament, which means that the host can be part of the tournament along with the champions to make it a four-team tournament. Some owners don’t like the idea, but most believe that it can benefit both the teams and the cities. They will announce who will host the tournament during the 1979 Valor Cup tournament.

AQHL: With the addition of the Manchester Americans for the 1978-79 season, the AQHL decide to make two divisions. One will be called the “Quebec division,” that have all six teams from Quebec, while the other one is now known as the “Atlantic division” as for the playoffs, it’s now extended; both the 1st and 2nd Round will be just like the finals it’ll be the best 4 of 7 games.

AQHL: After much hype, the Manchester Americans officially showed off their jersey set in red, white and blue. The light jersey got red and blue stripes all over the arms and hem; the arms were so full of stripes that the TV numbers are placed on the shoulders. On the dark is the same, but the cuffs are thick white stripe while on the hem, the white is thin.

OMJHA: After a meeting with the owners, president Franklin Name announced that next season all three rounds of the playoffs are going to be the best 4 of 7 games in hopes of making it more interesting to all of the teams.

OMJHA: With the Guelph Crusaders now moved to Buffalo, New York, Ryan Byron Sr. officially name the team “Buffalo Bees.” The Bees showed off their jersey sets presented by Senior’s son and the team’s GM Ryan Byron Jr. The logo is a Homeplate shape shield with fade black and gold stripes, a big white “B” sits on top of the shield and to add an icing of the cake two little bees sit on the spots where the “B” is. True black was added for trims around the logo. On the light jersey, two gold and two fade black stripes on both arms, hem and the socks; the dark is the same, but both fade black and white switch roles.

OMJHA: Little by little, Generals GM Todd Holmes is almost done purchasing the team from current owner Gerald Herbco as he is getting ready to retire from the sport altogether to look after his dairy farm more in his hometown of Thamesville, Ontario.

WCLH: The Western Canadian League of Hockey welcomes from Billings, Montana, the owner of the club Bill Knox held a press conference in front of a brand new “Star Sky Sports Complex,” a multi-sport facility that house a hockey rink, baseball field, basketball court, and a football practice facility. The rink house 3000 seats and could see expanse more if the hockey market catches on. Bill Knox named the team the “Billings Trains,” named after the history of the rapid growth of the economy thanks to being part of the railroad town, and both his father and his grandfather were in the railway business that helped the city grow. An old steam train with steam surrounds the team’s logo with green, black, light blue as trim around the logo and gold letters that said “Trains” sitting on top of the train. On the light jersey, both the arms and hem got thick green stripe and light blue and gold thin stripes. On the dark jersey, the green and white switch roles, and both light blue and gold tin stripes switch roles.

WCLH: The WCLH also welcomes Portage la Prairie, MA as part of the league as well as owner Matthew Durocher, who have deep hockey roots were; his grandfather Jaune Durocher was a great hockey player and coach in the province of Manitoba, his father William “the Magic” Durocher was the first Manitoba native to win a pro hockey MVP and won three pro hockey titles under his belt, and lastly his brother Greg Durocher is currently playing for the Manitoba Pro Hockey Club after playing 5 seasons for the Chicago Pro Hockey Club. Matt did have a good 5-year pro hockey career but suffered a career-ending injury, so he runs a hockey equipment business that helps many hockey clubs that needed equipment fast. Standing in front of a 2500 seat arena named the “Jaune Durocher Memorial Arena,” he names the team the “Portage la Prairie Magic” after his father’s nickname “the magic” where he can make the puck disappear from his stick to the net that drives goalies crazy. The logo is a black top hat with a red stripe and purple letters of two big caps, “Ps” and small-cap “L” and “A,” sitting on top of it. The light jersey got a thick black stripe, thin purple stripe, and thick red stripe on the cuffs and hem, while the dark jersey is the same but both black and white switch roles.

WCLH: With two more teams being added for the 1978-79 season, two divisions need to be made, and so the “West division” and the “East division” are born. Both the league president James Name and the owners agreed to expand the 1st and 2nd round playoff games from the best of 3 of 5 to the best of 4 of 7 games. “Now, we got ourselves a real playoff series bottom line!” Nanaimo Sharks owner Jake Peterson said after the announcement.

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Re: Canadian International Hockey Association

Hello everyone, it's been a while since I posted here. Let say three things. One: Busy with work. Two: My internet had been a pain in the butt (long story short, I live in an area where I don't get good GBs.) Three: After putting together the 1978-79 season to the 1980-81 season, I wasn't satisfied with it, so I rewrote it, it took me almost a year but it was worth it and so the continuous of the Canadian International Hockey Association.

1978-79 WCLH Season


East Division
1. Fargo Owls
2. Kenora Pioneers
3. Saskatoon Cats
4. Brandon Buffalos
5. Swift Current Battalion
6. Portage la Prairie Magic

West Division
1. Abbotsford Forest Kings
2. Medicine Hat Hawks
3. Moose Jaw Wings
4. Nanaimo Sharks
5. Lethbridge Cougars
6. Billings Trains

October 16, 1978, is where the Billings Trains made their inaugural season opener against the defending Jade Trophy champion the Fargo Owls at the Star Sky Sports Complex in Billings, Montana. The game went well until the end of the third period, where the Owls rookie forward Greg Pearce scored 2 goals to give Fargo a 4-2 win and ruined the Trains home opener. The Trains rebound from that loss winning just 12 victories out of 50 games, just 1 less win behind the Cougars in the west division.

As speaking for the west division, it has been lukewarm. Both Moose Jaw and Nanaimo struggled off the gate, and if it were not for the division split, both would be placed 9th and 10th overall. Abbotsford was the only good team in the west with a 35-11-4 record to finish 1st; overall, the Forest Kings placed 3rd.

October 20, 1978, after the team's first six games on the road, the Portage la Prairie Magic made their home opener at the Jaune Durocher Memorial Arena against the Kenora Pioneers. It was not a magical night for the Magic as they got blown out by the Pioneers with a score of 8-2. The Magic would finish last place overall with only just 9 wins out of 50 games.

Both the Fargo and Kenora battled back and forth for the top spot in the East division; in the end, it is all about head to head as the Owls top the Pioneers with the season series record of 3-1-1.

The Brandon Buffalos drama continues between Luke James and Paul Cole that has been hurting the team all season. What is bad about it is some players on the team demand to be traded to a different team. "This team has become a dysfunctional group. We tried to make peace between these two, but to no avail. This morale we got now can't get any lower than it is; straight up, we don't deserve to be in this year's playoffs." Buffalos forward Fred Hale said in an interview after the Buffalos lost one of the worst games of the season to the Swift Current Battalion 9-2.

Many hockey fans and critics questioned the division alignment. Moose Jaw Wings is placed in the west division and the Swift Current Battalion in the East division. Moose Jaw is on the east side, while the Swift Current is on the west. WCLH President James Name explains the reason for it is that it was set by the birthplace of the owners' Moose Jaw owner Jack Green was born in Maidstone SK, while Swift Current owner Patrick Cox came from Yorkton SK to James is fitting to set the division like that.

As the 1978-79 season ended, the 8 teams that are in the playoffs will get a surprise as President James Name announced that the playoff format would be an international style meaning that the 1st seed east division Fargo Owls will battle against the 4th seed west division Nanaimo Sharks a rematch from last season Jade Trophy finals, 1st seed west Abbotsford Forest Kings vs. 4th seed east Brandon Buffalos, 2nd seed west Medicine Hat Hawks vs. 3rd seed east Saskatoon Cats and 2nd seed east Kenora Pioneers vs. 3rd seed west Moose Jaw Wings. "This year, playoffs are going to be fun to watch for everyone," James said at the press conference.
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