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Re: Canadian International Hockey Association

Oh so close... congrats to the Cougars though


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Re: Canadian International Hockey Association

1974-75 OMJHA Season
1974-75 standings
1. Burlington Metros
2. Waterloo Maroons
3. Oakville Oaks
4. Kitchener Legionnaires
5. Guelph Crusaders
6. Kitchener Generals
7. Milton Micmacs
8. Owen Sound Arrowbirds
9. Oshawa Diamonds
10. Barrie Admirals

1974-75 began with two new teams the Barrie Admirals and the Oshawa Diamonds. Both teams played very well in the first half of the season. Still, all went downhill in the 2nd half the Admirals went 0-18-2 in the final 20 games, while the Diamonds won only 5 in the last 20 games. Luckily, it was enough for them to finished 9th.

Both the 1974 Smyth Cup champion Burlington Metros and the Waterloo Maroons battled for the top spot in the league, it was back and forth, but in the last game of the season, the Metros won the game against the Maroons 4-2 to take the sole spot of 1st place.

The Legionnaires rookie John Herbco tops the league in goals with 40 the most made by a rookie in OMJHA history, which also helped the team stay in the top 4.

With the OMJHA now a ten-team league, they expanded from a six-team playoff format to 8 team playoff formats. However, the number of games in each round still the same as the owners and Franklin Name are discussing a possible extending more playoff games for next year.

The Metros may take 1st place in the league but didn’t become the league champions for the third year in a row that title belongs to the Oakville Oaks as it took all five games, including game 1 to 4 ending in overtimes. The Oaks win game 5 in regulation to win the Smyth Cup and a trip to Montreal for the 1975 Valor Cup tournament.

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Re: Canadian International Hockey Association

1974-75 AQHL Season
1974-75 standings
1. Drummondville Les Rouges
2. Cape Breton Warriors
3. Laval Tigers
4. Moncton Bears
5. Fredericton Vikings
6. Verdun Knights
7. Sherbrooke Loups
8. Portland Clippers
9. Trois-Rivieres Titans
10. New Glasgow Highlanders


1974-75 season was an eye-opener for the league as two of the three bottom teams rose in the standings both Moncton and Fredericton plated very well enough to finish in 4th and 5th Trois-Rivieres even though they got some good trades to good picks. Still, the team is the youngest in the league finished 9th out of the playoffs.

The Verdun Knights surprised the league with some good young players, and some very hungry veterans want to show what they can do as they finished 6th place and going to the playoffs.

The expansion draft to even pro draft took its toll on the Loups as they had a rough 30 games, winning six games but won all their last ten games to finished 7th.

Drummondville Les Rouges took 1st place from the Cape Breton Warriors in the standings, and to add more salt to the wound, the Les Rouges swept the Warriors in 3 games to take home the Bronz Cup and punched their ticket for a quick jog to Montreal for the Valor Cup.

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Re: Canadian International Hockey Association

1975 Valor Cup Tournament

Hockey fans were in a treat as the 1975 Valor Cup would be a future star showcase with talents on the ice every game, the Cougars, Les Rouges game was the best game fans enjoyed, and pro hockey scouts eyeing on that right player for the draft. The Cougars won that game 6-5.

Cougars Cliff Burns is making a name for himself, scoring 12 goals in 4 games the most in Valor Cup tournament history. The best game that Burns made was the last game of the round-robin against the Les Rouges scoring five goals in an 8-2 win, creating one of the biggest blowouts in the tournament.

What was worse than getting blown out by the Cougars? How about losing the semi-finals to the Oaks that Les Rouges beat in the round-robin twice in a shutout result, the reason for this semi-final loss was the Les Rouges didn’t take the Oaks seriously even with their upset win over the Cougars. The Oaks beat the Les Rouges 5-4 overtime after the Oaks came back from being behind 4-0 after the 2nd period and forced overtime.

The Valor Cup finals was a rubber match as both the Cougars and the Oaks had a win in a piece from each other in the round-robin, but in the end, the Cougars came out on top with Cliff Burns scoring three goals, three assists with a total of 6 points as the Cougars wins it 7-3 over the Oaks. Cliff was named MVP in the tournament.

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Re: Canadian International Hockey Association

1975 off-season

1975 AQHL Draft
New Glasgow Highlanders 1st pick was forward Shawn Oakley of Charlottetown, P.E.I. Another P.E.I. Local from Summerside forward, Jim Goff was picked 2nd by the Trois-Rivieres Titans. In the 3rd pick, the Portland Clippers took defence Roy Will from Lewiston, Maine.

1975 OMJHA Draft
Barrie Admirals select from Newmarket forward Leo Jackson who been under the league’s radar for two years, and he almost got drafted by a rival league, the SWOHL’s Windsor Aeros, but Leo wants to be close to home which is a plus for the league. Oshawa Diamonds pick goalie Kevin Round of Mississauga. He helps his Mississauga A.A.A. team win the All-Ontario championship and holds the record for the most shutouts with 12 in one season. Owen Sound Arrowbirds draft forward Joshua Westbrook of Uxbridge.

1975 WCLH Draft
The Brandon Buffalos got themselves a fresh start by drafting forward James Ronaldson of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Moose Jaw takes defence Eric McQueen of Swift Current, Saskatchewan. Kenora Pioneers select forward John Paul of Thunder Bay, Ontario.

The day before the 1975 Valor Cup finals, CIHA President Joseph McGeorge announced that Vancouver, B.C. will host the 1976 tournament. It will be located at the Vancouver Arena, where the Vancouver pro hockey club used to play but no longer in use ever since the pro team started their 1974-75 season in a brand-new arena. The Vancouver arena is currently being refurbished, and It will be done just in time for the 1976 Valor Cup tournament.

With many teams adding nameplates on the back of the jerseys becomes a thing, all three leagues decide to give the remaining teams that don’t have nameplates on the back of their jerseys have until after 1975-76 season to do so as it will become minatory.

There were no talks about any expansions; however, there were talks of relocations and new owners if the attendants at home games do not improve. An interview with AQHL President Paul Name said there are three teams (not named) who are under the average attendants but not low enough for relocation nor new owners talks.

One team from the WCLH that is in the news is the Nanaimo Greyhounds new owner Jake Peterson announced that the team would be renamed to the Nanaimo Sharks the reason for it is because under Greg’s will that Jake is the team’s new owner but will not keep the name the Greyhounds. The team will officially show off the logo and the jerseys in August one month before the 1975-76 season. 

Good news, both Sherbrooke Loups and the city came an agreement on building a new arena to replace the old Patinoire de Sherbrooke (Sherbrooke Rink) the new arena will be complete and open at the 1980-81 season.

Jersey update and the new team reveal

Nanaimo Sharks
As was told by Jake Peterson, the Sharks showed off their new set. The logo is the word "SHARKS" across with bite marks on it with the letter's "H" and "C" on the background. Jerseys are blue and teal along with black and grey as a tribute to the team's previous owner Greg Peterson.

North Battleford Crusaders
With the future not looking good, the North Battleford Crusaders updated their jerseys. Stripes on both arms and hem are placed together, new collar design, and nameplates got added. The rest is still the same.

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Re: Canadian International Hockey Association

1975-76 WCLH Season
1975-76 standings

1. Lethbridge Cougars
2. Fargo Owls
3. Saskatoon Cats
4. Abbotsford Forest Kings
5. Kenora Pioneers
6. North Battleford Crusaders
7. Nanaimo Sharks
8. Medicine Hat Hawks
9. Brandon Buffalos
10. Moose Jaw Wings


For the fourth year, the Lethbridge Cougars takes the top spot in the league, while both the Owls and the Cats went back and forth for the 2nd place. On the season finale, both the Owls and the Cats got the same record, but the Owls takes 2nd place by having more goals for then the Cats.

The Crusaders made lots of wins and sold out at every home game. Still, however, the hopes for a new arena are looking darker than ever, with both sides cannot agree on it even with Ron Jackins offer 100% of his share to build the arena. Still, the city council believe the arena is still good to play in however it located outside the city, and it's small the only thing big is the ice rink if both sides don't come to an agreement Ron would have no other choice but to find a new city to move the team in.

 The Sharks are pretty much in rebuilt mode with Jake Peterson now the owner he had to hand over his GM job to his assistant Paul Rowe, even the coaching staff changed as well were Frank Billiton took a head coaching job for the Seattle Pro hockey club, and he took the rest of the coaching staff with him. With fresh faces on the bench, the Sharks finished 7th but played poorly in the playoffs as they got swept by the Owls; both games were shutouts.

The Cougars make it back to back as they beat the Owls 3 to 1, but the Cougars had a hard time with the 5th seed the Kenora Pioneers were all three games ended in overtime and all three games the Cougars drop a three-goal leads.

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Re: Canadian International Hockey Association

1975-76 OMJHA Season
1975-76 standings
1. Kitchener Legionnaires
2. Waterloo Maroons
3. Burlington Metros
4. Kitchener Generals
5. Guelph Crusaders
6. Oakville Oaks
7. Owen Sound Arrowbirds
8. Oshawa Diamonds
9. Barrie Admirals
10. Milton Micmacs


Before the season starts, the Diamonds made a vital trade with the Generals. The Diamonds get forward Greg Lewis, 2nd round and 3rd round. While the Generals take 1st round, 5th round and forward Jack Hillmen, this trade benefits the Generals as they finished 4th place, while the Diamonds take 8th place and show signs better things to come soon in Oshawa.

The big news that happened was the Milton Micmacs as the team fired head coach Jim Jackson after winning only 2 out of the first 20 games. Shawn Harper became the team's new coach as they would win four more games and finish in tenth place.

With all rumours about teams being relocated during the off-season, the Owen Sound Arrowbirds are not on the list as the city agreed in adding more years on the arena lease. Trevor Thunder, the team's owner, hopefully, makes enough money to build a new arena and keep the team in Owen Sound. 

Another Coaches change in the league happened in Waterloo; the Maroons hire Louis Kelly to coach after Ron Pool stepped down for personal reason as the team finished 2nd with a big 15 game winning streak.

In his second season with the Legionnaires, John Herbco became the team's captain after Roger Walton got the call to play for the New York pro hockey club. John steps up to the plate as the team leader and leads them to 35 wins, two losses, and three ties skyrocketed to 1st place. John would win the scoring title, best forward player, MVP and named number 2 of the pro hockey's top prospect player of the year.

John Herbco and the Legionnaires would roll through the playoffs and swept the Metros in 3 games to win the Smyth Cup, their first since 1965. The Legion has punched its ticket to Vancouver for the 1976 Valor Cup.

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Re: Canadian International Hockey Association

1975-76 AQHL Season
1975-76 Standings
1. Drummondville Les Rouges
2. Cape Breton Warriors
3. Moncton Bears
4. Fredericton Vikings
5. Verdun Knights
6. Laval Tigers
7. Portland Clippers
8. Trois-Rivieres Titans
9. Sherbrooke Loups
10. New Glasgow Highlanders


The Titans show some good progress from their previous season to make it bigger for them; they even beat the defending Bronz Cup champions Les Rouges twice. With those two wins, help the Titans finished 8th place and enter the playoffs where they gave Drummondville a run for their money. In the end, the Titans fell one win short as they got eliminated by the Les Rouges 2 games to 1.

The league would witness one of the most lopsided trades in history. The Highlanders traded forward Sam Wilkinsburg, goalie Nathen Williams and 1st round pick to the Portland Clippers for forward Paul Frank, forward Tim Keith, and 5th round pick. The trade looks good on paper, but Frank got injured and was out for the season, while Tim got the call to play for Denver Pro Hockey club; with them out, New Glasgow finished the last place and with the 1st round pick belongs to the Clippers the Highlanders are outside looking in. For the Clippers, it was not much improvement, but with the 1st pick in their hand, things are looking up in a big way.

Despite losing two games in the season series to an 8th seeded team, the Les Rouges squeezed in 1st place with a 3-1 win over the Verdun Knights and thanks to Fredericton Vikings 4-2 win over Cape Breton Warriors.

In the 1st round, all top seed teams won their series, but in the 2nd round, both top 2 teams received shocking upset. The first place Drummondville Les Rouges lost both games 2 and 3 to fourth place Fredericton Vikings after winning a 9-0 blowout win in game 1. Second place Cape Breton Warriors got swept by third-place Moncton Bears, what worse for the Warriors they got outscored by the Bears with the total score of 10-4 in 2 games.

In the all New Brunswick series, both teams went back and forth until game number 5. It was all Moncton where Forward Rick Wilson scored two big goals in the 3rd period as the Bears win the series and become the first maritime team to win the Bronz Cup and head out far west in Vancouver for the Valor Cup.

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Re: Canadian International Hockey Association

1976 Valor Cup tournament


This year's tournament was a successful showcase for both the Cougars and Legionnaires performed great as both teams finished a tie for first place with three wins, one lost. As for the Bears, not so much as they finish 0-4 record, and as the tournament rules go if the last place team ends without a win, they are eliminated.

The Valor Cup Final was an epic back and forth game. In the first period, the Cougars draw first blood with Cliff Burns scoring two goals followed by Herb Holmes putting in a goal as well to make it 3-1. The second period was a turning point for the Legionnaires where goalie Jake Phillips came in after Kirk Smith twisted his knee late in the first, Jake played so well it gave John Herbco to score with a 1-minute left in the second to make 3-2. The third period is where John Herbco shines as he set up a pass to defence Leon Kirkland as he slaps it and goes pass goalie Tony Will into the net, and the game is tied 3-3 as the third period hits zero. For the first time in Valor Cup history, the finals will be decided in overtime. Shots after shots save after saves. With 3:50 minutes to go in overtime, John Herbco dash through two defensemen then shoot the puck and score the Valor Cup clincher goal. As the Legionnaires celebrate a 4-3 overtime win, both Jake Phillips and Tony Will shake hands to each other with respect for their performance. The 1976 Valor Cup MVP John Herbco raises the Valor Cup as the Legionnaires become the first OMJHA team to win it all.

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Re: Canadian International Hockey Association

1976 Off-season

1976 WCLH Draft
Moose Jaw selects forward Kyle Ferrell of Edmonton, AB. Brandon Buffalos takes Pat Myles, a forward from Prince Albert, SK. The 3rd pick to the Nanaimo Sharks after a trade with Medicine Hat Hawks as they received forward Alex Jorden. The Sharks pick goalie Max Tayler of Surrey, B.C.

1976 OMJHA Draft
Ever since Diamonds and Generals trade, some top teams offer players for draft picks, but both the Micmacs and the Admirals would not budge as they made their picks. Micmacs choose Milton local forward Bo Chapman. The Admirals select forward Shawn Greene of Barrie. The Generals wasted no time and picked forward Patrick Herbco of Thamesville. With Pat and some good players in their roster, the Generals are ready for a deep run, Generals GM Todd Holmes said, "Get ready for a dynasty in the making!"

1976 AQHL Draft
Saint John, New Brunswick local forward Frank Logan, becomes a Clipper as Portland took him 1st overall. Sherbrooke Loups rebuild continues as they take Christian Dupont, a forward from Saint-Jerome, QC. Trois-Rivieres Titans pick JP Laflamme, a forward from downtown Trois-Rivieres as he would be one of many locals to represent Trois-Rivieres for a deep run as team co-owner Lance Chouinard said "This is it! It is all or nothing for us, and we must finish first place no ifs, or buts about it."


CIHA: After a big meeting with owners within all three leagues during the Valor Cup tournament in Vancouver, they all agreed and sign in print that Winnipeg, Manitoba, is the location for the 1977 Valor Cup. The arena will be the Winnipeg Memorial Centre, formerly home of the Manitoba Pro Hockey Club.

CIHA: Also in the meeting, the owners had agreed to increase the numbers of games for both the season and in the playoffs, but only the 1976-77 playoff games will rise from the best 2 of 3 games in round 1 and 2 to the best 3 of 5, and the finals will be from the best 3 of 5 now the best 4 of 7 games. The season will increase from 40 games to 50 games a year later in 1977-78 just in time for the CIHA 5th anniversary.

OMJHA:  As speaking of 1977-78, the OMJHA have announced that they will be adding two more teams in their league. OMJHA will welcome Peterborough and Orangeville. For Orangeville, it is an excellent opportunity for the city. As for Peterborough, it is a significant return to the league as the city was once part of the OMJHA in 1946 until 1961 the team folded from low attendants to high price for travelling. "Today is a great day for both cities to be part of the top tier league," said OMJHA President Franklin Name.

OMJHA: Two teams made one of the most significant trade ever as Burlington Metros gets forward Thomas Marksman, defence Joe Edwards and Backup goalie Jake Mills. While the Waterloo Maroons received forward Sam O'Brian, defence Luke Stevenson, and goalie Roger Stevenson, this became a turning point for both teams. For the Maroons, it's a need in the hope of staying in contender form for the Smyth Cup, as for the Metros, they realize they need an overhaul after 5 top players from their roster got drafted in the Pro Hockey League draft.

AQHL: The OMJHA is not the only league to add more teams, the AQHL is also adding two teams to the league but in a different way. 1977-78 season the league welcomes Shawinigan, QC. While a year later, Manchester, New Hampshire joins in making them the 2nd American team to be part of the AQHL. John Rome said, "this is what this city needs after losing a minor pro hockey team that was part of the city in almost 40 years. Finally, we can have a team that we can cheer and enjoy the good old game of hockey."

WCLH: WCLH got a taste of international flavour as the Nanaimo Sharks signs Kenta Takamachi, a forward from Osaka, Japan, who moved to Vancouver with his Uncle. "He played outstanding hockey in his homeland," said GM Paul Rowe, "but it's a risk to take from word from the mouth, but after his tryout, I feel that this could pay off for us down the road."

WCLH: The town of Lethbridge would hear one of sad news the Cougars star Cliff Burns got drafted 1st overall by the Vancouver Pro Hockey club, along with Tony Will got drafted in 2nd round by Minnesota Pro Hockey club, and Shane Louis by Denver Pro Hockey club in the 3rd round. With those three key players going pro and some other players they got could go pro or committing to collage, the writing is on the wall for the team being the top of the league. "This one will be a tough road for us, but we been there and overcome it. This one will test us, and we will prevail," Cougars GM Rick Hill said.

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