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Re: Canadian International Hockey Association

Photos are back up! Maybe it has just been a while since I have seen some of these teams, but I'm noticing the improvements in your logos from the start of the project—especially the Highlanders. Keep up the work!

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Re: Canadian International Hockey Association

I can't help but smile a bit when I saw that the Highlanders once have a player named [url=,Etymology,the%20world%20as%20scent%20spreads.%22]Megurine[/url]. I'm going to root for them.

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Re: Canadian International Hockey Association

Wallflower wrote:

Photos are back up! Maybe it has just been a while since I have seen some of these teams, but I'm noticing the improvements in your logos from the start of the project—especially the Highlanders. Keep up the work!

Thanks, the Highlanders logo was one of the few logos I made that turned out nice and worked very well.

FC Macbeth wrote:

I can't help but smile a bit when I saw that the Highlanders once have a player named [url=,Etymology,the%20world%20as%20scent%20spreads.%22]Megurine[/url]. I'm going to root for them.

Yeah, I had a habit of putting some random names just for fun I'm surprised you caught that one. If you check out the nameplate on the Nanaimo Sharks jersey (1980-81 season) is an easter egg if you are an anime fan.

Back to our regular program.

1981 AQHL Playoffs
1st Round

1st Verdun Knights vs. 8th Drummondville Les Rouges
The Drummondville Les Rouges made an ugly history as they went through all four games without scoring a goal. Even thou the Knights blew the Les Rouges in the first two games (7-0 and 9-0), the last two were more painful for Drummondville as the total shots on goal in those last two games was 14 (game 3: 9 shots, game 4: 5 shots) as the game clock hit zero the Verdun Knights win the series in four games all shutouts.

2nd New Glasgow Highlanders vs. 7th Shawinigan Voltages
The Highlanders played very well in the first three games until, in game four, the Volts came back from a 3-0 score midway through the second period. Then Christian Gaudreau scored the overtime winner for the Volts. In game five, the Highlanders' Kyle Patrick scored a hat-trick to finish off the Volts for a win and the series 4 games to 1.

3rd Sherbrooke Loups vs. 6th Portland Clippers
The Clippers knew that they had no chance of winning the series, but that didn’t stop them from giving the Loups a hard time in all four games, all of them in overtime, including game four when Christian Dupont scored two goals to tie the game to force overtime for the fourth game in a row, late into the second overtime Christian Dupont scored the winner and give the Loups the four-game sweep over the Portland Clippers.

4th Moncton Bears vs. 5th Cape Breton Warriors
Both teams went back and forth in the first four games, going into game five with the series tied at 2 games apiece. The Bears Andrew Jones scored two key goals to give them a win. Andrew Jones would score two more goals, including an overtime winner to win game six and the series over the Warriors 4 games to 2.

Round 2

1st Verdun Knights vs. 4th Moncton Bears
The Verdun Knights were on top of their game as they took games one, two, and three in a dominant way. Going into game four, the Knights believe they got this series in the bag, leading the whole game 3-0 when a minor penalty on the Bears became an event that everyone calls “the murdering two minutes” as Andrew Jones 1 goal, 3 points game playing help the Bears tie the game headed into overtime and the Bears forward Alec Dahlin scored the winner to stay alive. Thanks to the OT win, the Bears would keep going by winning games five and six to force game seven. The last game of the series and a lot of pressure was on the Knights to finish the series, but however, rookie goalie Seth Taylor was a brick wall all game letting in just one goal as the Bears scored two goals to take the lead, as the clock ticks away the sold-out crowd at the Verdun Arena were in a state of shock and witness the Verdun Knights season came to an end as the Bears became the first team in AQHL history to win a playoff series after being down 3-0 to win the series 4 games to 3.

2nd New Glasgow Highlanders vs. 3rd Sherbrooke Loups
In game one, both teams battled all the way to the third overtime as Josh Winter scored the winner for the Loups. After game one, the Highlanders took both games two and three, but bad news hit the team as four key players have been called up by both the pro and minor-pro hockey teams as they’re making a push for the playoffs. The Loups would take games four and five in a close game, but as game six came, the Loups rookie goalie Lenny Tardif was a brick wall, and the fans at the Arena Commemorative de Sherbrooke celebrated as the Loups won game six 4-0 to win the series 4 games to 2 and punch their ticket to the 1981 Bronz Cup Championship.

1981 Bronz Cup Championship

3rd Sherbrooke Loups vs. 4th Moncton Bears
Lenny Tardif and Seth Taylor are both rookie goalies got a lot to prove by playing like veterans that could lead their team in winning this year's Bronz Cup Championship. The Sherbrooke Loups are prime and ready, while the Moncton Bears had a big momentum swing after coming back from a 3-0 deficit to win the series. In game one, both teams battled all the way to the last minute of the third period, tied 2-2 until the Loups Christian Dupont scored the tiebreaker to give the Loups a 3-2 win. Game two was the same as game one but tied at 3-3. Both headed into overtime, and 12:48 into it, the Bears took the win thanks to Alec Dahlin setting up a play that led Andrew Jones to score, and the series is even at 1. At Moncton, the Loups got one goal in mind “win games three and four,” and that is what they did as they took a 4-0 lead after the first period. The Bears scored goals, but not enough, as the Loups took game three 4-2. In game three, the Loups did again by taking a big 4-0 lead after the first, but unlike game three, the Bears tooth and clawed their way back to tie it and force overtime. The first overtime didn’t resolve, nor did the second not end anything. 7:19 left in the third overtime Loups got themselves in a pickle as two players of theirs ended up in the penalty box, so the Bears got a 5-on-3 powerplay; everything was all Bears shooting until Lenny Tardif got the puck and flicked it over both defencemen and out of nowhere defence Shawn Thomas sneak pass by them got the breakaway and beat Seth Taylor for a 5-4 third overtime win. As game five began, both teams were firing shots at each other at the end of the second period, it was tied 2-2. In the third period, the Loups scored two key power-play goals. The Bears did everything that they could get back in the game, but it wasn’t enough as the clock hit zero, and both the Loups and the fans at the Arena Commemorative de Sherbrooke celebrated as the Loups won game five 4-2 to take the series win 4 games to 1 and Josh Winter lifted the Bronz Cup over his head as the Sherbrooke Loups are the 1981 Champions, and for the first time since 1974 they going to the Valor Cup tournament and hopes to win it all as they did before.

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Re: Canadian International Hockey Association

Many came for this year's Valor Cup tournament at the Maroon Auditorium in Waterloo, Ontario, as four teams battled for a chance of becoming the 1981 CIHA Valor Cup Champions. The host team, the Waterloo Maroons, started hot in a big way and finished the round-robin perfect 6-0-0 record with 12 points thanks to Larry Arsenal, who made a record of 18 goals, 36 points, and made a record of scoring 3 goals in every 6 games in what everyone calls it “the six hat-tricks,” also Pat Hudson made history by getting 4 shutouts out of his 6 wins but also set a record for the fewest goals against with only letting in just 3 goals. The WCLH’s Lethbridge Cougars may lose 2 games to the Maroons, but they won 4 games, including 2 key overtime wins over the Loups, as they finished 2nd place, but Jack Burk kept the team in the tournament with 9 goals and 20 points. Sherbrooke Loups got 2 wins, but those came from the Oshawa Diamonds. The rest are losses, with 2 heartbreaking overtimes by the Cougars and 2 ugly, painful losses to the Maroons. The Diamonds played very poorly, barely scoring only 3 goals and finishing in last place with 6 losses. The rule goes that they are eliminated if the 4th seed team does not win at least 2 games. With that rule, the Maroons would get a bye in the semi-final, moving on to the finals waiting for who wins the Cougars Loups semi-finals.

Lethbridge Cougars vs. Sherbrooke Loups
Both teams are aiming for a date with the Maroons; as the first period started, the Loups came firing shots at Cougars goalie Shawn Hoff like crazy until 3:31 left in the first, the Loups finally scored a goal made by Shawn Thomas, as the first period ends there is a shoving match between the two then Shawn Hoff fell and twisted his blocker arm, with that questions are up in the air on if Shawn can be 100% for the second period. As both teams came back on the ice, on the Cougars' end, the goalie that standing in front of the net was not Shawn Hoff but Greg Finley, the son of the Cougars' GM Frank Finley, the Loups believed that this was an easy scoring spree, but as the second period pass the 10:00 mark, it became opposite as Karl Fuhr, Jack Burk, and Wes Roy each scored a goal for the Cougars. When the second period ended, it was 3-1. In the third period, the Loups couldn’t find a way to score as Greg was a brick wall and holding his ground solidly as the Cougars added two more goals before the third ended. The clock hit zero to end the game with a 5-1 Cougars win, and they are headed to the Valor Cup Finals to face the Waterloo Maroons.

Valor Cup Finals
Waterloo Maroons vs. Lethbridge Cougars
During the national anthem, Maroons Larry Arsenal and Cougars Jack Burk were eyeing each other. As the puck dropped, both were determined to outplay one another Larry may not be as good as Jack, but Larry has teammates helping him out more like Larry helping them as he made three assists in the first period to take a 3-1 lead. The Cougars bounced back by scoring two goals, but 20 seconds after a 3-3 tie game, Larry scored a goal to give the Maroons a 4-3 lead as the second period ended. In the third period, the Cougars ran out of gas as the Maroons added three more goals, two of them were by Larry Arsenal, as the Maroons celebrated along with the fans at the Maroon Auditorium, winning the 1981 Valor Cup Championship with the score of 7-3. Larry lifted the Valor Cup along with the MVP award of the tournament.

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Re: Canadian International Hockey Association

1981 CIHA Off-season

WCLH Expansion draft

The expansion draft came and went for both the Chilliwack Alpines and the Surrey River Dogs as they started to build a team that could be, one day down the road, becoming champions.

The River Dogs were focused on defence more than offence. Most of the top 5 are going into their 2nd season in the WCLH; Head Coach Alexander Adams said, “Our goal is to give them a chance to score goals as they already show that they can defend and with the rest of the staff and I will make them into scorers.”

Meanwhile, the Alpines got most of their picks forwards as they would draft defencemen and goalies at the 1981 WCLH draft. “We need good offence so we can work on developing and nurture some defencemen and goalies; that’s why in our expansion draft, we selected mostly veteran forwards; it’s a risk, but I believe in the coaching staff, we can pull it off,” Alpines GM Bert Broda said after the expansion draft.

Chilliwack Alpines

1. Eric Greiner, F (Saskatoon)
2. Rick Cofilin, F (Abbotsford)
3. Gordie Miami, F (Billings)
4. Dan Zachary, F (Moose Jaw)
5. Bruce Cornwall, D (Portage la Prairie)

Surrey River Dogs

1. Sam Abel, G (Swift Current)
2. Steve Patrick, D (Fargo)
3. Jeff Blue, D (Nanaimo)
4. Mitchell Matthiessen, D (Kenora)
5. Bill Gervais, F (Lethbridge)

From the expansion draft to the league draft, teams try to fill the holes they lost to two new teams. Saskatoon Cats got themselves a forward that can score goals in Fred Adams, who have been under the pro hockey league scouts’ radar since he was 12 years old. The Medicine Hat Hawks took Ross Featherstone from Vancouver, that got the potential to be a top forward in the WCLH. From Seattle, WA, defence Mike Dalman has become the first Seattle native to be drafted in the top 3 and could hopefully help the Nanaimo Sharks avoid hitting last place. The draft spotlight was defence Glen Sasakamoose, a nephew of the Saskatchewan pro hockey club's current GM Herb Sasakamoose was selected by the Billings Trains to improve the results better than last season.

1. Saskatoon Cats – Fred Adams, F (Powell River, B.C.)
2. Medicine Hat Hawks – Ross Featherstone, F (Vancouver B.C.)
3. Nanaimo Sharks – Mike Dalman, D (Seattle, WA) 
4. Fargo Owls – Jack Plaxton, F (Minneapolis, MN)
5. Moose Jaw Wings – Colin Fernando, G (Moose Jaw, SK)
6. Brandon Buffalos – David Hartford, F (International Falls, MN)
7. Portage la Prairie Magic – Marc Sasser, D (Calgary, AB)
8. Billings Trains – Glen Sasakamoose, D (Prince Albert, SK)
9. Swift Current Battalion – Eric Wilcox, F (Everett, WA)
10. Kenora Pioneers – Jason Classen, F (Victoria B.C.)
11. Abbotsford Forest Kings – Aaron Boyer, D (Salem, OR)
12. Fargo Owls (from Lethbridge Cougars) – Frank Cupolo, F (Grand Forks, ND)

This year's draft had “risk” written all over from the Bee's first three picks, a player from Alberta and picking a player from their rival territory in the southwest. The Bees took forward William VanDean, goalie Sam Dempsey, and defence Greg Dahlstrom; these three could turn Buffalo from rock bottom to the top of the mountain. The Neon made a bold draft move by picking Frank Grant from Erie, PA, a forward many teams from the SWOHL had targeted, but the Neon took the chance and believed it could lead them to championships.

1. Buffalo Bees (from Owen Sound Arrowbirds) – William VanDean, F (Niagara Falls, ONT)
2. Buffalo Bees – Sam Dempsey, G (Hamilton, ONT)
3. Buffalo Bees (from Kitchener Generals) – Greg Dahlstrom, D (Syracuse, NY)
4. Toronto Hornets – Leon Jay Jr. F (Markham, ONT)
5. Milton Micmacs – Kurt Jenkins, F (Vaughan, ONT)
6. Kitchener Legionnaires (from Toronto Neon) – Alex Aurora, D (Cambridge, ONT)
7. Toronto Neon (from Kitchener Legionnaires) – Frank Grant, F (Erie, PA)
8. Peterborough Braves – Rick Collin, G (Sudbury, ONT)
9. Oakville Oaks – Jake Johannsson, D (Edmonton, AB)
10. Burlington Metros – Leo Mair, G (North Bay, ONT)
11. Orangeville O’s – Dan Nowak, G (Ottawa, ONT)
12. Oshawa Gems – Keith Patrick, D (Beaverton, ONT)
13. Barrie Admirals – Lester Starr, D (Newmarket, ONT)
14. Waterloo Maroons – Tom Zehr, D (Parry Sound, ONT)

With the expansion draft coming next year, many teams are trying to get ready as some players on their roster could be taken by one of two new teams. The Titans took Glenn Pageau from Quebec City, who is the so-called best scorer in Quebec; it is a great pick to turn the Titans around after a terrible last-place finish. Fredericton used their pick to improve the defence core, and Ed Thibault from Bangor, ME, is just what they needed. During the 1980-81 season, scouts for the Laval Tigers told everyone at the front office that Christian Felix was the one that could help them in turning the team around. The spotlight in this year's draft was Roman and Simon; the Klatt brothers got drafted in the first round Roman will be in the net for the New Glasgow Highlanders, while Simon looks after the blue lines for the Verdun Knights.

1. Trois-Rivieres Titans – Glenn Pageau, F (Quebec City, QC)
2. Fredericton Vikings – Ed Thibault, D (Bangor, ME)
3. Laval Tigers – Christian Felix, F (Terrebonne, QC)
4. Manchester Americans – Ted Dill, G (Plattsburgh, VT)
5. Drummondville Les Rouges – Garry Cambridge, D (Saint John, NB)
6. Verdun Knights (from Shawinigan Voltages) – Frank Young, G (Verdun, QC)
7. Portland Clippers – Paul Gamble, F (Moncton, NB)
8. Cape Breton Warriors – Mike Gamble, F (St. John, NL)
9. Moncton Bears – Eric Gall, D (Halifax NS)
10. Manchester Americans (from Sherbrooke Loups) – Kevin Gassoff, F (Quebec City, QC)
11. New Glasgow Highlanders – Roman Klatt, G (Cornwall, ONT)
12. Verdun Knights – Simon Klatt, D (Cornwall, ONT)

Many had been waiting for news of who is hosting the 1982 Valor Cup tournament; after numbers of votes by owners, GMs, and even coaches that were, the tournament is officially headed to Sherbrooke, Quebec, just beating Cape Breton by just one vote. “It’s an honour to have this tournament here and play in a brand-new rink!” Allen Poulette Jr said at the press conference after his team was named the 1982 Valor Cup tournament host.

Reporters ask about when the next Valor Star tournament is; CIHA president Randy Howard said that they have no plans for now, but he said that come the 1984 off-season, they’ll consider putting the tournament back up for 1985, the location is either in Toronto or in Montreal there are some talks that some teams are placing bids to host the tournament.

With the additions of 2 new teams for the 1982-83 season, both teams presented their new names. They are called the Val-d’Or Monarchs and Rouyn-Noranda Firebirds. Both teams will be in the Quebec division, making the total number of teams in that division 8 while the Atlantic division stays at six; the word is over at P.E.I. the contract between Charlottetown Arena and the Minor pro hockey club ends after the 1981-82 season became official after negotiations fell through, once their season ends the city will put good money in giving the arena some upgrades mainly the press boxes as one was torn down last year after it fell apart and landed all over some empty seats during the off-season. There is also a local businessman who has a high interest in owning a team; history tells that he’s been trying to buy an AQHL team but failed to do so, but he hopes that he gets a team in P.E.I this time.

The town of Moncton got some great news from the Bears. The team is getting a new arena after the Reese brothers purchased land that once was an old town hall that got burned down many years ago, and it has been empty since then. That will change as the Reese Brothers show off the blueprint of what the new arena would look like, and the number of seats is where everyone thought it was unthinkable. This new arena will have 5000 seats. The new arena will be built and ready for the 1984-85 season.

The Peterborough Braves lost one of the club members, Michael Hawk, the club president, as he passed away peacefully. He had a great 15 years of his pro hockey playing career, including becoming the first Indigenous hockey player to win a pro hockey league MVP title, making a pro hockey league record of 50 goal season 5 years in a row and getting inducted into the pro hockey hall of fame. In 1977 he was named the team’s president, and the reason for naming the team the Braves after an all-indigenous army group that served in World War II. With his passing, the owner of the club, Nathen Runnels, announced that the 1981-82 season would be the last for the team to be called the “Braves” as they would open a “name a team” contest; the reason is he felt that he couldn’t move forward with the current name no matter what.

During the Valor Cup tournament, the Oshawa Gems revealed the new logos and new colours for the 1981-82 season; the feedback about the new look was so bad that the owners decided to go ahead with the new name but scrap the new look and keep the current look from the beginning the same for now.

The 1981 Valor Cup Tournament was so successful that Guy Perry is in talks with the city of Waterloo about putting in good money to build a new arena in hopes of hosting any future Valor Cup tournaments to increase the city's economies in a big way.

With two new teams added for the 1981-82 seasons, both the Chilliwack Alpines and the Surrey River Dogs are put in the west division, with that the Moose Jaw Wings are now in the east division, so no one can question anything about why the Wings was in the west division what’s so ever.

The league is now at 14 teams; many ask, “Will more teams be added?” WCLH President James Name said, “As of right now, we are laying low on it, but some businessmen are talking to some of their hometowns about putting good money on upgrades to even building new arenas.” One of them is Thomas Hendricks, a former promoter for a wrestling company called “Edmonton Championship Wrestling” (ECW), who made many top stars that many other wrestling promotions want to get their hands on; recently, his promotion has been losing money after many of his top stars have been taken by big-time wrestling promotions one of the most significant loss was his number 1 star Scott Chambers signed with Frontier Wrestling Federation, with that signing Thomas decides to close his promotion and invested his money in to bring a WCLH team in his hometown Red Deer, Alberta.

Jersey Changes

Lethbridge Cougars: After the team’s 75th anniversary season, the Cougars returned to their previous set, but with the addition of coloured yokes on both home and away sets.

Peterborough Braves: For the 1981-82 season, the team is wearing a memorial patch to honour Michael Hawk, the team’s first president of the club; after that, the team will reveal their new name for next season.

New team’s jerseys

 Surry River Dogs: A round corner square logo with a “SURREY” above the dog sitting with navy and light blue stripes behind it with orange trim around it, the logo on the road is vice versa. The jerseys got a thin orange stripe and a thick stripe on the cuffs and the hem. The nameplate is just one solid colour, but the numbers are light blue with navy and orange trims that stay the same on both the home and the road.

 Chilliwack Alpines: A diamond shape with the letter “A” on the top and underneath it a mountain upside down in sky blue, grey, and a touch of green trim for a logo. The home and road design has two thick stripes with a thin green stripe. The team was going to have sky blue pants, but after the team did a photo shoot on the ice, it looked like they were wearing white pants, so the team changed them to green.

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Re: Canadian International Hockey Association

1981-82 AQHL Season

The New Glasgow was the talk of the league this season, from scoring goals made by both Jaune Poulette and Kyle Patrick, holding up the blue line by Brad Edmundson in his second year, to even goalie Roman Klatt who took over the net in the second half of the season with a 17-5-3 and becoming the first rookie goalie to reach 10 shutouts in AQHL history. With the formula in place, the Highlanders finished 1st overall with the team’s best 81 points. Team’s GM Ray Carter had a moment for himself and looked back 5 years ago when his team was at its lowest point and turned it around and hopes that this season's success can lead them to a championship.

The defending Bronz Cup champions Sherbrooke Loups had a short hangover early into the season but got themselves back on track only to finish 2nd overall. With the Valor Cup tournament being on their home turf, the Loups hope to have the same success as the Waterloo Maroons did the previous season.

Being behind the Highlanders for the second season in a row, the Bears, however, won a season series with the Verdun Knights to take 3rd place. What is better for them is that Alec Dahlin was sent back from the Pittsburgh Pro Hockey Club after they went on bad losing streaks that placed them out of the playoff picture. Alec hopes that he will make one more run in this season's AQHL playoffs and bring the Bronz Cup back to Moncton.

The Verdun Knights had a good run in the first half, but the team struggled, losing ten of the last fifteen games; luckily, they finished 4th place, with some top players on the roster getting called up from Minor to Pro teams for playoffs, the Knights could have a hard time in this season playoffs.

With good draft picks and trades, the Fredericton Vikings expected to win enough games to make it to the playoffs, but everyone did not expect them to finish 5th place at all, and the Vikings showed everyone how they are a real contender by beating the Verdun Knights three of four season series matchups. Many believe that they are the dark horse come this season's playoffs.

Finishing in 6th place is the Cape Breton Warriors; after losing some top players in his second season, Neil Eaton was named captain of the team. It was very hard for him to lead them to the top despite being the league's top scorer, but it only ended with a record of 23-20-7. Lucky for them, they won 10 of the last 15 games in order to make it to the playoffs. If not, they would be out of the playoff picture.

For the second year in a row for the Shawinigan Voltages, this time they move up from 8th to 7th with some key wins to stay as much as they can, and Trevor Corbet really did what he could after starting 40 games only to win just 20 games while having five different back goalies that ended up being sent to lower-level leagues to injuries, the Volts hope to be healthy by the time for the playoffs.

The Laval Tigers may get 22 wins, but it’s enough for them to finish 8th place and head to the playoffs after missing it for two years, they had the highest 7-game winning streak this season, and it helped them to keep pace and hope to try the unthinkable and hope to go deep.

For the second time in four years, the Portland Clippers missed the playoffs finishing 9th (18-27-5). It was painful as they had some youths just getting some good experience, but they hope next year will be their time to shine. This season for the Manchester Americans was a disaster. They had a terrible start by losing the first 20 games after that. It was downhill, they barely finished 10th, but John Rome was not a happy camper; where the Americans made bad trades, even losing some good draft picks, including the 1st round pick to New Glasgow for a forward who never even played one game as he got called up to the pros, many believe that the office is going to be clean out very soon. After squeezing in the playoffs last season, there were no improvements for the Drummondville Les Rouges as they went on finished 11th. Rounding off in last place, the Trois-Rivieres Titans as they tried to turn it around and to even avoid hitting rock bottom, but it didn’t work.

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Re: Canadian International Hockey Association

1982 AQHL Playoffs

1st Round

1st New Glasgow Highlanders vs. 8th Laval Tigers

The Laval Tigers hit a brick wall badly as the Highlanders took the series in their hands by sweeping them in four games; only in game three did the Tigers score one goal, while the rest all shutouts. New Glasgow wins the series 4-0.

2nd Sherbrooke Loups vs. 7th Shawinigan Voltages

The Loups thought that they got this series in the bag, but the Volts had other ideas in games one and two in Sherbrooke; the Volts won both of them, to the Loups took it as a wake-up call that the Loups turned it around and won four straight to win the series, “I hope that we don’t take any team that we play against lightly and keep our “A” game going.” Josh Winter said after game six. Sherbrooke wins the series 4-2.

3rd Moncton Bears vs. 6th Cape Breton Warriors

Last season it took the Bears six games to beat the Warriors; this time, it took only four games to beat the Warriors as they didn’t stop scoring goals and holding the offence up. The Bears would be ready for the second round hungrier than ever. Moncton wins the series 4-0.

4th Verdun Knights vs. 5th Fredericton Vikings

In game one, the Knights had a 3-0 lead going into the third period Tom Acomb suffered a sprained knee after his skate blade broke on him; five minutes later, Rob Grand-Pierre took a check very hard and headed to the locker room and didn’t came back, and Andre Perreault try to check a player miss it and crash to the boards and was out cold and got carried out. With those injuries, the Vikings took advantage and scored four unanswered goals to win game one. Since then, the Vikings would go on and take the last three games to shock everyone as they swept the Knights in four games. Fredericton wins the series 4-0.

2nd Round

1st New Glasgow Highlanders vs. 5th Fredericton Vikings

Both teams know that they are one step closer to the Bronz Cup finals, and they’ll do whatever it takes to get there. The first two games were all Highlanders; in games three and four, the Vikings got their wins, but in game five, the Highlanders won 6-5 in overtime; it took a lot out of the Vikings; in game six, the Highlanders finished the series with a 4-1 win, and for the second time in three seasons, the New Glasgow Highlanders is going to the Bronz Cup finals. New Glasgow wins the series 4-2.

2nd Sherbrooke Loups vs. 3rd Moncton Bears

This series is what everyone wants to see, a rematch from last season's Bronz Cup finals. Moncton got their payback after losing game one in overtime from Sherbrooke; after that, it was all the Bears as they won four straights to take the series, and for the second season in a row, the Moncton Bears head to the Bronz Cup finals. Moncton wins the series 4-1.

Bronz Cup Finals

1st New Glasgow Highlanders vs. 3rd Moncton Bears

With the Sherbrooke Loups out of the picture, the only way that both Highlanders and the Bears can get to this season's Valor Cup tournament is to win the Bronz Cup. In game one, Highlanders Kyle Patrick scored 2 goals, 5 points to give New Glasgow a 6-3 win over the Bears. Game two The Bears fought back to win 4-3 overtime. The Bears Andrew Jones scored a hat-trick to take game three 5-2 over the Highlanders. In game four, the Highlanders turned it around with the help of Roman Klatt held his ground by letting in just one goal as New Glasgow took it 4-1. Roman Klatt held his ground again but didn’t let in any goals as the Highlanders shut out the Bears 3-0 in game five. Game six was a back and forth making shots; in the third period, Brad Edmundson scored to break a deadlock even score, and the Highlanders held on to the lead until the clock hit zero, and the game was over with the score of 3-2. The New Glasgow Highlanders are the 1982 AQHL Bronz Cup Champions; the players and coaches celebrate while in the press box, GM Ray Carter had to soak it all in after years of building this team from the ground up and finally win the Bronz Cup title and now they are going to Sherbrooke Quebec for the Valor Cup Tournament. New Glasgow wins the series 4-2. 

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1981-82 OMJHA Season

The Waterloo Maroons dominated the league once again. For the first time since John Herbco in the 1978-79 season, a player finished a season with over 100 points as Larry Arsenal scored 50 goals and 65 assists for a total of 115 points, talks are that Larry could be eligible for the pro hockey draft after this season many staff in the Maroons club wants him to stay for one more year, but reports said that Larry will decide on his future once the playoffs are over. The big story this season was the Buffalo Bees; the first three-pick plan works, and the results show it as the Bees took 2nd place in the Steel Division and went to the playoffs for the first time since the 1977-78 season when they were the Guelph Crusaders, Bees GM Ryan Byron Jr. gave the Toronto Hornets their 3rd, 4th, and 5th round picks for a 1st round pick, reports believe that the Bees could be the team to have a dynasty pretty soon the way Junior is putting the team together the right, but some said that Ryan Byron Sr. felt different about the moves. Taking third place in the Steel Division is the Orangeville O’s after winning 7 of the last ten games to take that spot. Missing the playoffs last season woke the Arrowbirds up, and they bounced back and took the 4th place and the final playoff spot. Finishing 5th was not what Peterborough had in mind as they announced that they replaced their name. The Braves will be called the Bolts for the 1982-83 season, in 6th place Kitchener Legionnaires, as winning games isn’t the only thing they got problems with; for some odd reason, they are having financial problems as well and just like the Burlington Metros they want answers on why they haven’t received any money from the bank what so ever as Tom Van Ryan is dodging everyone with these issues. Finally, the Toronto Neon takes last place.

Over at the Hero Division, many teams switch places this season; taking 1st place is the Oakville Oaks taking a big jump from 4th place last season. Keith Dunn leads the team well, and rookie d-man Jake Johannsson plays like he is in the pros; head coach Leon Cowern believes that the Oaks will have a deep run come playoff time. The Milton Micmacs jumped a big leap and went to the playoffs for the first time since the 1974-75 season, led by Kurt Jenkins, who made 25 goals and 89 points and would go on and win this season's Rookie of the Year award. As many top players move on to the pro level to even collages, the Barrie Admirals decline themselves down to 3rd place; both Phillip Smith and Ty Joly got their work cut out this season as talks that one of them could be traded this off-season as the Admirals shopping to improve the defences in hopes to stay afloat before thinking of rebuilding the team. With the drama between John Lewis and Tom Van Ryan to the breaking point, the Metros kept it together as they won enough games to take 4th place and headed to the playoffs. From finishing 1st place even with the Admirals last season to finishing 5th this season as the Gems did not do well as rumours are making rounds that they could start the rebuild stage come off-season, the Toronto Hornets made some good moves but not strong enough to move up the ladder, taking last place overall the Kitchener Generals on ice was poor this season but overshadowed by team owner Todd Holmes as he fired three GMs in one season. He made contact with a former GM of a pro hockey club with no word on who it is, but he will get answers in the off-season.

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Re: Canadian International Hockey Association

1st Round

Steel Division

1st Waterloo vs. 4th Owen Sound

The Waterloo Maroons wasted no time by taking the Arrowbirds out in four games. The Arrowbirds had a hard time scoring more than one goal during the whole series. The Maroons win the series 4-0.

2nd Buffalo vs. 3rd Orangeville

The Buffalo Bees make the most of their first playoff appearance by winning their first series win, but it took them seven games to beat the O’s, but it’s well worth it to the fans' minds. The Bees win the series 4-3.

Hero Division

1st Oakville vs. 4th Burlington

This series was back and forth until game six, where the Oaks won 6-3 to win the series but was overshadowed by controversy when the Metro owner John Lewis handed over his paperwork to league president Tom Van Ryan about moving to London, Ontario, Tom told him that there was no vote on the location at all and said to John that the Metros will be back next season, but John told him that he and other owners made a private vote and they voted him out, with that as of now the Metros are no longer part of the OMJHA anymore starting in the 1982-83 season the league will be one less team as the Burlington Metros joins the South West Ontario Hockey League as the London Metros. The Oaks win the series 4-2.

2nd Milton vs. 3rd Barrie

Even though many believe that the Admirals got this series in the bag, the Micmacs had other ideas as Jeper Nelson played better in the playoffs than in the season with 8 goals and 21 points as the Milton Micmacs won their first playoff series win since 1972 (a season before the CIHA established.) The Micmacs win the series 4-3.

2nd Round

Steel Division

1st Waterloo vs. 2nd Buffalo

Both the Maroons and the Bees went back and forth all the way to game seven, as Larry Arsenal scored four goals in the first two periods to give the Marrons a 5-2 lead. In the third period, Floyd Currie, Greg Dahlstrom, and William VanDean each scored a goal to tie the game. William VanDean had the open net to score, but the clock went to zero before the puck slid into the net. In the first overtime, both teams made shots at the nets, but both goalies kept their game up; the goalies did it again in the second overtime, keeping the pucks from going in the net. With 5:25 left in the third overtime, Floyd Currie took a risk that no defencemen would ever do, and that goes for a breakaway he did as he skated all the way to the Maroons goalie Pat Hudson and Floyd Currie scored the overtime winner; with that goal, the Buffalo Bees becomes the first American team to advance to the Smyth Cup Championship in the OMJHA history. The Bees win the series 4-3.

Hero Division

1st Oakville vs. 2nd Milton

The Micmacs had a good momentum going into the series by winning games one and two, but as game three came, it was all the Oaks as they kept on going until they finished the Macs off in game six; with that win, the Oakville Oaks are going to the Smyth Cup Championship. The Oaks win the series 4-2.

Smyth Cup Finals

Oakville vs. Buffalo

Game number one was rough as the Oaks barely got a win over the Bees, thanks to Keith Dunn scoring the overtime winner with the score of 4-3. In game two, the Bees turn their game up a notch as Sam Dempsey stops 43 out of 45 shots to give the Bees a 4-2 win over the Oaks. Sam Dempsey did it again, this time a shutout after taking 49 shots in a 3-0 game three win over the Oaks to take the series lead. The Bees played their game right once again as William VanDean scored a hat-trick in a 4-2 game four victory. In game five, the Oakville Oaks finally bounced back from losing three straight games, with both Keith Dunn and Jake Dahl scoring 2 goals each plus one more goal in an empty netter way as the Oaks forced a game six with a 5-3 win. Fans at the Regal Forum in Buffalo, New York, are going crazy for game six as they believe they are one win away from winning the Smyth Cup title. The Bees made sure that they would win it for their fans as Floyd Currie and Greg Dahlstrom held their grounds to keep the Oaks from attempting to shoot the puck at Sam Dempsey, while William VanDean scored 2 goals in the third period, as the clock hit zero game six ends with a 4-1 win. The fans celebrate as the Bees players made a dog pile on top of each other as the Buffalo Bees are the 1982 OMJHA Smyth Cup Champions and punched their ticket for a trip to Sherbrooke, Quebec, for the Valor Cup Tournament. The Bees win the series 4-2.

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Re: Canadian International Hockey Association

1981-82 WCLH Season

Both the Chilliwack Alpines and Surrey River Dogs debut facing each other on Oct 2 and Oct 3, 1981, as part of the home and home games between both teams. The crowds in both towns have jam-packed the arenas so well that there are talks that some businessman around the B.C. area wants to have a team in their own town. In an interview with James Name, there are talks but have no plans for expansion until the 1983 off-season.

The Lethbridge Cougars top both the west division and the whole league for the second season in a row with a crop of youth that are hungry for wins and show great results, lead by Jack Burk, who really stepped up as the captain of the team just like Cliff Burns in the late 70s. “This the year we will win both the Jade Trophy and the Valor Cup; we got this lock on.” Cougars head coach Edward Smith said at the press conference. Fans in Billings are seeing great results as they put together the right players to make the winning team and finished 2nd place, hoping for a deep run in the playoffs. After two years of missing the playoffs, the Hawks are back in it thanks to their new number 1 goalie Sam Abbot who made 26 wins out of 35 games this season; 6 of them were shutouts was good enough for Medicine Hat Hawks to finish 3rd place. Finished 4th place was the Abbotsford Forest Kings despite losing some of their top stars who led the team in winning the Valor Cup two seasons ago, but they still got some good players in their roster that helped them earn 57 points and head into the playoffs. The Nanaimo Sharks finished 5th place, with lots of players leaving the Nanaimo Sharks ranging from pros to Euros leagues and with more players set to leave after this season, the Sharks would start the rebuild from the ground up. Rounding off 6th and 7th place are the new teams, the Surrey River Dogs and the Chilliwack Alpines.

The Kenora Pioneers top the east division for the third season in a row, and there is no slowing down for this team as they will try to get back into the Jade trophy title picture after getting eliminated from the playoffs last season. For the second time in a row, the Battalion finished 2nd with 3 wins more this season than last season; their scoring improved more than last season, and hope this season will be the one that will lead them to the Jade trophy finals. Taking 3rd place for the second season in a row is the Portage la Prairie Magic, as their goal come playoff time is getting their first playoff win after getting swept last year; they are hoping for a better run this time around, from finishing 4th place in the west division last season to finishing 4th place in the east division as the Moose Jaw Wings won 15 of their last 20 games of this season. The Buffalos had a rough season after many players left the team during the off-season, losing 15 of their first 25 games, showing no chance of heading back to the playoffs. Taking 6th was the Fargo Owls, and the Saskatoon Cats took 7th place in the division and rock bottom overall again.

The playoffs are set; the 1st place west division and defending Jade Trophy champions Lethbridge Cougars take on the 4th place east division Moose Jaw Wings. 1st place east division Kenora Pioneers battles 4th place west division Abbotsford Forest Kings in a rematch from last season’s semi-finals. 2nd place west division Billings Trains faces 3rd place east division Portage la Prairie Magic in a battle of the 1978 established club. Finally, the 2nd place east division Swift Current Battalion battles 3rd place west division Medicine Hat Hawks.

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