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5/11/2020 6:52 pm  #51

Re: The Complete History of Hockey in Ostrovia

Great to have you back!  Hopefully you're staying safe out there!

5/12/2020 4:29 pm  #52

Re: The Complete History of Hockey in Ostrovia

1923-24 SÆLØ

National Happenings
President: Henrik Petersen (Libertarian Party)
Population: 4,031,000

Sælø Ishockey Liga
Mester Kop Champions: Østerhavn Skibsbygger (Saelsby Sæler runners-up)
League MVP: Holger Rohde, Østerhavn Skibsbygger
Top Scorer: Lone Zohore, Østerhavn Skibsbygger
Top Goalie: Holger Rohde, Østerhavn Skibsbygger

1. Østerhavn Skibsbygger - 15-9-0
2. Saelsby Sæler - 12-12-0
3. Aukia Indfødte - 11-12-1
4. Middehall Senatorer - 9-14-1

Østerhavn Skibsbygger
In Skibsbygger goalie Holger Rohde's final season, the club dominated the league defeating the Saelsby Sæler for the club's third championship. He was so impressive in net with a 13-4-0 record that he won both top goalie and league MVP honors. For the third consecutive season, Lone Zohore led the league in scoring. With Rohde's tenure coming to an end, the club announced that they would be making major changes in the off-season, looking for a new starting goaltender and also changing their look.

Saelsby Sæler
Once again the Americans on the Sæler roster were dominant with George Crosley leading the club in scoring, defenseman Roy Carlyle coming in second, and Arthur Greene in third. The rest of the club was less impressive regularly getting beat in man to man matchups. Mikael Gytkjær did exceptionally well in net until he was injured and replaced by Hans-Christian Viken who could not perform at Gytkjær's level.

Aukia Indfødte
Despite a pedestrian record, the Aukia Indfødte were one of the most entertaining clubs on the ice. Indfødte games were generally high scoring affairs with physical play and no shortage of fights. Winger Munamee Kuliktana led the club in scoring on the top line while defenseman Gudmund Doessing led the league in penalty minutes more than doubling the next highest player Thukkekina Tunutmoak who also played for Aukia. Ståle Salmarsson and Vyacheslav Loginov split goaltending duties evenly with each doing a respectable job.

Middehall Senatorer
The Senatorer had a very poor season due to awful team chemistry that culminated in head coach Jens-Peder Iversen being fired and leading scorer Bendik Kristensen taking over coaching duties while still playing. Several players announced that they would be retiring or leaving at the conclusion of the season, and with the announcement that two new clubs would be joining the league for the 1924-25 season, they were allowed to walk with the hope that the Senatorer would pick up some talent in the league-wide dispersal/expansion draft

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5/12/2020 6:02 pm  #53

Re: The Complete History of Hockey in Ostrovia

Just a heads up, you have the same roster posted for Saelby and Middehall.

Glad to have you back!

5/13/2020 1:14 pm  #54

Re: The Complete History of Hockey in Ostrovia

sportsfan7 wrote:

Just a heads up, you have the same roster posted for Saelby and Middehall.

Glad to have you back!

Thanks! Should be fixed (I did it from my phone so I'll double check it from my computer later...)

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5/17/2020 2:04 pm  #55

Re: The Complete History of Hockey in Ostrovia

1923-24 SOUTHMARK 

National Happenings
President: Uri Sverrisson (Centre-Right Party) 
Population: 2,915,000 

Suðrimark Íshokkísambandið
Stjörnubikar Champions: Lon Grænu (2-1 Lundarbrekka Hákarlar runners-up)
League MVP: Alvah Sjögren, Lon Grænu
Top Scorer: Valdimar Shameel, Lundarbrekka Hákarlar
Top Goalie: Calle Zóphaníasarson, Faxaoss Ljón

1. Lon Grænu - 14-10-0
2. Lundarbrekka Hákarlar - 12-11-1
3. Faxaoss Ljón - 11-13-0
4. Tongstal Ernir - 10-13-1

Lon Grænu
After a disappointing 1922-23 season, the Lon Grænu had a fantastic season thanks to an all-around team effort. Young star Alvah Sjögren led the club in scoring and won the league MVP award. The young top line of Sjögren, Bjartmar Axelsson, and Yosefu Fúsason was almost unstoppable the whole season while the strong defense led by Evgeny Obolensky made it impossible for teams to recover once they were down. Goalie Jader Fraenkel was amazing in goal and only missed top goalie honors by one vote.

Lundarbrekka Hákarlar
The Lundarbrekka Hákarlar had a respectable season, but were not as dominant as the previous campaign. Winger Valdimar Shameel led the whole league in scoring and was nothing short of phenomenal despite weaker play from his comrades. Goalie Dann Manischewitz had a harder time stopping pucks early on, and was relieved by Agnar Skar on a few occasions. Toward the end of the season, the Hákarlar picked up their pace and earned a berth in the championship where they fell to Lon in 3 games.

Faxaoss Ljón
Led by the outstanding goaltending of Calle Zóphaníasarson, the Faxaoss Ljón played far better than their record would suggest. Zóphaníasarson stole many games for the Ljón despite relatively weak offense. Eyal Ljótsson led the club in scoring followed closely by Skirnir Steinbergursson, however scoring dropped off drastically after them. The Ljón were still a fairly young club and looked to be the club of the future in the Suthri league.

Tongstal Ernir
The Ernir were unable to accomplish much in the 1923-24 season due to many injuries. Zedekiah Eiríksson led the club in scoring and was in the running for top scorer in the league before suffering a broken wrist. His line mates Kristbergur Akerström and Viggo Númason did the best to pick up the slack, but were unable to match his pace. Defenseman Modest Knyazev served as the club's captain and inspired his comrades with his physical play. Goaltenders Börje Lindahl and Amikam Braff split playing time fairly evenly with Lindahl doing quite a bit better earning 7 of the club's 10 wins.

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5/17/2020 5:10 pm  #56

Re: The Complete History of Hockey in Ostrovia

1924 Offseason

A few major moves were made in the offseason before the Sælø Ishockey Liga's dispersal/expansion draft. That will get its' own post:

Khokkeynaya Liga Korolya

Atletika Kamezan

+ C Aleksandr Nikonov, Signed as Rookie
+ G Konstantin Tamarkin and cash, traded from Tigry Nizhnereka
- C Sergei Ilyin, Retired
- G Dmitri Kryukov, traded to Tigry Nizhnereka

Geroi Dnitorlovsk
+ RW Vsevolod Zimin, Signed as Rookie
+ RW Yevgeniy Malakhov, Signed as Rookie
+ D Henry McCaskey, Signed as Rookie
- RW Julian Kormáksson, Retired
- RW Dmitri Losev, Released
- D Jean-Pascal Jacquemoud, Released

Koroli Khirov
+ LW Abram Kruglov, Signed as Rookie
+ D Jedaiah Óliversson, Signed as Rookie
- LW Alexander Ozerov, Retired
- D Maxim Tereshchenko, Retired

Matrosy Mezhdupovets
+ RW Vyacheslav Glazkov, Signed as Rookie
- C Kostya Myshkin, Retired

Shakhtery Gorabinsk
+ C Albert Volodin, Signed as Rookie
+ RW Aleksandr Primakov, Signed as Rookie
- RW Erik Maksimov, Retired
- C Vyacheslav Semyonov, Released

Tigry Nizhnereka
+ C Florin Bühlmann, Signed as Rookie
+ D Maximilian Breunig, Signed as Rookie
+ G Dmitri Kryukov, traded from Atletika Kamezan
- C Maxim Nazarov, Retired
- D Yegor Aksyonov, Retired
- G Konstantin Tamarkin and cash, traded to Atletika Kamezan

Jotunmark Íshokkídeildin

Fljotsbork Tröll
+ C Funi Sæmundsson, Signed as Rookie
+ LW Marthen Sigurmannsson, Signed as Rookie
+ RW Steinmann Hnefillsson, Signed as Rookie
+ D Jean-Claude Robichaud, Signed as Rookie
- C Kasper Ethvardsson, Retired
- LW Dagon Barak, Retired
- RW Bolverk Sinfiotlisson, Retired
- D Leiknir Ósvaldsson, Retired

Jotunheim Jotnar
+ C Osvif Hallgeirsson, Signed as Rookie
+ C Jörvar Robertsson, Signed as Rookie
+ RW Bothvar Ketilbiornsson, Signed as Rookie
- C Thorstar Iorundsson, Released
- C Sigmundur Eskursson, Released
- RW Elias Matthiesen, Released

Kaldaross Karíbó
+ RW Starri Gudmundsson, Signed as Rookie
+ D Gunnar Kristmannsson, Signed as Rookie
+ G Konrád Chrobák, Signed as Rookie
- D Gardi Hóseasarson, Retired
- RW Peter Sørensen, Released
- G Adrian Ögrason, Released

Skjalfandi Ísbirnir
+ RW Magni Svoerfudursson, Signed as Rookie
+ D Thrymur Ketilsson, Signed as Rookie
- D Gedaliah Jung, Retired
- RW Mensalder Heimirsson, Retired

Sælø Ishockey Liga

Aukia Indfødte

- no moves -

Middehall Senatorer
+ C Eyolf DahlTomasson, Signed as Rookie
+ LW Ciaran Cooke, Signed as Rookie
+ RW Thomas Andersen, Signed as Rookie
+ RW Gorm Asche, Signed as Rookie
- C Edvard Cornelius, Retired
- RW Bendik Kristensen, Retired
- RW Niels Tøfting, Retired
- LW John Skovgaard, Retired

Østerhavn Skibsbygger
+ C Brian Ramstad, Signed as Rookie
+ G Rasmus Arnesen, Signed as Rookie
- G Holger Rohde, Retired
- C Torben Eberstein, Retired

Saelsby Sæler
- no moves -

Suðrimark Íshokkísambandið

Faxaoss Ljón
+ C Jedd Erlendsson, Signed as Rookie
+ D Isreal Oddmarsson, Signed as Rookie
- D Isak Hilmirsson, Retired
- C Kristen Mathiesen, Released

Lon Grænu
+ RW Bertram Fabricius, Signed as Rookie
+ D Kent Altmann, Signed as Rookie
+ D Aron Mikkaelsson, Signed as Rookie
- D Júrek Georgeson, Retired
- RW Vegeir Ragnarsson, Released
- D Arnbergur Bergh, Released

Lundarbrekka Hákarlar
+ C Boaz Örlygsson, Signed as Rookie
- C Aleksandr Sorokin, Retired

Tongstal Ernir
+ D Ukko Nurminen, Signed as Rookie
+ D Thjálfi Basin, Signed as Rookie
- D Vyacheslav Sukhanov, Retired
- D Rune Bentsen, Released

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5/17/2020 9:13 pm  #57

Re: The Complete History of Hockey in Ostrovia

1924 Sælø Ishockey Liga Dispersal/Expansion Draft

For the 1924 Sælø Ishockey Liga Dispersal/Expansion Draft, each club was able to protect 2 of each forward position and 3 defensemen as well as 1 goaltender (newly signed rookies were exempt). The rest of the players were put into a pool for all of the clubs to draft from. The first 6 rounds were only for the new expansion clubs, the Kongsjøen Djævle and Rødlev Oliemænd. After that, the order of draft was Kongsjøen, Rødlev, Middehall, Aukia, Saelsby, and Østerhavn.

Protected Lists:

Aukia Indfødte
C Thomas Ahlberg
C Edgar Akeeshoo
LW Segol Ingniruk
LW Kasper Albinus
RW Munamee Kuliktana
RW Ivar Boesen
D Gudmund Doessing
D Lauritz Rye
D  Igruk Aliyak
G Vyacheslav Loginov

Middehall Senatorer
C Jan Jørgensen
C Kåre Krøldrup
C Eyolf DahlTomasson*
L Bjarne Haxthausen
L Esa-Pekka Koskinen
L Ciaran Cooke*
R Simon Kleven
R Hans Peter Hansen
R Thomas Andersen*
R Gorm Asche*
D Henrik Poulsen
D Harald Skairingursson
D Hampus Ekström
G Preben Mortensen

Østerhavn Skibsbygger
C Lone Zohore
C Brian Ramstad*
C Mathias Bastrup
L Simon Berth
L August Kollmann
R Kristoffer Hansen
R Jens Christian Nielsen
D Aage Kahlenberg
D Sebastian Hansen
D Leopold Navrátil
G Rasmus Arnesen*
G John Markussen

Saelsby Sæler
C George Crosley
C Birger Jensen
L Arthur Greene
L Dmitri Nikitin
R Ernst Sturup
R Karl Heier
D Roy Carlyle
D Julian Heintze
D Leif Jørgensen
G Mikael Gytkjær


Round 1
Kongsjøen - L Kjeld Mølby
Rødlev - D Allan Schmeichel

Round 2
Rødlev - R Thomas Espeland
Kongsjøen - C Benno Brenzikofer

Round 3
Kongsjøen - C Ernst Holm
Rødlev - C Christoph Troelsen

Round 4
Rødlev - L Axel Sommer
Kongsjøen - D Christian Rask

Round 5
Kongsjøen - L Bent Jensen
Rødlev - L Vojtech Čížik

Round 6
Rødlev - G Adrian Ögrason
Kongsjøen - G Ståle Salmarsson

Round 7
Kongsjøen - G Jørgen Reiten
Rødlev - G Elvar Lothmundsson
Middehall - D Arne Holst
Aukia - R Elias Matthiesen
Saelsby - D Christian Anderson
Østerhavn - C Thorstar Iorundsson

Round 8
Kongsjøen - C Thukkekina Tunutmoak
Rødlev - D Emil Dalsgaard
Middehall - C Troels Knudsen
Aukia - D Peter Andresen
Saelsby - D Peder Krohn-Dehli
Østerhavn - D Villy Jensen

Round 9
Kongsjøen - D Erling Lyng
Rødlev - R Kjeld Thorstad
Middehall - L Svoelnir Isgautsson
Aukia - C Sigmundur Eskursson
Saelsby - C Herman Urup
Østerhavn - R Vegeir Ragnarsson

Round 10
Kongsjøen - R Jan Finck
Rødlev - L Sigbjørn Ihle
Middehall - D Jean-Pascal Jacquemoud
Aukia - L Odin Hrossketilsson
Saelsby - D Torgeir Jespersen
Østerhavn - L Dennis Nuvaqirq

Round 11
Kongsjøen - L Paul Nielsen
Rødlev - D Jim Rod
Middehall - G Oluf Bisgaard
Aukia - C Gertjan Desramault
Saelsby - C Vladimir Koshkin
Østerhavn - R Henning Enoksen

Round 12
Kongsjøen - D Arnbergur Bergh
Rødlev - D Rune Bentsen
Middehall - D Olav Loberg
Aukia - R Ashoona Ashevak
Saelsby - L Gustav Martinsen

Round 13
Kongsjøen - D Oscar Søbirk
Rødlev - R Kevin Schöne
Aukia - D Nikupsuk Irqittuq
Saelsby - L Flemming Hauge
Østerhavn - L Henrik Lorenzen

Round 14
Kongsjøen - C Vyacheslav Semyonov
Rødlev - R Dmitri Losev
Aukia - G Hans-Christian Viken
Saelsby - R Peter Sørensen
Østerhavn - D Svend Rasmussen

Round 15
Kongsjøen - L Adama Gade
Rødlev - C Kristen Mathiesen
Aukia - L Kooyoo Pitka
Saelsby - R Jonas Hertz
Østerhavn - D Oskar Thorsson

Round 16
Kongsjøen - D Henning Rasmussen
Rødlev - C Tommy Kaspar
Aukia - D Úlfgeir Konstantinusson
Saelsby - G Gotthard Mandl

Round 17
Rødlev - C Arendt Wahlström
Kongsjøen - R Axel Madsen

Round 18
Kongsjøen - D Pål Jensen
Rødlev - L Steffen Delaney

Round 19
Rødlev - D Christian Andreasen
Kongsjøen - R Zinoviy Yakovlev

Round 20
Kongsjøen - R Tor Olsen
Rødlev - D Jørgen Bartram

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5/26/2020 4:18 pm  #58

Re: The Complete History of Hockey in Ostrovia

1924-25 OSTROVIA

National Happenings
King: Vladimir III
Prime Minister: Boris Kozyrov (Liberal Party)
Population: 4,790,000

Khokkeynaya Liga Koroly
King's Cup Champions: Atletika Kamezan
League MVP: Andrei Kutepov, Atletika Kamezan
Top Scorer: Yuliy Abdulov, Koroli Khirov
Best Goalie: Yaromir Titov, Matrosy Mezhdupovets

1. Atletika Kamezan 20-8-2
2. Matrosy Mezhdupovets 19-9-2
3. Koroli Khirov 14-3-3
4. Shakhtery Gorabinsk 12-16-2
5. Tigry Nizhnereka 9-17-4
6. Geroi Dnitrolovsk 9-20-1

Atletika Kamezan
In their best season yet, Atletika Kamezan finished with an astounding 20-8-2 record. The club was led in scoring by defenseman Andrei Kutepov who played amazingly both ways. His play was impressive enough to earn him MVP honors. The top two forward lines were unbeatable and would often swap places based on which line was having a better night. Finnish goalie Aaro Honkala had very little work to do thanks to the overpowering defensive corps, and was able to stop most of what came his way. Atletika changed their look for the 1924-25 season eliminating some of the chest stripes and adding their first ever jersey crest. Despite an amazing season and a championship win, the club was struggling financially and had to sell off some talent at the end of the season.

Matrosy Mezhdupovets
After a mediocre 1923-24 season, Matrosy Mezhdupovets buckled down and had a stellar 1924-25 campaign finishing second in the standings. Goalie Yaromir Titov played excellent hockey unseating Khirov's Anatoly Sharov as best goalie after three years running. The whole club excelled at putting the puck in the net, however Iosif Ignatyev scored the most for the club. The top defensive pairing of Ivan Nikitin and Andrei Preobrazhensky were able to shut down most offenses making life a little easier for Titov in net.

Koroli Khirov
Continuing to slide, Koroli Khirov tied their lowest win total with 14 wins- just one above .500. Yuliy Abdulov led the league in scoring, but goals were hard to come by elsewhere with defenseman Kodiak Mikhailov finishing second. Goalie Anatoly Sharov played well but was hampered by a nagging groin injury which led him to miss out on best goalie honors for the first time since those were voted on.

Shakhtery Gorabinsk
After winning the previous King's Cup, Shakhtery Gorabinsk fell off hard finishing fourth place with a losing record. Opposing defenses seemed to have the answer for Misha Bogolyubov who had led the league in scoring the past few years, and Grigory Timofeyev (1921, 1922 scoring champ) ended up leading the club in scoring. Young Czechoslovakian defenseman Stanislav Jílek shone on the top defensive pair with veteran Marat Kravchuk, however the goaltending tandem of Vladimir Tarasov and Sergei Kuznetsov wasn't up to par.

Tigry Nizhnereka
Sporting new and less painful to watch uniforms, Tigry Nizhnereka showed promise but still finished with a disappointing record. The addition of goaltender Dmitri Kryukov didn't pay the type of dividends ownership expected, however at 37 he was already past his prime and they should have known better. Towards the end of the season Kryukov surrendered the net to 19 year old Kolmogorov Obolensky and served as more of a mentor to the young netminder. Wingers Vladislav Severny and Nikolai Loktionov tied for first place in scoring for the club.

Geroi Dnitrolovsk
In what could best be described as a "comedy of errors", Geroi Dnitrolovsk saw each and every one of their star players (forwards Svante Federman and Tore Edlund, defenseman Vladimir Kirilov, and goalie Konstantin Krylov) all go down with injuries at different points during the year. What was left over was a team made up of young inexperienced rookies and aging veterans who had lost a step.

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5/26/2020 4:59 pm  #59

Re: The Complete History of Hockey in Ostrovia

Heh, I honestly didn't think the Tigers had that bad of uniforms before, but I like these new ones too!  We'll see if they ever become a good team!  The Athletics (I think that's the English name, right?) winning the championship then having to sell off their best players reminds me a lot of the Florida Marlins' championship seasons.  For their fanbase, that has to be pretty bittersweet.

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