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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

Wallflower wrote:

TheEnigmaticOne wrote:

Just a question, after reading the list, is Cam Wynn in another years class? Or just not listed. I would guess that he isn't a senior, since I figured he would be mentioned otherwise.

Yes, he is in this class, I don't track guys further than their senior season. He's just ranked 56th so fell outside of the top 50 out of 104 prospects this year. 

Also, I wasn't mentioning him in the post which is why I had mentioned him in our earlier back and forth.

'Fair enough, looking forward to the draft.


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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

1972 NAAF Draft

1st Round

1 - Toronto Steelheads | DL Sam Reinkemeyer | New England - Detroit, MI - Kingsfan11
For the 3rd time since joining the NAAF in 1964, the Steelheads had the #1 pick in the draft. With the selection, they wouldn’t surprise anyone, taking the top prospect on the board, DL Sam Reinkemeyer. Reinkemeyer is a dominant force on the D-line. He’s at the top of his game when he is in the backfield. Taking down the QB and shutting down the run game. He was so good that he was one of the only players last season capable of keeping RB Axel Vandal at bay during the Hybrid Football Championship. With DL Johnathan Ellison leaving Toronto for Long Island, Reinkemeyer is a perfect replacement for a strong defence to maintain their level of play going into next season.

2 - Halifax Mariners | RB Axel Vandal | St-Laurent - Drummondville, QC - ZO82
Many felt the Mariners could go a few different directions with the #2 selection. With their aging WR corps, they could add a top target in WR Eric Norris, or address needs on the O-line or at safety. However, they would ignore those needs and take the top RB in the class. Vandal was borderline unstoppable in college. He’s one of the most balanced runners out there, having a mix of speed, elusiveness, and power that makes him a rare find. RB Max Tracy is about the closest comparison to Vandal. Halifax goes out here and gets their top RB to pair up with QB Todd Sparrow, who was their 1st overall selection last year. 

3 - Regina Wheat Kings | LB Lewis Vander | Maine State - Portsmouth, NH - Jayhawk
The Wheat Kings had a lot of needs throughout the roster, so making a pick is certainly a challenge. They would take Maine State’s Lewis Vander, who might have been the perfect selection. Vander is a jack-of-all-trades defender. He bounced around the defence a lot, moving to many different positions. His speed and awareness make him deadly in any situation. He can track down ball carriers, he can use the speed to get to the QB, or he can hang back and play well in coverage. His most comfortable position is still playing a deeper middle linebacker, allowing him to drop in coverage or move up and tackle. With Regina’s lower talent in some positions, this is a great add as Vander can slot into where he is needed.

Ahead of the Winnipeg Falcons’ first selection of the draft, the rumblings of a trade began to stir. Despite a top-end DL (the Falcons’ position of need), Robin Lucas, being there at 4, the Falcons were willing to move back. At the same time, there were several teams interested in the top safety in the draft, Ian Outlaw. London (6th Overall), Long Island (7th Overall), and Halifax (9th Overall via Boston) all made pitches to Winnipeg about the selection. Halifax and Long Island would be the two finalists, but the Falcons would eventually take a deal with the Raiders. The deal would see the Raiders acquire Winnipeg’s 1st Round Pick (4th Overall) and 3rd Round Pick (40th Overall), and Winnipeg would receive Long Island’s 1st Round Pick (7th Overall) and 2nd Round Pick (25th Overall), as well as OL John Dough. To summarize, Winnipeg moves back, flips a 3rd for a 2nd and adds a depth O-lineman. 

4 - Long Island Raiders (from Winnipeg) | S Ian Outlaw | New England - Boston, MA - DireBear 
With the newly acquired pick, the Raiders would not hesitate in selecting Ian Outlaw. Outlaw is praised for his ability to take away the big play. He’s a premiere player over the top, even being able to take away a team’s best receiver. Not only is he great at defending the pass, but he can also pack a wallop and take guys down with his strength and great tackling ability. Many expect Outlaw to step up as one of the next top safeties in the league.

5 - Calgary Predators | WR Eric Norris | New England - Hanover, VA - RaysUp
The Predators have been good about adding defence throughout free agency thus far, but have struggled immensely in bringing in offensive help, so they were certainly relieved to get the top WR in the draft. Eric Norris is a character. Flamboyant and energetic, might be a perfect fit for a flashy and high-tempo Wild West offence. Norris has the speed that the Preds like, but also the ability to improvise and create opportunities with his football awareness. On top of that, he’s got great hands that will make him a scary player in the league in the coming seasons. 

6 - London Tigers | OL Jacob Szczepanski | Indiana Tech (AMR) - Lapel, IN - Dan O’Mac
The Tigers did not get the safety they wanted, but they would settle with the top O-lineman in the draft, taking the towering Szczepanski. There are some concerns about QBs being able to pass over the wall of a player, but the wall works both ways as he is often the stronger player when compared to his D-line match-up. He isn’t the most technically sound, but his pure strength has gotten him this far. 

7 - Winnipeg Falcons (from Long Island) | DL Graham de Veres | Pacific Provincial (CAN) - Victoria, BC - Darknes
After trading back from 4th the Falcons still had their opportunity to pick DL Robin Lucas. However, they would shock everyone by taking Pacific Provincial’s DL Graham de Veres, a player who was ranked to go late 1st/early 2nd. A head-scratching move considering how talented Lucas is, however, some personality issues, mainly regarding a lack of effort at times and has a closed off manner, may have been what scared Winnipeg away. In comparison, de Veres is an incredibly hard-working player, a good sport, and someone who is ready to be the best he can be. On the field, de Veres is a technical master, having well-trained and refined fundamentals allowing him to expose weaknesses in his opponent when he is outmatched. He may lack the pure talent that Lucas or Reinkemeyer have but he is more than willing to get better.  

8 - Edmonton Rangers | OL Callum Thomas | UEdmonton (CAN) - Edmonton, AB - Wallflower
Homegrown talent is the name of the game for the Rangers, who take the safe pick and take one of their own in Callum Thomas with the 8th pick. The Rangers love their local talent as this is the second year in a row they have taken a UEdmonton product with their first selection. Thomas’ specialty is in the run game, being a strong, well-built player that thrives in power rushing. Edmonton certainly is a perfect fit for Thomas as they run a primarily power-rushing offence. 

9 - Halifax Mariners (from Boston) | OL Glenn Capson | Maine State - Windham, ME - idm
After missing out on moving up for a safety and WR Eric Norris not falling, the Mariners would play it safe and bring in a new O-lineman. Capson is an agile blocker, well fit to be on the edge of the O-line who can keep pace with some of the fastest rushers in the league. He also gets up the field if a run breaks, expect him to even get involved in blocking on kicking plays as well. With a smaller build and faster movement, Capson is a little weaker compared to other linemen, which can lead him to get beat by a strong D-lineman.

10 - Indiana Victors | DB Oswald Martell | Western New York - Buffalo, NY - ZO82
With DB Neville Falkner leaving the Victors this offseason, everyone knew that Indiana was going to be the likely landing spot for Oswald Martell, with only the Blue Wings being in the market for a DB in the 1st round. With Buffalo not moving up ahead of them, the Victors would take the top corner in the draft. Martell is a pure ball hawk, who can make interceptions out of nowhere. Those interceptions often come when Martell is out duelling WRs in 1-on-1’s. He’s great going for the ball, but he does have a weakness of being a little smaller and not as strong of a tackler, but his hands alone make him a valuable prospect.

While the Wolves decided on what to do, a trade would take place between the Toronto Steelheads and the Buffalo Blue Wings. The Steelheads would move up, acquiring Buffalo’s 1st Round Pick (15th Overall) and S Bennett Drill in exchange, Buffalo would get Toronto’s 2nd Round Pick (19th Overall), Boston’s 4th Round Pick (63rd Overall), and S Donny McCreary. 

The move seems to be a response to Winnipeg’s trade earlier in the 1st and both the Steelheads and Falcons are expected to be the two teams targeting QB Ryan Alexander. Winnipeg has picks 22 and 25 and could easily package the two picks to move up ahead, so by getting a late 1st, it puts Toronto in position to challenge Winnipeg in a potential trade partner. Buffalo was willing to move back after Oswald had gone to Indiana. The teams also trade safeties with Toronto needing a player who can play now, while Buffalo needs some more youth.

11 - Vancouver Wolves | OL Dominic Bissonnette | Majeure Montreal - Marieville, QC - ZO82 
After the trade, Vancouver would make their first pick of the draft and would take an O-lineman. Bissonnette was the next-best OL available after the first 3. There’s a bit of a talent drop with the pick, but Bissonnette is still a really solid player who doesn’t need to immediately make an impact for the Wolves. He’s a good, athletic pass blocker who should develop into a solid starter for the Wolves down the line.

12 - Ottawa Royals | DL Robin Lucas | Toronto - Kingston, ON - QCS
The Royals were quite happy to see DL Robin Lucas drop all the way to 12th overall. They were desperate to add some more depth at the position due to some injury troubles for DL Bernhard Hartmann over the last couple of seasons. There are concerns with Lucas’ personality, as he is a very closed-off player who sometimes takes his foot off of the gas in games. He has reportedly wanted to improve that aspect of his play, only time will tell if can make good on that desire. When Lucas is on, he is an extremely talented player. He’s lean, making him fast and able to attack any gaps in the O-line. He’s great at hunting down the QB and even can jump up and block passes. Ottawa will have to work on his personality, which could be the best team for the job, but Lucas should be an impactful player if he unlocks his potential.

The Steelheads held their breath when another trade was announced for the 13th overall pick, hoping it wasn’t Winnipeg swooping in for Ryan Alexander. However, they were able to relax when it was the Tigers moving up to the 13th spot, who drafted QB Henry Johnsson last season. The Tigers would acquire Providence’s 1st Round Pick (13th Overall), DB Perry Ferris, and their 3rd Round Pick in 1973. In exchange, Providence would receive WR Leon Hudson, London’s 3rd Round Pick (42nd Overall) and their 4th Round Pick in 1973. 

The big story with this trade was WR Leon Hudson, who was picked 7th overall by the Tigers in 1970. In his first two seasons, Hudson hasn’t quite lived up to expectations. After the Tigers signed WR Lloyd Lane, Hudson was the obvious odd man out, so he requested a trade. In the end, Hudson would be heading to Providence to join his college teammate, QB Red King. The two were great at Central Ohio and the Gold Stars are hoping that chemistry can add to an already solid offence, which is making Providence more and more of a favourite heading into the season. 

13 - London Tigers (from Providence) | S Marcus Harris | North Indiana (AMR) - Troy, OH - vladee
With the newly acquired pick, the Tigers would get the safety they couldn’t get earlier in the draft. Harris is a well-rounded player who can fit in different defensive schemes. He’s solid in coverage and is a good tackler. More of a high-floor than a high-ceiling player, but still a great get for the Tigers. Harris has also been praised as a great teammate and leader, which the Tigers are certainly not disappointed to add to the locker room.

14 - Pittsburgh Blacksmiths | LB Yuri Dragunov | Allegheny (AMR) - Pittsburgh, PA - ZO82
The Blacksmiths would go up and pick a homegrown talent in LB Yuri Dragunov. His family moved to Pittsburgh just before he was born following WWII. While Dragunov has had to deal with some negativity towards his heritage in America, he has always found a way to endear his teammates with his charismatic and funny personality. He also has done it with his play on the field, having a natural instinct and talent for the sport. He's great at timing his moves and tracking down players all over the field, making him a great sideline-to-sideline defender. His weakness comes in coverage, often being easily out-maneuvered by receivers. 

15 - Toronto Steelheads (from Buffalo) | QB Ryan Alexander | New England - Framingham, MA - Wallflower 
Toronto was finally able to take a breath and walk up to take a potential QB of the future. Ryan Alexander is the purest of pocket passers. A game manager through and through with solid accuracy, a decent arm, and good poise. Some are concerned that he has relied heavily on a lot of surrounding talent, backed up by 3 of his UNE teammates being taken in the top 5. However, he certainly isn’t a slouch and can pull his weight. GM Reginald McMahon isn’t concerned as a lot of the same concerns regarding Alexander were made about QB Charles Lemieux when he came out of St-Laurent alongside RB Jimmy Golden and WR Alexei Dubois. Certainly, a player that McMahon knows how to manage, having helped manage Lemieux and the Blue Wings to 4 McCallister Cups. 

16 - Minnesota Serpents | LB Morgan King | Rhode Island State - Warwick, RI - Burmy87
The Minnesota Serpents were quite happy to see Morgan King still on the board after he dropped from being ranked 8th overall. King is a really solid tackler, who can really attack the run game. He’s a solid role model putting a lot of effort into each play. It’s a bit of a wonder that he managed to stay on the board this long, but the Serpents are certainly excited to add another young LB to their defence.

17 - Montreal Rouge | OL Bobby Finley | St. Paul (AMR) - St. Paul, MN - DireBear
The Rouge’s first selection would see them go a bit off the board, taking OL Bobby Finley out of St. Paul. He’s another agile blocker, that should be a good fit for keeping up against faster D-linemen. However, with Montreal reaching a bit for Finley, he may end up being a bit of a project initially. It’s likely one of the key reasons the team chose him over other options, is his leadership, being a captain for St. Paul this previous season. He can bring a lot of his teammates and Montreal is certainly ready to add that to the locker room.

18 - Louisville Thunder | WR Stu Weidemann | Cambridge of Boston - Boston, MA - NoE38
With the final pick of the 1st Round, the Thunder would grab a WR to add depth for a WR corps that just lost WR Lloyd Lane. Weidemann adds a new layer to the Thunder’s attack, being a more physical and big-bodied WR. He should provide a more aggressive change-up to the offence that can shake off some tackles and make some tough catches in traffic. Frankly, he’s got the chops to play TE if he wants to, but has been more used to the outside. He’s also very smart and prepared to continue law school during the offseason. 

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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

1972 NAAF Draft

Round 2

To kick off the second round the Blue Wings would make their first selection of the draft, taking DB Oswald Martell’s twin brother, Lawrence. Lawrence is a physical defender, who is a little bigger than his brother. The Blue Wings get a solid young player for their aging secondary. 

The Mariners would look to the future at WR going with Oliver Shephard at 20. With all 3 of the team’s top WRs being in their 30s now, a receiver was a must-get during the draft. Shephard is a small but scrappy WR who can still win battles at the catch point. 

Regina would grab OL Simon Northcott out of Saskatchewan Provincial where new GM Aaron Thornton was previously. Northcott is a strong O-lineman who should be a good addition to the Wheat Kings’ offence.

Winnipeg would make another shocking move, taking a TE in Douglas Northway at 22nd. Many thought they would grab QB Mitchell Nash here, but they had other plans. All of the former WFU teams had to just find players that could play TE since the position didn’t exist in Canadian football. Many chose smaller O-linemen, except Vancouver just moved over a big WR. In the end, Northway is a receiving TE and is a sign Winnipeg is looking to evolve. 

Calgary would double down at WR, taking WR Eric Norris’ college teammate, James Johnson. Johnson is a speedy WR who fits the bill for what Calgary looks for in a receiver. The combination of the two should be great for chemistry.

The Tigers would add on the D-line with their 3rd selection of the draft. DL Christopher Hearson is an athletic and powerful rusher who should be a good supplementary piece to an already young D-line. 

Ahead of pick 25, Winnipeg would make another trade. They would send pick 25, the one they got in the Long Island trade, to the Indiana Victors for picks 28 and 46. The Victors would then select LB Zach Sexton, who had slid down from being ranked 17th in The Gains Report. Sexton is an aggressive prospect who likes to "hand out punishment" as he says. Could be a problem if he isn’t kept in line, but still a talented prospect.

Edmonton would continue to roll with local talent, adding RB Howie Bowman out of Alberta Provincial. A very athletic runner, whose best skill is evading tackles. He also has some issues with not putting in 100%, but he can get there with the right coach.

Boston would finally make their first selection of the draft and they would grab a much-needed corner in DB Dallas Daniels. A fiery corner that plays aggressively and fast. Obviously, he needs to work on taming some of the aggression, but he will still be a physical corner for the Independents. 

Winnipeg would reach again with their 28th selection, taking OL Damien Brisebois. Brisebois would be the first-ever player to be drafted out of Mont Bellevue, creating a celebration in the city of Sherbrooke. Brisebois is a strong and physical force on the line, however, may need some time to develop having not had as much experience with top talent. 

The Raiders would continue to be aggressive, trading up a second time in the draft. They would acquire pick 29 from the Vancouver Wolves in exchange for picks 40 and 43. They would then take the agile OL in Martin Dashaw, a player that HC Levi Bray is excited to get his hands on to use in a more dynamic offence.

The Ottawa Royals would land a hometown product in WR Tyler Jackson. The Royals continue their search for a top-tier WR by getting a great route runner in Jackson, who can make QB Drake Young’s life easy by getting into open space.

Indiana would take Maine State RB, Mark Waters, with pick 31. Waters is one of the fastest players in the draft, making him a scary player in open space, though he may want to gain a little more muscle to acquire said open space.

Pittsburgh would snag S Chris Berger, another player who was slipping down the draft board. Berger is a great over-the-top cover guy who can read the play but lacks a bit of strength in the tackling department.

Buffalo’s second pick of the 2nd round would be OL Humphrey Hogarth. Hogarth is a big and solid pass blocker that should provide some much-needed depth on the line.

Minnesota would take Toronto S Alex Spurrier, who is one of the most athletic prospects with great speed and strength, however, he is very raw in his technique in both tackling and coverage making him a bit of a project.

Toronto would go local with the 35th pick, taking RB Nelson Barker out of St. George. Another running back built with good speed that can be dangerous if he can find a hole in the defence.

Finally, the Mariners would go and select S Horace Treadaaway, the younger brother to DB Jack Treadaway who is currently in Halifax. The team hopes the sibling connection will help with Horace’s development and growth as a solid coverage safety.

Round 2 Picks
19 - BUF (from TOR) | DB Lawrence Martell | Western New York - Buffalo, NY - ZO82
20 - HFX | WR Oliver Shephard | Rhode Island State - Watertown, NY - Darknes
21 - REG | OL Simon Northcott | Saskatchewan Provincial (CAN) - North Battleford, SK - Wallflower
22 - WPG | TE Douglas Northway | Allegheny (AMR) - Philadelphia, PA - ZO82
23 - CGY | WR James Johnson | New England - Boston, MA - Kingsfan11
24 - LDN | DL Christopher Hearson | Haynes - Hartford, CT - ZO82
25 - IND (from LI via WPG) | LB Zach Sexton | Louisville State (AMR) - Lexington, KY - Darknes
26 - EDM | RB Howie Bowman | Alberta Provincial (CAN) - Red Deer, AB - QCS
27 - BOS | DB Dallas Daniels | UHamilton - Hamilton, ON - MitchSwanson94
28 - WPG (from IND) | OL Damien Brisebois | Mont Bellevue - Sherbrooke, QC - Kingsfan11
29 - LI (from VAN) | OL Martin Dashaw | Major Ohio - Newcomerstown, OH - Jayhawk
30 - OTT | WR Tyler Jackson | Rideau - Ottawa, ON - Kingsfan11
31 - IND (from PRO) | RB Mark Waters | Maine State - Naples, ME - idm
32 - PIT | S Chris Berger | Upstate - Oswego, NY - RaysUp
33 - BUF | OL Humphrey Hogarth | Rockefeller (AMR)  - Gary, IN - TheEnigmaticOne
34 - MIN | S Alex Spurrier | Toronto - Markham, ON - Darknes
35 - TOR (from MTL) | RB Nelson Barker | St. George - Toronto, ON - ZO82
36 - HFX (from LOU) | S Horace Treadaway | UHamilton - Windsor, ON - ZO82

Round 3

Toronto would kick off the 3rd round by taking a TE in Serge Peterson to add some depth at the position. Halifax would add some help on defence with DL Alexis Daskalakis out of Majeure Montreal. DB Kevin Krane would head up to Regina at 39th overall, as the Wheat Kings add a ball hawk to their defence. 

Vancouver would then make the big shocking move in taking S Gunpei Koizumi. The Japanese player is the first to enter the NAAF’s new portal connection with the country. Vancouver had been watching Koizumi for some time since they had scouts already in Japan in recent years. There were a lot of concerns that Koizumi may look good against the “weaker” competition in Japan, but Vancouver feels differently. In fact, they may have used the previous perception to their advantage to take him later in the draft. 

Calgary would go running back with their next pick, taking RB Buck Wilde, as they continue to add weapons to the offence. Providence would finally make their first pick, setting the record for the latest first selection in a draft, which was previously set by Long Island in 1965 with their first pick at 35th overall. The Gold Stars would play it safe and take an OL in Tom Pillsbury out of Dominion.

The Wolves would add a speedy WR with the 43rd pick, taking WR Graham Spencer. Edmonton would follow up by doubling down at RB, taking RB Vincent Marsden II to add a little power rushing to their future backfield. Boston’s 2nd pick would land them a solid OL Tyler Recht. 

Finally, with pick 46, Winnipeg would end the long wait for QB Mitchell Nash, who slipped from being ranked 11th overall. Nash is the latest addition to the revamped Winnipeg QB room, with his big arm he has the potential to grow into a solid option if Winnipeg develops him right. 

With their 3rd selection of the round, Vancouver would reach a bit for LB Casey Miller out of Pacific Provincial. Then, Indiana would take another corner in DB Jack Buswell. Providence also looked to add defensive depth, drafting DL Bryan Starks, which was then followed up by Pittsburgh taking the 3rd of the Wynn brothers in RB Cambyses Wynn. Buffalo would go for a speedy WR Ray Brydges with the 51st pick to add more youth to the offence. 

Ahead of the 52nd selection, another trade would see the Royals and Serpents swap players and picks. The Royals would send veteran DL Winfield Winchester and their 4th Round Pick (66th Overall) to the Minnesota Serpents in exchange for TE Gabrielius Wiggins and Minnesota’s 3rd Round Pick (52nd Overall). The Royals looking to offload an aging player with a high cap to make room for DL Robin Lucas, while Minnesota adds depth and makes room for TE Xavier Francis Langford to make the move up to backup TE. 

With the new pick, the Royals would pick S Theodore Young for depth in the secondary. Halifax would then add LB William Morrison for the defence, and finally, Louisville would go DB with just their second pick of the draft, taking DB Connor Church.  

Round 3 Picks
37 - TOR | TE Serge Peterson | Brooklyn Metropolitan (AMR) - Brooklyn, NY - Stickman
38 - HFX | DL Alexis Daskalakis | Majeure Montreal - Montreal, QC - Kingsfan11
39 - REG | DB Kevin Krane | North Indiana (AMR) - Van Wert, OH - idm
40 - VAN (from WPG via LI) | S Gunpai Koizumi | Yokohama (INT) - Kawasaki, JP - QCS
41 - CGY | RB Buck Wilde | Major Wisconsin (AMR) - Milwaukee, WI - QCS
42 - PRO (from LDN) | OL Tom Pillsbury | Dominion - Kingston, ON - MitchSwanson94
43 - VAN (from LI) | WR Graham Spencer | Rockefeller (AMR) - Rockford, IL - MitchSwanson94
44 - EDM | RB Vincent Marsden II | Sudbury Provincial - North Bay, ON - Darknes
45 - BOS | OL Tyler Recht | Louisville State (AMR) - Dixon, KY - idm
46 - WPG (from IND) | QB Mitchell Nash | Haynes - Glens Falls, NY - MitchSwanson94
47 - VAN | LB Casey Miller | Pacific Provincial (CAN) - Vancouver, BC - ZO82
48 - IND (from OTT) | DB Jack Buswell | Saskatchewan Provincial (CAN) - Davidson, SK - Wallflower
49 - PRO | DL Bryan Starks | Central Ohio (AMR) - Columbus, OH - ZO82
50 - PIT | RB Cambyses Wynn | Western New York - Cheektowaga, NY - TheEnigmaticOne
51 - BUF | WR Ray Brydges | UHamilton - Hamilton, ON - Darknes
52 - OTT (from MIN) | S Theodore Young | Allegheny (AMR) - Scranton, PA - TheEnigmaticOne
53 - HFX (from MTL) | LB William Morrison | Toronto - Thunder Bay, ON - Dan O’Mac
54 - LOU | DB Connor Church | Montreal Provincial - Montreal, QC - Kingsfan11

Round 4

Once the 4th round hit, the teams settled in and pretty much just lived with the picks they had. There were a couple more trades. The first saw the Mariners pick up OL Gleeson Seidl from the Thunder for pick 56. The Thunder had recently signed Seidl to an extension, but clearly, they are re-evaluating the roster and he heads to Halifax for an extra pick. Louisville would go on to select OL Jeffrey Rodman with the pick.

The second trade saw the Raiders move back from pick 61. They would send the pick to Calgary, picking up picks 65 and 77. Calgary would take OL Reshard Cross with their pick while Long Island would gamble on DL George Vangruensven, a DII player that has some penalty troubles. 

A couple of LBs would finally land with teams in this round with Calgary taking LB Teddy Redmond and Indiana taking LB Patrick Weidner.  

Round 4 Picks
55 - MTL (from TOR) | OL Bradley Smith | Toronto - Owen Sound, ON - Jayhawk
56 - LOU (from HFX) | OL Jeffrey Rodman | New England - Middleborough, MA - idm
57 - REG | WR Jack Knight | North Indiana (AMR) - Fort Wayne, IN - Burmy87
58 - WPG | LB Marcus Lowe | Baltimore State (AMR) - Baltimore, MD - DireBear
59 - CGY | LB Teddy Redmond | Rhode Island State - Queens, NY - idm
60 - LDN | WR Edgar Covington | Haynes - Newark, NJ - ZO82
61 - CGY (from LI) | OL Reshard Cross | London - Detroit, MI - ZO82
62 - EDM | DL Vince Bowens | UEdmonton (CAN) - Edmonton, AB - Wallflower
63 - BUF (from BOS via TOR) | OL Hobie McGough | Minnesota Tech (DIV II) - Duluth, MN - Dan O’Mac
64 - IND | LB Patrick Weidner | Rhode Island State - Providence, RI - Wallflower
65 - LI (from VAN via CGY) | DL George Vangruensven | Sioux Falls (DIV II) - Rapid City, SD - Dan O’Mac
66 - MIN (from OTT) | RB Murdoch Washington | Nova Scotia - Bible Hill, NS - ThisIsFine
67 - PRO | S Larry Lee Stichman | Kansas City (AMR) - McPherson, KS - Dan O’Mac
68 - LDN (from PIT) | S Tristan Verrett | Rockefeller (AMR) - Chicago, IL - Wallflower
69 - BUF | TE Nino Duggets | Saginaw State (DIV II) - Detroit, MI - NoE38
70 - TOR (from MIN) | OL Alec Smart | Rhode Island State - Braintree, MA - idm
71 - MTL | DL Stewart DuBoeuf | St-Laurent - Levis, QC - idm
72 - CGY (from LOU) | DL Darrell Kotal | Rockefeller (AMR) - Rockford, IL - Wallflower

Round 5

In the final round, the Raiders would take a kicker in Larry Chips, which was the first kicker to be selected since the London Tigers picked K Nimrod Handsworth 32nd overall in 1959. They ultimately made the pick after Winnipeg took the player they were targeting with the pick right before in RB Jarius Pederson.

The 5th round would also see most of the remaining QBs get selected. Halifax started the flurry with London’s QB Shawn Jolly. Minnesota would take QB Vladimir Orlov next, which was then followed up by QB Cameron Salahub going next to Edmonton. Salahub was the highest-graded of the three, which could be a good sign for the Rangers. The last QB to go would be Roger Stump to Ottawa. 

Finally, the last pick of the draft would end up being DB Dale Dalebroux who joins the Louisville Thunder. 

Round 5 Picks
73 - TOR | LB Kyle Taglianetti | West Mass State - Springfield, MA - Wallflower
74 - LDN (from HFX) | WR Jarred Reid | UPNB - Saint John, NB - idm
75 - REG | DL Anthony Lee | Royal Regina (CAN) - Regina, SK - Kingsfan11
76 - WPG | RB Jarius Pederson | Upstate - Woodstock, NY - Stickman
77 - LI (from CGY) | K Larry Chips | Louisville State (AMR) - Louisville, KY - NoE38
78 - HFX (from LDN) | QB Shawn Jolly | London - Toronto, ON - Kingsfan11
79 - MIN (from LI) | QB Vladimir Orlov | Brooklyn Metropolitan (AMR) - Brooklyn, NY - TheEnigmaticOne
80 - EDM | Cameron Salahub | Pacific Provincial (CAN) - Vancouver, BC - Darknes
81 - BOS | OL Lewis Murray | Akron State (DIV II) - Covington, KY - Burmy87
82 - OTT (from IND) | QB Roger Stump | Alberta Provincial (CAN) - Lethbridge, AB - ThisIsFine
83 - VAN | TE Simon Leblanc | Rideau - Sherbrooke, QC - Kingsfan11
84 - CGY (from OTT) | DB Hal Fredo | Upstate - Brooklyn, NY - Scratch
85 - HFX (from PRO) | WR Dexter Lallemont | Nova Scotia - Halifax, NS - Dan O’Mac
86 - PIT | TE Gaston Roland | Major Ohio (AMR) - Cleveland, OH - Jayhawk
87 - BUF | RB Josiah Sykes | Major Wisconsin (AMR) - Madison, WI - Burmy87
88 - MIN | LB Gegard LeBlanc | Riel (CAN) - Winnipeg, MB - Stickman
89 - MTL | S Kevin Marft | West Mass State - Worcester, MA - idm
90 - LOU | DB Dale Dalebroux | Central Pennsylvania (AMR) - Reading, PA - Dan O’Mac

QB Dallas Bowler | Rochester (AMR) - Auburn, NY - idm
DB Dan DeLeon | Haynes - Philadelphia, PA - NoE38
DL Daniel Chung | Royal Gardens (CAN) - Victoria, BC - JamHeronArk
K Dante DiBernardo | New England - Boston, MA - idm
WR Ferguson Tetlock | Newark (DIV II) - Moorestown, NJ - NoE38
OL Joseph Gibson | Cape Cod (DIV II) - Plymouth, MA - idm
LB Malcolm Oliver | Maine State - Portland, ME - ZO82
QB Pete Herman | Allegheny (AMR) - Pittsburgh, PA - idm
DB P.K. Butters | North Indiana (AMR) - Dayton, OH - JamHeronArk
DL Russell Lynch | Haynes - North Hempstead, NY - DireBear
TE Scott Kissell | Haynes - New Haven, CT - Wallflower
WR Steve Greco | Indiana Tech (AMR) - Kokomo, IN - TigersFan93
DL Trent Jones | Rhode Island State - Provincetown, MA - idm
LB Will Cox | Minnesota Tech (DIV II) - Little Canada, MN - Dan O’Mac

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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

Wow, that Calgary roster is just way too likable at this point. Hal will break his leg in the first week


4/13/2024 8:40 am  #2635

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

Great to see my players get drafted. Hopefully Cambyses can play well on an already good Blacksmiths team, Hogarth can help the Buffalo offense, and Theodore Young can stay out of trouble, if you kept that part of his backstory.


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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

1972 Hall of Fame Vote

It's time to vote for the Hall of Fame class of 1972. I have upped the max number of votes you can cast to 10 from 8. There are a lot of players and I think after this season I am going to start cutting players from the list that are not getting many votes.

Anyway here are the new eligible players for this year's class:
LB Gene Bensen
TE Michael Bowman III
LB Daniel Carpenter
DL Olympus Heights
WR Daniel Irons
DB Lou Lake
TE Paul McDowell
LB Rusty McVee
HC Emil Riddle
RB Clifford Russell
DB Ricardo Salvador
QB Christian Stewart
DL Vernon Spears
OL Sal Valcano


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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

1972 Free Agency Part 2

Following the draft there was the mad dash to get as many players to training camp as possible. A couple of the top players remaining would sign pretty quickly with TE Tranquille Rousseau heading down to Indiana on a 1-year deal, while DB Alonzo Gray was off to Long Island for 2 years. The remaining free agents would either sign a deal with a team or settle with a training camp invite. 

Before training camps could get started there would be a couple of trades as a result of decisions made during the draft.

With Halifax drafting RB Axel Vandal with the 2nd overall pick, they had a surplus at the position and would move on from either RB Rene Lyons or RB Wesley Wu. Wu being 24, made him a more valuable asset, so he would get traded to Boston for a 4th Round Pick in 1974. The Independents are getting a young RB for depth behind RB Reggie Whitehead. 

Next, a more significant trade would see the Victors move on from 28-year-old OL Gregg Rosenberg, who they had been trying to move during the draft. Rosenberg would be packaged with a 1973 4th Round Pick and sent to Providence in exchange for 27-year-old LB Benjamin Page who had been buried in Providence’s depth chart, and 24-year-old OL Marc Clevinger. Providence gets some more sturdy depth on the O-line in a guy who is locked in for next season as well, while Indiana gets a couple of unproven players with decent potential. 

Finally, the Raiders would look to add more depth at LB and acquire veteran LB Tanner Upton from the Calgary Predators along with a 1973 5th Round Pick in exchange for a 1973 3rd Round Pick. Upton is on the older side, but he’s a solid veteran that’ll be good for depth this season. For Calgary, this allows for more space for some younger players like LB Kaleb Frederick and maybe LB Teddy Redmond. 

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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

Cool to see Wesley Wu on Boston, hopefully him and Carlton Vanderbilt can work together to score some points.


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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

1972 Training Camp Moves

As training camps rolled on and teams started putting the final touches on their rosters there would be a flurry of small trades. Most of these deals involve teams making depth moves or clearing up some positions of abundance. 

The first trade would see Toronto and Montreal swap 24-year-old prospects. Toronto would acquire undrafted OL Nic Bureau in exchange for former 3rd Round Pick, RB Tank Ferguson. Bureau had fallen in Montreal’s depth chart after they drafted two O-linemen this year, while Ferguson has not been what the Steelheads hoped. Bureau is getting the call-up to the Active Roster for the Steelheads this season while Ferguson will start the year on Montreal’s Reserve List.

After being a 2nd Round Pick last season by Edmonton, RB Rudy Saunders wanted out after Edmonton drafted two more RBs in this year's draft. He felt the younger two were getting preferential treatment by the team and didn’t feel as wanted. Edmonton would oblige and send Saunders to Long Island in exchange for RB Aeneas Phillips. Both players were taken in the draft last season. It’s a win-win with the Raiders getting the younger power back while Edmonton gets another Western Canadian prospect (their favourite) in Phillips, who attended Pacific Provincial. 

After acquiring Saunders, the Raiders would then make another trade to make some room for their new RB, sending 28-year-old RB Byron Rodham to Vancouver for RB Jeff Toney. Vancouver adds Rodham to the Active Roster as their RB3, while Toney will slip down to the Raiders’ Reserve List.

One of the more substantial trades would see the Regina Wheat Kings and Indiana Victors swap WRs. The Wheat Kings would bring on 29-year-old Leonard Green in exchange for 26-year-old WR Jesse Lambert. Green is the stronger player here and should be an upgrade for the Wheat Kings offence. With Green leaving Indiana, 1971 1st Round Pick, WR Lew Wallendowski, will get more opportunities this season with Lambert slotting in as depth.

Regina would not be done with trading as they would then send 26-year-old OL Jon Parkes to Providence for a 1973 4th Round Pick. Providence adds a depth lineman, while the Wheat Kings make room for 2nd Round Rookie, OL Simon Northcott. 

For the 2nd year in a row, OL Alanzo Tofflers would get traded after being moved to Indiana from Providence last offseason. This time he would be moving from Indiana to Buffalo. Buffalo would pay a hefty price for a 3rd Round Pick, but they were desperate to add some stronger depth on the O-line. 

Then, we had a Reserve List move that saw WR Alphonso Abbott traded from the London Tigers to the Minnesota Serpents. The Serpents just wanted to add a depth WR for emergencies, while the Tigers were looking to clear out one of their 9 WRs in the organization. The Tigers would receive a 1973 5th Round Pick in the trade.

After all the small moves were made, there would be one last crazy trade that would involve 3 teams, 9 players and a draft pick. Boston, Pittsburgh, and eventually Minnesota would make a three-way trade that changes around a lot of depth pieces for Boston and Pittsburgh. 

In the deal, Boston would receive, veteran LB Kyle Essena, RB Gary Andrews, and WR Sergio Flores from Pittsburgh and DL Austin Antonio from Minnesota. Pittsburgh would receive RB Carter Roy, DL Watson Watt, WR Taylor Middleton, and LB Sefton Alfred from Boston. Then, Minnesota would receive a 5th Round Pick and DL Albert Kirk from Pittsburgh. 

To break it down a little more, Boston gets LB Kyle Essena as a starting LB option. They send Reserve List LB Sefton Alfred in return while Pittsburgh then calls up LB Tony Randolph to fill Essena’s spot.  Pittsburgh gets an upgrade at RB by swapping RB Carter Roy for RB Gary Andrews.  Pittsburgh also gets a slight upgrade at WR depth with Taylor Middleton being swapped for WR Sergio Flores. Finally, Pittsburgh needed an upgrade in DL depth, so they would get Watson Watt, however, Boston still wanted a decent D-lineman, which Pittsburgh didn’t have so Minnesota would be brought in sending Austin Antonio over. Pittsburgh would compensate Minnesota with their 5th Round Pick and Albert Kirk. 

Minnesota would then place Albert Kirk on their Reserve List and call up Morgan Kneller to the Active Roster. Also, with the trade, this will be Austin Antonio’s 3rd different stint with the Independents. 

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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

Just a question, have there been any scandals in league history? The only one I can think of was when the Worcester stadium burned to the ground.


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