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12/19/2023 7:22 pm  #2571

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

1971 Week 14

Roster Moves
LI: OL Bret Atkins | Waivers -> Reserve List
MIN: LB Ben Morstand | Waivers -> Reserve List
MTL: DB Finnegan Pike | Active Roster -> Injured Reserve
MTL: LB Willie Stetson | Injured Reserve -> Active Roster
OTT: LB Tuukka Tariitt | Injured Reserve -> Active Roster
OTT: LB Sheamus Desmond | Active Roster -> Waivers
PRO: WR Bennie Braverman | Active Roster -> Injured Reserve
PRO: WR Mariano Marino (Rookie) | Reserve List -> Active Roster
VAN: DB Christian Allen | Injured Reserve -> Active Roster
VAN: DB Colin Lee | Active Roster -> Waivers 

Boston Independents - 14 @ Montreal Rouge - 17 - OT - Mount Royal Stadium - Friday, September 24, 1971 - 7:00 PM ET - Weather: Partly Cloudy - Attendance: 46,336

1st Q
7-0: BOS - RTD RB Reggie Whitehead
2nd Q
7-7: MTL - PTD QB Gene Bishop -> WR Taylor Karis
3rd Q
4th Q
7-14: MTL - PTD QB Gene Bishop -> TE John Schall
14-14: BOS - PTD QB Nathaniel Braddock -> WR Tyreek Flores
14-17: MTL - FG K Frank Hughes

Friday night would feature the first half of a home-and-home between the Independents and Rouge to close out the season. The two historic rivals would get locked into a tense battle where both teams did not want to give up an inch. RB Reggie Whitehead was the first to break the silence, getting Boston into the endzone near the end of the first. A couple of drives later, the Rouge would finally get on the board with a touchdown pass to WR Taylor Karis. Both defences would step up in the 3rd as neither team was able to score. Boston came close, but a mishandled pass by WR Zachariah Pembroke would lead to a S Mathieu Cazenave interception in the redzone. Montreal would be the one to break through next with TE John Schall escaping into the endzone off of a play-action play. The pressure was all on Boston now who were at risk of missing the playoffs still if they can’t pick up a win over the next couple of games. Braddock would remain calm and led the Independents down to the endzone where he would hit WR Tyreek Flores to tie the game and force Boston’s 4th overtime of the season. The experienced team would struggle to get the offence going as Montreal held them off. Neither team got too much, but the Rouge would get a break with WR Antonio Villaneuva escaping into field goal range. K Frank Hughes would kick the go-ahead kick with 2 minutes to go. Boston would need to score in the next two minutes to stay in the game. Braddock would lead the offence down the field and into Rouge territory. However, he would be unable to complete the drive, as DB Lamar Brown would make a great play on the ball to create a rare Braddock interception to clinch the win for the Rouge. 

Buffalo Blue Wings - 15 @ Pittsburgh Blacksmiths - 29 - Riverfront Stadium of Pittsburgh - Saturday, September 25, 1971 - 12:00 PM ET - Weather: Partly Cloudy - Attendance: 48,217
1st Q
0-1: PIT - Single K Nigel Stewart
0-8: PIT - RTD RB Max Tracy
2nd Q
7-8: BUF - PTD QB Charles Lemieux -> WR Tracy Driscoll
8-8: BUF - Single K Ryan Perch
8-11: PIT - FG K Nigel Stewart
8-14: PIT - FG K Nigel Stewart
3rd Q
8-21: PIT - RTD RB Max Tracy
8-22: PIT - Single K Nigel Stewart
4th Q
15-22: BUF - PTD QB Charles Lemieux -> WR Perry Francoise
15-29: PIT - PTD QB Louis Vaughn -> WR Justin Anger

Pittsburgh welcomed the Buffalo Blue Wings in a game that could clinch the team their first division title. Buffalo on the other hand were starting to become desperate as their playoff hopes were starting to slim. Pittsburgh would jump out to an early 0-8 lead with a touchdown from RB Max Tracy. QB Charles Lemieux and WR Tracy Driscoll would answer back for the Blue Wings, eventually tying the game. However, Pittsburgh would get another two field goals to hold a 6-point lead going into halftime. The 2nd half would see Pittsburgh’s offence continue to click while the Blue Wings were sputtering. Max Tracy would add a second touchdown to give Pittsburgh a 13-point lead. After another single from the Blacksmiths. The Blue Wings would wake up to attempt a comeback. WR Perry Francoise would get into the endzone to cut the lead down to 7. Buffalo got the momentum back, however, it didn’t last long as Pittsburgh would put them to bed with a masterful QB Louis Vaughn-led drive that ended with a WR Justin Anger touchdown. The Blacksmiths would clinch the Central Division with their 10th consecutive win. Buffalo, on the other hand, slips to 6-7 and is hoping for their competitors to lose this week in hopes of keeping their playoff hopes alive.
*The Pittsburgh Blacksmiths have clinched the Central Division (Win) 

Halifax Mariners - 29 @ Ottawa Royals - 31 - Royals Stadium at Brewer Park - Saturday, September 25, 1971 - 12:00 PM ET - Weather: Partly Cloudy - Attendance: 44,787
1st Q
0-7: OTT - RTD RB Corbyn Knight
7-7: HFX - RTD RB George Seahorse
2nd Q
14-7: HFX - PTD QB Todd Sparrow -> WR Nathan Murray-Lawrence
3rd Q
14-14: OTT - RTD RB Robert Morin
14-21: OTT - PTD QB Ulysses Lawyer -> WR Marshall Leonard
4th Q
21-21: HFX - RTD RB Wesley Wu
21-24: OTT - FG K Ira Foster
28-24: HFX - PTD QB Todd Sparrow -> WR Shane Steadman
28-31: OTT - PTD QB Ulysses Lawyer -> TE Luiss de Brands
29-31: HFX - Single K Albert Wickerweaver

The Royals looked to finally lock up a playoff spot with a little help from a Boston and Buffalo loss, as they continued to trek on without their star QB Drake Young. QB Ulysses Lawyer got the ball moving early with, allowing the team to get into the endzone with RB Corbyn Knight. However, Halifax, who have been on a roll as of late, punched back with a touchdown from their own running back. They would eventually take the lead following a Royals turnover with QB Todd Sparrow connecting with WR Nathan Murray-Lawrence for 6. Ottawa was able to bounce back in the 3rd, with RB Robert Moring scoring a touchdown before Lawyer connected with Marshall Leonard to give the Royals the lead back. Despite the Royals' best efforts, the Mariners would not stay quiet as they would get a touchdown from youngster RB Wesley Wu before Sparrow would hit WR Shane Steadman to take the lead. Ottawa answered back with a touchdown of their own from TE Luiss de Brands. de Brands’ touchdown would happen with enough time for the Mariners to march down the field in order to attempt to tie the game. Unfortunately for them, K Albert Wickerweaver’s kick would be wide and the Royals would hold on for a massive win, which would clinch them a playoff spot with Buffalo losing in Pittsburgh moments earlier. This marks Ottawa’s 4th consecutive playoff appearance. 
*The Ottawa Royals have clinched a playoff spot (Win + BOS Loss + BUF Loss)

Winnipeg Falcons - 10 @ Edmonton Rangers - 22 - Forest Heights Park - Saturday, September 25, 1971 - 3:30 PM ET/1:30 PM MT - Weather: Cloudy - Attendance: 26,552
1st Q
0-3: EDM - FG K Thomas Standberry
2nd Q
0-10: EDM - RTD RB Tyler Smith
3rd Q
0-13: EDM - FG K Thomas Standberry
7-13: WPG - PTD QB Emerson Thompson -> WR Ryan Conway
7-16: EDM - FG K Thomas Standberry
4th Q
10-16: WPG - FG K Jordan Hollingsworth
10-19: EDM - FG K Thomas Standberry
10-22: EDM - FG K Thomas Standberry

With their season over, the Edmonton Rangers would give QB Ken Myers and several other younger players a chance to prove themselves against the Winnipeg Falcons. Myers played well in the first half, getting the Rangers out to a 0-10 lead. They would extend the lead in the 3rd before Winnipeg finally caught a break. A S Vernon Redgate interception would allow the Falcons to score their lone touchdown of the day. Edmonton remained composed despite the Falcons' score and would continue to rally behind a strong run game. They would add 3 more field goals, while Winnipeg only managed 1, en route to a 10-22 win. 

Minnesota Serpents - 46 @ Regina Wheat Kings - 23 - Broad Street Stadium - Saturday, September 25, 1971 - 3:30 PM ET/1:30 PM CST - Weather: Partly Cloudy - Attendance: 13,444
1st Q
7-0: MIN - PTD QB Martin Keller -> WR Ferdinand Matthews
14-0: MIN - RTD RB Tyler Kuhn
14-7: REG - RTD RB Deion Chapman
14-14: REG - PTD QB Stanley Evans -> WR Nick Spalding
2nd Q
21-14: MIN - RTD RB Hugo Hughes
24-14: MIN - FG K Ray Bough
31-14: MIN - PTD QB Martin Keller -> WR Sebastian Dassler
3rd Q
31-17: REG - FG K Mark Mundle
38-17: MIN - DTD INT DB Davey Woods
38-20: REG - FG K Mark Mundle
4th Q
39-20: MIN - Single K Ray Bough
39-23: REG - FG K Mark Mundle
46-23: MIN - QB Corey Heckanast -> WR Buzz Hronak

The Serpents continued their chase for the top 2 seeds in the league as they ventured up to Regina to play the Wheat Kings who have been punching above their weight recently. Regina’s momentum would not stop the Serpents from getting a 14-0 lead, but it did help them to tie the game back up with a pair of touchdowns following an interception. Minnesota would not allow the game to get away from them as they would just as quickly regain and extend their lead with a 17-point 2nd quarter. Regina would come out of the break with a field goal to attempt to pull back into the game, but that would be quickly turned away with a DB Davey Woods pick-6. From the interception on, the Serpents controlled the game, and Regina could not get much more than a couple of field goals. In the 4th, Minnesota would give a drive to QB Leonidas Dumont, but for the last couple of drives, QB Corey Heckanast would get his first real NAAF action after being drafted 55th overall by Toronto back in 1965. Heckanast would throw a touchdown in the dying minutes to make a solid first impression. 

Toronto Steelheads - 7 @ Louisville Thunder - 27 - Thunder Stadium - Saturday, September 25, 1971 - 7:00 PM ET - Weather: Partly Cloudy - Attendance: 43,780

1st Q
0-7: LOU - PTD QB Buck Murphy -> WR Casey Coleman
0-14: LOU - PTD QB Buck Murphy -> WR Ben Graham
2nd Q
0-17: LOU - FG K Elvis Franklin
3rd Q
0-24: LOU - PTD QB Buck Murphy -> WR Casey Coleman
4th Q
0-27: LOU - FG K Elvis Franklin
7-27: TOR - RTD RB Shannon West

The Saturday Night Football game would be an opportunity for the Louisville Thunder to get back on track after back-to-back losses against the Mariners and Tigers who have the same amount of wins combined as the Thunder have. Louisville would make it known that they are not letting the last two weeks be their downfall by scoring two 1st quarter touchdowns to take a 0-14 lead. QB Matt Fletcher made his 2nd straight start for the Steelheads, but was just as disappointing as he was last week, being unable to move the ball offensively. Louisville continued to add points to their lead, taking a 0-24 lead by the end of the 3rd. QB Xerxes Wynn would take over for the Thunder in the 4th, adding another field goal to the lead. Toronto also reverted back to QB David Simmons who would get the Steelheads on the board with a strong drive late in the 4th. 

Indiana Victors - 28 @ London Tigers - 21 - OT - Western Fair Stadium - Sunday, September 26, 1971 - 1:00 PM ET - Weather: Cloudy/Light Rain - Attendance: 25,038
1st Q
0-7: LDN - RTD RB Jeremy Royal
1-7: IND - Single K Ross Poindexter
8-7: IND - RTD RB Ed Finley
2nd Q
8-14: LDN - PTD QB Tyrion Gainsborough -> WR Leon Hudson
3rd Q
15-14: IND - PTD QB Tom Applewhite -> WR Jake Abbredezzi
15-15: LDN - Single K Nimrod Handsworth
4th Q
15-18: LDN - FG K Nimrod Handsworth
18-18: IND - FG K Ross Poindexter
21-18: IND - FG K Ross Poindexter
21-21: LDN - FG K Nimrod Handsworth
28-21: IND - PTD QB Tom Applewhite -> WR Leonard Green

Victors entered their Week 14 game with the Tigers with an opportunity to improve their playoff chances, especially with the Blue Wings losing earlier in the week. The Victors would fall behind early with the Tigers scoring a touchdown to open the scoring. Indiana would rebound with 8 points of their own on a RB Ed Finley touchdown that followed a single. London was determined to play spoiler today, scoring again in the 2nd to take a 6-point lead into halftime. The 3rd quarter would see the Victors answer back early with a WR Jake Abbredezzi touchdown, but they would sacrifice a single to tie the game heading into the 4th. The final quarter would be a back-and-forth battle, where each team would score a field goal leaving the game tied, sending Indiana to their second straight overtime game. In the extra frame, both teams would trade field goals again to leave the game tied at 21, but after London’s score, the Victors would get to the endzone to take a 7-point lead with under a minute remaining. London would be unable to score and Indiana escaped overtime with a win for the second straight week.

Long Island Raiders - 13 @ Providence Gold Stars - 22 - New Providence Stadium - Sunday, September 26, 1971 - 1:00 PM ET - Weather: Cloudy - Attendance: 61,308
1st Q
3-0: LI - FG K Henderson Schumacher
3-1: PRO - Single K Gilbert O’Neill
3-8: PRO - RTD RB Tresean Jones
2nd Q
6-8: LI - FG K Henderson Schumacher
3rd Q
6-15: PRO - RTD RB Tresean Jones
4th Q
13-15: LI - RTD RB Scott Norton
13-22: PRO - RTD RB Tresean Jones

The defending champions headed up to Providence to keep their season alive against the 9-3 Gold Stars. The Raiders would get the first points of the game with K Henderson Schumacher nailing a 39-yard field goal. Providence would get the next 8 points with a touchdown from RB Tresean Jones. In the 2nd, the Gold Stars would suffer a major injury to RB Ronnie Byers who majorly injured his leg that will end his season. The Raiders were not fairing any better as they would end up losing 5 players to injury throughout the game. The Raiders would still manage a field goal in the 2nd to make it a 2-point game. In the 3rd, the Gold Stars’ offence would kick up into gear with RB Tresean Jones stepping up and taking over the full snap load for the Gold Stars. Jones would eventually rumble his way into the endzone for his 2nd touchdown of the game to give Providence a 9-point lead. Long Island was now down by 2 scores and needed to get back into the game to keep their season alive. QB Ivan Sanchez would move the ball down the field to get the Raiders down to the 3 before RB Scott Norton would score to make it 13-15. The Raiders would get another chance to attempt to score, but they would not get very far before S Tom Parrish would pick off QB Ivan Sanchez to set up RB Tresean Jones to run through the Raiders defence and score his 3rd touchdown of the game. The Raiders would be unable to score again and their season would come to a disappointing end, as they would be eliminated within the next hour when Indiana finalized their overtime win over the Tigers. This does mean we will have a new champion for the 4th year in a row. Providence, with the win, stays alive in the battle for the East Division title heading into the final week. 

Calgary Predators - 26 @ Vancouver Wolves - 31 - Vancouver Exhibition Stadium - Sunday, September 26, 1971 - 4:30 PM ET/2:30 PM PT - Weather: Cloudy - Attendance: 35,149
1st Q
7-0: CGY - RTD RB John Drexel
10-0: CGY - FG K Billy Eichelberger
10-7: VAN - PTD QB Kevin Westwood -> TE Johnny Temple
2nd Q
17-7: CGY - PTD QB Emmitt Jackson -> WR Patrick Early
17-14: VAN - PTD QB Kevin Westwood -> TE Johnny Temple
3rd Q
20-14: CGY - FG K Billy Eichelberger
20-21: VAN - RTD RB Nikki Yang
23-21: CGY - FG K Billy Eichelberger
4th Q
26-21: CGY - FG K Billy Eichelberger
26-24: VAN - FG K Sterling Brooks
26-31: VAN - PTD QB Kevin Westwood -> WR Kendrick Newton

Vancouver’s season was on the line as the Wolves welcomed the Calgary Predators to town. The Wolves must win both of their final games to make the playoffs with a little help from some other teams losing. The game didn’t start well for the Wolves, as they would turn the ball over on their opening possession, allowing Calgary to jump out to a 10-0 lead. Vancouver was able to answer back before the end of the first, but they were already a step behind where they needed to be. Both teams would trade touchdowns in the 2nd quarter, with TE Johnny Temple catching his second of the game. Early in the 3rd, Calgary would add another field goal before Vancouver would take their first lead of the game on a RB Nikki Yang touchdown. However, the lead would not last as Calgary added back-to-back field goals to regain a 5-point lead. As time was running thin on the Wolves, they would get a field goal to cut the lead down to 2. The defence would do their part and stop the Predators from scoring again, giving the offence a chance to regain the lead. QB Kevin Westwood would put his best self out there and lead a perfect drive down to the 12 before hitting WR Kendrick Newton for the game-winning touchdown, keeping their season alive. 
*The Vancouver Wolves have secured the Mackenzie Cup for being the highest-finishing former WFU team

Injury Report
BOS: OL Reynold Gilbertson - Day-to-Day
BUF: DL Tournel Guay - Day-to-Day
EDM: WR Spencer Hicks - Day-to-Day
HFX: DB Joe Robinson - 1 Week
HFX: LB Alastair Glass - Day-to-Day
IND: TE Eric Peterson - Day-to-Day
LDN: OL Shane Willis - Day-to-Day
LI: WR Larry Mossholder - 1 Week
LI: OL Taylor Forbes - 2 Weeks
LI: DL Leonard Albert - 3 Weeks
LI: OL Gary Bies - 1 Week
LI: WR Troy York - Day-to-Day
LOU: TE Rex Williamson - 1 Week
LOU: DL Lucas Kipling - 1 Week
LOU: DB Oswald Murray - Day-to-Day
MTL: DL Mateo Cousineau - 3 Weeks
OTT: RB Corbyn Knight - Day-to-Day
OTT: DL Bernhard Hartmann - 1 Week
OTT: LB Tuukka Tariitt - 1 Week
OTT: DB Jerome Caldwell - Day-to-Day
PRO: RB Ronnie Byers - 10 Weeks (Season)
VAN: WR Akira Sakamoto - 1 Week
VAN: OL Kenny Rudolph - Day-to-Day
VAN: DB Christian Allen - 4 Weeks (Season)

Players of the Week

OFF: RB Tresean Jones PRO - 3 Rushing Touchdowns, 110 Rushing Yards

DEF: DB Lamar Brown MTL - 1 Interception, 8 Tackles, 2 Passes Defended


Minnesota - 10-3 - Y
Vancouver - 6-7 - Mackenzie Cup Winners
Edmonton - 5-8
Winnipeg - 4-9
Regina - 4-9
Calgary - 3-10

Pittsburgh - 11-2 - Y
Louisville - 9-4 - X
Indiana - 7-6
Buffalo - 6-7
London - 4-9
Toronto - 2-11

Montreal - 11-2 - X
Providence - 10-3 - X
Ottawa - 8-5 - X
Boston - 7-6
Long Island - 6-7
Halifax - 4-9

Playoff Picture
1 - C: Pittsburgh - 11-2 - Y
2 - E: Montreal - 11-2 - X
3 - W: Minnesota - 10-3 - Y
4 - Providence - 10-3 - X
5 - Louisville - 9-4 - X
6 - Ottawa - 8-5 - X
7 - Indiana - 7-6
8 - Boston - 7-6
9 - Vancouver - 6-7 - Mackenzie Cup Winners
10 - Buffalo - 6-7
11 - Long Island - 6-7 - e
12 - Edmonton - 5-8 - e
13 - Winnipeg - 4-9 - e
14 - Regina - 4-9 - e
15 - London - 4-9 - e
16 - Halifax - 4-9 - e
17 - Calgary - 3-10 - e
18 - Toronto - 2-11 - e

Power Rankings
1 - Pittsburgh - 
2 - Minnesota - 
3 - Montreal - 
4 - Providence - 
5 - Louisville - 
6 - Ottawa +1
7 - Boston -1 
8 - Indiana -
9 - Vancouver +2
10 - Buffalo -1
11 - Long Island -1
12 - Halifax -
13 - Regina -
14 - Edmonton -
15 - London -
16 - Calgary +2
17 - Winnipeg -1
18 - Toronto -1

Week 15 Games
*SCHEDULE CHANGE: Buffalo @ Indiana is now the season finale at 7:00 PM ET; Ottawa @ Long Island has been moved back to 3:00 PM ET
MTL (11-2) @ BOS (7-6) - OCT 2 - 3:00 PM ET
*MTL clinches East Division with Win or PRO Loss
*BOS clinches playoff spot with Win or BUF + VAN Loss
PRO (10-3) @ HFX (4-9) - OCT 2 - 3:00 PM ET
*PRO clinches East Division with Win + MTL Loss
OTT (8-5) @ LI (6-7) - OCT 2 - 3:00 PM ET
LOU (9-4) @ LDN (4-9) - OCT 2 - 3:00 PM ET
PIT (11-2) @ TOR (2-11) - OCT 2 - 3:00 PM ET
MIN (10-3) @ CGY (3-10) - OCT 2 - 3:00 PM ET
REG (4-9) @ EDM (5-8) - OCT 2 - 3:00 PM ET
VAN (6-7) @ WPG (4-9) - OCT 2 - 3:00 PM ET
*VAN clinches playoff spot with Win + BOS or IND Loss
BUF (6-7) @ IND (7-6) - OCT 2 - 7:00 PM ET - Season Finale
*BUF clinches playoff spot with Win (by > 14) + VAN or BOS Loss or Win (by < 14) + VAN + BOS Loss
*IND clinches playoff spot with Win or Loss (by < 14) + VAN Loss or Loss (by > 14) + VAN + BOS Loss


12/20/2023 3:33 am  #2572

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

Great to see Wu get his first career touchdown! And happy to see Xerxes getting some reps when the team is  winning late.I imagine if Louisville is going to the Playoff the last games might have players rested and give him more of a shot.

Depending on next years quarterback class, I think Xerxes might get a starting job if he can shine some more this year.


12/22/2023 5:59 pm  #2573

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

1971 Week 15

Roster Moves
BOS: TE Ryan Hatcher | Active Roster -> Injured Reserve
BOS: WR Craig Nunnery (Rookie) | Reserve List -> Active Roster
IND: LB Terrence Patton | Active Roster -> Injured Reserve
IND: DB Cameron Taylor | Injured Reserve -> Active Roster
MTL: DL Mateo Cousineau | Active Roster -> Injured Reserve
MTL: DL Stan Walz | Reserve List -> Active Roster
PRO: RB Ronnie Byers | Active Roster -> Injured Reserve
PRO: RB Joe Rider | Reserve List -> Active Roster
VAN: DB Christian Allen | Active Roster -> Injured Reserve
VAN: DB Colin Lee | Waivers (VAN) -> Active Roster

Montreal Rouge - 31 @ Boston Independents - 24 - Richardson Stadium - Saturday, October 2, 1971 - 3:00 PM ET - Weather: Clear - Attendance: 45,241
1st Q
3-0: MTL - FG K Frank Hughes
10-0: MTL - PTD QB Gene Bishop -> WR Antonio Villanueva
10-7: BOS - PTD QB Nathaniel Braddock -> WR Zachariah Pembroke
2nd Q
10-14: BOS - RTD RB Reggie Whitehead
13-14: MTL - FG K Frank Hughes
3rd Q
13-17: BOS - FG K Woody Woodstock
20-17: MTL - RTD RB Raymond Green
4th Q
23-17: MTL - FG K Frank Hughes
23-24: BOS - PTD QB Nathaniel Braddock -> WR Al Allmendinger
29-24: MTL - RTD RB Bo Frazier
31-24: MTL - 2PT QB Gene Bishop -> TE Sylvain Leblanc

With Vancouver playing the Winnipeg Falcons and many of their backups, the Independents were in a must-win mode against the Rouge in order to make the playoffs. They would not get off to a great start as the Rouge would pick up a 10-0 lead early in the contest. QB Nathaniel Braddock was able to rally the Independents to score the next 14 points. Montreal would add a late field goal as Boston took a 1-point lead into halftime. In the 3rd, the Independents would add to their lead early, but Montreal’s offence would get down to the 5 on their next drive scoring with RB Raymond Green. The pressure was mounting for Boston as Montreal would add another field goal to take a 6-point lead in the 4th. It was up to Braddock to once again put the team on his back and move the ball down the field to get into scoring range. Braddock would eventually hit WR Al Allmendinger to regain their 1-point lead. Time was getting low, but Montreal would manage to get down the field again with a big play from WR Antonio Villanueva, escaping a tackle and getting down to the 9. From there Montreal would pound the rock and RB Bo Frazier would score to put the Rouge up by a touchdown following a successful 2-point conversion. Boston would get down to the final play with the ball at the Montreal 48. Braddock would take a shot to try and get to the endzone. WR Edward Webb was able to come down with the ball at the 11 but was immediately tackled to end the game with Montreal winning their 12th game of the season, securing their first East Division title since 1964. Boston would leave the field in defeat as they would not be heading to the postseason due to a Vancouver win in Winnipeg.
*The Montreal Rouge have clinched the East Division (Win)

Providence Gold Stars - 27 @ Halifax Mariners - 3 - Atlantic Stadium - Saturday, October 2, 1971 - 3:00 PM ET - Weather: Clear - Attendance: 22,688
1st Q
7-0: PRO - RTD RB Tresean Jones
10-0: PRO - FG K Gilbert O’Neill
2nd Q
17-0: PRO - PTD QB Landon Ross -> WR Owen Paisley
3rd Q
17-3: HFX - FG K Albert Wickerweaver
20-3: PRO - FG K Gilbert O’Neill
4th Q
27-3: PRO - RTD RB Bob Sanders

The Gold Stars would enter the game with a chance to still win the East Division and at the very least secure a home playoff game in the Quarter-Finals. The game would also serve as the first QB meeting between Red King (Central Ohio) and Todd Sparrow (Rockefeller), who were rivals while competing in the Conference of the Midwest in College In the opening quarter, the Gold Stars’ offence would be clicking. QB Red King would get them down to the 4-yard line with a great toss to WR Justin Palmer. Then, RB Tresean Jones, hot off of his player-of-the-week performance last season, would get in to give Providence the early lead. QB Todd Sparrow would struggle in comparison with Providence’s defence all over the Mariners. The King-Sparrow battle would come to an early end in the 1st as OL TJ Overton would be driven back and landed on King’s ankle. King would leave the game with a sprained ankle, leading to QB Landon Ross entering the game. Ross would manage the game the rest of the way, putting up another 20 points as the Gold Stars cruised to an easy win to close out the season. However, they could be without QB Red King for their playoff game against the Thunder next week, which was confirmed by Montreal’s and their own wins. 

Ottawa Royals - 33 @ Long Island Raiders - 28 - Long Island Stadium - Saturday, October 2, 1971 - 3:00 PM ET - Weather: Cloudy - Attendance: 37,682
1st Q
7-0: OTT - RTD RB Richard Morin
10-0: OTT - FG K Ira Foster
2nd Q
13-0: OTT - FG K Ira Foster
13-7: LI - RTD RB Scott Norton
14-7: OTT - Single K Ira Foster
3rd Q
17-7: OTT - FG K Ira Foster
17-14: LI - PTD QB Ivan Sanchez -> RB Scott Norton
17-21: LI - RTD RB Byron Rodham
4th Q
17-28: LI - PTD QB Ivan Sanchez -> WR Frank Drysdale
20-28: OTT - FG K Ira Foster
26-28: OTT - DTD INT DB Tanner Fox
33-28: OTT - PTD QB Ulysses Lawyer -> WR Matthew de la Cruz

One of the few meaningless games entering the last week would see the playoff-bound Royals sit many starters, while the Raiders looked to see if their starters could pull it together after a disappointing season. QB Ulysses Lawyer still started the game for the Royals to give him an opportunity to continue to get comfortable in the offence. Lawyer got the Royals off to a great start, getting out to a 13-0 lead. The Raiders finally answered back with RB Scott Norton, but the Royals remained up by 7 heading into the break. After an early field goal from the Royals, the Raiders’ offence would wake up. QB Ivan Sanchez was fired up and would throw 2 touchdowns on 3 straight touchdown drives to give the Raiders a 17-28 lead. The Royals were slowing down with only a field goal in response, but they were not out of the game, especially when Ivan Sanchez tried to swing the ball out to RB Scott Norton for a screen. DB Tanner Fox read the play and would snatch the ball for a pick-6. Ottawa would fail to get the 2-point conversion, leaving them down by 2. After another stop from the defence, the Royals would get another chance to score and QB Ulysses Lawyer would lead the Royals to the endzone on a game-winning drive to close out their season with a 9-5 record. 

Louisville Thunder - 27 @ London Tigers - 30 - Western Fair Stadium - Saturday, October 2, 1971 - 3:00 PM ET - Weather: Clear - Attendance: 25,223
1st Q
0-7: LDN - PTD QB Tyrion Gainsborough -> WR Alex Browne Sr. 
0-14: LDN - RTD RB Jeremy Royal
2nd Q
7-14: LOU - PTD QB Buck Murphy -> WR Casey Coleman
7-17: LDN - FG K Nimrod Handsworth
7-20: LDN - FG K Nimrod Handsworth
3rd Q
10-20: LOU - FG K Elvis Franklin
10-27: LDN - PTD QB Tyrion Gainsborough -> TE Pete Mayfield
13-27: LOU - FG K Elvis Franklin
4th Q
20-27: LOU - RTD RB Robert Jack
27-27: LOU - PTD QB Xerxes Wynn -> WR Carter Henderson
27-30: LDN - FG K Nimrod Handsworth

Going into the game, the Thunder still had an opportunity to capture a home playoff game if they won and the Gold Stars lost. Unfortunately for them, they would fall right on their face to start the game with QB Buck Murphy throwing 2 interceptions in the opening quarter, allowing the Tigers to get out to a 0-14 lead. Murphy would recover to toss a touchdown to WR Casey Coleman which would mark his 30th of the season, becoming the first player to ever catch QB Jean Matieau who reached 30 passing touchdowns in 1952 when there were only 10 games on the schedule. The Tigers would add 2 more field goals to their total before halftime to take a 7-20 lead. In the 3rd, the Tigers added another touchdown. Louisville managed to add 2 field goals, but the offence was not clicking as they hoped. Finding out that Providence was up big in Halifax, the Thunder would hand the reins over to QB Xerxes Wynn in the 4th. A move that would seem like a signal of defeat would turn out to be the jolt the Thunder offence needed as Wynn would lead a pair of touchdown drives to suddenly leave the game tied in the final minutes. Wynn’s magic would eventually run out as the Tigers would hold them off before adding a game-winning field goal to capture their 2nd win over the Thunder in the last 3 weeks.  

Pittsburgh Blacksmiths - 38 @ Toronto Steelheads - 26 - Anderson Stadium - Saturday, October 2, 1971 - 3:00 PM ET - Weather: Clear - Attendance: 46,336
1st Q
7-0: PIT - PTD QB Louis Vaughn -> WR Julian Santiago
14-0: PIT - RTD RB Gary Andrews
2nd Q
14-7: TOR - RTD RB Shannon West
21-7: PIT - RTD RB Ronald O’Sullivan
3rd Q
28-7: PIT - PTD QB Louis Vaughn -> WR Justin Anger
28-10: TOR - FG K Vic Greatwood
28-13: TOR - FG K Vic Greatwood
4th Q
31-13: PIT - FG K Nigel Stewart
31-20: TOR - DTD FUM FR LB Grover Smith - FF LB Judge Barrett
38-20: PIT - PTD QB Leif Christiansen -> WR Luc St. Cyr
38-26: TOR - PTD QB Madison Beck -> WR Sterling Underhill

Pittsburgh entered their final game against the Steelheads still hoping to lock up the #1 seed heading into the playoffs. In terms of the starting lineup, QB Louis Vaughn would still start with RB Max Tracy and some other starters sitting out. Vaughn would look sharp despite playing with many backups and would get out to a 14-0 lead. On the Steelheads’ side, there were lots of questions about who would start the game, whether it would be QB Matt Fletcher getting one more chance after a miserable game and a half, or if QB David Simmons had earned one last shot. In the end, the Steelheads would decide to roll with the 3rd option and let 3rd year QB Madison Beck get his 2nd career start. This does make Toronto the first team in NAAF history to have 4 different QBs start a game in a season. Beck had moments of solid play but overall was pretty inconsistent. They did get a touchdown in the 2nd, but the Blacksmiths added one themselves shortly after. Vaughn would start the first drive of the 2nd half for Pittsburgh, scoring one more touchdown before he was finally pulled for QB Leif Christiansen, a former Steelheads’ draft pick. Christiansen was solid, throwing a touchdown to keep Pittsburgh out in front. Toronto would start to gain some ground on the Pittsburgh backups with a big fumble from LB Judge Barrett, which led to a touchdown from LB Grover Smith and then a touchdown to WR Sterling Underhill would close out the game and the season.

Minnesota Serpents - 24 @ Calgary Predators - 26 - Predators Stadium at The Stampede - Saturday, October 2, 1971 - 3:00 PM ET/1:00 PM MT - Weather: Cloudy - Attendance: 25,338
1st Q
7-0: MIN - PTD QB Martin Keller -> WR Evan Clanton
2nd Q
7-7: CGY - PTD QB Emmitt Jackson -> WR Patrick Early
10-7: MIN - FG K Ray Bough
17-7: MIN - RTD RB Tyler Kuhn
3rd Q
17-10: CGY - FG K Billy Eichelberger
17-13: CGY - FG K Billy Eichelberger
4th Q
17-20: CGY - DTD INT DB Scott Summerhayes
24-20: MIN - RTD RB Carl Blackwell-Lake
24-23: CGY - FG K Billy Eichelberger
24-26: CGY - FG K Billy Eichelberger

The Serpents would look to potentially jump into one of the top 2 seeds in the league. A great start would lead to a 7-0 lead, however, plans would quickly shift when WR Sebastian Dassler and later RB Hugo Hughes would get injured. They would still manage a 17-7 lead in the first half, but they would hand the reins over to the backups to start the 2nd half, with Leonidas Dumont taking over at QB. Calgary would start to pick up some ground in the 2nd half, after getting just one touchdown in the 1st. A pair of field goals would leave them within striking distance. When QB Corey Heckanast would take over in the 4th for the Serpents, the Predators pounced with DB Scott Summerhayes scoring a touchdown on an electrifying pick. Heckanast was able to recover with a touchdown drive shortly after the pick. However, Calgary would not go away as they would score a field goal to make it a 1-point with plenty of time left. QB Emmitt Jackson would make up a lot of ground on his feet as he would lead the Predators to a game-winning drive to earn just their 4th win of the year to close out the season. A disappointing loss for Minnesota, but with Montreal and Pittsburgh winning, the Serpents were going to finish 3rd either way. 

Regina Wheat Kings - 9 @ Edmonton Rangers - 24 - Forest Heights Park - Saturday, October 2, 1971 - 3:00 PM ET/1:00 PM MT - Weather: Cloudy - Attendance: 28,116
1st Q
3-0: REG - FG K Mark Mundle
3-3: EDM - FG K Thomas Standberry
3-10: EDM - RTD RB Gary Hubbard
2nd Q
6-10: REG - FG K Mark Mundle
3rd Q
6-13: EDM - FG K Thomas Standberry
6-20: EDM - PTD QB Ken Myers -> WR Stanley McClendon
4th Q
9-21: EDM - Single K Thomas Standberry
9-21: REG - FG K Mark Mundle
9-24: EDM - FG K Thomas Standberry

QB Ken Myers got his second straight start for the Rangers and would get the Rangers out to a 3-10 lead. Regina would stay with the Rangers with a field goal in the 2nd. However, Edmonton would start to pull away in the 3rd with a field goal followed by a touchdown from rookie WR Stanley McClendon. Edmonton would keep up the pressure with their defence holding off the Wheat Kings earning them a deserved 4th win in their last 5 to close out their season on a high note. The Wheat Kings impressed this season, despite sporting a fairly weak roster in comparison to the rest of the league. The loss sucks to close out the year, but on a positive note, they do move up to 3rd in the draft order at the end of the day.

Vancouver Wolves - 32 @ Winnipeg Falcons - 17 - Provencher Park - Saturday, October 2, 1971 - 3:00 PM ET/2:00 PM CT - Weather: Partly Cloudy - Attendance: 22,186
1st Q
0-3: WPG - FG K Jordan Hollingsworth
7-3: VAN - RTD RB Nikki Yang
2nd Q
14-3: VAN - PTD QB Kevin Westwood -> TE Johnny Temple
21-3: VAN - PTD QB Kevin Westwood -> WR Kendrick Newton
24-3: VAN - FG K Sterling Brooks
3rd Q
25-3: VAN - Single K Sterling Brooks
25-10: WPG - RTD RB Joe Rivers
4th Q
32-10: VAN - PTD QB Kevin Westwood -> WR Keshawn Johnston
32-17: WPG - PTD QB Martin Michaud -> WR Terry Upshaw

The Wolves had their last chance to make the playoffs in their visit to Winnipeg, needing a win plus either Boston or Indiana losing. It would be a slow start with Winnipeg scoring first, but Vancouver was quickly right back out in front. QB Kevin Westwood kicked the offence into gear in the 1st and they would roll on to put up 24 straight points to end the first half up by 21. Winnipeg’s offence continued to have its problems. Much like the Steelheads, they would turn to their 3rd QB option in Martin Michaud. Michaud had a knack for getting out of tight pockets and used it to the best of his ability, along with help from RB Joe Rivers, to help the team recover in the second half and bring their total up to 17 points. However, they would still end up down by a lot with Vancouver adding to their lead to secure a solid win and a ticket to the postseason with Boston losing in Montreal. 
*The Vancouver Wolves have clinched a playoff spot (Win + BOS Loss)

Buffalo Blue Wings - 34 @ Indiana Victors - 20 - OT - Victory Stadium - Saturday, October 2, 1971 - 7:00 PM ET - Weather: Clear - Attendance: 48,239

1st Q
0-3: IND - FG K Ross Poindexter
0-10: IND - PTD QB Tom Applewhite -> WR Ed Edwards
2nd Q
7-10: BUF - PTD QB Charles Lemieux -> WR Julius Drake
7-17: IND - PTD QB Tom Applewhite -> WR Jake Abbredezzi
3rd Q
10-17: BUF - FG K Ryan Perch
10-20: IND - FG K Ross Poindexter
4th Q
13-20: BUF - FG K Ryan Perch
20-20: BUF - PTD QB Charles Lemieux -> WR Jimmy Jack
27-20: BUF - RTD RB Yancy Harrison
34-20: BUF - PTD QB Charles Lemieux -> WR Tracy Driscoll 

With the results of the earlier games, the match between the Blue Wings and Victors would play like a playoff game. However, the Victors practically had a 14-point lead going into the game as the Blue Wings would need to win the game by at least 14 to make the playoffs (scoring 14 or more gives them the tiebreaker over Indiana [Indiana beat Buffalo 27-13 earlier in the year], whether it is because they have the head-to-head, or in the case they get exactly 14 to tie them, they would have a better divisional record). If any other outcome occurs (an Indiana win or Buffalo wins by less than 14), the Victors would head to the playoffs. 
When the game got underway, the Victors would jump out to a 0-10 lead. QB Tom Applewhite looked sharp and the defence continued to have success against the Blue Wings. Buffalo would break the silence in the 2nd with a WR Julius Drake touchdown, however, Indiana would respond with another touchdown of their own. Indiana held a strong 10-point lead at halftime, which was practically a 24-point lead with the tiebreaker in play. Buffalo would get 3 points back in the 3rd. Indiana would also get 3 points to maintain their 10-point lead, however, it would come after a big loss as QB Tom Applewhite would leave the game after taking a big hit from DL Tournel Guay. QB Lee Rogers would enter the game and would get the field goal in the 3rd. Rogers was playing well and managing the game, but eventually, tragedy would strike again as Rogers was knocked out of the game in the 4th. QB Edwin Hunt, who has been very disappointing as a QB since being drafted 13th overall in 1969. With Hunt in the game, the Victors’ offence went into ultra-conservative mode to manage the rest of the game. On the other hand, Buffalo took advantage of the opportunity to remain calm and slowly climb back into the game. QB Charles Lemieux would lead the charge to get the game tied late on a touchdown toss to WR Jimmy Jack. With the game knotted up at 20, the Victors would wake up a little, but Hunt failed to move the ball. Buffalo would get a chance to score again with a little over a minute to go. QB Charles Lemieux would toss a mid-range pass to WR Julius Drake. Drake would get into the open field and looked like he could score, but he eventually dropped to the ground at the Victors 30. Both teams had realized something, if Buffalo scored, they would likely win the game by less than 14 and Indiana would go to the playoffs. So Indiana was willing to let Buffalo score, but the Blue Wings knew better and would kneel the game out, giving them a chance to add 14 points in overtime. In the extra frame, the Blue Wings would come out firing, scoring another touchdown to make up 7 points, only needing another touchdown to “tie” the Victors. Indiana’s offence had to get out of their shell and make something happen. Unfortunately, it would be a disaster as QB Edwin Hunt would get stripped from behind by DL Ned Hedman. The fumble would turn into a Buffalo touchdown when WR Tracy Driscoll finally beat a tired DB Neville Falkner to the endzone. Buffalo had the game tied. Indiana only needed a single point to break the tie and get into the playoffs. However, they were running low on time. On 2nd and 8 the Victors attempted to pick up a first down with Hunt through the air, Hunt would get swarmed in the pocket. He managed to escape and threw the ball to WR Leonard Green over the middle. However, LB Gaston Christison would get a hand on it, popping the ball up and into the arms of S Wesley Jones. Jones’ pick would seal the game as Buffalo would pull off the miracle, getting revenge on the Victors in the process, to clinch the final playoff spot. 
*The Buffalo Blue Wings have clinched a playoff spot (Win [by 14] + BOS Loss)

Injury Report
BOS: DB Janek Rodoslav - 3 Weeks (Season)
BOS: S Ernie Osborne - 14 Weeks (Season)
BOS: OL Reynold Gilbertson - 1 Week
BUF: LB Dallas Dillard - 2 Weeks
CGY: LB Tanner Upton - 2 Weeks
CGY: TE Steve Scotts - 1 Week
CGY: WR Patrick Early - 9 Weeks (Season)
EDM: DL Steven Montgomery - Day-to-Day
IND: TE Ross Hämäläinen - 6 Weeks
IND: OL Jean-Baptiste Desjardins - Day-to-Day
IND: QB Tom Applewhite - 1 Week
IND: QB Lee Rogers - Day-to-Day
LDN: LB Jethro Gibson - Day-to-Day
LI: S Garet deVale - 2 Weeks
LOU: WR Lloyd Lane - 2 Weeks
LOU: OL Bubba Hankins - 3 Weeks (Season)
MIN: RB Hugo Hughes - 3 Weeks (Season)
MIN: WR Sebastian Dassler - 3 Weeks (Season)
OTT: LB Lucas Gladwell - 1 Week
PRO: QB Red King - 5 Weeks
REG: RB Deion Chapman - Day-to-Day
REG: LB Marv Powers - 4 Weeks (Season)
TOR: S Charles Clerk - 2 Weeks
WPG: TE John Wells - Day-to-Day

Players of the Week

OFF: QB Charles Lemieux BUF - 3 Passing Touchdowns, 278 Passing Yards

DEF: DB Chandler Gage PIT - 2 Interceptions, 4 Tackles


Minnesota - 10-4 - Y
Vancouver - 7-7 - X
Edmonton - 6-8
Calgary - 4-10
Winnipeg - 4-10
Regina - 4-10

Pittsburgh - 12-2 - Z
Louisville - 9-5 - X
Buffalo - 7-7 - X
Indiana - 7-7
London - 5-9
Toronto - 2-12

Montreal - 12-2 - Y
Providence - 11-3 - X
Ottawa - 9-5 - X
Boston - 7-7
Long Island - 6-8
Halifax - 4-10

Playoff Picture
1 - C: Pittsburgh - 12-2 - Z
2 - E: Montreal - 12-2 - Y
3 - W: Minnesota - 10-4 - Y
4 - Providence - 11-3 - X
5 - Louisville - 9-5 - X
6 - Ottawa - 9-5 - X
7 - Vancouver - 7-7 - X
8 - Buffalo - 7-7 - X
9 - Indiana - 7-7
10 - Boston - 7-7
11 - Edmonton - 6-8
12 - Long Island - 6-8
13 - London - 5-9
14 - Calgary - 4-10
15 - Winnipeg - 4-10
16 - Regina - 4-10
17 - Halifax - 4-10
18 - Toronto - 2-12

Power Rankings
1 - Pittsburgh - 
2 - Montreal +1
3 - Minnesota -1
4 - Providence - 
5 - Ottawa +1
6 - Louisville -1
7 - Vancouver +2
8 - Buffalo +2
9 - Boston -2
10 - Indiana -2
11 - Long Island -
12 - Edmonton +2
13 - London +2
14 - Halifax -2
15 - Calgary +1
16 - Regina -3
17 - Winnipeg -
18 - Toronto - 

1971 Quarter-Final Matchups
(8) BUF (7-7) @ (1) PIT (12-2)
(7) VAN (7-7) @ (2) MTL (12-2)
(6) OTT (9-5) @ (3) MIN (10-4)
(5) LOU (9-5) @ (4) PRO (11-3)

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12/22/2023 8:08 pm  #2574

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

Great to see Xerxes have a good showing, and cool to see Underhill get another TD before the end of the regular season.


12/23/2023 7:22 pm  #2575

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

Loved the drama around the results for the final week. And seeing Boston miss the playoffs was the icing on the cake. Here's hoping the Gold Stars can finally win the big one.

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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

1971 Recap and Playoff Preview

(8) BUF (7-7) @ (1) PIT (12-2) - OCT 9 - 2:00 PM ET
1971 Head-to-Head: W14 - BUF 15-29 PIT *(This is the first time Pittsburgh has beaten Buffalo)
Historic Head-to-Head: BUF 7-1 PIT
Historic Playoff Head-to-Head: BUF 1-0 PIT

The City of Pittsburgh will host its first playoff game in decades as the Blacksmiths enter the playoffs as the #1 seed in the NAAF. QB Louis Vaughn has played at an MOP level this season, paired up with a strong performance from RB Max Tracy and a solid defence. Standing in their way of getting a big win at home is a team that has been a thorn in their side since joining the league: The Buffalo Blue Wings. In 9 total matchups between the teams, the Blue Wings have won 8 of them. The lone win for the Blacksmiths came just 2 weeks earlier. Buffalo enters the playoffs after pulling off a miracle in the final game of the regular season to continue their playoff streak. There are going to be a couple of firsts in this game for Buffalo as they will wear their white uniforms in a playoff game for the first time since 1961. On top of that, this will be their first non-championship, road playoff game since 1961. The Blacksmiths will enter the game riding an 11-game win streak, their last loss coming in week 3 against Louisville. They have all the momentum in the world, but last week also showed why you can never count out the Blue Wings despite several key injuries impacting their roster. I expect Buffalo to put up a fight, but Pittsburgh is still the better team right now and I don’t see them losing here. 
My Pick: Blacksmiths

(7) VAN (7-7) @ (2) MTL (12-2) - OCT 9 - 7:00 PM ET
1971 Head-to-Head: Did Not Play
Historic Regular Season Head-to-Head: Have Not Played
Historic Playoff Head-to-Head: Have Not Played

The Montreal Rouge return to the postseason for the first time since 1967. They feature a roster that has a good balance of players like DB Lamar Brown, WR Antonio Villanueva, and RB Bo Frazier, who have not seen the playoffs before, and veterans like QB Gene Bishop, WR Taylor Karis, and S Mathieu Cazenave who have been there before. The Rouge will be up against the Vancouver Wolves. The Wolves enter the postseason riding a pair of excellent performances from QB Kevin Westwood, to get them into the dance. The Wolves do face the question of which team is going to show up for this game, as they have had games where they have beaten top teams like Providence and Boston, but then others where they have fallen to bottom-dwellers like Regina and London. As for Montreal, they enter the game as a team that has been very strong in close games this season, tending to find ways to win when it gets down to the wire. I am expecting a close game, but I see the Rouge as a stronger team in crunch time.
My Pick: Rouge 

(5) LOU (9-5) @ (4) PRO (11-3) - OCT 10 - 2:00 PM ET
1971 Head-to-Head: W7 - LOU 21-17 PRO
Historic Regular Season Head-to-Head: LOU 5-7 PRO
Historic Playoff Head-to-Head: Have Not Played

The Gold Stars’ defence has been the driving force behind the team’s 11-3 record this season. They will have to continue to rely on the stars as they enter the playoffs looking to get to another McCallister Cup being hosted at their home stadium. They will also be without young starting QB Red King, who is out for the remainder of the season. QB Landon Ross will lead the way, and should still provide solid play as he is 9-3 as a starter for the team. Visiting Providence is a team that has already gone up to the Rhode Island capital and won a game this season. With the high-flying offence behind WR Casey Coleman, WR Lloyd Lane, and WR Ben Graham leading the way, they were able to overcome the strong offence. However, the Thunder have struggled as of late, going 1-3 in their last 4 games, and will be missing Lane in the receiving corps. The shaky play from the team as a whole and starting QB Buck Murphy, who was outplayed by his backup, QB Xerxes Wynn, last week. The Gold Stars on the other hand have won their last 4 games and will be hungry for revenge. I think the defence will pull it together and the Gold Stars will move on.
My Pick: Gold Stars

(6) OTT (9-5) @ (3) MIN (10-4) - OCT 10 - 7:00 PM ET
1971 Head-to-Head: W11 - OTT 17-23 MIN
Historic Regular Season Head-to-Head: OTT 1-1 MIN
Historic Playoff Head-to-Head: OTT 1-0 MIN

The final game of the week is a rematch of the 1969 East Division Semi-Final, which saw the Royals take down the Serpents in Minnesota’s first season in the NAAF. Minnesota will be looking for revenge and some redemption after losing to the 4 seed Wolves last year in the first round of the playoffs. They will have to do it without a couple of key contributors on offence in WR Sebastian Dassler and RB Hugo Hughes. Ottawa, on the other hand, is getting a lot of their talent back this week with DL Bernhard Hartmann, RB Corbyn Knight and LB Tuukka Tariitt returning to the lineup. However, they will still be without QB Drake Young, who will miss at least one more week, meaning QB Ulysses Lawyer will make his first career playoff start. Lawyer has become more comfortable in the Royals’ offence with each game he has started since Young’s injury, while the Serpents will be without their stars for the first time this week. I feel like there has got to be an upset somewhere, and I feel like this is the perfect storm to see the Royals top the Serpents once again. 
My Pick: Royals

Team Awards

Boston Independents
MOP: QB Nathaniel Braddock
OPOY: RB Reggie Whitehead
DPOY: S Ernie Osborne
OLOY: OL Carlton Vanderbilt
BPOY: WR Tyreek Flores
ROY: DL Joseph Kerr

Buffalo Blue Wings
MOP: QB Charles Lemieux
OPOY: WR Tracy Driscoll
DPOY: LB Randall Lambert
OLOY: OL Artem Sobakov
BPOY: RB Yancy Harrison
ROY: DL Kevin Patterson

Calgary Predators
MOP: DL Damian Battles
OPOY: RB John Drexel
DPOY: LB Junior Abbott
OLOY: OL Charles Schwartz
BPOY: QB Emmitt Jackson
ROY: LB Marcus McGhee

Edmonton Rangers
MOP: RB Gary Hubbard
OPOY: WR Stanley McClendon
DPOY: DL Steven Montgomery
OLOY: OL Charles Creighton
BPOY: S Josh Spight
ROY: WR Stanley McClendon

Halifax Mariners
MOP: DL Pat Butler
OPOY: WR Shane Steadman
DPOY: DB Joe Robinson
OLOY: OL Kane Warwick
BPOY: LB Frederic Macnamara
ROY: DB Jack Treadaway

Indiana Victors
MOP: DB Neville Falkner
OPOY: QB Tom Applewhite
DPOY: DL Eugene Case
OLOY: OL Viktor Stahl
BPOY: DB Byron Knight
ROY: WR Lew Wallendowski

London Tigers
MOP: QB Tyrion Gainsborough
OPOY: WR Cole Fletcher
DPOY: LB Reuben James
OLOY: OL Shane Willis
BPOY: WR Leon Hudson
ROY: DB Victor Vratislav

Long Island Raiders
MOP: WR Frank Drysdale
OPOY: QB Ivan Sanchez
DPOY: DB Ross Conroy
OLOY: OL Doyle MacInnis
BPOY: LB Callum Owen
ROY: DL Chris Price

Louisville Thunder
MOP: WR Casey Coleman
OPOY: QB Buck Murphy
DPOY: DB Aquilio Ruiz
OLOY: OL Gordie Hammarstein
BPOY: LB Daniel Timothy
ROY: WR Ben Graham

Minnesota Serpents
MOP: RB Tyler Kuhn
OPOY: WR Sebastian Dassler
DPOY: DB Austin Sherebernikoff
OLOY: OL Elias McCarren
BPOY: DB Davey Woods
ROY: WR Sam Gorychka

Montreal Rouge
MOP: DB Lamar Brown
OPOY: WR Taylor Karis
DPOY: S Mathieu Cazenave
OLOY: OL Elliot Barrett
BPOY: DL Alan Franjkovic
ROY: WR Antonio Villanueva

Ottawa Royals
MOP: QB Drake Young
OPOY: WR Marshall Leonard
DPOY: DB Sergio Alvarez
OLOY: OL Matt Helmut
BPOY: WR Matthew de la Cruz
ROY: WR Charles Toothacre

Pittsburgh Blacksmiths
MOP: QB Louis Vaughn
OPOY: RB Max Tracy
DPOY: DB Zed McLaughlin
OLOY: OL Erik Nelson
BPOY: LB Patrick Hamilton
ROY: WR Edward Washington

Providence Gold Stars
MOP: DL Bartolo Cruz
OPOY: RB Tresean Jones
DPOY: LB Kurt Warlock
OLOY: OL Emil Jennings
BPOY: DB Michael Cope
ROY: QB Red King

Regina Wheat Kings
MOP: DL Butcher Callahan
OPOY: RB Deion Chapman
DPOY: LB Brett Pride
OLOY: OL Hugh Johnson
BPOY: QB Stanley Evans
ROY: DL Butcher Callahan

Toronto Steelheads
MOP: LB Judge Barrett
OPOY: RB Shannon West
DPOY: DB Santino Arriola
OLOY: OL Alan Farquharson
BPOY: DB Santino Arriola
ROY: DL Max Russland

Vancouver Wolves
MOP: QB Kevin Westwood
OPOY: WR Keshawn Johnston
DPOY: LB Shawn Anderson
OLOY: OL Aaron Wilkinson
BPOY: DL Qian Zhou
ROY: DB Apollo Duckworth

Winnipeg Falcons
MOP: RB Joe Rivers
OPOY: WR Terry Upshaw
DPOY: LB Claude Clarke
OLOY: OL Josh Rowell
BPOY: WR Ryan Conway
ROY: S Vernon Redgate

Feel free to leave your playoff predictions in the thread!

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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

 Cool to see Vanderbilt and Russland make the awards. Also, what does BPOY stand for? Backup Player of the Year?


12/29/2023 7:17 pm  #2578

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

Probably Breakout Player of the Year


12/29/2023 7:39 pm  #2579

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

TheEnigmaticOne wrote:

 Cool to see Vanderbilt and Russland make the awards. Also, what does BPOY stand for? Backup Player of the Year?

It is Breakout Player of the Year, as Darknes said. 

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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

1971 Award Nominees

Most Outstanding Player

RB Tyler Kuhn - Minnesota Serpents
STATS: 21 Rushing Touchdowns (1st), 1st in Rushing Yards
Kuhn has been a rising star for the Serpents over the last couple of seasons and after a fully healthy season, he has broken through as one of the league’s best running backs. He managed to eclipse 20 touchdowns on the season while leading the league in rushing yards. It certainly helps being in such a run-heavy offence, but he is the main reason they are. 

QB Louis Vaughn - Pittsburgh Blacksmiths
STATS: 27 Passing Touchdowns (2nd), 2nd In Passing Yards
Vaughn has continued to prove to the rest of the NAAF that he is at the top of his game right now. His 27 passing touchdowns along with the 2nd most passing yards, were only second to division rival QB Buck Murphy. However, Vaughn was much better when protecting the football, only throwing 12 interceptions to Murphy’s 22, as well as having his output despite missing several of his starting WRs for portions of the season.

DL Bartolo Cruz - Providence Gold Stars
STATS: 1st in Sacks, 4 Forced Fumbles
Cruz had a fantastic career-defining season. On the D-line, he was a nuisance to every QB in the league. It was a rarity if Cruz didn’t reach the QB at some point during a game this season. He earned 2 Player of the Week nods this season. He was a constant force that made offences uneasy when going up against the Gold Stars and may have been one of the biggest factors to the team’s #1 defence this season. On top of everything, he led the league in QB pressures and tackles for loss. 

Offensive Player of the Year

WR Casey Coleman - Louisville Thunder
STATS: 15 Receiving Touchdowns (1st), 1st in Receiving Yards
For the 2nd year in a row, Casey Coleman proved that he is one of if not the best WR in the NAAF. He tore up the field making catch after catch and scoring touchdown after touchdown. Coleman was in the MOP conversation but was left on the ballot, barely. 

RB Tyler Kuhn - Minnesota Serpents
STATS: 21 Rushing Touchdowns (1st), 1st in Rushing Yards
Kuhn, as mentioned before, is a rising star, with an electric rushing attack. Kuhn became the beating heart of the Serpents’ offence this season en route to leading the league in both major rushing categories. 

QB Louis Vaughn - Pittsburgh Blacksmiths
STATS: 27 Passing Touchdowns (T-2nd), 2nd in Passing Yards
Vaughn’s poised performance this season has led the Blacksmiths to the top of the league. His ability to make something happen despite missing several key weapons throughout the season has thrown him to the top of the league in his performance this season despite finishing behind QB Buck Murphy in both passing categories. 

QB Kevin Westwood - Vancouver Wolves
STATS: 27 Passing Touchdowns (T-2nd), 4th in Passing Yards
Westwood has had some ups and downs this season, but when he has been up, Westwood has been one of the best QBs in the league. He earned himself 2 Player of the Week nods this season to go along with 27 passing touchdowns. He led the way for the Wolves who snuck into the playoffs on the final day of the season. 

Defensive Players of the Year

DB Sergio Alvarez - Ottawa Royals
STATS: 10 Interceptions (T-1st), 1 Defensive Touchdown
Right with Falkner at the top of the interception charts was Royals corner DB Sergio Alvarez. Alvarez has continued to prove that he is the next superstar at the position, and with a completely healthy season has solidified himself as that next star.

DL Bartolo Cruz - Providence Gold Stars
STATS: 1st in Sacks, 4 Forced Fumbles
As mentioned before, Cruz had a stellar performance throughout the season. His rushing attack was nearly impossible to stop as he ended up with the most QB pressures and sacks throughout the season. He also led the way in tackles for loss, finding a way to ball carriers before they even got out of the backfield. 

LB Kurt Warlock - Providence Gold Stars
STATS: 1st in Tackles, 6 Forced Fumbles
A regular DPOY nominee and last year’s winner, Warlock is back again with a fantastic season. He dominated once again to lead the league in tackles, on top of having 6 forced fumbles. The beating heart of the Gold Stars’ defence is again proving that he is the best in the league at what he does. 

DL Butcher Callahan - Regina Wheat Kings
STATS: 2nd in League in Sacks, 2 Safeties, 6 Forced Fumbles
Callahan, as a rookie, burst onto the scene and immediately made a name for himself. Some may argue he might have been MOP-worthy without DL Bartolo Cruz’s performance. Callahan became one of the biggest factors in the Wheat Kings' defence and caused a lot of issues for teams this season. Callahan also scored 2 safeties this season to add to his stellar rookie performance. 

Special Teams Player of the Year

K Albert Wickerweaver - Halifax Mariners
Despite a tough season for the Mariners, Wickerweaver was always reliable for the team and managed to keep them in games throughout the season. Wickerweaver was also the long kicker to earn a Player of the Week nod this season after hitting 6 field goals in a win over the London Tigers.

K Ray Bough - Minnesota Serpents
Ray Bough has been a great kicker for the Serpents continuing to prove it this season. Bough didn’t have a big performance like Wickerweaver, but he was still consistent and a big part of a successful Minnesota team. 

K Sterling Brooks - Vancouver Wolves
Early on it was clear that Brooks was going to be a front runner for the STPOY award as he was leading the league by 10 field goals at one point this season. While his production did slip in the second half of the season, although for the team that was due to more touchdowns being scored, Brooks remained a reliable and productive scorer for the Wolves this season. 

Offensive Lineman of the Year

OL Carlton Vanderbilt - Boston Independents
Vanderbilt is only in his 3rd season in the NAAF, but the young lineman has made a strong impact already. Vanderbilt’s well-rounded ability to block in both passing and rushing has made him a valuable piece for the Independents who sport both a good passing and rushing attack. Vanderbilt let one of the fewest pressures on his QB Nathaniel Braddock and opened the way for RB Reggie Whitehead throughout the season.

OL Elias McCarren - Minnesota Serpents
McCarren remains a sturdy leader for the Serpents. His technical skills make him one of the league's best and most consistent blockers. When he wasn’t opening up holes and blocking downhill for RB Tyler Kuhn, McCarren was a wall in protecting the young QB Martin Keller. 

OL Erik Nelson - Pittsburgh Blacksmiths
The former 1st overall pick proved just why he was taken for Pittsburgh’s first-ever draft selection. Last season, Nelson provided a lot of help to a lacklustre backfield that got boosted by the star’s physicality. With RB Max Tracy there this season, the run game was miles better with Nelson leading the charge. He also continued to be a perfect protector for QB Louis Vaughn. 

Coach of the Year

HC Malachi Knowles - Montreal Rouge - Record: 12-2
The last time Knowles coached a team was only a couple of years ago in 1969, when he led the Louisville Thunder to an 0-12 season. The disappointing season certainly hurt Knowles’ reputation, but this season, Knowles completely redeemed himself, earning each and every one of those 12 games back with a 12-win season in Montreal. Knowles’ “QB Whisperer” moniker returned as well as he rejuvenated veteran QB Gene Bishop’s career after he had been struggling for the last couple of seasons. An all-around huge bounce-back year for Knowles.

HC Ted McMahon - Pittsburgh Blacksmiths - Record: 12-2
In McMahon’s career coaching the Blacksmiths, one thing has been a constant, and that is a steady improvement with each season. Yes, the first couple of seasons in Pittsburgh were not pretty, but he has continued to improve the team to make the playoffs and the final four in back-to-back seasons. Now, he has led the team to a league-best 12-2 season, earning the #1 seed and Pittsburgh’s first home playoff game in the NAAF. McMahon’s offensive mind has been one of the best in the league and was on full display with and without star players in the lineup. Another great season by a great coach.

HC Tommie Warner - Providence Gold Stars - Record: 11-3
Warner returns as a nominee for Coach of the Year. Warner continued to work on the already strong defence and helped its stars to become super this season. Two of his players had DPOY-level seasons with several others in All-Star consideration. Warner has completely turned the Gold Stars’ fortunes around and has made them into a defensive powerhouse that looks to be dominant over the next several seasons with their young QB Red King only getting better. 

Rookie of the Year

WR Ben Graham - Louisville Thunder
STATS: 8 Receiving Touchdowns (1st among Rookies), 1 Kick Return Touchdown
WR Lloyd Lane took a step back this season and in his place rose a new star in WR Ben Graham. Graham’s quickness and deep threat ability made him an instant star for the Thunder. On top of being a top WR on offence, Graham was also a key factor on special teams, being the team’s primary kick returner. A great all-around season from Graham in his first in the NAAF. 

WR Antonio Villanueva - Montreal Rouge
STATS: 6 Receiving Touchdowns (2nd among Rookies), 1st among Rookies in Receiving Yards
Villanueva became a massive part of Montreal’s offensive resurgence. He was a master of picking up yards after the catch, leading rookies in receiving yards this season. His ability to escape dire situations was his biggest impact and while he didn’t get into the endzone as frequently as he hoped, he is only in his first season and looked to be the next big star for the Rouge. 

DL Butcher Callahan - Regina Wheat Kings
STATS: 2nd in League in Sacks, 2 Safeties, 6 Forced Fumbles
Callahan’s rookie season is one that will be remembered for his ability to make just about anything happen on defence. He was constantly in the backfield and all over the opposing team’s QB. His 6 forced fumbles and 2 safeties pair nicely with the 2nd most sacks in the whole league. Callahan proved that he is a star for the future. 

Breakout Player of the Year

DB Davey Woods - Minnesota Serpents
STATS: 5 Interceptions, 2 Defensive Touchdowns
Woods has been in the NAAF for some time now, but this season he stepped up as one of the top guys on his team. He would pick up a career-high 5 interceptions, bringing 2 of them back for touchdowns. Woods also continued to improve on his ability to stick with guys and was able to lock down a couple of receivers this season.

DL Alan Franjkovic - Montreal Rouge
STATS: 5 Forced Fumbles
Franjkovic has slowly developed into a star for the Rouge on the D-line. The former 2nd Round Pick as blossomed into a powerful edge rusher. He had very solid numbers this season, though still behind that of the top guys in the league, but it was a breakout season to show the league that Franjkovic is here to stay.

WR Matthew de la Cruz - Ottawa Royals
STATS: 5 Receiving Touchdowns
De la Cruz was officially a rookie last season, but it was his second year where he showed that he could be a starting WR in the NAAF. He found the endzone 5 times this season and came 2nd in receiving yards on the Royals this season. His strong performance couldn’t have come at a better time for the WR who is looking to get a big-boy contract this offseason. 


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