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6/01/2023 9:17 pm  #2441

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

ItDoesntMatter wrote:

proverty franchise

An unserious football club no doubt!


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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

I'm choosing to ignore the Providence-Pittsburgh game in favor of Indiana beating Buffalo. In fact, only one home team won so it's the norm, and not the exception. Pulling for the Victors to go all the way.


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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

1970 NAAF Semi-Finals

(6) Pittsburgh Blacksmiths @ (4) Vancouver Wolves - Vancouver Exhibition Stadium - September 26, 1970 - 8:30 PM ET/5:30 PT - Weather: Clear 26ÂşC | 78ÂşF - Attendance: 35,135

1st Q
The first playoff game in Western Canada would start with a less-than-stellar first drive from the Blacksmiths. However, the home squad would give the fans something to cheer about, getting into the endzone on their first drive. RB Jeremiah Morrow was the one to break it into the endzone to give the Wolves the early lead. Pittsburgh didn’t get too shaken as they bounced right back with a score of their own shortly after. QB Louis Vaughn would hit TE Jesse Butler for the score to tie the game. Both offences were certainly showing that this game could be higher scoring.

2nd Q
Vancouver kept the offence coming with QB Kevin Westwood picking apart the weaker Blacksmith’s secondary. Both WR Keshawn Johnston and WR Akria Sakamoto caught a couple of passes each and got Vancouver down to the 19 before Johnston would slip by DB Aiden Sargent to get into the endzone and give Vancouver the 7-14 lead. Once again down by 7, the Blacksmith’s offence went to work. They managed to get deep into Vancouver territory and QB Louis Vaughn would take a shot for the endzone, however, his pass would almost cost the team being slightly overthrown. S Takuya Sasaki came over to pick the ball off, however, WR Justin Dubuque would keep running through Sasaki and break up the interception allowing the Blacksmiths to escape with a field goal. While the Blacksmiths did get away with a close call on the field goal drive, they were not so lucky on their next. RB Raymond Green broke out of the backfield only to get sideswiped by LB John Ritter. The jarring hit would send the ball flying over to DB Vern Nowitski giving the Wolves the ball. Vancouver would get a field goal out of the drive to retain their 7-point lead.
PIT 10-17 VAN

3rd Q
The offence slowed down to start the 3rd quarter. Each team had a couple of failed drives, however, it was a single from Pittsburgh that broke the silence midway through the quarter. The single point seemed to be enough to get the ball rolling as Vancouver would answer back with a field goal to take an 11-20 lead. The Blacksmiths were starting to slip behind in this game so Louis Vaughn would turn it up. The star QB would take a shot down the field to WR Orlando Barrack which would connect for a pick-up of 47. That turned into a touchdown a few plays later with Vaughn finding WR Taylor Austin in the back corner of the endzone to cut the lead down to just 2 right as the quarter came to a close.
PIT 18-20 VAN

4th Q
The momentum created by Pittsburgh’s offence carried over to their defence. DL Arthur Bradshaw would get the ball from QB Kevin Westwood after hitting him during his wind-up. Pittsburgh took over after that and the offence continued as they were. They got right back down to the 23 before Vaughn would hit WR Orlando Barrack breaking across the back of the endzone to make it 25-20. The game had completely flipped as the fans in Vancouver got quiet. However, the team was unfazed as QB Kevin Westwood immediately got the ball moving, finding WR Akira Sakamoto to the outside which broke off for an 18-yard play. With each play, the Wolves got closer to the endzone. Once Vancouver got down to the 14-yard line, Pittsburgh sent in extra pressure to try and disrupt the drive. Several players broke through the line, but Westwood stood his ground and waited just a split second for WR Keshawn Johnston to get out of his break. Westwood would take a big hit but the ball would get to Johnston who then rolled into the endzone to give Vancouver the lead. They would miss a 2-point conversion keeping the score at 25-26. Following Vancouver’s touchdown the two sides settled into a punt battle for several minutes. However, the urgency was rising for the Blacksmiths, so they finally elected to go for it on 3rd down with 3 minutes remaining. They were successful on their first attempt after RB Ronald O’Sullivan caught the ball out of the backfield. However, on their next 3rd down play, QB Louis Vaughn was pressured like crazy and had to just try to make a throw as he was being dragged to the ground. The ball hit the dirt 3 yards in front of the intended receiving giving Vancouver the ball. The Wolves would aim to run the clock, but they would end up scoring after RB Jeremiah Morrow slipped through a tackle. There is a possibility that Pittsburgh let Morrow score so they could get the ball back, but it’s all speculation. Vancouver still only went for 1 point despite the fact that a 2-point conversion would make it a 9-point game. Ultimately, it would not matter as Pittsburgh would turn the ball over again on a 3rd down play, sealing the result. Vancouver was off to the McCallister Cup in their first NAAF season.

(7) Indiana Victors @ (2) Long Island Raiders - Long Island Stadium - September 27, 1970 - 7:00 PM ET - Weather: Cloudy 13ÂşC | 56ÂşF - Attendance: 40,351

1st Q
Indiana hoped to start the game with a bang to quiet the Raiders’ fans. QB Tom Applewhite would let the ball fly toward WR Jake Abbredezzi on his first pass of the game. Unfortunately, the Raiders were well prepared and S Sully Callahan came bursting from his place and hammered Abbredezzi as the ball got there. The Victors complained about the hit being early but the home crowd drowned it out as they were fired up over the monster hit. The Raiders would get the ball and they would pound the rock. RB Scott Norton and RB Dareion Fields alternated snaps and slowly got the Raiders into field goal range to open the scoring 0-3. The Victors would recover from their quick 2 and out and get down the field for their own field goal not long after. The teams would remain deadlocked heading into the 2nd.
IND 3-3 LI

2nd Q
The deadlock continued into the 2nd. It wasn’t until midway through the quarter when DB Neville Falkner made his mark and picked off QB Ivan Sanchez to give Indiana a shorter field. The offence took the opportunity and drove the rest of the way to get down to the 8-yard line. From there, QB Tom Applewhite would hit WR Jake Abbredezzi on a quick slant to give them the 10-3 lead. The Raiders looked a bit shaken after the turnover and went 2 and out on their next drive. Luckily, their defence stepped up and nearly took the ball back the other way after DL Dallas Breaker got to QB Tom Applewhite, knocking the ball loose. OL Viktor Stahl fell on the loose ball to keep it in Indiana’s possession although at the cost of his health, having to leave the game with a minor injury. The Raiders still got the ball back and were able to get into field goal range before the end of the half to cut the lead down to 4.
IND 10-6 LI

3rd Q
The Raiders aimed to build on the momentum they picked up in the 2nd quarter. However, after a 2 and out from Long Island, the Victors were driving the field again. Indiana would get down to the 31 before making a costly mistake. QB Tom Applewhite would face some pressure and rushed a throw intended for WR Ed Edwards. The ball was behind Edwards and DB Ross Conroy read it well swiping the ball for the Raiders. Long Island capitalized on that momentum eventually turning the field position battle in their favour. After some solid throws from QB Ivan Sanchez, the Raiders would be in striking distance and Sanchez would hit WR Otto Washington for a touchdown to give the Raiders the lead, 10-13. The Victors did what they could to bounce back from the momentum swing, but they were unsuccessful and the Raiders kept it up on their end, scoring another field goal to take a 6-point lead into the 4th. 
IND 10-16 LI

4th Q
It was more of the same to start the final quarter between the two teams. The Raiders' defence kept up the pressure and made it a very frustrating day for the Victors, while the offence was doing a good job of killing time. They would add a field goal to their lead with 5 minutes to go, making it a 2-score game, 10-19. It was starting to become crunch time for the Victors. On the bench, HC Urick Wilkins started to pump up the defence in hopes of them coming up with a big play. The message would get across as the defence would be the ones to make a big play with LB Marshall Langenbrunner hammering RB Scott Norton, forcing the ball loose. Unlike the Raiders earlier in the game, the Victors would come up with the fumble. The offence fed off of the energy and did not waste the opportunity. QB Tom Applewhite would step up and lead a determined drive down the field. Eventually, Applewhite would hit TE Eric Peterson for a touchdown which would cut the lead down to just 2, 17-19. The Victors put faith into their defence to stop the Raiders with time winding down. The faith was well warranted as the defence forced the Raiders to punt after just 4 plays. The Victors got the ball and started to move down the field once again with a quick play to WR Ed Edwards. As they got to their own 44, they would be forced to a 3rd and 6. With limited time, the Victors had to go for it. QB Tom Applewhite would drop back to pass on the play. The Raiders would send some late pressure from S Sully Callahan, forcing Applewhite to scramble. Applewhite was able to get away, but he was not finding an open man. So as he rolled out to the left he started to head up field. LB William Washington II came barreling down. Applewhite braced and dove for the first. Washington made contact right at the marker and the two hit the ground as Washington slammed into Applewhite’s nameplate. The crowd went silent as the refs measured the spot. Then, Long Island erupted as the referee signalled a turnover on downs, giving the Raiders the ball back. Long Island would have a short drive following the stop, ending with another field goal to make it 17-22. The Victors had another chance but with less than a minute left and needing a touchdown. The odds were not in their favour as the Raiders’ defence stood tall and forced another turnover on downs to seal the win and send Long Island to their 6th McCallister Cup in the NAAF era. 

Injury Report
IND: OL Viktor Stahl - Day-to-Day
IND: DB Carl Odebell - Day-to-Day
LI: DB Lauri Hayha - Day-to-Day
PIT: OL Ben Salem - 9 Weeks
PIT: DB Zed McLaughlin - Day-to-Day

Players of the Week

OFF: WR Keshawn Johnston VAN - 2 Receiving Touchdowns, 112 Receiving Yards

DEF: LB William Washington II LI - 11 Tackles

52nd McCallister Cup Preview
(4) VAN VS. (2) LI - Mount Royal Stadium - Montreal, QC - OCT 4, 1970 - 7:00 PM ET
1970 Head-to-Head: Did Not Play
Historic Head-to-Head: VAN 0-0 LI
Historic Playoff Head-to-Head: VAN 0-0 LI

The battle between the Raiders and Wolves will be the first time two teams have ever played each for the first time in the McCallister Cup. The Wolves will be looking to add to their collection this season of the Mackenzie Cup, hoping to prove that they can dance with the best of the best in North America to any who still don’t think they can. The Raiders are arriving in Montreal in hopes of taking home their 3rd McCallister Cup and being able to complete the turnaround from 4-8 last season to potential champions. The two teams are fairly evenly matched. The Raiders may have an advantage defensively with the Wolves having some key injuries to DL Rashawn Sutherland and DB Christian Allen, however, Allen could return next week. The Raiders are a bit banged up on the O-line, but it has not slowed down their offence too much. Both teams have played well in the playoffs and will likely make this game a very close battle that could go either way. In the end, I do think that the QB is going to be the difference maker and the Wolves have the better and more experienced player in Kevin Westwood. 
My Pick: Wolves

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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

Gotta say I'm pulling for the Wolves. If they do win its likely the WFU teams will stay and I support that. 


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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

TheEnigmaticOne wrote:

Gotta say I'm pulling for the Wolves. If they do win its likely the WFU teams will stay and I support that. 

I think that the success of the Wolves and the way the teams competed on the whole would lead to the WFU becoming permanent. However, I could also see something where they realize they're a viable league that doesn't need the NAAF, and let the partnership lapse.

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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

52nd McCallister Cup

Roster Moves
VAN: DB Christian Allen | Injured Reserve -> Active Roster
VAN: DB Kaden Newsbury | Active Roster -> Reserve List

(4) Vancouver Wolves VS. (2) Long Island Raiders - Mount Royal Stadium - Montreal, QC - October 4, 1970 - 7:00 PM ET - Weather: Cloudy 8ÂşC | 47ÂşF - Attendance: 46,468

1st Q
A cooler evening in Montreal proved to be a bitter battleground for the 52nd McCallister Cup. Defence became the central focus of another McCallister Cup as both teams were held silent in the early stages of the opening quarter. The Wolves almost had the first major break with RB Jeremiah Morrow nearly getting through a huge hole, only to be met by LB William Washington II. It would be the Raiders that would strike first after their run-game found the gas pedal, leading to a 0-3 lead after the opening quarter.
VAN 0-3 LI

2nd Q
The tempo of the game did not change much into the 2nd quarter. Both teams took the hardnosed slant for the game plan and it wasn’t getting them very far. Eventually, Vancouver would start to spread the ball out more. QB Kevin Westwood found WR Keshawn Johnston for a big pickup midway through the 2nd to set up a field goal to tie the game at 3. The Raiders would follow suit with the Wolves and sprinkle in more passing plays. The plan would not pay off immediately, going 2 and out, but after a strong defensive stop, the Raiders were marching down the field. QB Ivan Sanchez made some great passes which eventually led to a touchdown from WR Larry Mossholder who made a nice cut to get open. The Wolves tried to counter but ran out of time.
VAN 3-10 LI

3rd Q
The 3rd quarter would see the game have a dramatic change. To start, the Wolves would come out of the break rejuvenated. After the defence stopped the Raiders quickly, Westwood would lead a drive to get the Wolves into the endzone. The Wolves moved down the field with ease before RB Jeremiah Morrow would punch in a touchdown to tie the game again, 10-10. After the Wolves scored, their defence would continue to ride the momentum. DL Qian Zhou would get into the backfield and knock the ball out of the arms of QB Ivan Sanchez. The ball hit the ground and all the players around dove onto it including Sanchez and Zhou. Once the dust had settled, the Raiders still came up with the ball, but there were a couple of casualties on the play. Zhou would leave the game after getting hit in the pile, while Ivan Sanchez was shaking his hand in pain after. In the pile, Sanchez’s hand was crushed by a helmet and he would not be able to grip a ball, forcing QB David Simmons into the game. With their starting QB out of the game, the Raiders’ defence knew they had to step up. They came with some tenacity and some heat. DL Dallas Breaker powered through the line going after QB Kevin Westwood. Westwood would turn to escape only to be hammered from the other side by DL Pionk Bjorkkstrand. Bjorkkstrand would catch Westwood on the chin with his helmet appearing to knock the star QB unconscious. It was a scary hit that lead to Westwood being carted off the field. QB Stanley Evans stepped in to replace him in the tie game that was now relying on a pair of backup QBs to decide a winner.
VAN 10-10 LI

4th Q
While the Wolves were certainly quite concerned about their QB, they still remained focused early in the 4th with QB Stanley Evans leading a field goal drive to give the Wolves their first lead of the game. Evans’ playstyle was similar to Kevin Westwood, so the Wolves could keep their game plan intact, however, the Raiders had to adjust to a more mobile style that QB David Simmons had. It seemed to work as Simmons was finding ways to move the football. Some delayed options to RB Scott Norton, a couple of solid throws, and a run or two himself kept the Raiders moving the ball. They would eventually tie the game again at 13 a piece with the clock starting to get low. In the final 3 minutes, the Wolves were starting to make way on a drive. QB Stanley Evans was making quick passes to get them into Raiders’ territory. The Raiders would force a 2nd and 10 after LB Callum Owen was able to break up one of the quick plays. The Raiders brought more coverage closer to the line with the two safeties holding their position at the first down marker. Evans noted the move and looked for an opportunity to get it over them. Evans dropped back and saw his fastest WR Akira Sakamoto, breaking past DB Ross Conroy right off the line. Evans didn’t hesitate more than a couple of seconds and threw the ball up the sideline. However, after the pass, the trap was sprung. DB Rutherford Winters had drifted slowly into the safety spot from the other side. As soon as Evans turned to Sakamoto, Winters bolted across. Evans’ pass was a little off-target and it gave Winters the ability to get under it. The ball landed in Winters' arms and the Raiders were taking the ball back the other way. After a solid return from Winters, the Raiders’ offence took over and were able to pick up yardage while killing as much time as they could. RB Scott Norton would break off a 14-yard play before QB David Simmons would scramble for a 1st down on the very next play. At this point, they were well in field goal range and K Henderson Schumacher would come onto the field and nail a 24-yard kick to give the Raiders the lead. The Wolves had little time to work with and they wouldn’t get far turning it over on downs to allow the Raiders to kneel out the game and capture their 3rd McCallister Cup in Long Island. 

Injury Report
LI: QB Ivan Sanchez - 4 Weeks
LI: OL Alan Mitchell - Day-to-Day
VAN: DL Qian Zhou - Day-to-Day
VAN: TE Daniel Whitford - 2 Weeks
VAN: QB Kevin Westwood - 8 Weeks

McCallister Cup MOP

DB Rutherford Winters - 1 Interception, 6 Tackles, 3 Passes Defended

1970 McCallister Cup Champions

1970 Season Recap

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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

Too bad the Wolves couldn’t get it done, I think they’re probably going to be my second favorite team seeing as Vancouver is easily the closest city to where I live.


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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

1970 Award Winners

Most Outstanding Player - QB Charles Lemieux - Buffalo Blue Wings
Charles Lemieux takes home the second MVP/MOP award of his career. His play on the field was excellent yet again, earning him a 4th All-Star nod. He also led the league in passing yards, something that he had yet to do in his career. A great year for the QB that I don’t think many would argue against being the best in the league at the moment. Lemieux’s win also continues the trend of the Central (formerly West) Division being the holder of the MVP/MOP award with 11 of the last 12 winners being out of the division. Only S Garet deVale from Montreal breaks up the run that started with QB Riley Kiernan with the Tigers in 1959.

Playoff MOP - DB Rutherford Winters - Long Island Raiders
For the first time since 1965, the Playoff MVP/MOP is the same as the McCallister Cup MVP/MOP. Winters had a great playoff run being a steady shutdown corner for a Raiders defence that was able to shut down several strong offences throughout their playoff run. Winters also earned a Player of the Week nod in the Quarter-Finals. 

Offensive Player of the Year - WR Casey Coleman - Louisville Thunder
Coleman had to step into a big leadership position this season and he certainly rose to the occasion having a career year with 16 touchdowns. Coleman was finally let off the leash and could show the incredibly high ceiling he has had since being drafted 9th overall in 1963.

Defensive Player of the Year - LB Kurt Warlock - Providence Gold Stars
Warlock was the definitive winner for DPOY earning a large majority of the votes. His MOP-level season looked a lot like the years that LB Scotty Williams terrorized defences in the 1950s. The former 2nd overall pick is continuing to rise up as the centrepiece in the Gold Stars’ defence that is likely to be making waves in the years to come. 

Special Teams Player of the Year - K Ryan Perch - Buffalo Blue Wings
Perch takes home the Special Teams Player of the Year award for the first time in his career. Perch joins DB Lauri Hayha as the only non-Canadian/American players to take home an award during their career. The overall battle for the award was a close one with Perch winning the award by 1 point.

1970 Kicking Points
1 - Ryan Perch BUF - 109 Points
2 - Nimrod Handsworth LDN - 108 Points
3 - Sterling Brooks VAN - 107 Points
T4 - Thomas Standberry EDM - 104 Points
T4 - Vic Greatwood TOR - 104 Points

Offensive Lineman of the Year - OL Charles Creighton - Edmonton Rangers
The inaugural OLOY is Charles Creighton. Creighton is also the lone WFU player to take home an award this season. His play on the line to set up a very sturdy run game from the Rangers was a big factor in Creighton taking the award this season. 

Rookie of the Year - LB Ricky Wildgoose - Louisville Thunder
Wildgoose becomes the 6th #1 pick to take home ROY. Wildgoose didn’t have an above-average year or anything, but he was consistently being a contributor right from the start showing that he has a very strong floor before he likely takes a massive step forward in the coming seasons.

Coach of the Year - HC Soni Dionne - Minnesota Serpents
The closest vote ended up being the Coach of the Year with Soni Dionne and Tommie Warner coming down to a single vote. In the end, Soni Dionne would win his second consecutive COY award, joining Dannell Willis and Peter McDuffin as the others to complete the feat. Dionne continues to impress with the Serpents having a league-best 10-2 record in just their second season bringing his regular season record as a head coach with Minnesota to 18-6. 

Breakout Player of the Year - WR Tracy Driscoll - Buffalo Blue Wings
Another close vote saw WR Tracy Driscoll take home BPOY. Driscoll is the 3rd Blue Wing to win the award, joining QB Charles Lemieux and WR Zachariah Pembroke. Driscoll’s explosiveness, which was on full display this season, kept the Blue Wings’ offence as fresh as ever and one of the best in the league again.

53rd McCallister Cup Host - New Providence Stadium - Providence, RI - Capacity: 65,450
The 53rd McCallister Cup will be heading back up to Providence. The league’s largest stadium will host its 3rd Cup, the first two happening in 1953 and 1964. 

Previous McCallister Cups in Providence
1953: MTL 22-14 PRO
1964: BUF 20-17 LI

1970 All-Stars

QB Kevin Westwood VAN (1)
RB Gary Hubbard EDM (1)
OL Charles Creighton EDM (1)
OL Phillip Caron EDM (1)
OL Elias McCarren MIN (2)
OL David Brewington VAN (1)
OL Claude Balderson WPG (1)
WR Terry Upshaw WPG (1)
WR Keshawn Johnston VAN (1)
WR Sebastian Dassler MIN (1)
TE Johnny Temple VAN (1)
DL Albert Sullivan MIN (1)
DL Steven Montgomery EDM (1)
DL Pete Gingers REG (1)
DL Damien Battles CGY (1)
LB Garrett Roberts MIN (1)
LB Claude Clarke WPG (1)
LB Brett Pride REG (1)
DB Jayson Klyde MIN (1)
DB Chris Berrymore REG (1)
S Nick Palmer VAN (1)
S GĂ©rard LaCroix MIN (1)
K Sterling Brooks VAN (1)

QB Charles Lemieux BUF (4)
RB Jasper Dickerson BUF (1)
OL Erik Nelson PIT (4)
OL Jean Baptiste Francois PIT (1)
OL Elias McCarren MIN (1)
OL Jean-Baptiste Desjardins IND (7)
OL Emil Jennings LDN (6)
WR Casey Coleman LOU (3)
WR Tracy Driscoll BUF (1)
WR Jake Abbredezzi IND (1)
TE Jesse Butler PIT (1)
DL William Sanderson BUF (14)
DL Mo Kahn LDN (1)
DL Aaron Henderson LOU (2)
DL Arthur Bradshaw PIT (3)
LB Marshall Langenbrunner IND (5)
LB Patrick Hamilton PIT (1)
LB Randall Lambert BUF (2)
DB Neville Falkner IND (10)
DB Zed McLaughlin PIT (2)
S Charles Clerk TOR (2)
S Mathieu Cazenave BUF (1)
K Ryan Perch BUF (2)

QB Nathaniel Braddock BOS (5)
RB Reggie Whitehead BOS (2)
OL Gary Bies LI (3)
OL Tommy Reynolds OTT (1)
OL Kane Warwick HFX (2)
OL Elliot Barrett MTL (2)
OL Bradley Clark MTL (1)
WR Taylor Karis MTL (7)
WR Shane Steadman HFX (4)
WR Justin Palmer PRO (1)
TE Luiss de Brands OTT (2)
DL Wayne Baxton HFX (8)
DL Dallas Breaker LI (1)
DL Bartolo Cruz PRO (2)
DL Newton Dalton PRO (1)
LB Kurt Warlock PRO (2)
LB Byron Turner BOS (3)
LB William Washington II LI (6)
DB Rutherford Winters LI (3)
DB Lamar Brown MTL (1)
S Marc Bellecourt OTT (3)
S Tom Parrish PRO (1)
K Woody Woodstock BOS (1)

1970 League Leaders
*Yardage is not tracked, but this is roughly where I think the players would be based on whether teams were more likely to be pass-heavy or run-heavy

Passing Touchdowns
1 - QB Tom Applewhite IND - 28
2 - QB Buck Murphy LOU - 27
3 - QB Charles Lemieux BUF - 25
4 - QB Louis Vaughn PIT - 24
5 - QB Drake Young OTT - 21

Passing Yards 
1 - QB Charles Lemieux BUF
2 - QB Buck Murphy LOU
3 - QB Tom Applewhite IND
4 - QB Louis Vaughn PIT
5 - QB Drake Young OTT

Rushing Touchdowns
T1 - RB Gary Hubbard EDM - 15
T1 - RB Joe Rivers - 15
3 - RB Reggie Whitehead BOS - 14
T4 - RB Jasper Dickerson BUF - 12
T4 - RB John Drexel CGY - 12

Rushing Yards
1 - RB Reggie Whitehead BOS
2 - RB Gary Hubbard EDM
3 - RB John Drexel CGY
4 - RB Jasper Dickerson BUF
5 - RB Joe Rivers WPG

Receiving Touchdowns
1 - WR Casey Coleman LOU - 16
T2 - WR Tracy Driscoll BUF - 13
T2 - WR Jake Abbredezzi IND - 13
4 - WR Taylor Karis MTL - 12
5 - WR Terry Upshaw WPG - 10

Receiving Yards
1 - WR Tracy Driscoll BUF 
2 - WR Casey Coleman LOU
3 - WR Jake Abbredezzi IND
4 - WR Taylor Karis MTL
5 - WR Justin Palmer PRO

1 - DB Neville Falkner IND - 9
T2 - DB Rutherford Winters LI - 8
T2 - DB Zad McLaughlin PIT - 8
4 - DB Aquilio Ruiz LOU - 7
T5 - DB Chris Berrymore REG - 6
T5 - S Charles Clerk TOR - 6 

Forced Fumbles
1 - LB Brett Pride REG - 7
2 - LB Kurt Warlock PRO - 6
T3 - LB Herb Landry EDM - 5
T3 - LB Frank St. John EDM - 5
T3 - DL Wayne Baxton HFX - 5
T3 - LB Claude Clarke WPG - 5

1 - DL Bartolo Cruz PRO
2 - DL Dallas Breaker LI
3 - DL Wayne Baxton HFX
4 - DL Arthur Bradshaw PIT
5 - DL Lucas Kipling MTL

1 - LB Kurt Warlock PRO
2 - LB Marshall Langenbrunner IND
3 - LB Byron Turner BOS
4 - LB Garrett Roberts MIN
5 - LB William Washington II LI

Field Goals
1 - K Nimrod Handsworth LDN - 29
2 - K Vic Greatwood TOR - 26
3 - K Sterling Brooks VAN - 24
T4 - K Woody Woodstock BOS - 23
T4 - K Thomas Standberry EDM - 22

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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

1971 WFU Meetings

Prior to the NAAF’s annual league meetings, the 5 WFU owners would meet for their own meetings to discuss any changes or proposals they wanted to present to the NAAF. Several proposals were thrown around for changes, especially about how the Mackenzie Cup could be awarded next season, but before they got too far, Vancouver owner, Mark Livingston stepped in with a big proposal. 

Livingston went over many of the positives from the WFU’s partnership with the league in the first season. The biggest being the national TV revenue which the WFU was unable to secure themselves in recent years due to the NAAF’s rise. All teams also saw a rise in revenue with some ticket price increases and with many more casual fans being brought in by the NAAF’s reputation and brand. He also added that he, himself appreciated the increased competition within the league which certainly raised the bar for his team, however, he pointed out that the competition will only lead to the rest of the teams growing in interest. He finished his statement by suggesting that the WFU should explore a more permanent merger with the NAAF. 

The rest of the owners nodded at the positives of their first season as temporary members of the NAAF. However, more hesitancy was shown by Edmonton Rangers’ owner, Norman Mackenzie. Mackenzie still was very attached to the league that his father had built and had his reservations about the league’s potential “demise”. 

It would be Ed Morrissette, the Winnipeg Falcons owner, that stepped in next. Morrissette pointed out that in the last decade of the WFU’s existence, the league had not grown at all. The attendance was not growing, they could not get stronger TV coverage, and talent was harder to come by. During this time, the NAAF and ACFL only continued to grow in every way. In just one season under the NAAF umbrella, the WFU saw its first financial growth in a decade. A growth that cannot be ignored. Morrissette continued on with a final statement, “Sure, the WFU could take what they gained from the NAAF in a year, but they would essentially be throwing in the towel and giving up the teams’ biggest opportunity to grow. We could do that, but we are just putting ourselves at further risk of falling apart. I think we only have one choice. We have been floating out in the ocean with no help in sight for far too long. Right now we have one of the best, strongest and most trustworthy groups that can help us. We cannot turn away. We. Will. Drown.”

Morrissette’s words rang in the room. The silence was held for a few minutes before Norman Mackenzie spoke. “I think we have something to vote on.”

Morrissette nodded and took charge again. “All in favour of moving forward with a permanent merger proposal with the NAAF raise your right hand.”

Morrissette raised his hand.

Livingston raised his hand.

Calgary Tigers’ owner, Tyler McNeil, raised his hand. 

The group turned towards the other two, Norman Mackenzie and Bill Kingsley (Regina Wheat Kings). 

Kingsley raised his hand.

Mackenzie hesitated but then raised his hand.

A unanimous decision was made and the group started to put together a proper proposal to be presented at the NAAF’s meetings in Ottawa. 

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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

Wallflower wrote:

1970 Award Winners

Rookie of the Year - LB Ricky Wildgoose - Louisville Thunder
Wildgoose becomes the 6th #1 pick to take home ROY. Wildgoose didn’t have an above-average year or anything, but he was consistently being a contributor right from the start showing that he has a very strong floor before he likely takes a massive step forward in the coming seasons.

THE GOOSE IS LOOSE!!!!!! My new favorite player in the league!!!!


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