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2/22/2022 12:54 am  #1931

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

Stickman wrote:

Enigmajones wrote:

Cool to see Xerxes on the Victors. Hopefully his brother can sack him. Has that happened? A pair of brothers on opposing sides of the field?

I'm just waiting for the day all 4 (I think there's 4 of them now?) Hankins brothers are part of the same offensive line!

At this point, they've been able to split the 4 of them into two pairs on Louisville and Long Island. Soon enough one team will start picking them up like Thanos collecting Infinity stones.


2/22/2022 1:27 am  #1932

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

Enigmajones wrote:

Cool to see Xerxes on the Victors. Hopefully his brother can sack him. Has that happened? A pair of brothers on opposing sides of the field?

I can't remember off the top of my head, so I don't think so, I know there have been plenty of brothers, but they are typically on the same side of the ball.

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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

So the owners have a much greater knowledge than the power rankings guy now? That’s fun variety but I’m not sure the pro analysis even took an educated guess with Luke Warmer. 35? Nah get the hell out of here man. You weren’t even Roger Roy’s top prospect. Losing out to Scott S Dale and Noah Guy.

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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

1967 Free Agency Part 2

Following the draft, the remaining players were being picked up to fill up the rest of the rosters. The remaining players in the top 25 signed quickly. WR Otto Washington ended up signing in Long Island, while LB Killian Reed returned to Boston. 

Along with the signings, there were several trades that occurred. The first saw the Montreal Rouge get a whole lot younger and the Mariners solidify their depth. The Rouge would send OL Harrison Ward, who waived his no-trade clause to have a shot at a title in Halifax, DB Malik Davenport and LB Hector Greenville both should add great support on the defence, and prospect OL Tony Walker-Jones. In exchange, they would get 24-year-old LB Conrad Kurst, who has a lot of promise as a LB to build a defence around, and a 1968 2nd Round Pick. GM Martin Gagneaux of the Rouge makes it clear with this trade that he has made one of the toughest decisions a GM could make in his position. It is very difficult to decide to do a small rebuild or re-tool after going all the way to the McCallister Cup, but he appears to be going for it. Kurst should be a great piece to build around on the defence. As for the Mariners, the trade shows how committed to winning they are this season. 

The next trade saw the Pittsburgh Blacksmiths make a deal with the Indiana Victors. Pittsburgh would acquire 3 young players in DL Tyrone Powers, DB Ike Vander Waal, and OL Eustace Cloudwell, in exchange for 2 veterans in OL Jimmy McKay and DL Howard Grant. The acquisition of DL Howard Grant adds a lot of the Victors D-Line which was on the younger side. His experience alone should provide the Victors with more leadership and a stronger defence. Jimmy McKay also helps solidify the Victors' O-line which is easily top 3 in the league. McKay also returns to Indiana after spending the last 4 years in London and Pittsburgh. The most intriguing piece in the trade is former 17th overall pick Tyrone Powers heading to Pittsburgh. Powers was starting to fall behind in development and didn’t look like he would be able to find a consistent spot on the Victors roster. That left the threat of losing the still decently talented DL to leave for nothing next season, so they sent him to Pittsburgh. The other two younger players add a lot of future depth to the Blacksmiths and clear up some space for the Victors who want to bring in younger pieces from their reserve list. Overall, this was a very good trade for both teams.

The next trade was a bit smaller with the Boston Independents acquiring a pair of veterans from the Steelheads for some younger prospects. They would acquire OL Christopher Weeks to replace OL Bubba Hankins, who they traded in the Langstrom deal, and then DL Dale Rothery to help with D-line depth. With this trade, Rothery has now been traded 3 times and will play on his 6th team in his 8th season. In exchange, the Steelheads would get former 3rd round pick OL Griffin Morningstar, and Undrafted WR Davis Benny to start to get younger. 

A cap crunch from the Blue Wings would lead them to make a deal with the Royals that would allow them to add more protection for QB Charles Lemieux. They would get OL Fabrice Beaufort from the Royals in exchange for OL Randall Graham and a 3rd Round Pick. Beaufort will also have $4,000 in salary retained by Ottawa so Buffalo is able to have Beaufort for the same price they had Graham for. This is a simple deal for the Royals who just get more youth and open up some space to move some more younger players into the lineup. 

The Steelheads were not done with loading off veterans as they would make one more deal with the Providence Gold Stars. They would send OL Tyler Cunningham, DB Evan Harris, and WR Jake Columbus to Providence in exchange for a 1st Round Pick and prospect OL Seamus Cronin. Providence certainly will get a lot of benefits from Cunningham and Harris for this season, but since both are 32-years-old, it could be a one-year thing. Columbus, 27, should at least be a more long-term depth piece if he catches on with the squad. The 1st Round Pick might be a bit of a high price to pay, but it does a lot for the Gold Stars to maintain more of the roster which they feel fairly confident in this season.

After training camps started up and teams were finalizing their rosters, there were a few more small trades made for teams to get under the cap. Toronto was a benefactor, as they were willing to take on cap for both Providence and Halifax.

The Gold Stars would send S Ronnie Kirkpatrick and a 4th round pick to the Steelheads for S Matthew Bong and a 5th Rounder. Essentially, Toronto takes on the cap hit to move up in the 1968 draft.

As for the Mariners, they would send DB Malik Davenport, who they had traded for earlier in the offseason, and prospect DL Cal Ericsson in exchange for WR prospect Rick O’Shea. Despite Davenport being a big part of the trade with Montreal, he showed regression during camp and was outperformed by DB Janek Rodoslav and DB Finnigan Pike for the last spots on the roster. His high cap hit was too much to keep around so they moved him to Toronto along with a young piece for compensation. 

Halifax was not done there, however, as they found a bit of a hole in their group of safeties. They would acquire S Frankie Munster from the Rouge in exchange for a 5th Round Pick. 

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2/26/2022 6:09 pm  #1935

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

1967 Season Preview

1967 Schedule

Important Dates
Season Kickoff - June 22, 1967 - Buffalo VS. Boston
Canada Day: Centennial Celebration - July 1, 1967 - Halifax VS. Toronto, Ottawa VS. Montreal
4th of July - July 4, 1967 - Boston VS. Indiana
McCallister Cup Rematch: July 8, 1967 - Buffalo VS. Montreal
Rivalry Week - July 28-July 30, 1967
Labour Day - September 4, 1967 - Buffalo VS. Toronto, Indiana VS. Louisville
Regular Season Finale - September 10, 1967 - Buffalo VS. Louisville

Power Rankings

1 - Buffalo Blue Wings
1966 Record: 10-2 (1st West)
1966 Result: Won McCallister Cup

Buffalo is by far still the top dogs heading into this season. GM Reginald McMahon handled the salary cap crunch very well, being able to keep most of the team together and make cheap improvements. His key moves were acquiring OL Fabrice Beaufort from Ottawa (with the Royals retaining salary) and drafting WR Tracy Driscoll to replace the retiring WR Daniel Irons. However, it appears that there could be a battle for the 3rd WR spot between Driscoll and fellow young WRs in Jimmy Jack and Sebastian Dassler. In the end, expect Buffalo to continue to roll on in what looks to be another successful season for the team. 

C - QB Charles Lemieux
A - DL Lonnie Vincent
A - OL Georgio Stephan

2 - Halifax Mariners
1966 Record: 7-5 (3rd East)
1966 Result: Lost East Division Semi-Final

Halifax had quite a disappointing end to last season going 1-5 in the second half after starting 6-0. They will be aiming to bounce back this season as they are being looked at as a true championship contender. QB Lyle Painter is back to lead the way on offence with his star weapons of RB Ronald O’Sullivan, WR Shane Steadman, and WR Jav Kerrigan. Halifax’s defence will be key this season, they had moments to shine last season with a strong D-line but also had lapses and a lack of consistency. They will need to be consistent this season to truly put the Mariners in the fight for the Cup.

C - OL Ward Briscoe
A - DB Joe Robinson
A - DL Pat Butler

3 - Indiana Victors
1966 Record: 8-4 (2nd West)
1966 Result: Lost West Division Final

In the past two seasons, the Victors have finally lived up to their name. The hope is they continue this pattern into this season. They had a great season last year and they come into this season with a similar-looking team. They went out and added some more depth with DL Howard Grant and OL Jimmy McKay to solidify their position as a contender. Of course, they do have the biggest obstacle to get over in the Buffalo Blue Wings in the West. They have a shot at it, but it is going to be a tough challenge to beat them. The team will likely need QB Tom Applewhite to further his development and take another step forward this season if they want to get past the Blue Wings. 

C - DB Kelly Kirkland
A - OL Viktor Stahl*
A - LB Terrence Patton

4 - Long Island Raiders
1966 Record: 9-3 (1st East)
1966 Result: Lost East Division Final

The Raiders were just 2-points away from their 3rd straight McCallister Cup appearance last season. The heartbreak should certainly fire the team up hoping to get back to the final. Their defence remains their signature weapon, however, they do lose a couple of veterans in DL Vernon Spears and LB Gene Bensen, but they found some solid replacements in DL Brian Alvagardo and LB Sam Wynn. However, the big question for the team will be on the offence as OC Levi Bray has left for Boston leaving first-year OC Andrew Glover in his place. Glover will have the tough task of continuing what Bray had been able to do with QB Stanley Troyer and the offence. They also may not be able to rely on RB Dareion Fields as much, since the star back has faced injuries in recent years and is getting into his 30s. However, there is good news for Fields as he was named the team’s second captain in franchise history this season with LB William Washington II taking his place as an alternate captain.

C - RB Dareion Fields*
A - OL Elliot Winterbottom
A - LB William Washington II*

5 - Providence Gold Stars
1966 Record: 7-5 (4th East)
1966 Result: Missed Playoffs

Providence faced the tough fate of missing out of the playoffs despite having a winning record last season. They certainly will be fueled by the apparent snub and will aim to get themselves back to the playoffs for the first time since their 1963 McCallister Cup appearance. There was a ton of veteran depth that GM Peter Brooks brought in this offseason, starting with LB Wilson Rockwood-Barnes and later on OL Tyler Cunningham, DB Elvin Waters, and DB Evan Harris. The hope is the added depth will be able to propel an already solid roster far enough to make it to the playoffs and even fight for a chance for the McCallister Cup. 

C - QB Connor O’Rourke
A - DB Neville Falkner
A - DL Calias McDonough

6 - Boston Independents
1966 Record: 2-10 (6th East)
1966 Result: Missed Playoffs

Boston’s miserable 1966 campaign signalled a wholesale change within the organization. It was pretty much new everything for the team, and that extended past the staff and to the players. Of course, the main pieces stayed, there were plenty of moves happening, the biggest being the acquisition of their latest star, DB Oliver Langstrom. Langstrom should make a huge difference in the secondary, adding to an already strong pair of DB Mordecai King and DB Lawrence Ralph. Along with S Ernie Osborne, Boston should have one of the best secondaries in the league, however, their front 7 leaves a lot to be desired. They lost several pieces on the D-line and they will be relying on a pair of rookies to take over the LB core in Byron Turner and Mads Strahlman. As for overall changes, Levi Bray is the new head coach of the team and there is hope that the team could take a step forward on offence. If they do take that step forward on offence and their defence can figure things out, they could be a huge threat in the East Division.

C - QB Nathaniel Braddock
A - OL Graham Chambers
A - S Ernie Osborne*

7 - Montreal Rouge
1966 Record: 7-5 (2nd East)
1966 Result: Lost McCallister Cup

Losing in the McCallister Cup would typically bring a team to the conclusion that they are very close to a title and might need just one or two more pieces. However, GM Martin Gagneaux decided to do the opposite and begin a small rebuild. Some wonder if the Thunder’s fall from McCallister Cup finalists to dead last might have made him rethink the strategy this season. The rebuild started with trading several veteran pieces away to get younger talent and more draft picks. The big acquisition is LB Conrad Kurst, who appears to be the centre of the new defence. On top of the new players coming in, the team also decided on a completely new set of captains, which will be led by young OL Mathieu Roy, WR Taylor Karis, and 1966 Defensive Player of the Year S Garet deVale. With their retool, the Rouge are expected to be a step behind the other teams in the East this season, although that’s more so because of the fact that all 6 teams seem capable of making the playoffs.

C - OL Mathieu Roy*
A - WR Taylor Karis*
A - S Garet deVale*

8 - London Tigers
1966 Record: 5-7 (5th West)
1966 Result: Missed Playoffs

The 1966 season was a bit of a struggle for the Tigers, whose offence lost most of its explosiveness with WR Max Sutton and QB Riley Kiernan getting older and RB Austin Andrews being knocked out for the season. They looked to address this issue by first drafting WR Cole Fletcher out of UHamilton and then acquiring WR Joshua Lafleur from the Mariners. Both weapons, in combination with the return RB Austin Andrews, should allow the Tigers’ offence to get back to what they are used to doing, especially under the guidance of offensive mastermind HC Roy Aguirre. However, the Tigers are getting older and the defence is looking a lot more barebones, which could spell disaster. The Tigers will need to rely on their offensive firepower if they want one last shot at the McCallister Cup. Expect them to be in the hunt for the playoffs this season, but more so as an underdog if anything. 

C - QB Riley Kiernan
A - DB Jackson Miles
A - OL Emil Jennings

9 - Ottawa Royals
1966 Record: 4-8 (5th East)
1966 Result: Missed Playoffs

The Royals have been kinda just there for the last few seasons. Nothing special but not horribly bad. Just there. However, things are looking brighter with the addition of WR Piers Key into the WR core and all of the young defensive stars hoping to begin breaking out this season, keep an eye on rookie DL Bernhard Hartmann and second-year DB Sergio Alvarez. The Royals are expected to have a strong roster that could challenge in the East Division, however, their one drawback could still be at the QB position. Michael Benedict was acquired from the Mariners last season and showed some promise in the few starts he got, but there are certainly some skeptics still as Benedict has never really been able to maintain consistency. If the Royals are truly going to start moving out of the rebuild, they are going to need someone to step up at the QB position.

C - S Randall Green
A - WR Marshall Leonard
A - LB Sam Wheeler*

10 - Toronto Steelheads
1966 Record: 7-5 (3rd West)
1966 Result: Missed Playoffs

The Steelheads have been doubted in all 3 seasons they have competed in thus far. They have exceeded all of those expectations with a combined 23-13 in those seasons, which includes a West Division title. And now the question is asked as to why they are ranked 10th. Well, the answer is that they have lost quite a few pieces from last season with the league’s highest number of retirees. It appears that the team has decided to begin the rebuild, sending several more veterans away to other teams to get younger pieces. While they do have a number of talented young players, namely RB Max Tracy and S Charles Clerk, they are still a ways away and reasonable to assume they will finally come down to Earth this season.

C - QB Todd Baker
A - DL Lawrence Armstrong*
A - OL Gregory Farrell*

11 - Louisville Thunder
1966 Record: 1-11 (6th West)
1966 Result: Missed Playoffs

Blow it all up. That was the motto for Louisville this offseason as they reset just about everything with the team. The changes included a new GM in Robbie Wilson, a new HC in Malachi Knowles, and one of the highest roster turnover rates ever seen in the NAAF’s history. This is a much different Thunder team, however, that doesn’t mean they are instantly going to be back to fighting for McCallister Cups. They have some interesting pieces in 1st overall pick DL Aaron Henderson, last year’s first-round pick LB Le’Darius Wynn, and the electrifying WR Lloyd Lane. Those 3 should be the foundation of the team, however, there are still a lot of questions to answer especially with the QB spot. Leonidas Dumont has still 2-years left on his contract and he hasn’t been all that amazing, although he didn’t perform terribly in the final few games of last season. However, the team could be looking at a change especially since the QB will no longer serve as the team captain. The current potential answer could be in free-agent acquisition QB Buck Murphy. Murphy has the experience from starting in Pittsburgh and Halifax, but some are still not sure he is a franchise-leading type. However, there are rumours coming out of Thunder training camp that the QB has been looking good and seems to be growing a bond with star WR Lloyd Lane. There could be a chance Murphy gets the nod, but it is still expected Dumont may start the season under centre. 

C - DB Jayden Mills*
A - S Johnny Berger
A - OL Taylor Forbes*

12 - Pittsburgh Blacksmiths
1966 Record: 5-7 (4th West)
1966 Result: Missed Playoffs

Pittsburgh certainly had a promising year last season, however, they didn’t make a lot of changes this offseason which may put them a step behind the rest. Their moves this offseason were primarily around the purpose of getting younger and continuing to build the roster’s foundation. It will be up to the youngsters to get this team into the conversation for a playoff spot. Some key players are going to be WR Taylor Austin, DL Matthias Harmann, and DB Aiden Sargent, who all will be stepping into starting roles this season. Of course, the biggest decision to be made will be at quarterback. The Blacksmiths do have Magnus Torrensen who played really well when starting last season, however, there are a lot of fans hoping the team sends out the 1966 1st overall pick, QB Louis Vaughn. It will be a tough decision, especially after a similar situation happened in Indiana a couple of seasons ago that saw Tom Applewhite start in his second season only to be replaced by QB Lyle Painter who went on to win an MVP. Maybe Torrensen is the guy to help win now, but Vaughn is the future. The decision is likely to come in the days leading up to their opening game against Halifax. 

C - RB Stavros Black
A - DL Sammy Pickett
A - OL Wally McRose

Wally’s 1967 Predictions
Buffalo 10-2 -y
Indiana 9-3 -x
London 5-7
Toronto 3-9
Louisville 3-9
Pittsburgh 3-9

Halifax 8-4 -y
Long Island 8-4 -x
Providence 7-5 -x
Boston 6-6 -xc
Ottawa 5-7
Montreal 5-7

PRO over LI
IND over BOS

HFX over PRO
BUF over IND

49th McCallister Cup
HFX over BUF
*Buffalo is very good, but its Canada's 100th birthday, I gotta take a Canadian team to win it all

Who do you think is taking home the cup this season? Any players or teams you are excited to see this season?

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2/27/2022 6:16 pm  #1936

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

Lets Go Buffalo!


2/28/2022 4:59 am  #1937

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

As always, Go Tigers, and also here is hoping the Thunder and Victors have good seasons.

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2/28/2022 5:52 pm  #1938

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

1967 Week 1

Buffalo Blue Wings - 27, Boston Independents - 20 - Milton Charles Stadium - June 22, 1967 - 7 PM ET - Kickoff - Weather: Mostly Cloudy/Light Rain
1st Q
7-0 BUF - KRTD WR Tracy Driscoll
7-7 BOS - PTD QB Nathaniel Braddock -> TE Tobias Lindholm
14-7 BUF - RTD RB Jimmy Golden
2nd Q
14-10 BOS - FG K Johnnie Berg
17-10 BUF - FG K Ryan Perch
3rd Q
24-10 BUF - RTD RB Jimmy Golden
24-13 BOS - FG K Johnnie Berg
4th Q
27-13 BUF - FG K Ryan Perch
27-20 BOS - PTD QB Nathaniel Braddock -> WR Alexei Dubois

The NAAF season kicked off with a bang as rookie WR Tracy Driscoll took back the opening kickoff for his first career touchdown to give Buffalo a quick 7-0 lead.
Boston bounced back quickly with their own touchdown drive from TE Tobias Lindholm.
Buffalo’s offensive game plan was all about running the ball with Jimmy Golden to avoid the Boston Independent’s secondary, and it worked well with Golden grabbing 2 touchdowns.
The game did cause several key injuries with Buffalo losing DL Lonnie Vincent and QB Charles Lemieux (Lemieux was replaced by QB Jack Owens), and Boston losing #1 WR Evan Clanton. 
Golden was good enough to propel the Blue Wings to the win without their star QB. 

London Tigers - 29, Indiana Victors - 27 - Western Fair Stadium - June 23, 1967 - 7 PM ET - FNF - Weather: Partly Cloudy
1st Q
0-7 IND - RTD RB Raymond Green
3-7 LDN - FG K Nimrod Handsworth
6-7 LDN - FG K Nimrod Handsworth
2nd Q
9-7 LDN - FG K Nimrod Handsworth
9-14 IND - RTD RB Raymond Green
3rd Q
15-14 LDN - RTD RB Austin Andrews
15-20 IND - PTD QB Tom Applewhite -> WR Silas Peyton
4th Q
21-20 LDN - PTD QB Riley Kiernan -> WR Max Sutton
23-20 LDN - 2PT QB Riley Kiernan -> RB Austin Andrews
26-20 LDN - FG K Nimrod Handsworth
26-27 IND - PTD QB Tom Applewhite -> RB Raymond Green
29-27 LDN - FG K Nimrod Handsworth

Nimrod Handsworth’s 5 field goals were just enough to pull off a bit of an upset to start the season in London.
The Tigers’ offence did look a little better than last season but struggled to finish drives as they went to the redzone 5 times in the game but only scored 2 touchdowns.
Indiana’s defence did a good job of stopping the Tigers once they got to the redzone, but they still allowed field goals on the other 3 drives. 
QB Tom Applewhite had moments of good play with a pair of passing touchdowns, but a couple of turnovers did hurt the team in the long run. 
RB Raymond Green ended up being the unsung hero for the Victors with 3 touchdowns on the day.

Montreal Rouge - 21, Louisville Thunder - 16 - Mount Royal Stadium - June 24, 1967 - 3 PM ET - Weather: Mostly Cloudy/Light Rain
1st Q
0-3 LOU - FG K Frank Hughes
2nd Q
7-3 MTL - PTD QB Gene Bishop -> WR Taylor Karis
7-6 LOU - FG K Frank Hughes
3rd Q
14-6 MTL - PTD QB Gene Bishop -> WR Yahui Sun
21-6 MTL - PTD QB Gene Bishop -> WR Taylor Karis
4th Q
21-9 LOU - FG K Frank Hughes
21-16 LOU - RTD RB Rodney Clark

Louisville began their campaign with QB Leonidas Dumont under centre, but he may not hold that position for long after a miserable performance against the Rouge.
While the offence was able to get some field goals, 2 interceptions in the 3rd quarter gave Montreal a massive lead following Gene Bishop's 2nd and 3rd touchdown passes.
In the 4th, the team made the switch to QB Buck Murphy and they got on the board on his first drive and then found the endzone on the next drive after WR Lloyd Lane broke loose for a 47-yard play to set up RB Rodney Clark.
The comeback was halted by the Rouge defence following S Garet deVale grabbing his second pick of the game on their final drive. 
DL Aaron Henderson did grab a forced fumble for the Thunder in his first career game.

Providence Gold Stars - 23, Long Island Raiders - 20 - New Providence Stadium - June 24, 1967 - 7 PM ET - SNF - Weather: Cloudy 
1st Q
7-0 PRO - PTD QB Connor O’Rourke -> WR Cedric Peterson
2nd Q
10-0 PRO - FG K Elvis Franklin
10-7 LI - RTD RB Dareion Fields
17-7 PRO - RTD RB Rashed Smith
3rd Q
17-14 LI - PTD QB Stanley Troyer -> WR Casey Coleman
17-17 LI - K Henderson Schumacher
4th Q
17-20 LI - FG K Henderson Schumacher
20-20 PRO - FG K Elvis Franklin
23-20 PRO - FG K Elvis Franklin

Providence got off to a great start in the first half jumping to a 17-7 lead, being able to get past the usually great Raiders’ defence.
However, things turned south in the second half when QB Connor O’Rourke was knocked out of the game, forcing QB Terry Bourbon to take over. 
The Raiders took advantage of the hindered Gold Stars to roar back and take the lead in the 4th quarter. 
Despite blowing the lead, the Gold Stars’ bounced back with a field goal to tie the game again.
The defence would then become the hero with DL Bartolo Cruz knocking the ball out of RB Dareion Fields’ arms and DL Ryan Sargent falling on top of it.
The turnover allowed the Gold Stars to kick a game-winning field goal to start the season 1-0.

Ottawa Royals - 21, Toronto Steelheads - 7 - Royals Stadium at Brewer Park - June 25, 1967 - 1 PM ET - Weather: Cloudy
1st Q
2nd Q
0-7 TOR - RTD RB Max Tracy
7-7 OTT - PTD QB Michael Benedict -> TE Ryan Hatcher
3rd Q
14-7 OTT - RTD RB Corbyn Knight
21-7 OTT - RTD RB Corbyn Knight
4th Q

It was a slow start in Ottawa, but Toronto would finally get on the board in the 2nd quarter.
The touchdown was about all that was positive about Toronto’s game as the Royals would put up 3 straight touchdowns to cruise to a 1-0 start.
QB Michael Benedict looked solid in the first game of the season, throwing a touchdown, however did have an interception in the first quarter. 
Ottawa’s defence was the star for the winning side as they managed to shut down the Steelheads incredibly well. 
DB Sergio Alvarez had a pick, DL Bernhard Hartmann had a pair of sacks in his first career game, and LB Enzo Morello led the way in tackles.

Pittsburgh Blacksmiths - 13, Halifax Mariners - 30 - Riverfront Stadium of Pittsburgh - June 25, 1967 - 4 PM ET - Weather: Cloudy
1st Q
3-0 PIT - FG K Al Highlander
3-3 HFX - FG K Albert Wickerweaver
3-10 HFX - RTD RB Ronald O’Sullivan
2nd Q
3-17 HFX - PTD QB Lyle Painter -> WR Shane Steadman
3-20 HFX - FG K Albert Wickerweaver
3rd Q
10-20 PIT - PTD QB Louis Vaughn -> WR Nathan Murray-Lawrence
10-27 HFX - PTD QB Lyle Painter -> WR Jav Kerrigan
4th Q
13-27 PIT - FG K Al Highlander
13-30 HFX - FG K Albert Wickerweaver

The Mariners did what most expected they would against the Blacksmiths and rolled on to a 30-13 win.
WR Shane Steadman and WR Jav Kerrigan both had great games, each scoring a touchdown and combining for 203 receiving yards.
QB Louis Vaughn got his second career start but did not fare too well against the Mariners’ defence that picked him off twice and took the ball via fumble another time.
He managed to recover in the 3rd a bit with a passing touchdown, but it was a real learning experience for the young QB.
DL Wayne Baxton was the biggest perpetrator on the Mariners’ defence who had the forced fumble and another sack to tack on. 

Injury Report
WR Evan Clanton BOS - 5 Weeks
QB Charles Lemieux BUF - Day-to-Day
DL Lonnie Vincent BUF - 1 Week
DB Joe Robinson HFX - Day-to-Day
LB Frederic Macnamara HFX - 11 Weeks
RB George Seahorse LOU - 1 Week
LB Sam Fitzroy MTL - 3 Weeks
WR Piers Key OTT - 7 Weeks
S Randall Green OTT - 4 Weeks
QB Connor O’Rourke PRO - Day-to-Day

Players of the Week

OFF: QB Lyle Painter HFX - 296 Passing Yards, 2 Touchdowns

DEF: S Garet deVale MTL - 2 Interceptions, 8 Tackles

Buffalo 1-0
London 1-0
Indiana 0-1
Louisville 0-1
Toronto 0-1
Pittsburgh 0-1

Halifax 1-0
Ottawa 1-0
Montreal 1-0
Providence 1-0
Long Island 0-1
Boston 0-1

Power Rankings
1 - Buffalo -
2 - Halifax -
3 - Providence +2
4 - Indiana -1
5 - Long Island -1
6 - London +2
7 - Boston -1
8 - Montreal -1
9 - Ottawa -
10 - Louisville +1
11 - Toronto -1
12 - Pittsburgh -

Week 2 Games
PIT (0-1) @ LOU (0-1) - JUN 30 - 7 PM ET - Friday Night Football
TOR (0-1) @ HFX (1-0) - JUL 1 - 2 PM ET - Canada Day: Centennial Celebration
MTL (1-0) @ OTT (1-0) - JUL 1 - 6 PM ET - Canada Day: Centennial Celebration
BUF (1-0) @ PRO (1-0) - JUL 2 - 1PM ET
LDN (1-0) @ LI (0-1) - JUL 2 - 4 PM ET
IND (0-1) @ BOS (0-1) - JUL 4 - 5 PM ET - 4th of July

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2/28/2022 6:46 pm  #1939

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

Alright, a Providence win to start the season! Hopefully that injury doesn't affect O'Rourke too much down the line. Glad to see deVale making plays as well.


3/01/2022 11:27 pm  #1940

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

Good to see the Louisville Thunder defense starting to congeal as a unit. Hopefully the team can get in the win column next week.

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