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8/02/2021 2:05 am  #1661

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

Well that sure was a wasted season. Kiernan is starting to show his age a bit, i think we need to get his eventual replacement. Personally, I'd trade for Magnus Torrensen, totally not any personal bias there.

8/02/2021 4:49 pm  #1662

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

1964 Division Semi-Finals

Boston Independents VS. Long Island Raiders - Richardson Stadium - September 20, 1964 - 3 PM ET - Weather: Clear 18ºC | 65ºF - TV: Benjamin O’Donnell and William Arland
1st Q
The battle between Boston and Long Island started very defensive. Both opening drives ended with 2 and outs. The Raiders would be the first team to take a big step forward on an explosive 32-yard run from RB Dareion Fields. The Raider would be able to get into field goal range and would be the first to score with a K Henderson Schumacher field goal. Boston would look to counter, but the pressure from the Raiders’ defensive line was very difficult to manage and they would remain behind 3-0 after the opening quarter.
BOS 0-3 LI

2nd Q
The Raiders would look to add to their lead early in the second with QB Stanley Troyer finding WR Casey Coleman for a pick-up of 28 to put the ball into the redzone. RB Dareion Fields would take care of the remaining work and would take in the touchdown a couple of plays later to give the Raiders a 0-10 lead. Boston was hoping to rebound, but Braddock was still struggling with the pass rush. However, he would be able to improvise and escape the pressure and find WR Chester Bennett for a big play that would allow the Independents to finally get on the board with a K Johnnie Berg field goal. In the remaining minutes of the quarter, the Raiders continued to push the ball down the field themselves and would get a late field goal to take a 10-point lead into the break, much to the displeasure of the Boston faithful.
BOS 3-13 LI

3rd Q
It was all about getting the Independents back into the game early in the second half for QB Nathaniel Braddock. He looked like a man on a mission early, being more decisive with every throw. He would turn the game around quite quickly on the opening drive by taking the team down to the redzone. He would then connect with WR Ellis Lindholm in the endzone to cut the Raider lead down to just 3 points. The Raiders would look to be right back on the offensive, but Boston’s defence was stepping it up. LB Konrad Aust would step up and grab an interception off of QB Stanley Troyer. Boston felt the momentum shifting, however, only a few plays later, DB Alexander Bradley would get the ball right back with an interception of his own. He almost got into open field to potentially bring it back for a score, but WR Alexei Dubois was able to get to him first. The Raiders’ offence would return to the field and would score a field goal a couple of plays later to extend their lead to 6. Braddock rebounded from the interception on the next drive. The drive resembled the first drive of the half with Braddock methodically marching the offence down the field. He would find WR Alexei Dubois open for a big score to give them a lead heading into the final quarter
BOS 17-16 LI

4th Q
The final quarter was intense with both teams going all out on both sides of the ball. Early on the Raiders would get a break with a big run from Dareion Fields that would set up K Henderson Schumacher to retake the lead 17-19. Boston would follow up the score with a field goal of their own on the ensuing drive following a great play from WR Chester Bennett to get them into range. It was now 20-19 for Boston and time was running out for the Raiders. They have relied a lot on RB Dareion Fields all season, however, with limited time they were going to need QB Stanley Troyer to step up. The Independents’ defence was tough to break, but a couple of runs from Fields would help loosen them up and allow for Troyer to make a couple of passes. They would get into Boston territory, but they still needed several yards to get into field goal range. Boston would lock them down on first down with DB Lawrence Ralph batting away a pass to WR Larry Mossholder. Troyer needed to make a play on 2nd and he would drop back and scan the field. Unfortunately, DL Timmy Kerr came flying through the line. Kerr got a hand on Troyer’s back but the QB was able to slip away. Troyer had more pressure coming, but he would see an opening and would make a huge throw down the field. WR Casey Coleman had been able to get loose and he would be open to make a grab downfield. DB Lawrence Ralph had gotten caught behind, and Coleman was able to easily outrun him to the endzone to score and give the Raiders a 20-25 lead. Boston would be able to stop the 2-point attempt to give them a chance to win with a touchdown. Braddock would step onto the field determined and started to push the Independents down the field. With a last-ditch effort, Braddock would see WR Chester Bennett open and would get the WR the ball, however, he was not close enough to score and the Raiders would make the stop to hold on for their first playoff win since their 1958 McCallister Cup win.

BOS - 13 - QB Nathaniel Braddock
LI - 22 - RB Dareion Fields

Toronto Steelheads VS. Louisville Thunder - Anderson Stadium - September 20, 1964 - 7 PM ET - Weather: Mostly Cloudy 15.5ºC | 60ºF

1st Q
The Steelheads’ NAAF playoff debut got off to a solid start on their end. QB Todd Baker was able to push the offence down into the redzone on their opening drive, which was quite surprising considering how good the Thunder defence can be. Luckily for Louisville, that defence would stand strong with their backs against the wall and they would force a field goal. The Thunder were aiming to counter quickly, and they would with RB Rodney Clark breaking loose for a couple of big gains. Clark would eventually punch it in from 3 yards out to make it a 3-7 game.

2nd Q
The Steelheads were able to knock down another field goal to start the second quarter and cut the lead to just 1. However, on their next drive, they ran into, or rather threw, into trouble as DB Oliver Langstrom, who was finally back in the lineup, would grab an interception to set Louisville up nicely. The Thunder continued to push the ball with RB Rodney Clark and RB Greg Dix before QB Leonidas Dumont would find WR Darryl Duke open in the endzone to give them a 7-point lead. With some confidence, the Thunder would go for 2 to make it a 2-score game early. RB Rodney Clark would take in the sweep to score the 2-pointer. Toronto was starting to feel the pressure, but QB Todd Baker would stay calm. With RB Max Tracy struggling early on, RB Tommy Allen would step up with a couple of strong runs. Eventually, Baker would then find WR Edmund Landry open from 15 yards out to pull within 2 heading into the break.
TOR 13-15 LOU

3rd Q
The Steelheads were hoping to maintain momentum out of the break. Their defence would step up to stop Louisville’s opening drive with LB Rusty McVee getting to QB Leonidas Dumont on the surprise blitz on 2nd down. The offence would get the ball back and would add 3 more points to their total to take the lead 16-15. The Thunder offence was quick to counter with a field goal of their own to retake the lead. The defence would come to play a vital role down the stretch for the Thunder as LB Scotty Williams would manage to punch the ball loose from RB Tommy Allen near the end of the quarter. The ball flew right over to S Johnny Berger, who would return it into Steelheads’ territory. The ensuing drive would end with RB Rodney Clark taking in his second score of the game giving Louisville the 9-point lead heading into the final quarter.
TOR 16-25 LOU

4th Q
It was looking pretty dire for the Steelheads, who were struggling to move the ball against the Thunder defence. Baker was running out of time to make something happen, so he would get a bit more aggressive. It initially did not pay off with the QB throwing a second pick to DB Jayden Mills, however, he would not be deterred and would breakthrough on the next time out. Baker would find WR Samuel Petri for a score at the end of the drive to cut the lead back down to two. The Thunder offence was certainly playing it safe, but their defence continued to pile the pressure on. Eventually, DL Clyde Dale was able to get around the Steelheads’ pass protection and chase down Baker for a loss of 12. The loss would pin Toronto inside their own 10. They would have to gamble on 3rd, but Bakers’ pass attempt would be knocked away by DB Oliver Langstrom. The Thunder would try to kill the clock before adding 3 more to their total sealing the win 23-28.
TOR - 10 - QB Todd Baker
LOU - 24 - RB Rodney Clark

Injury Report
DL Sammy Pickett BOS - 2 Weeks
DL Vernon Spears LI - 1 Week

Players of the Week

EDSF: WR Casey Coleman LI - 1 Receiving Touchdown, 102 Receiving Yards

WDSF: DB Oliver Langstrom LOU - 1 Interception, 3 Passes Defended, 3 Tackles. 

Division Finals Preview
East Division Final - Montreal Rouge VS. Long Island Raiders
Head-to-Head: W2 LI 10-20 MTL, W13 MTL 30-27 LI OT

If week 13 proved anything, it's that this could be a close duel. The Rouge enter this game on a 4-game win streak and looked to be the hottest squad heading into the playoffs. The Raiders on the other hand had a lot of questions about playing the better teams, but they silenced those critics last week. The game should be a hard-fought duel with the league’s top offence taking on the league’s top defence. In the end, I am going to take the experience advantage and say that the Rouge will return to the McCallister Cup.
My Pick: Rouge

West Division Final - Buffalo Blue Wings VS. Louisville Thunder
Head-to-Head: W3 LOU 23-13 BUF, W5 BUF 30-10 LOU

Neither of the first two matchups between Buffalo and Louisville were particularly close, however, entering the playoffs there is certainly hope that both of these teams will be able to rise to the challenge. The Thunder defence looked strong against the Steelheads, but they certainly will have to find a way to manage RB Jimmy Golden. Buffalo will be hoping that both Golden and QB Charles Lemieux show up and perform. The Golden factor seems to be the most important in this matchup and I’m betting on Golden to perform. I’ll maintain my preseason prediction and have the Blue Wings get back to the Cup.
My Pick: Blue Wings.
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8/02/2021 8:20 pm  #1663

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

>Boston loses

now that's what i call faltering


8/02/2021 9:05 pm  #1664

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

My predictions for the rest of the playoffs:

BUF over LOU
MTL over LI

BUF over MTL

Let's go Rouge and Blue Wings

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8/02/2021 10:13 pm  #1665

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

Hopefully there can be an all New York Title between Buffalo and Long Island. Go Raiders, since my Tigers are absent this year.

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8/02/2021 10:53 pm  #1666

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

Please, anyone beat Buffalo.

8/03/2021 12:00 pm  #1667

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

QCS wrote:

>Boston loses

now that's what i call faltering

>Providence 5-7


8/03/2021 12:51 pm  #1668

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

ItDoesntMatter wrote:

QCS wrote:

>Boston loses

now that's what i call faltering

>Providence 5-7

Not to mention no McCallister Cup wins so far.

8/03/2021 8:12 pm  #1669

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

1964 Division Finals

Montreal Rouge VS. Long Island Raiders - Mount Royal Stadium - September 27, 1964 - 3 PM ET - Weather: Cloudy/Windy 15.5ºC | 60ºF - TV: FR Cyril Etienne and Quinton Jacques, EN George Leblanc and Kevin Holcombs

1st Q
QB Gene Bishop was ready to rumble for the battle between the Rouge and the Raiders and got the offence off to a hot start. They would grab a quick field goal on their opening drive, and then they would find themselves in the endzone on their second drive. Bishop would toss the touchdown to WR Taylor Karis to give them a 10-0 lead. The Raiders’ offence was not able to get on the same page early, but after the two Montreal scores, they were able to salvage a field goal to make it 10-3 after the first. 
MTL 10-3 LI

2nd Q
The second quarter would continue to steer in Montreal’s favour with DB Quentin Xaiver coming down with an interception and setting up the offence in Raider territory. QB Gene Bishop would take the opportunity in stride getting the team down to the 5 before RB Scott Mallard-White punched it in to make it 17-3 Montreal. The Raiders’ offence was being stifled by the Rouge defence who was able to contain RB Daeion Fields. All the Raiders could muster was another field goal before the break. 
MTL 17-6 LI

3rd Q
The Raiders made some adjustments out of the break in an attempt to start getting the offence going, but the Rouge defence stood tall and continued to shut down the Raiders. The offence was still cooking as well with Bishop leading them back to the redzone midway through the quarter, where Mallard-White was able to take it in for the second time in the game. The Rouge were in a comfortable spot, however, they would miss the extra point after DB Lauri Hayha was able to use his speed to get around and block the extra point. The Raiders tried to bring it back the other way but were stopped. However, the block gave the team a bit of a boost. The offence got back onto the field and they finally got the ball moving. QB Stanley Troyer was able to connect with WR Larry Mossholder for a 20-yard play before finding WR Casey Coleman for a 7-yard pass that he then turned into a 23-yarder. The Raiders were all of a sudden knocking on the Rouge’s doorstep. RB Dareion Fields would be able to take the ball into the endzone to pull the Raiders back into the game.
MTL 23-13 LI

4th Q
The Raiders’ strong 3rd quarter drive seemed to have made the Rouge feel a little nervous. Especially when the Raiders turned up the pressure. QB Gene Bishop found himself running all over the backfield trying to make plays. He was able to do so, however, he would soon make a mistake throwing an interception to DB Alexander Bradley. Bradley used his quick feet to return it 24 yards the other way, setting up the Raiders in Rouge territory. Troyer continued to push the ball down the field before once again, Fields would take it in to make it 23-20. The Rouge were really becoming antsy as their next drive would end in a 2 and out with Bishop forcing a couple of passes and the Raiders continuing to bring the pressure. The Raiders’ offence kept the ball moving and after a 29-yard gain from WR Casey Coleman, K Henderson Schumacher would knot the game up at 23 apiece. It was getting intense now as the Montreal crowd was shocked by the sudden comeback. However, Montreal was not going to back down. Bishop would retake the field and would push the offence down the field. He would manage to find WR Yahui Sun, who had taken over for the injured WR Frederick St.Pierre, and he would escape for a 27-yard play that would set up K Arthur Kettinger to give them back the lead. Down by 3, the Raiders needed to make something happen, once again it would likely have to come from the arm of Stanley Troyer. The QB was doing what he could and would get a couple of first downs with the help of RB Dareion Fields and WR Casey Coleman. They would get to around midfield before Montreal was able to hold them up. It was 2nd and 10 after an incomplete pass, Troyer would drop back and after a couple of seconds, he would fire it to WR Larry Mossholder. Mossholder would scramble but would be brought down right before the markers. It was now 3rd and 1, the Rouge were stacking it up on the line, while the Raiders were looking to just keep their season alive. The ball was snapped and the two forces collided. Dareion Fields got the ball, and out of the blue a hole burst open, Fields hit it in stride. He picked up the 1st, but then he found out he was in open field. There was no one in front of him, he picked up speed and he was gone. 52-yards later Fields was in the endzone to give the Raiders a 4-point lead. Montreal was shocked by the play and they would not recover, the Raiders were back in the McCallister Cup for the first time since 1958.

MTL - 81 - DB Quentin Xavier
LI - 18 - DB Alexander Bradley

Buffalo Blue Wings VS. Louisville Thunder - Milton Charles Stadium - September 27, 1964 - 7 PM ET - Weather: Partly Cloudy 11ºC | 52ºF - TV: Jerry Goldbridge and Jackie Calhoon

1st Q
Louisville was hoping to maintain their offensive production from their win over the Steelheads against the Blue Wings. However, it was a tough start for the offence with DL Lonnie Vincent breaking through to knock the ball out of the hands of QB Leonidas Dumont. Buffalo was able to pick it up and, soon enough, RB Jimmy Golden was in the endzone to give them a 7-0 lead. The Thunder would aim to recover from the early mistake, but the Blue Wings defence was much more difficult to manage than they anticipated and they would be shut down in the opening quarter.

2nd Q
Buffalo maintained the pressure into the ensuing quarter, and early on they would grab another turnover. DB Malik Davenport, who they had picked up at the trade deadline, would bring in a tipped pass and give Buffalo another great opportunity. However, Louisville’s defence was starting to find a rhythm and would force Buffalo to a 2 and out. The quarter became a slow burn with neither team really gaining much ground. Eventually, a RB Rodney Clark run would get the Thunder close enough to put up a field goal, but that was all they could get, leaving the game at a low but close score of 7-3 at halftime.

3rd Q
The game continued as it was in the 2nd quarter. Both defences came away with a turnover early on with LB Orion Carter getting a fumble off of WR Sammy Moss, and DB Oliver Langstrom taking it right back with a pick on the next drive. Midway through the 3rd, things went bad for the Thunder as S Johnny Berger came up limping after making a tackle on WR Julius Drake. It made the Thunder secondary quite vulnerable, and the Blue Wings would attack it. QB Charles Lemieux would start to get into a rhythm and would eventually connect with WR Zachariah Pembroke to extend the lead to 14-3. 
BUF 14-3 LOU

4th Q
The Thunder were becoming desperate, the offence needed to make something happen or else it would be too late. Dumont would get a little more aggressive and would find WR Darryl Duke for a decent gain, but the Blue Wings defence was still holding strong and they would only get a field goal, but it would cut the lead to just 8. Just as Louisville was gaining some ground, the Blue Wings would take it all away. Lemieux and Golden would roll down the field with ease. Golden would then break loose for an 18-yard score to make it 21-6 with only 5 minutes to go. The Buffalo crowd was ecstatic, and the Thunder would struggle immensely to communicate throughout the rest of the game. The offence would suffer from 2 more late interceptions coming from S Wesley Jones and DB Dean Hawkins. Buffalo would cruise to their first playoff win since 1957.

BUF - 21 - RB Jimmy Golden
LOU - 17 - DB Oliver Langstrom

Injury Report
OL Georgio Stephan BUF - 2 Weeks
OL Pete Breckenridge LI - Day-to-Day
S Johnny Berger LOU - Day-to-Day
WR Frederick St.Pierre MTL - Day-to-Day

Players of the Week

EDF: RB Dareion Fields LI - 3 Rushing Touchdowns, 115 Rushing Yards

WDF: DL Lonnie Vincent BUF - 2 Sacks, 1 Forced Fumble, 6 Tackles

McCallister Cup Preview
46th McCallister Cup - Buffalo Blue Wings VS. Long Island Raiders
Head-to-Head: None

It will be the duel of the league's two best running backs in the 46th McCallister Cup. Both Jimmy Golden and Dareion Fields have been at the top of their games this season with a combined 44 touchdowns between the two. They will likely be the game’s biggest factor, however, don’t count out the rest of each team most notably, the Raiders’ defence and the Blue Wings' offensive potential. Expect a close duel, but I think the Blue Wings are coming in with a slightly hotter hand. 
My Pick: Blue Wings
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8/03/2021 8:24 pm  #1670

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

I am disappointed that Montreal lost, but what can you do against the second-best running back in the league. I am thrilled that Buffalo won. Now that Montreal is out, I place myself fully behind Buffalo to win this year's McCallister Cup.


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