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6/22/2024 3:14 pm  #1

Team name suggestions for 'Superior'

I am in need of suggestions for a team name for a team based in Thunder Bay but goes by the locator of 'Superior'. Since it's Thunder Bay I considered 'Lakeheads' but also want it to represent the entire region as a whole. I've also considered 'Lakers' and 'Hunters'. I'm thinking it could be something that plays off superior as being better, but I can't get any ideas that I actually like. 

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6/24/2024 8:29 am  #2

Re: Team name suggestions for 'Superior'

Giants would be my pick because of Lake Superior being the largest Great Lake and the Sleeping Giant Provincial Park which is visible from Thunder Bay.

Wolves/Wolfpack/Timberwolves could work due to the large Gray Wolf populations in the area around Lake Superior. Would also fit the "better than" or "bigger than" theme of Superior with Gray Wolves being the apex predators of the area and also the largest species of Wolf in the world.

Lakers works and could either be as simple as "Lake Superior is a Lake" or relate to the huge shipping boats called Lakers which are common on Lake Superior.

Hunters is unique and would fit the local outdoors culture. A blaze orange and forest green color scheme would also be pretty cool.

Storm/Whitecaps could also work if you want to tie into the dangers of Lake Superior and the history of massive storms and rough waters that have wrecked an estimated 550 ships, most notably the Edmund Fitzgerald.


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