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3/28/2024 12:10 pm  #1

The Farm League Project

Hello Community! 

For the past year I have been working hard something called The Farm League Project. I have long been passionate about minor league sports. Obviously I am also passionate about sports design. Starting this baseball season I am sharing my mission to create a completely fictional minor league baseball system. Please show your support by following along on IG


This is how it will work. Each week of the MILB season I will post one of the identities that I have been working on. My guiding principles for the project have been: 
1.) Has to be a town/city that doesn't have an MILB or MLB team 
2.) The team name has to be completely unique UNLESS I use an alternate meaning of the name
3.) I will keep track of 'likes' throughout the season. The teams with the most likes will make the playoffs. At that point I will set up polls for folks to vote. 

The teams are broken down into 5 divisions/leagues called Pastures - We have the WEST PASTURE, SOUTHWEST PASTURE, MIDWEST PASTURE, SOTUH PASTURE and EAST PASTURE.

Each pasture will have 4 teams for Season 1. I am already working on next season. 

Anyway if you could help a guy out and follow the account it would be much appreciated! 

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4/02/2024 8:56 am  #2

Re: The Farm League Project

First team is up on @farmleaguecreative ... The Iowa Scoops

Playing in Le Mars, Iowa - the Scoops are named for the town's nickname "The Ice Cream Capital of the World". 

Rest of the identity (uniforms, logos, caps, merch) is over on IG.

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4/09/2024 8:28 am  #3

Re: The Farm League Project

Second team of The Farm League Project is in Fort Collins, Colorado (my hometown). Once a minor league team for the AltLB's Tampa Bay Turtles - the Growlers have updated their color palette and are ready for action. 

Fort Collins has both a huge outdoors AND beer scenes. Putting them together to make this identity was an easy one to make. 

I also think that the Running the Bases should be called The Cub Crawl. 

Check it out over on IG @FarmLeagueCreative

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4/16/2024 7:45 am  #4

Re: The Farm League Project

Next up, we head down to the South Pasture to meet up with the Vero Beach Lemon Sharks. The Lemon Sharks are one of a few Floridian teams. I posted this team this week in honor of Jackie Robinson Day being yesterday. While Jackie was with the Dodgers he would spend his time in Spring Training in the area. 

For the identity we blended two classic elements of Florida's culture. 1.) The citrus industry is extremely prevalent in Florida. And while the oranges get all of the attention, lemons are grown as well. 2.) Florida is known for its beaches and with them come all sorts of wildlife including the Lemon Shark. A pale yellowed skin predator that lives just off the coast of Florida. 

Next week, we will head up to the East Pasture for the first time where will get a taste of New York. 

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4/16/2024 12:50 pm  #5

Re: The Farm League Project

I love the Lemon Sharks! Such a fun name and you did a great job with the logo.


4/23/2024 10:31 am  #6

Re: The Farm League Project

Another week and another team. This week we head up to the East Pasture to meet the Long Island Bay Gulls! For caps, uniforms and swag head over to IG @FarmLeagueCreative. For next week, we head out west where we will seek an audience with a king. 

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4/23/2024 4:42 pm  #7

Re: The Farm League Project

ha, I love the bay gulls! that's awesome. I think my favorite so far is still the lemon sharks, tho; that's such a great name and the colors and logo are perfect. great stuff!


4/30/2024 7:08 pm  #8

Re: The Farm League Project

Thanks! These were fun making. 

This week we head all the way out west. All Hail the Crustacean Sensation! 

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5/08/2024 2:38 pm  #9

Re: The Farm League Project

Next up are the Duluth River Pigs. River Pigs were the men tasked with guiding logs down the river. This dangerous job ensured rivers continued to flow, the lumber industry could continue to grow and that the country could be built. 

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5/14/2024 9:06 am  #10

Re: The Farm League Project

Next up we head to the Central Pasture to meet the Lubbock Pocket Dinos. The Pocket Dinos are a nickname locals give to armadillos (the state animal). Texas is also known for having a prolific dinosaur fossil scene. The armadillo doubles as a black hat outlaw to pay homage to the Texas Tech Red Raiders who share their town. 

For the full marks - please give us a follow over on IG @FarmLeagueCreative

Also, if you have any team ideas please DM me! I am looking at the Season 2 lineup now 

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