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3/27/2024 10:24 am  #21

Re: AltLB - 2024 Season

The 2023 Season is almost upon us! The Deacons will look to get a coveted back-to-back AltWS championship. The season opens with a true test, the only other team to win it all, the OKC Bison. Will be an exciting game no matter what.


3/27/2024 5:59 pm  #22

Re: AltLB - 2024 Season

The 2024 Season is back for the Masons, we start the year off just as we ended it with a trip out to Las Vegas to play the Atoms. We hope to right our wrongs from the previous encounter so that we begin to build our path to the Alt Series. We'll start in our road Grays and captain Rafael Devers.


3/27/2024 8:18 pm  #23

Re: AltLB - 2024 Season

NoE38 wrote:

The 2023 Season is almost upon us!

Darknes wrote:

The 2023 Season is back for the Masons

Well, whenever it is, it's almost time for Opening Day! Like the American League, we here in the National League are kicking things off with a rematch of last year's LCS as the Atoms host the Masons. We beat them in that one, and we'll look to get our *checks notes* 2024 off on the right foot by doing so again. Of course, we've got some unfinished business beyond that, too. Here's to a great season ahead, and hopefully the #03dTimesTheCharm #UpAndAtom


3/28/2024 1:18 am  #24

Re: AltLB - 2024 Season

It's that time of the year again, it's time for Thunderbird baseball! Opening Day is now upon us, and we're eager to top last season after a rather disappointing ending. Now matter how we ended last year, it's now about how we begin. We begin the year in a top matchup between one of the toughest AL squads, taking on the Tampa Bay Turtles on the road. We're (mostly) the same team from last year that nearly won the AL pennant, so we're looking to run it back. We'll be in the aways for the first game of the year, with team captain Freddie Freeman leading the Thunderbirds into 2024. #Thunderstruck

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4/08/2024 10:14 am  #25

Re: AltLB - 2024 Season

Coming off a big win to open the season against the Deacons, the Bison head back home to Cox Ballpark to host the San Diego Pandas for the first time in the modern era. The investment in our starting pitching is already paying dividends, as our pitching is leading the league currently, and bolstered by rookie Jared Jones. We open the season with the Bison magnet schedule giveaway and inflatable boom sticks. We want you loud for our home opener as we host the Pandas this week in our standard home look, as we don the creams. Looking good and taking the hill for us is Tyler Glasnow, who had 12 innings pitched, 12 strikeouts, 2 quality starts and 2 wins, while allowing only 4 earned runs. Look, I'm not going to pretend to understand how that math works out, but trust me, he did it. #WeAreOK

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4/08/2024 1:28 pm  #26

Re: AltLB - 2024 Season

We started out strong, but unfortunately Tampa Bay ran away with the game at the end of the week to hand us our first opening day loss in the modern era. We can't dwell on that loss for now, as we have to immediately go back on the road again to take on our biggest rivals in the Los Angeles Condors. They're coming off a win against the Gemini, and they'll want to beat us bad after getting swept last year. While our pitching was disappointing to begin the year, our hitting was back to where it was last year, with offseason acquisition OF Ian Happ leading the charge, batting 0.333 to begin the year with 3 doubles, a triple, and 6 RBI's to start off the year hot. #Thunderstruck

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4/08/2024 6:49 pm  #27

Re: AltLB - 2024 Season

Well with the Masons having gone bust against the Atoms, we're still seeking our first win of the season. Now we head west again to go see the Squirrels in Oakland, the team will continue to wear our Road Grays. Catcher MJ Melendez had a solid week for us so we hope that he has a repeat performance.


4/09/2024 7:12 pm  #28

Re: AltLB - 2024 Season

The Atoms looked as strong as ever against the Masons, starting off the season on the right foot with an Opening Day win. We stay at home for game #02 and welcome the Carolina Griffins to town for our second NL playoff rematch in as many weeks. Our old friends played well last week, but the real star was newcomer OF Lourdes Gurriel Jr. The former Deacon and Turtle thrived in his first week in the National League, hitting three home runs, driving in 11, and stealing a base for good measure. Get used to the sight of purple hair here in Vegas. #03dTimesTheCharm #UpAndAtom

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4/14/2024 10:53 pm  #29

Re: AltLB - 2024 Season

After wrapping up wins in back-to-back playoff rematches, the Atoms head out on the road for the first time this year. We get the immense honor of being the first-ever team to visit San Diego, crashing the party for the Pandas' home opener. Naturally, to combat the Panda Bears, we're rolling out the Polar Bear. 1B Pete Alonso teed off on the Carolina pitching last week, crushing four home runs while also drawing six walks, both of which accounted for half of the team's total. #03dTimesTheCharm #UpAndAtom


4/14/2024 11:19 pm  #30

Re: AltLB - 2024 Season

Well that's not how we wanted to start the year. So the Masons return the Amphitheater to face...the defending champs. Glorious, well P Graham Ashcraft had a heck of a week for the Masons and we hope those trends continue. The Masons will be wearing their traditional Home Whites against the Deacons.


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