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2/03/2024 10:51 am  #1

AltLB - 2024 Season

Welcome one and all to the 2024 AltLB Winter Meetings. The Detroit Deacons come into 2024 looking to defend their AltLB Championship, with every other team looking to unseat them and claim the title. Before we can get to the season, which officially starts on March 28th, we have some roll calls and rules to look at.

PART ONE - Owner Roll Call
The first thing we will be doing is looking to see who will be joining us for the upcoming season. See the link at the end of the post to let us know whether you will be participating in the 2024 season of AltLB.

PART TWO - 2023 Rule Change review and 2024 Rule Change Proposal
Scoring System
We will be reviewing the major rule change that was instituted from last season, the move to points based scoring from category based scoring. After now having a season of each, this will give you the opportunity to "roll it back" if points wasn't your cup of tea. However, there would be a new option with categories as well.

Option 1 - Points scoring. This would be the same as 2023. You will earn points based on the performances of your players, and most points will get a single win for the week.
Option 2 - Category scoring with one win, loss, or tie. Return to the 2022 category scoring. There will be 10 categories, whichever person wins the most categories will get a single win for the week. This scoring led to many ties in season one. The passed rule from last off-season replacing Batting Average with On Base Percentage would be applied.
Option 3 - Category scoring with multiple wins, losses, or ties. Category scoring where each category will count as a win or a loss for the matchup, so each week you will get a total of 10 wins, losses, and ties based on the category outcomes. The passed rule from last off-season replacing Batting Average with On Base Percentage would be applied.

Position Eligibility
During the season, if a player were to play 10 games at a hitting position, 3 games as a starting pitcher, or 5 as a relief pitcher, they would gain eligibility at that position for the current season. However, the players need 20 games at a hitting position, 5 games as a starting pitcher, or 8 as a relief pitcher for that to carry over to the next season. An example of this is Mookie Betts, who in 2023 played 70 games at 2B, 16 at SS, and 107 at OF. So he qualified at all three positions in 2023, but in 2024 will start by only qualifying at 2B and OF.

Option 1 - No changes, some players will have earned a position for playing between 10 and 19 games during the 2023 season that will not carry that eligibility over to the 2024 season.
Option 2 - The lower numbers are used for both. If a player played 10 games at a hitting position, 3 games as a starting pitcher, or 5 games as a relief pitcher the previous season (2023 in this case), they will have those positional eligibilities the next season (2024 in this case).
Option 3 - The higher numbers are used for both. A player will have the eligibilities earned in 2023 based on the 20 games at a hitting position, 5 games as a starting pitcher, or 8 games as a relief pitcher. To earn the positional eligibility in 2024, they will have to meet those numbers.

Although you may abstain from the voting on these, I would recommend that you make a choice since it will affect how the league runs and functions.

PART THREE - Important Dates
2/3/2024 - Owner Roll Call and Winter Meetings
2/16/2024 - Roll Call and Winter Meetings Close.
2/17/2024 - Keeper list goes live, trading opens. All trades must be submitted to Gritty, Dan O'Mac, or QCS for review and posting. Official budget and process will be posted.
3/17/2024 - Keepers due, Trading halted until the draft completes
3/22/2024-3/24/2024 - Draft occurs. A post will be made checking for availability closer to the draft date to accommodate the most people
3/28/2023 - Opening Day

To do the ROLL CALL and RULES CHANGES please access this form:

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2/18/2024 1:24 am  #2

Re: AltLB - 2024 Season

Welcome! As you can see, we have 16 teams again this season, with all 15 owners returning from last season. We also have a new owner, as robertropson will be taking over the Montreal Saints, but they will be relocating to San Diego as the Pandas!

As for our rules votes. We voted overwhelmingly to retain the points scoring.
81.3% - Points scoring
12.5% - Categories with a single win
6.3% - Categories with multiple wins

For the Positional Eligibility vote, that was much, much closer, in favor of a consistent lower threshold.
43.8% - lower numbers (10 at hitting, 3 as a starting pitcher, 5 as a relief pitcher)
37.5% - no changes
18.8% - higher numbers (20 at hitting, 5 as a starting pitcher, 7 as a relief pitcher)

So every hitter with 10 games played at a position in 2023, 3 games started at pitcher in 2023, and 5 games played as a relief pitcher in 2023 will start with those positions of eligibility in 2024!

Now, our 2024 Draft Order!
1- Memphis Kings
2 - Chicago Pros
3 - San Diego Pandas
4 - Havana Cubans
5 - Los Angeles Condors
6 - Kansas City Colts
7 - Oakland Squirrels
8 - Minnesota Gemini
9 - Carolina Griffins
10 - Tampa Bay Turtles
11 - New York Blackbirds
12 - Arizona Thunderbirds
13 - Boston Masons
14 - Oklahoma City Bison
15 - Las Vegas Atoms
16 - Detroit Deacons

And the next date of importance is Sunday, March 17th, as that is the date that the Keepers will be due. As last year, please send the PLAYERS YOU ARE KEEPING to The budget is 120.

Please view the Keepers list HERE.

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2/18/2024 5:44 pm  #3

Re: AltLB - 2024 Season

Welcome San Diego! I'm glad to see the fun Pandas brand make it to the big leagues.


2/19/2024 2:26 pm  #4

Re: AltLB - 2024 Season

Let the firesale of the Chicago Pros commence! Gerritt Cole is on the trade block as the Pros look to get younger and even get better! Only 4 guys are off the table for trades, so if you wanted Mike Trout, Seiya Suzuki, Dustin May or Shane Bieber, I’m sorry but we are not dealing them! Everyone else though is fair game!

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2/19/2024 3:19 pm  #5

Re: AltLB - 2024 Season

And from that point, the Bison are in a position where they can take on some salary and add an SP or 1B that will benefit our team. We have some players we wouldn't move without a significant return, but everyone's available for trade for the right price.

2x Alt Champion :: AltLB Champion Oklahoma City Bison - 2022 :: AltFL Champion New York Emperors - 2022

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2/19/2024 3:25 pm  #6

Re: AltLB - 2024 Season

The Colts is very open to trades right now to help lower our cap space. Anyone is currently on the table, although I might say no once I actually look at the stats of my players. Until then, feel free to offer trades.

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2/19/2024 4:56 pm  #7

Re: AltLB - 2024 Season

The Atoms just posted this to the Trade Block on Fantrax, but ICYMI, we're looking for a third baseman and willing to get rid of some valuable players with relatively low cap hits, such as:

1B Yandy Diaz (4)
1B/2B Luis Arraez (5)
SP Dylan Cease (10)
SP Marcus Stroman (13)
SP/RP Garrett Whitlock (9)
RP Felix Bautista (4) - note that Bautista is expected to be out this year after undergoing Tommy John surgery

Or, feel free to reach out about anybody on the roster and make an offer!


2/19/2024 10:14 pm  #8

Re: AltLB - 2024 Season

February 19th, 2023

The Los Angeles Condors have announced the hiring of Miguel Cabrera, a club legend, as their new manager.

The Condors organization has also made an announcement regarding their AA and Single-A affiliates. With the San Diego Pandas joining the AltLB, it has been decided that those affiliates will relocate. The AA team, the San Diego Surfers, will now be based in Long Beach and be known as the Long Beach Suns. The Single-A team, the Tijuana Aguilas, will move to Pasadena and become the Pasadena Rosebuds.

The Condors are also looking for some help at third base and are open for trade business involving these players:
1B Anthony Rizzo (7)
1B/OF Mark Canha (8)
1B Rhys Hoskins (13)
OF Starling Marte (8)
SP Anthony DeSclafani (11)
SP Marco Gonzales (7)

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2/22/2024 12:33 pm  #9

Re: AltLB - 2024 Season

The New York Blackbirds aren't done wheeling and dealing yet!

I've got the following players listed on my trade block in Fantrax.

Luis Robert Jr. (OF) $17 cap hit: An excellent OF, had a career year last season.
Daulton Varsho (OF) $1: Decent quality for OF depth!
Clayton Kershaw (SP): $9: One of baseball's all time great starters, Kershaw is out until August unfortunately, but when healthy, look out!
Walker Buehler (SP): $18: Yes, he's expensive and yes, he's out until May 1st at the earliest.  But when healthy, he's an annual Cy Young candidate.
Dean Kremer (SP): $1: A cheap starting pitcher coming off a career year and has a great Orioles lineup behind him?  That's Dean Kremer.
Michael Wacha (SP): $1: Don't let Fantrax's projections scare you.  Wacha has been very solid the past two seasons and playing for a young, hungry Royals team, he could easily over perform expectations yet again for a cheap $1 price tag.
Kenta Maeda (SP): $1: Playing for an even hungrier and improving Tigers team, Maeda might over perform on his stats this year and he's a cheap starting pitcher asset.
Jose Berrios (SP): $17: I don't have him listed on my trade block since he's not on my team at the moment.  Yes, I just traded for him.  That doesn't mean I'm not willing to listen to offers for him.  A solid pitcher on a good Blue Jays team, he'll get his wins for sure!
Craig Kimbrel (RP): $14: C'mon!  You know you wanna ride the Craig Kimbrel experience!  Yes, he's very up and down, but he's also the Orioles' 2024 closer (Felix Bautista is out for all of 2024, remember).  That team being so good will certainly give Craig plenty of save opportunities.

I'm looking for draft picks (I don't have a 2nd Rounder at the moment and would love one!).  In particular, if you're pitching within the top 3 overall picks, I'd be VERY interested in getting into the top 2-3 picks of this year's redraft (I do have #6 and #11 of the first round that could be moved).  However, I could also use some cheap Catchers and Relief Pitchers for sure! 

You all know me, I can be very, very creative with my wheeling and dealing!  


2/22/2024 3:18 pm  #10

Re: AltLB - 2024 Season

The Detroit Deacons are open to helping other teams clear cap space, with a particular interest in catchers. Feel free to offer anything else as well.


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