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6/17/2023 1:53 pm  #21

Re: The AltFL Season 2023

Welcome to the leagues! Looking forward to a fresh face.


6/18/2023 3:59 pm  #22

Re: The AltFL Season 2023

Thank you guys for having me! Open to any discussion to make a deal.


6/19/2023 12:02 pm  #23

Re: The AltFL Season 2023

League Update: 

As we begin the second round of the Rookie Draft we wanted to provide some league updates. 

Next in order to grow the brand of the AltFL we are officially going behind the scenes for the first time ever with Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the KC Scarecrows. Not sure what this will look like yet but it'll be a way for us to have some fun getting ready for the season. 

Owner Meeting Follow Up

-PROPOSAL #2 - Convert the RB2 position to a FLEX position = PASSED 
This will help give teams flexibility to fill their rosters when confronted with injuries this season. 

-PROPOSAL #3 - Draft Style for Free Agency = TBD
We are going to have a run-off between two options. Option 1 to develop a draft order based on available cap space. Option 2 to develop a draft order based on a weighted lottery system. 

Please vote for your choice here...


During the Rookie Draft we had a trade go through which raised some red flags. Mainly, the swap for swap pick didn't meet the level of compensation that would deem it a fair trade. As a member of the deal, I am 100% confident that both teams were comfortable with the deal and there was no ill intent involved. With that said, we understand how it looks. This trade exposed a
gap in our system that we are looking to rectify. 

The Issue:
If this trade was completed during the regular season it would have been subject to a veto. During the offseason it was not. There was also not a system in place or enough time for the league members to evaluate the merits of the trade. The official stance of the league is that trades should be vetoed VERY RARELY, as it is not the role of the community to evaluate the winners and losers (and to what extent) of a certain deal. It is not our job as owners to project 'how we would have done the deal' onto a trade of others. Everyone's team is their own. With that said, this particular (PHI + BIR) deal does not fall into that category and is definitely subject to a veto. 

I know we have made jokes about all of the Draft Day deals but I think it adds to the experience for everyone. They create excitement and encourage connection among members of the community. Our mission with this solution is to provide oversight for deals during the offseason. We also want to expedite the approval process by not subjecting every proposed deal to a league-wide vote. 

The Solution:
Therefore our solution is that QCS, Gritty and Dan O'Mac will serve as an offseason trade council.

Future trades must be submitted to one of the three of them via PM on our site. That person will then bring it to the rest of the council for review. Once approved a member of this council will post the official trade to the TRADE ROOM THREAD. That thread is not for commentary, rants or feedback (that belongs in the main thread). 

In order for a deal to be approved, 2/3 of the three council members will have to approve it. The 2/3 is not as much to break a tie as it is to expedite the approval process in case one of the three of us is away from the community for the day. 

This solution will be used as a trial run and will be reevaluated by the entire community next offseason during the Owner's Meeting. At that time we can agree that we like this system OR we can propose another. 

We would like to thank IDM for getting the ball rolling with this helpful suggestion. 

Birmingham Vulcans
In light of the events of this weekend n00bthtpwnz has decided to take a step back from the AltFL. This development was not punitive by any means and was a voluntary decision. We hope that they choose to come back to us soon. 

In the meantime, the league will take control of the Vulcans. Draft picks, keepers and free agency will be determined collectively by the council. We will be looking for a new owner to fill this position. 

We want to thank n00b for being a founding member of the league. 

The Resolution
To specifically address the developments above we are using this as an opportunity to pressure test our council and this new system. 

After reviewing the pick swap trade between PHILLY and BHAM, the Council (Gritty recused) vetoed the trade. As will be the process the trade was sent back to the two teams to either kill OR renegotiate. At that time we decided to return to an earlier offer. Philadelphia will be sending the 4th overall pick + RB Miles Sanders + 3rd Round Free Agency Pick in exchange for Birmingham's 2nd overall pick. With this, we consider the matter resolved. We look forward to working with this system in the future. 

Lessons Learned 
This little episode of the Alt Sports Universe is a good reminder that our leagues aren't perfect and we will continually have to work together to improve them. We try to make this experience as democratic as possible and I hope these updates reflect that. As we go through growing pains it is important that we act calmly and with respect of one another so that all owners feel welcomed to contribute to the league. If there is something that bothers you please reach out and utilize one of the many channels of communication that we have created for that purpose. We welcome any and all constructive ideas.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out.  With that said, on with the draft! 

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6/19/2023 1:18 pm  #24

Re: The AltFL Season 2023

A reminder, please vote for the free agent draft order based on what you feel benefits our overall league and its future the most, not what benefits your team’s cap situation for the upcoming season.


6/21/2023 8:34 pm  #25

Re: The AltFL Season 2023

Looking for another 2nd round pick


6/25/2023 3:25 pm  #26

Re: The AltFL Season 2023

Congratulations everyone on a very dramatic and exciting AltFL Rookie Draft. Now that we have completed the draft I wanted to just let everyone know of the next steps for the league as we head into Training Camp. 

Keepers - Everyone now has access to their keeper lists. Some people have already submitted their keepers. But they are NOT DUE just yet. We will be asking for keepers 2 weeks prior to the Free Agency Draft. That draft will be a LIVE draft and will happen closer to the season. We will send out the date as soon as it is scheduled. 

Draft Style - The proposal for a Draft Order determined by the Salary Cap Funds Available has passed. We will see how it goes this year and do a retrospective afterwards. The draft order will thus be determined after all of the keepers are submitted in the weeks leading up to the draft. As you choose to trade Free Agency draft picks please recognize that the value of those picks can wildly fluctuate depending on the amount of Keeper Cap Space that team has. Buyers Beware. We will provide more information about this process as we get closer to the draft. 

Coming Up - Next up for the AltFL will be the release of the schedule. At that point feel free to put together schedule posters, uniform schedules, etc. 


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6/26/2023 1:47 am  #27

Re: The AltFL Season 2023

If anyone wants to trade some high cost players for free agent draft picks this year and next year feel free to reach out. Looking for offensive skill position players.


6/28/2023 12:21 pm  #28

Re: The AltFL Season 2023

@Matt1005, feel free to reach out, I'm always open for deals.

For the rest of the league, I know there's plenty of time before the Free Agency Draft, but I am interested in unloading some high cost players if there is interest.  The following are available (also included are prices for your ease).

QB Deshaun Watson, $21 (yes, he's very pricey, but he's also a QB1 and bound for a bounceback year)
WR Marquise Brown, $15 (WR1 in Arizona without DeAndre Hopkins)  (Off the market, Traded to the Buffalo Bolts)
TE Mike Gesicki, $14 (TEs are hard to find, and Gesicki could bounce back from a bad 2022 with a new team)
DL DeForest Buckner, $17 (Top level DL, a hard thing to find in that position)
DB Denzel Ward, $12 (Good, solid, DB)

In addition, I have a couple of cheaper players for trade options too
TE Will Dissly, $1
DL Rasheem Green, $4
LB Germaine Pratt $6
DB Derrick Forrest, $1

Again, I know there's a ton of time before the redraft, so I'm just throwing this out there for you all to chew on for now if you want to think on anything.  Free feel to reach out if interested!

EDIT: Forgot to mention what I'm looking for, d'oh!   The main attraction here would be 2023 Redraft Picks or 2024 Rookie Picks (Like I always look for, haha!), but I would be willing to talk offers for players too!

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7/20/2023 3:24 pm  #29

Re: The AltFL Season 2023

He's only worth $7 in our league, but he is rumored to be about to be signed by the New England Patriots. Get yourself a slightly used Leonard Fournette now!

Looking for a pass catcher? Well how about WR Rashod Bateman or TE Noah Fant!

Other side of the ball? Well, we got you covered with DL Montez Sweat, LB Zaven Collins, or DB Vonn Bell!

Heck, we could even look into trading K Cade York!

AND MORE! Full list below
QB Teddy Bridgewater -- 1
QB Gardner Minshew (IND) -- 1
RB Leonard Fournette -- 7
RB Marlon Mack -- 1
WR Rashod Bateman (BAL) -- 7
WR Terrace Marshall (CAR) -- 1
TE Noah Fant (SEA) -- 9
DL Montez Sweat (WAS) -- 7
LB Zaven Collins (ARI) -- 7
LB Luke Masterson (LV) -- 1
DB Vonn Bell (CAR) -- 8
K Cade York (CLE) -- 2 

Are those not listed also available? Yes, but I would be unlikely to move them unless I'm getting a very beneficial deal for me.

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8/06/2023 12:20 pm  #30

Re: The AltFL Season 2023

We will be following up with more information. We have a busy next few months as we get our fall leagues underway. I wanted to flag some important dates for our league. Please put these dates on your calendar: 



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