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6/10/2023 7:48 pm  #31

Re: Eastern Canada Hockey Organization

1946 ECHO Rookie Recruitment

Each team in the ECHO has recently added three new players from their youth clubs. Below are their names and a brief overview of their current abilities and areas for improvement.

Charlottetown Monarchs

C Jacques Tremblay is a center with solid defensive skills and some potential for offence. His physical abilities are decent, and he has improved his endurance.

C Charles Morin has average abilities in defence and offence, with potential for growth in the future. He has also improved his endurance.

W Harold Roy has limited offensive and defensive skills but has decent physical attributes, including his size. He may need help to make an impact on the ice.

Halifax Highlanders

C Charlie Ellis has a well-rounded offensive game, improved defence, and decent physical abilities; he has the potential to become a valuable player for the Highlanders.

C Earl Evans has limited abilities and potential, with average endurance and shot-blocking skills. His offensive and defensive skills are limited, and his physical abilities are not impressive.

D Chris Chapman may struggle on the ice, with limited offensive skills and potential, despite some physical and defensive abilities.

Moncton Generals

W Jerry Larocque shows promise regarding his physical power and shooting ability, indicating that he can be a valuable asset to his team's scoring performance. However, his skills in both offence and defence are currently limited.

W Aher Makonzo may need help to make an impact on the ice, as his physical abilities are average, and his offensive and defensive skills are limited.

C Don Kathalay may need help on the ice, with limited offensive and defensive abilities

Montreal Beavers

C Jacob Cox is a talented player with impressive physical attributes, solid offensive and defensive abilities, and high potential. He will be a valuable asset to any team.

G Glen Lloyd is a talented goaltender with exceptional skills that make him a valuable asset. With high potential, he is likely to continue improving.

D Brett Laleye has limited potential, with below-average offensive and defensive abilities.

Montréal Métros

W Jean Sirois is a promising rookie with excellent offensive and defensive skills and impressive physical abilities. With high potential, he is likely to continue improving.

W Alain Leclerc has some potential but needs to improve his physical attributes and defensive skills to become more effective.

D Patrick Cardinal has some potential in his defensive skills but needs to work on his physical abilities and offensive game to become a more well-rounded defenseman.

Ottawa Knights

W Tim Lisle has potential in his offensive game but needs to work on his physical abilities and defensive skills to become more well-rounded.

W Murray Brissett has potential in his offensive and faceoff skills but needs to work on his physical abilities and defensive game.

D Len Simpson has high potential in his defensive and shot-blocking abilities but needs to work on his offensive skills.

Quebec Reds

W Alexander Li has high potential in his offensive skills and physical abilities but needs to improve his defence. He is expected to be a valuable player for the team.

G Ray Young has excellent potential in endurance and goaltending but needs to work on his physical abilities.

W Todd Mayala has improved his physical, offensive, and defensive capabilities and is expected to become a valuable player.

Saint John Admirals

D Jordy Williams is a talented defenseman with impressive defensive skills. He needs to improve his offence to become more well-rounded.

D Bob Jenkins has room for improvement in all areas, especially his offensive capabilities, and may need help to earn playing time.

W Doug Masse has below-average physical abilities and performance ratings, but the team sees potential in him and is willing to invest in his improvement.


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Re: Eastern Canada Hockey Organization

1946 ECHO Re-sign Phase

The Beavers brought back star defenseman Chris King for 705 thousand $ per year until 1951 and star center Michael Anderson for 294 thousand $ yearly until 1951. They've also re-signed wingers Harry Evans and Raymond Phillips and defensemen Jack Galloway and Larry Crawford until 1949

The Métros have extended the contract of their star defenseman Simon St-Pierre until 1951, offering him an annual salary of 705 thousand $. Additionally, they have re-signed center Normand Coulombe for another three years.

Ottawa has secured the services of winger Henry Lee for another four years at 588 thousand $/year. They've also resigned all their goalies, Garry Martin, Pierre Tanguay and Tom Mullings, to 3-year deals.

Quebec re-signed star winger Robert White to a lucrative 470 thousand $/year contract until 1951 and also resigned depth winger James Johnson and defenseman Robert Julien to matching 3-year deals. They've also resigned 7th defenseman Martin Faria to a two-year deal. 

Charlottetown re-signed star winger William Weber for a lucrative deal worth $705 thousand annually, extending until 1951. The team also resigned Danny Evans, Chris Davis, Bruce Lavoie and brothers Denzel and Tony Mitchell to 2-year deals.

Halifax has resigned their star defenseman, Darren Robertson, to a contract worth 235 thousand dollars annually until 1951. They also renewed the contract of their depth defenseman, Chris McKenzie, for four years.

Moncton has renewed the contracts of winger John King and defenseman Ryan Wilkinson for two years each.

Saint John has granted depth center Philip Wright a new 2-year contract. They also extended the contract of center Justin Manojlovic for another four years. 

Edit: Thanks to Darknes for pointing out that the original salaries weren't feasible for 1946.

Up next: Free Agency

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Re: Eastern Canada Hockey Organization

1946 ECHO Free Agency

Beavers center Sean Lauzon would test free agency but would eventually re-sign with them for $588 thousand/year until 1951. The Beavers would also bring in center Rob Marshall from Charlottetown on a 4-year deal worth $270 thousand annually.

The Métros signed only one player, Stéphane Prince from Moncton, to a contract worth $264 thousand annually until 1950.

Knights center Gilles Osse considered the free agency market but eventually stayed with Ottawa. He signed a contract worth 223 thousand dollars annually, lasting until 1950. Additionally, the Knights signed Charlie Simon from the Beavers under a contract worth 64 thousand dollars annually until 1949.

Quebec would bring in center Bradley Stewart from Halifax on a 5-year deal worth $676 thousand annually. They would poach center Maxime Chevalier from the Métros and sign him to a $670 thousand/year contract until 1950. They would also sign defenseman Andrew Mike from Ottawa on a 4-year deal worth $370 thousand annually. They would also sign defenseman Brian Lambert to a 2-year deal.

Charlottetown would sign Métros winger Stéphane Archambault to a $470 thousand/year contract until 1950. Goalie Martin Westerman would re-sign on a 2-year deal after testing free agency. The Monarchs would also bring defenseman Mike Jackson from Halifax and center Frederic Dickey on matching 3-year deals.

Halifax would sign winger Donald Harvey from Charlottetown to a 3-year deal worth $123 thousand annually. The Highlanders would also bring in winger Robert Mayne from Ottawa on a contract worth $170 thousand a year until 1949 and center Mark Pitt for $117 thousand annually until 1950.

Moncton has made several signings for the upcoming season. Quebec center Allan Wilson was signed for an annual salary of $735 thousand until 1951, and defenseman Bill Mattison from Saint John has also been signed on a contract worth $729 thousand per year until 1951. In addition, winger Tyler Lowe from Ottawa and center John Cameron from Halifax have been signed to 3-year deals. Center Mark Robertson has also been signed to a 3-year deal with a salary of $58 thousand annually.

Saint John would bring in Beavers center Robert Davis on a 5-year deal worth $ 729 thousand annually. Goaltender Michael Vallee would end up re-signing with the Admirals after testing the free agency market. The Admirals would poach winger Paul Hamilton from Quebec and sign him to a 3-year deal worth $252 thousand a year. They would also sign center Harvey Wilson to a 3-year deal with a compensation of $188 thousand annually.

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Re: Eastern Canada Hockey Organization

1946/47 ECHO Preseason

Once again, Bernard King has released his power rankings for the upcoming season of ECHO.

1. Moncton 
2. Montréal Métros
3. Charlottetown
4. Ottawa
5. Saint John
6. Quebec
7. Montreal Beavers
8. Halifax

1. Halifax
2. Montréal Métros
3. Quebec
4. Charlottetown
5. Saint John
6. Moncton
7. Ottawa
8. Montreal Beavers

1. Quebec
2. Charlottetown
3. Montréal Métros
4. Montreal Beavers
5. Moncton
6. Halifax
7. Ottawa
8. Saint John

1. Quebec
2. Montréal Métros
3. Charlottetown
4. Moncton
5. Halifax
6. Montreal Beavers
7. Ottawa
8. Saint John

King has again compiled the list of the ten best players in the league. This year, he's added the list of the top 5 rookies in the league.

Top 10 Players
1. Alex Davis (G, QUE)
2. Joe Djogo (W, OTT)
3. Robert Davis (W, STJ)
4. Kevin McMillan (D, OTT)
5. Faith Hebert (C, MON)
6. Jermaine Thompson (C, CHA)
7. Kenneth Wright (D, STJ)
8. Michael Fraser (C, HFX)
9. Roy Davies (W, QUE)
10. Chris King (D, MTB)

Top 5 Rookies
1. Jacques Tremblay (C, CHA)
2. Glen Lloyd (G, MTB)
3. Charlie Ellis (W, HFX)
4. Jacob Cox (W, MTB)
5. Jean Sirois (W, MTM)

That is it for the offseason. How do you feel about your team heading into the 2nd season of ECHO?

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6/16/2023 8:34 pm  #35

Re: Eastern Canada Hockey Organization

1946/47 ECHO Regular Season

The Montréal Métros maintained their position as the top team in the Saint Lawrence division, but their lead on the rest of the division was not as significant as last year. They finished just 2 points ahead of 2nd place Ottawa, who managed to secure a playoff spot without relying on tiebreakers. The Knights had an outstanding season thanks to Joe Djogo, who scored a league-leading 48 goals and earned 68 points, also the highest in the league. Despite the impressive performance of goalie Alex Davis, the Quebec Reds failed to make it to the playoffs once again, falling 4 points behind Ottawa. The Montreal Beavers, who missed the playoffs on a tiebreaker last year, had a disappointing season and ended up at the bottom of the division and the league. They won only 17 of the 52 games on their schedule.

Halifax took first place in the Maritimes Division, building on their success from last year. The Highlanders were led by centers Michael Fraser (48 pts), Michael MacKenzie (53 pts), and new starting goalie Tristan Campbell. Charlottetown finished in second, 6 points behind the Highlanders, with Jermaine Thompson (63 points) and William Weber (49 points) significantly contributing to the Monarchs making the playoffs this year. Unfortunately, last year's division winner, the Saint John Admirals, missed the playoffs due to inconsistency and struggled with injuries and their goaltending. Moncton finished in last place, with the Generals getting more losses than wins due to them giving all 52 goalie starts to their starter Matthew Phillips due to them not having a backup goalie to let Phillips rest. 

The playoff format stays the same, with the first round being a best of 3 series and the Sound Cup Finals being a best of 5 series.

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Re: Eastern Canada Hockey Organization

1947 Sound Cup Playoffs  

Montréal Métros vs Ottawa Knights
The Métros were the first to score when Louis Wagner's powerful slapshot beat Ottawa goalie Garry Martin just 9 minutes into Game 1; however, the Knights quickly responded, with Gilles Osse finding the back of the net on a powerplay just 3 minutes later. After almost 20 minutes of play, the Métros regained the lead with Gaëtan Patenaude scoring. Robert Leblanc extended the lead to 3-1 for the Métros just a minute and a half later. Patenaude scored his second goal early in the third period, giving Montréal a comfortable 3-goal lead. However, Joe Djogo scored for the Knights, reducing the deficit to 2 with just 6 minutes left. Unfortunately for the Knights, Gaëtan Patenaude completed his hat trick with a rebound goal just 2 minutes later, and Marc-Antoine Lacroix added another to give the Métros a convincing 6-2 victory.

Ottawa's Tim Lisle scored the first goal of game two during the second period's early stages via powerplay. However, the Métros quickly countered with their own goal, scored by Jérôme Brunet, also via powerplay, just two minutes later. The score remained tied until the end of the third period, and the game went into overtime. After nine minutes of overtime, Ottawa's Doug Fournier scored the winning goal, sending the series to Game 3.

In the first 5 minutes of Game 3, the Métros scored the first goal when Marc-Antoine Lacroix took a powerful slap shot that passed the Ottawa goalie. In the second period, the Knights tied the game with a goal from Joe Djogo, who managed to bank the puck off the post and past last year's playoff MVP, Nicolas Deschênes. Later in the second period, the Knights took the lead with a powerplay goal from Henry Lee. At the start of the third period, Joe Djogo scored again, giving Ottawa a 2-goal lead. A few minutes later, Tim Lisle scored for the Knights making it 4-1, and Raymond Brooks added to the Knights' score. Ottawa would hold on and stun the defending champions and advance to the Sound Cup Finals. 
[OTT wins 2-1]

Halifax Highlanders vs Charlottetown Monarchs
Even though Halifax was expected to win this series, Charlottetown's Ken Chang scored the first goal of the game against Halifax goalie Tristan Campbell with only six minutes left in the first period. However, Bryce Stewart quickly responded for the Highlanders by deflecting the puck past Monarchs goalie Peter Chiasson, tying the game 1-1 just 15 seconds after the Monarchs' goal. The game remained tied until early in the third period when Halifax defenseman Chris MacKenzie scored on the power play, giving his team the lead. Despite their efforts, the Monarchs could not score again, and Jayden Ross sealed a 3-1 victory for Halifax with an empty netter.

During the second period of Game 2, Kain Marshall from Charlottetown scored the first goal, followed by Kevin Delahunt, who increased the Monarchs' lead four minutes later. However, Halifax scored a goal with a slap shot from Charlie Ellis soon after Charlottetown's second goal, and Michael Fraser tied the game late in the second period with a rebound goal. William Weber from Charlottetown scored early in the third period, regaining their lead. Still, Donald Harvey of the Highlanders scored a goal a few minutes later, tying the game again. Charlottetown quickly bounced back with a goal from Frederic Dickey, and Denzel Mitchell scored another with only 45 seconds left. Bryce Stewart from Halifax scored a goal with just 7 seconds left, but it was too late. Ultimately, Charlottetown won 5-4, taking the series to a decisive game 3.

Early into Game 3, the Monarchs would get the first goal coming from William Johnson, who would add a second goal 2 minutes after his first. Halifax wouldn't be deterred, and Michael Fraser would cut the Monarchs' lead in half a few minutes later. The Highlanders would tie the game at 2 with a goal coming from Gordon Cameron about midway through the second period. The score would remain tied until the end of regulation, and the ultimate game of the series would need overtime. The two teams fought hard, but in the end, Charlottetown's Danny Evans would send the winning goal past Halifax's Tristan Campbell with less than a minute left, securing the Monarchs' spot in the Sound Cup Finals.[CHA wins 2-1]

1947 Sound Cup Finals Preview
Ottawa Knights vs Charlottetown Monarchs

The 1947 Sound Cup Finals are set to be an exciting match-up between the Ottawa Knights and the Charlottetown Monarchs. Both teams fought hard in their respective playoff series to make it to this point, and they will surely bring their A-game to the Finals. It will be a battle between two talented teams, and we can expect a thrilling series to determine the 1947 Sound Cup champions.

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Re: Eastern Canada Hockey Organization

1947 Sound Cup Finals

Game 1: CHA 1 @ OTT 7  In the first few minutes of the finals, Jarryn Green from Ottawa scored the first goal by sending the puck past Peter Chiasson from Charlottetown. However, the Monarchs quickly equalized the score with Jermaine Thompson's slap shot. The Knights regained the lead with Joe Djogo's shot and extended their advantage with Raymond Brooks' slap shot early in the second period. Later on, George Gillingham added another goal for Ottawa, and Steve Turgeon scored towards the end of the second period, giving the Knights a comfortable 5-1 lead. The team continued to dominate in the third period, with Henry Lee blasting a slapshot past Chiasson to make it 6-1, followed by Tim Lisle's goal a few minutes later, which made the final score 7-1 in favour of Ottawa. This victory gave the Knights the lead in the series.

Game 2: CHA 3 @ OTT 6 Chris Smith scored the first goal with a wrist shot just 5 minutes into the game for Charlottetown. However, Ottawa quickly responded with a goal from Steve Turgeon. The Knights took the lead in the second period with a goal from defenseman Kevin McMillan, but the Monarchs tied it up with a goal from Stéphane Archambault. In the third period, Ottawa regained the lead with a goal from Joe Djogo, but Charlottetown's Kain Marshall quickly tied it up again. However, Ottawa then took a commanding lead with a goal from Henry Lee and two from Djogo, who completed his hat trick. The game ended with the Knights winning 6-3, giving them a 2-0 series lead and a chance to sweep the Monarchs in Charlottetown.

Game 3: OTT 1 @ CHA 2 To avoid elimination, the Monarchs swiftly took the lead, with William Johnson scoring in the middle of the first period and William Weber doubling their advantage a few minutes later. Gilles Osse scored for Ottawa towards the end of the first period, but that was the end of the scoring for both teams as the goalies held firm and prevented any further goals. Charlottetown managed to win Game 3 2-1 and stay alive in the finals.

Game 4: OTT 2 @ CHA 3 Charlottetown had a strong start in Game 4, with Mario Boticki and Harold Roy scoring goals within the game's first four minutes. Rookie center Jacques Tremblay extended Charlottetown's lead with a goal late in the first period. However, Ottawa's Henry Lee managed to bring the score to 3-1 early in the second period. Later in the second period, the Knights' Doug Fournier scored a powerplay goal, reducing the Monarchs' lead to only one goal. Despite the close call, both teams' goalies held firm, and no further goals were scored, resulting in a tied series and an ultimate Game 5 for the Sound Cup Finals.  

Game 5: CHA 4 @ OTT 2 During the final game of the Sound Cup Finals, the Knights' Henry Lee scored the first goal about 6 minutes into the 1st period. The Monarchs would tie the game thanks to Maurice Lapointe's goal early in the second period. Kain Marshall and Stéphane Archambault scored two more goals for the Monarchs, bringing their lead to 3-1 later in the second period. Joe Djogo scored a goal for Ottawa in the late 3rd period, reducing the deficit to 3-2. However, Denzel Mitchell scored an empty-netter for the Monarchs with less than a minute left, sealing their victory and clinching their first Sound Cup.

1947 Sound Cup Champions: Charlottetown Monarchs (1)

Up next: 1947 ECHO Awards


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Re: Eastern Canada Hockey Organization

1947 ECHO Awards

Charlottetown goaltender Peter Chiasson delivered an outstanding performance during the playoffs that did not go unnoticed by fans and experts alike. His remarkable efforts earned him the title of Playoffs MVP. 

Meanwhile, Joe Djogo from Ottawa proved to be an unstoppable force on the ice, dominating his opponents with an impressive tally of 48 goals, 20 assists, and 68 points, ultimately securing the title of MVP and his position as a true superstar in the league. 

David Demers, also from Ottawa, was awarded the title of Defensive Player of the Year for his stellar 48 takeaways and 148 hits, showcasing his undeniable prowess on the ice and solidifying his reputation as a formidable opponent. 

Similarly, Steve Turgeon from Ottawa was acknowledged for his crucial role in his team's success, earning the Defensive Forward of the Year award with his impressive 30 takeaways and 74 hits.

Quebec's Alex Davis proved himself to be an exceptional goalie, earning him the Goalie of the Year award. With an impressive 2.67 GAA and .915 SV%, Davis undoubtedly proved his worth as one of the top goalies in the league. 

Finally, Jacob Cox from the Montreal Beavers was awarded Rookie of the Year for his exceptional performance on the ice, scoring a remarkable 18 goals, 21 assists, and 39 points. Cox is undoubtedly a rising star in the league, with the potential to achieve even greater things in the future.

And that concludes the 2nd season of ECHO. 1st part of the offseason should be up in the next few days.

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Re: Eastern Canada Hockey Organization

1947 ECHO Offseason

Design Changes
Quebec Reds

The Reds have revealed their new logo, featuring a red Q with a white fleur-de-lis on top of it. The rationale behind the updated design is to promote unity between the French and English communities in the city by incorporating the French symbol, the Fleur-de-lis, for a team with an English name.

On both sets, the Reds have replaced the diagonal text with their new logo (which is colour swapped on the home set) and widened the hem stripe and also changed the number font.

C&C is appreciated, as always.

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6/23/2023 11:34 pm  #40

Re: Eastern Canada Hockey Organization

I'm glad Quebec kept the very stripey sleeves.

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