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8/05/2023 8:50 am  #101

Re: Building the League

Alright, I can officially confirm that the draft will be held on Sunday, August 6th, at 8PM EST. This was the time that worked for the most people. My apologies if you are unable to make this time.

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8/08/2023 11:26 pm  #102

Re: Building the League

I think we should keep talking about stadiums, so I'm going to talk about stadiums.

For most of their history, FC Tokyo Sakura have played in Yoyogi Park Field (代々木公園フィールド), first built in the late 1940s as part of reconstruction efforts after World War II. The stadium was built directly across from Meiji Jingu shrine and the cherry blossom gardens, which partially inspired the club's name. However, by the 2020s, the stadium was showing its age, leading the club leadership to put into motion plans for a brand new field.

Beginning in 2023, the Blossoms will move into their new home - Sakura Stadium (サクラスタジアム). The stadium is a modern yet classic shape built on the site of the old stadium. Seating 51,396 spectators, the north side of the stadium has no upper level, so that fans can appreciate Yoyogi Park and Shinjuku's skyline from inside the arena. Top-level balconies are planted with cherry trees so that near the end of the AltLiga season, when Sakura are competing for the crown, the trees are in full bloom.

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8/09/2023 6:01 am  #103

Re: Building the League

Today, I'm happy to announce the unveiling of the brand new, state of the art, Old Corporate Bank Park.   Why is the new stadium called Old?  Mostly for character.  Since we are called Berlin 1871, we wanted to invoke a feeling of nostalgia, as though Old Corporate Bank Park has been there for generations.   Granted, absolutely nothing in the stadium itself is old fashioned, everything is state of the art.   Being able to seat an impressive 75,522 screaming fans, Berlin 1871 will be among the loudest on the planet (no really, we made sure of it.   It'd bore you to listen to me prattle on how exactly we did it, but our architecture was put together to make screaming fans' voices echo. making the stadium even louder than it already is).   

Oh, and don't mind the controversy about how the stadium was funded, or about the working conditions.  Fact is, state of the art stadiums are expensive and require significant resources.  There's only so much that an honest little company like Corporate Bank can contribute.  But, you'll all be happy to know that the classic Revolve a Field technology that other stadiums with the Corporate Bank (the most successful bank on the planet, mind you!) name have is back!   When we're not using the field for soccer, we're using it for American Football (we'd love to have the AltFL bring a game or two internationally to grow the sport's popularity in Germany!), Basketball (AltBA, perhaps?) and even Chess Boxing!  So the city will be getting it's money's worth for sure!   

What?  You really want to know about the approximate 4,500 lawsuits from those whining workers, that claim they were put through extreme and abusive working conditions?   Oh c'mon, you know how it goes.  We couldn't get enough German people to work on Old Corporate Bank Park and they wanted too much money anyway.   So we did what any other responsible corporation does, which was hire international workers from less fortunate countries for significantly less to no pay!  Who were we to not look after less fortunate friends worldwide, they deserve a chance to work for a succesful company too!   Sure, they were under a REALLY tight schedule and had to work really quickly, we may have been a bit Laissez Faire with safety regulations (hey, it's the worker's fault if they fall to their doom from high up!  They knew there were no safety rails on those high platforms!), and it's a mystery to us too that every single one of them lost their passports, making it impossible for them to go home.   All we know is that we generously allowed all these people a chance to work for a good living.   Oh, and while on the topic, no, we did NOT hiring a bunch of children to build this thing, that's absurd.   All of the approximate 4,500 workers just happened to be really short, I'm guessing we just coincidently hired people from countries where people are all much tinier than usual.  Weird, I know, but we're an equal opportunity company after all!  

So relax, sit back with a nice warm German beer, if you're old enough of course,  (Also, why do Germans like their beer warm?  That's very strange to me) and enjoy watching the Berlin Bears Claw and Gnaw their way to victory!   Just ignore the squeaking and cranking sounds you'll hear.  It's nothing to worry about at all, remember that Old Corporate Bank Park was built with the best of German engineering!  What's that?  We didn't actually hire any actual German engineers to put this stadium together?  Well, I know that!  It's just an expression to inspire confidence, that's all!

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8/12/2023 9:31 am  #104

Re: Building the League

It's time for the clash kits! We're going to give the owners of each club some say in the design of their clash kits and we're all very excited for this round. That said, there are a few ground rules that we want to lay down.

THE FORM: We'll be collecting all of this information in a Google Form (link to be posted at the end of this post). In it, it includes a few questions, so let's talk about those.
First: AHS username and AltLiga team. Easy enough, we need to know whose briefs we're getting.
Second: The design brief. In the form, there is a 750-character limit. I think this is plenty of space to define your briefs, but if, for whatever reason, you need (and I mean really need) more, let me know.
Third: Shirt sponsor. What's a soccer team without a big corporate logo on the chest? There will be a couple more rules to this that I'll talk about in a sec.
Last: Preferred method of contact. This is so that we can reach you when it's time to decide your kits (or if we need to talk to you about your selected sponsor, but hopefully that won't happen). Just put in whatever is best for you - Discord, email, board message, whatever.

THE BRIEF: The fun part! It's here where you'll give designers inspiration. List any specific colors, patterns, references, whatever you want, for designers to use when creating their kits. Of course, if you don't have anything specific, that works too! Just put that in the form and designers can go buck wild for your club. Some questions that came up as we were discussing:
What colors can we use? Whatever you want! Just remember that this kit should serve as a clash option, meaning if you have a dark-colored shirt already, then you'll need a light-colored shirt here. When we post the full design briefs, we'll mention if each team's primary kit is light or dark, so you can make the opposite!
Can we break out elements of the crest? Yep! So long as you're not adding new logo elements or replacing the crest entirely you'll be good. Let's honor all of our hard work on the crests and keep them looking fresh on every kit! (And yes, you can change the crest's colors on the kit.)
If you have any other questions, feel free to ask myself or Dan! We're in charge of this portion of AltLiga design and we're happy to answer your questions.

THE SHIRT SPONSOR: One more design element for our shirts. We're mostly leaving this up to you all, but again, there are a couple ground rules.
The company MUST originate from the same country as your team. Keeping in line with the international spirit of AltLiga, we want to represent a diverse population of companies. We know that this cuts off companies that have large presences in countries but may not actually originate from said nation, but we felt this was a clear-cut line that defines what we want while still letting you all make a choice for your own club.
We reserve the right to reject your submitted sponsor. While we want you all to have your own say, we also reserve the right to ask you to change your sponsor if we feel it does not align with our goals. This will function in the same way as the AltFL Trade Council - the same members (myself, Dan, and Gritty) but this time 2/3 votes will reject the sponsor. I don't expect this to come up but think twice before submitting a company that could be considered inappropriate.
Of course, if you don't want a shirt sponsor, that's totally fine as well. Just put an "N/A" or something along those lines in the form. We'll announce the kit sponsors at the same time as we post the clash kit design briefs. At that point, you can work with the designers of your primary kits to incorporate your sponsor in an aesthetically pleasing manner and clash kit designers can include the sponsor on their submissions.

And that's all the rules! Again if you have any questions, you can post it here on the boards or shoot myself or Dan a message. We'll be posting the briefs next Saturday, 8/19, so get your briefs in before that! Without further ado, here's the form!


Happy designing!

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8/18/2023 5:11 pm  #105

Re: Building the League

Just a reminder, your clash kit design briefs are due tonight! We've got 14 out of 16 so we're almost there. If you haven't yet, please submit one!


8/19/2023 12:37 pm  #106

Re: Building the League

And here it is! This is the final design phase of AltLiga. It's time for the clash kits! In the next big image, you'll see a collection of our owners' design briefs. Next to the club's logo is either "Light" or "Dark" - this denotes what color the clash kit should be (y'know, to actually clash with the primary kit). The definition of "Light" and "Dark" is purposefully vague - don't think you have to be restricted to white or a team's darkest color! On the far right is the club's shirt sponsor. I've got a collection of SVGs for each company that I'll share at the end of this post.

Before I share the image, remember - while these briefs are what the owner may be looking for, you do not have to follow them exactly. If you think you have a better idea, go for it! There's no guarantee it will be picked, but you are more than welcome to submit it.

Without further ado, here are the briefs!

Here's the image Andes' brief is referencing: Note that Andes also requests, regarding their sponsor logo, "Absolutely do not use the company colors. Use a color from your kit that contrasts the most from the others."
If you're having trouble reading the image, you can find a plain text version of the briefs here.

Pretty cool, right? We have some truly creative ideas ripe for the taking. As a reminder, here are a couple rules to keep in mind:
Any color scheme is allowed. As long as the kit clashes with the primary sufficiently, any scheme is on the table!
You can break elements out of the logo, but don't replace anything. No designing new logos to go on the chest! We worked hard on our crests and we should recognize that hard work.

We're giving everyone two weeks to work on these. Submissions are due the night of Friday, September 1st. There's no hard deadline, just know that it'll be around when I wake up (9am Pacific time). Make sure you get them in before then. I'll make the poll and post it that Saturday morning. Please send your submissions to If you send them in early, we can let you know if they meet our contrast requirements and you'll have time to revise your submission. If you don't give us enough time to get back to you, then your kit won't be included on the poll. We'll be sure to tell you why.

Here's the folder of sponsor SVGs:

So have fun! I personally can't wait to see what everyone can come up with. Happy designing!

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8/19/2023 9:43 pm  #107

Re: Building the League

extremely looking forward to seeing how everyone interprets these design briefs! a few questions:

1. are we designing kits for the teams that didn't get selected also, or just the ones that are actually in the league?
2. would it be possible to get a repository of numbers and nobs (either fonts or vectors) so that we can stay consisten with the existing kits?
3. will we be allowed to submit explanations of our kit designs? I'm thinking in particular about andes and crayola colors, but I think it would be useful in a more general case as well

thanks for putting all of this together!


8/20/2023 2:11 am  #108

Re: Building the League

ItDoesntMatter wrote:

extremely looking forward to seeing how everyone interprets these design briefs! a few questions:

1. are we designing kits for the teams that didn't get selected also, or just the ones that are actually in the league?
2. would it be possible to get a repository of numbers and nobs (either fonts or vectors) so that we can stay consisten with the existing kits?
3. will we be allowed to submit explanations of our kit designs? I'm thinking in particular about andes and crayola colors, but I think it would be useful in a more general case as well

thanks for putting all of this together!

Thanks for your questions! I've got some answers for you.

1. Yes! Thank you so much for bringing it up, I had completely forgot. We will absolutely be designing for the 8 unowned clubs. They will be due one week later, on September 8th.
2. Yep! Here you go: AltLiga Font Database
3. Yes! Please include a brief description in your email. We'll be sure to include it in our graphic.


8/28/2023 4:05 pm  #109

Re: Building the League

Hey folks! I got a question about this earlier today so I'm posting it on the board to clarify. Regarding how the clash kit must actually clash with the primary kit, only the shirt must clash. In real life, every element of the kit (shirts, shorts, socks) would clash, but because we don't have alternate shorts and socks, we're only focusing on making sure the primary shirt and the clash shirt contrast sufficiently. Hopefully this clarifies some things. Happy designing!


9/01/2023 3:57 pm  #110

Re: Building the League

Hey guys! This is a reminder that AltLiga Clash Kits are due tonight. So far I’ve only received submissions from one person, so be sure to get them in!


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