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1/15/2023 12:51 am  #21

Re: The Major Lacrosse Association

ItDoesntMatter wrote:

Jayhawk wrote:

Dan O'Mac wrote:

One thing I've noticed that seems a bit out of place on a few of these jerseys are the thick, black outline on the numbers with no other black on the jerseys.

I only really added them because I wanted an outline outside the number. And black was the first color that came to mind. I just seemed to like it around the numbers.

That's fair, it's okay to have things you like, but why is it always black? Most of these teams don't use black for anything else, and you'd get the same look by using blue on the snakes or jackals or brown on the t-birds. Even if it's something you think looks good, it does start to get repetitive when you use it across the entire league. I know that something I keep an eye on when I design is when teams start to look like each other, and since a lot of your jerseys don't have a lot of striping or anything, it does kinda look like they're running into each other a little bit.

Yeah true, I'll try something different with these last two


1/16/2023 12:33 am  #22

Re: The Major Lacrosse Association

I went ahead and changed the colors around the number. I do agree that it was repetitive and it didn't make much sense.

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1/16/2023 12:53 am  #23

Re: The Major Lacrosse Association

yeah I like these better. I do think the snakes would benefit from a blue stroke but maybe that's something they could improve on down the road

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1/16/2023 1:42 am  #24

Re: The Major Lacrosse Association

It is time for St. Louis. We have the St. Louis Otters Lacrosse Club. It is Stone Mervyn's team. He is a local businessman from the St. Louis area and he loves lacrosse. The Otters were founded in 1912 and are not a very good team. Their fans call them the "Loveable Losers". The Otters can be a chippy and chirpy team while playing, so they spend a lot of time in the box.

The Otters will call Municipal Stadium home. It has seating for 15,000 fans and they look to pack the house.

Logo on Jerseys?
Yes, they did it. The rest of the league thinks it is horrible but St. Louis did it anyways. They want to be different, so, they did the same thing as Golden Horseshoe. Love em or not they're still a loveable team.

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1/17/2023 2:51 pm  #25

Re: The Major Lacrosse Association

It is time for our final team of the first 10 teams. Toronto Falcons Lacrosse Club. Owned by Manny Palmer. Founded in 1875, they are the oldest team in the league. They have won more than their fair share of Canadian Championships and were even invited to National Tournaments. They are the only Canadian club to be invited to the US-based competition. The Falcons look to swoop in on the first MLA title.

The Falcons play at the lovely Falcon Park II. It is the second structure to take the name, the first one was demolished and replaced with the new 10,000 seat venue. The venue is brand new and fresh for the Falcons.

No Away Jerseys?
Toronto is another team that does not want to add an away jersey. Simon let this one slide because Palmer and himself are very good friends. Toronto does not want to break their tradition of wearing these jerseys and these jerseys only. 

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1/17/2023 6:34 pm  #26

Re: The Major Lacrosse Association

I like Toronto's overall design, the stripes are a nice change-up, however, may I suggest a slightly toned-down blue, I think the vibrancy it is at clashes too much with the red.


1/17/2023 11:01 pm  #27

Re: The Major Lacrosse Association

1970 League Pre-Season Meetings
Manhattan, New York

The teams will be divided into an Eastern Division that will consist of Boston, Golden Horseshoe, Manhattan, Philadelphia and Toronto. As well as a Western Division with Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Louisville and St. Louis

Each team will play every member in there division 2 times (home and home).
Each team will be assigned one team in the opposite division, in which they will play a home and home.
Play the 4 other teams from the other divisions 1 time.

-Cross-Division Assignments
The matches were "randomly" drawn.
Detroit-Golden Horseshoe
St. Louis-Philadelphia

Simon and Brenton made a formal agreement that the other matchups would change, however, Chicago and Manhattan will play 2 games every year guaranteed. 

The season will officially begin with Chicago playing host to Manhattan at the Cardinal Grounds!

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1/19/2023 8:08 pm  #28

Re: The Major Lacrosse Association

Really digging the teams!  Some really nice logo work in particular!  I think my favorites so far are Detroit (because Michigan, although it seems they may not be long for the league?), Cleveland (love the T-Birds logo!), and Philadelphia (Again, awesome logo and I like this team's color combo).  Keep up the good work!


1/19/2023 10:05 pm  #29

Re: The Major Lacrosse Association

Here are the Standings for the Midseason Point. (Enjoy my writeups... lol)

Toronto: Not much to say about Toronto, except that they are doing good. 

Manhattan: Simon held a meeting with his team claiming that being 5-2 was not good enough. Being second place in the division is not something he fancies.

Philadelphia: Off to a pretty decent start and are above their own expectations.

Boston: For being a brand new team they are not horrible. Their defensemen Patty McGill and Van Noy have stepped up a lot over the season.

Golden Horseshoe: Despite being 2-5 they are very content with their record. They have star 22 year old attackmen, Noodin Kenosha. They know if he can develop right, he will be an absolute beast.

Chicago: Not much to say about Chicago. They are playing fantastic with their dynamic duo at attack, Chase Wildgoose and Cole Tirkee (Cousins). And with Lyle Cross in the net, they look to steamroll the rest of the competition.

Louisville: You can't complain at 3-3-1. And Louisville looks to improve over the season.

Cleveland: Cleveland has a stacked team, but can they use it right? With a very young core all around the team, including Joseph "The Jet" Rein and Arman Talgat at attack, Bruno Piekarczyk at midfield, and with Filip Piekarczyk and the boys on defense.

St. Louis: Nothing can describe St. Louis's season. It is what they expected. Their fans call them the "Loveable Losers" for a reason.

Detroit: Detroit.... oh.... Detroit. This is what was expected. Along with the team's management, the play is awful. Their coach left in the middle of the season and Cliff Sorbert has to take over. Things are not looking good for Detroit.


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1/22/2023 5:13 pm  #30

Re: The Major Lacrosse Association

Let's look at the end of the season standings. I'm sure you'll notice too that not much has changed.

Chicago, Manhattan and Toronto: They have all looked fantastic all season and look to make a move in the playoffs.

Cleveland: They're certainly a team to highlight here, they had a huge momentum swing and clinched a playoff spot.

Louisville and Philadelphia: They have both seemed like pretty even teams all season. And they were both fairly close to clinching but fell just short.

Golden Horseshoe: The organization is still getting its feet wet in professional competition. They seem to be focusing on recruitment in the local area.

St. Louis: Something happened... but nothing great. 

Boston: It was painful to watch all season. However, Boston was still a brand new team coming into the season and has a fantastic core of young talent. They look to be back next year.

Detroit: There is nothing to say here. A complete dumpster fire... poor management, coaching and play has brought them here and there is nobody else to blame.

E1. Toronto will host W2. Cleveland.
W1. Chicago will host E2. Manhattan.

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