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10/04/2022 9:42 pm  #1

Alt Sports Universe | Suggestion Box

Alt Sports Universe!

I think it is important that we are constantly thinking of ways to improve the experience of our fantasy sports experience. And I know that members of our community have some great ideas to do so. With that said, it is important to know that the Alt Sports Universe has become a 365 day endeavor in which one season bleeds into the next. The fall especially is a time when we are launching a number of seasons which include a lot of keepers, drafts and roll calls. 

What has become obvious this fall is that there is more fluctuation in the number of teams in our leagues than I had originally anticipated. With that said, we'll have to be flexible and willing to adapt. 

Things to Consider:

1.) Are the changes suggested for the betterment of all teams? 
2.) We can't change too much too often since teams will be building themselves under an existing set of rules
3.) Changes will need to be reflective a majority of the owners in the league 

Owners Meetings: 

I will add 'owners meetings' to the Alt Sports Calendar. A couple of months prior to the start of the season I will open the floor for discussion on the rules and adjustments suggested here. We will set a vote and we'll go from there. The problem is that there are lot of good ideas being floated around in a bunch of different places and I don't want them to fall through the class. Especially because this isn't anyone's full time job to monitor. So that's what the suggestion box is for...

Suggestion Box

*It is important to note that just because something is suggested does not mean that we will adopt it. In some cases, I reserve the right (on behalf of the other Mods) to veto a change. But as I hope you have come to know that I am reasonable and am willing to create an experience that reflects the wishes of the group. 


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