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9/02/2022 1:13 pm  #31

Re: Premier Baseball League

The Feds look good, solid, and the RWB is not as common as in the MLB, so it helps them stand out.

My favorites are still Buffalo and White City, with the slight edge going to White City.

9/02/2022 6:45 pm  #32

Re: Premier Baseball League

We return to the Keystone State for Pittsburgh's entry into the PBL, the Pittsburgh Triangles. Unlike their shaped-named counterparts across the state, the Triangles competed in the GLBA against teams like Forest City BC and Chicago AC so this season will be the first in which the two compete in meaningful games. The club is relatively new but quickly rose to prominence within the Steel City to become the club of choice for most Pittsbughers. Otto Harvey has run the team since he founded it as both an owner and a General Manager, often drawing criticism from fans for decisions made on both sides of the front office.

Walter "Lucky" Red is the team's Manager, an unusual position to be called the star, but his tactical genius is second to none on the diamond. He got his nickname as a child, when he was nearly hit by a train but a lucky gust of wind pushed him off the tracks just a few moments before a train turned the corner. He hopes some of that luck will transfer to his team, who have not lived up to expectations. Red's managerial skills have been mostly wasted in Pittsburgh but maybe the new league will provide the juice the team needs to finally turn the corner.

What would a Pittsburgh team be without black and gold? Named for the Golden Triangle that Pittsburgh sits on, the logo represents that with, well, a golden triangle and a P for Pittsburgh. Simple trim and elegant scripts are a hallmark of the team.

Triangle Point Park, despite its name, was not actually built on the point of Pittsburgh where the three rivers meet. When Harvey looked for a place for his ballpark, he tried to buy the land from the city, who turned him down as the area was a park and losing it to build a sports stadium was not going to happen. Harvey instead went to the shores of the Ohio and named the stadium after what it overlooks.

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9/04/2022 12:43 am  #33

Re: Premier Baseball League

We head next to the Motor City and Detroit Baseball Club. They're nicknamed the "Cupids" because of the many players that have found love while playing for the team. It's not uncommon to see players hitting the stands after a win to kiss their girlfriends or wives who they found while working in Detroit. The fans have fully embraced this brand and because they control the team it has adopted a set based around the nickname.

Fan favorite Washington Cannon is the slugging leftfielder who's been setting records (on and off the field) for hits. He claims to have fathered over 50 children in his 12 years with the club and during that time he's launched over 400 home runs as well. Cannon is joined by a powerful team of offensively-minded players who also led the GLBA in errors more often than not.

Detroit utilizes a unique color scheme of pink and navy blue, with a logo surrounding a heart with a wing. The iconic pinstriped home uniform features the Detroit script that's been with the team since 1932. This script also reappears on the gray road uniform.

Canuck Grounds was named for the Canadian fans that supported the club for so long. Often fans would cross from Windsor and set up camp at a specific place before heading to the park and when the club built a new stadium they honored those fans by placing it where they would tailgate. The "Cupid Canucks", as they were called, have become the most famous baseball supporters' group in the nation and have members across Ontario and Michigan.

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9/04/2022 1:34 am  #34

Re: Premier Baseball League

On a more serious note, I like the Canadian influence in Detroit. It makes me want to pick them as my team for the time being.


9/04/2022 10:50 am  #35

Re: Premier Baseball League

I like both the Triangles and Cupids a lot. Detroit more so due to looking much more unique then your standard baseball team with the pink and the name.

9/05/2022 6:34 pm  #36

Re: Premier Baseball League

Returning to the East Coast, we have the next club from the Tri-State area. Newark Baseball Club is the entry from New Jersey and is immensely proud of that. Owned by the fans and the people of New Jersey, the club represents the Garden State at the highest level of baseball and they jumped at the chance to leap to the PBL.

Keith Rollins is from just across the river in Brooklyn but his hometown club didn't sign him and he's made them pay since. He's turned into a star slugger for the Maroons and makes sure to have a great series whenever the BrookSox face him. He's backed by a solid team that, if everything goes right, could be a surprise dark horse this season.

Newark's nickname is the Maroons and one look at their uniforms lets you see why. Maroon pinstripes, maroon numbers, maroon caps, and a maroon logo at home, while the road jerseys switch that out for an all-maroon getup with white pinstripes and highlights.

Newark Memorial Stadium was built after World War I to honor those who had served and now acts as the faithful home for the Maroons. It's a unique stadium that hosts both Newark BC and the local gridiron club, the Newark Jaguars. This has created a bit of a scheduling conflict during the fall months, but it's worked for years. On the rare occasion, the teams have combined for a unique doubleheader as fans get to see a football and baseball game at the same venue on the same day.

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9/05/2022 6:58 pm  #37

Re: Premier Baseball League

The next club belongs to the Constitution State, Connecticut. The Hartford Greens were established after the city couldn't find a place in the New York Metropolitan League so they joined the New England Association before the Atlantic League. The club is currently owned by Earl Blackbourne, a Connecticut native who only really owns the team for local goodwill. He's a notorious penny-pincher but rumor has it his baseball-loving daughter may get him to open his purse strings to improve the team.

Thornton Scrivens is the man behind the plate in Hartford. He's a young catcher on the rise and his classic mustache drives the ladies of Connecticut wild. He's worn the Green and Blue his whole career, being signed right out of high school and placed directly on the big league team. The team is struggling but with several young players they may be on the rise with an influx of cash.

An Old English H is Hartford's logo and has been for several decades. The dark green and blue combination is also something unique to Hartford and banner with those colors can be seen lining the city as baseball season starts. A detailed HARTFORD script adorns the front of the jerseys, green outlined in white and blue to reinforce those colors as Hartford's.

Hartford Stadium, like in Newark, was built after World War I, but on the previous owner's dime, so the Greens control it. In an immensely unpopular move, Blackbourne kicked out the other tenants (gridiron's Hartford Greens and field hockey's Hartford Arrows) to save on maintenance costs. These teams couldn't find a place to play and both had to relocate but the ever-philanthropic Blackbourne purchased a new gridiron club to try and assuage fans.

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9/05/2022 10:48 pm  #38

Re: Premier Baseball League

I really like Newark, that's a really solid look.

One question though: what happened on the chest of Hartford's jersey?

9/06/2022 1:45 am  #39

Re: Premier Baseball League

The final team from the GLBA is from the shores of the Ohio River, shining like a crown. Queen City Baseball Club hails from Cincinnati and run like royalty. Players are constantly stopped in the streets by fans asking for autographs. The team's image is bolstered by owner Godfrey Bernard, who spends big-time on the team. He is, though, prone to overspending and spending on the wrong players.

Kirby Peacock is the highest-paid player on the team, making millions of dollars as he posts a 3.78 ERA with a 5-17 record. He leads a team of underachievers who are projected to place well every year but end up below expectations.

QCBC uses a royal color scheme of purple and gold with an interlocking QC logo. An arching "Queen City" wordmark appears on the home while the road says "Cincinnati".

The Queen's Ballpark is a modern palace for baseball. It features castle-like structures and buttresses to convey a royal aura to the rest of the baseball world. It has all the modern amenities a fan could want, such as clean toilets and some concessions. Seats in the outfield turrets are highly prized by the Monarch faithful.

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9/06/2022 10:27 am  #40

Re: Premier Baseball League

Cincinnati looks great! Love purple as the primary color (nostalgic D-Backs fan here). I think this is definitely the team I’ll go for. I also find it ironic that a Charlotte guy (a fellow Queen City) would use the moniker for Cincinnati.

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