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8/28/2022 5:49 pm  #1

Premier Baseball League

It started with an idea. Sitting in the owner's box in Philadelphia, Daniel Thaddeus realized that he had the chance to completely reform the way baseball was played in the United States. And he was gonna do it.

World War 2 had been rough on the clubs that played America's Pastime. Players drafted, attendance lowered, and many teams were on the ropes. The geographic league-based system that had dominated baseball since it was invented needed to change if the sport was to survive. Baseball was going national.

Thaddeus began contacting the top teams from the two best leagues in America, the Atlantic League and the Great Lakes Baseball Association. He proposed a league comprised of the best of the best, playing across the country, competing for the premier crown of baseball.

When his plan was announced in the winter of 1948, he was met with ridicule from the press and the public. Nobody expected him to get even 8 teams, much less his stated goal of 16. And it certainly wasn't easy for him to convince other owners to jump on. In interviews, Thaddeus would give Chicago's Billy Krantz credit for being the man that truly launched his dream. Krantz was able to convince plenty of the GLBA's teams to make the jump, while Thaddeus slowly won over the AL's top teams.

All in all, 20 teams left their historic leagues and made the switch to Thaddeus' pet project for the 1950 season. Welcome to a new era of baseball in America.

Welcome to the Premier Baseball League.

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8/28/2022 6:04 pm  #2

Re: Premier Baseball League

We begin with none other than Daniel Thaddeus' own team, Boston Harbor Baseball Club. Regulars at the top of the table of the Atlantic League, the Anchors are notorious of being big spenders and consistently performing. There used to be other clubs in Boston, but they were so thoroughly beat by Harbor that only one other competitive club remains (and there's no way Thaddeus would let them into the PBL).

The team is led by deadly pitcher William Orbison, whose fastball speeds past opposing batters while his off-speed pitches embarrass those who even try to swing. In their last season in the Atlantic League, Harbor finished at the top of the table, 5 games above their closest competition in New York City. Sportswriters expect Boston to once again by the cream of the crop as they transition to the PBL.

The team sports a B interlocked with an anchor as their logo, worn since the team was founded by Boston Harbor employees in 1887. The colors of blue and gold are inspired by the city's flag, while a cool anchor gray supports them.

The team plays in the historic Harbor Stadium, found on the waterfront of Boston. The old structure is known for a rowdy crowd that gives no quarter to opposing players or fans, creating a unique atmosphere that exudes "Boston" to anyone that's experienced it. The team has gotten into trouble on more than one occasion when a stray ball hit some cargo in the harbor and caused quite a large delay, but these stories are all part of what makes Harbor so unique.

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Re: Premier Baseball League

Following Boston Harbor is Brooklyn's PBL entry, the Brooklyn Blue Sox. Originally nicknamed as such because of their famous royal blue stockings, the team, owned collectively by fans, voted to make it official in 1912. Since then, the team has worn their famous "Crossed Sox" logo. The team had lots of success during the 1920s but since then has not been much of a factor in the Atlantic League. Owner meetings are characterized by lots of loud yelling and not a lot of action, which may be why the team has been struggling.

On the field, the team's best player is 2B Gordy Fields. The Brooklyn native is a hometown hero but has sadly been struggling lately. He's only 26, so he has time to develop, but things have gotten so bad that he's been booed by Blue Sox fans before. His time to turn things around may be smaller than anyone thinks.

The uniforms are simple, with the Blue Sox logo on the chest and a single blue stripe on the sleeve and pants. The argument over the white-paneled cap lasted for three days straight before the resolution was adopted 52-48 in a tight vote.

Brooklyn Grounds is the brand-new complex that the BrookSox call home. Completed for the 1949 season, the stadium in the heart of Brooklyn offers all the newest amenities to fans who come out to see a ball game. It's tucked right in a residential area (how they got the zoning clearance to do that may have to do with New York mayor Robert Myles, a noted Blue Sox fan) and the residents leaning out of their windows to catch the game and cheer on Brooklyn.

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Re: Premier Baseball League

We go from Brooklyn to Philadelphia and the team that Harbor was playing when Thaddeus had his million-dollar idea. Keystone Athletic Baseball Club has called Philly home since 1894, when they were first shifted from nearby Bethlehem as owner Richard Cooper wanted to tap into the large size of the city. Cooper still owns the team but has mostly stepped away from day-to-day operations, instead handing the reins to his son, Ronald. Ronald has led the team into a bit of a resurgence, as they finished in the top 5 in the AL for the first time in 15 years in 1947. The team has been riding that momentum and looks to continue it in the PBL.

Keystone's ace is Franky Livingstone, an auspicious player name for a team nicknamed the Franklins and the Keystones. Franky is known for his surprising batting ability for a pitcher, as he's hit the most home runs of any pitcher since records were kept. Because of his skill at the plate and on the mound, he's often billed as a must-see matchup whenever the Keystones come to town.

Keystone Athletic is decked out in Philly's signature blue and yellow, sporting an off-white home jersey that Richard Cooper says reminds him of his vintage jerseys from his playing days. The logo is notable for highlighting the city of Philadelphia instead of Keystone name, a decision made because, in the words of Cooper, "the team is the city and the city is the team".

Memorial Stadium, constructed after World War I, is the home of Philly's Finest, a perfectly cromulent ballpark that has hosted plenty of games in its day. One notable thing about it is the odd outfield, constructed in such a way that it made the shape of a keystone, so centerfield is noticeably larger than left or right, much to the chagrin of opposing players.

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Re: Premier Baseball League


glad to see you back at it, qcs! hopefully this league can stick around for a while - I've missed having a baseball league to follow (rip the mabl)

digging the designs, and I like that a lot of teams are wearing color on the road. I do wish boston had a gray jersey, though, since it's part of their color scheme, and I think that darker gray would be different and look cool (I also wish their jerseys used, idk, any gold). I dig their look, tho, and I'll be rooting for them (but you knew that). the sox look solid, and I'm glad you found a use for your keystones concept. excited to see where else you're headed!


8/28/2022 7:25 pm  #6

Re: Premier Baseball League

Glad to see you back in action QCS! All 3 of these teams look solid, but Philly is easily my favourite so far. The gold and blue work so well with the off-white. That jersey specifically is the most aesthetically pleasing so far. Also, the BrookSox logo is very well done and feels very for its time.

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Re: Premier Baseball League

Ooh yeah, this is gonna be good! Love the start so far. Keystone are my favourite look of the ones unveiled.

8/28/2022 9:15 pm  #8

Re: Premier Baseball League

Loving this so far!

All three teams look great so far, but I especially like Keystone's home set.

8/28/2022 10:34 pm  #9

Re: Premier Baseball League

Really excited to see where this goes, obviously I think Harbor looks the best but the other two look fantastic.

8/29/2022 1:47 am  #10

Re: Premier Baseball League

Thanks for the comments, guys! Glad you're liking the teams. You can be assured that teams will change (and pretty regularly early on) so be afraid/take comfort.

Our next team hails from snowy Buffalo and frozen shores of Lake Erie. Buffalo Lakers Athletic Club, often just shortened to the Lakers, was often a frequent punching bag of the Great Lakes Baseball Association. The team could be regularly found at the bottom of the cellar, below even clubs like Toledo or London. That said, the fans are some of the most dedicated in the country and owner John White has deep pockets, so they were able to make the jump to the PBL.

Alvin Sinclair, the star outfielder for the team, is a star pretty much by default. The whole team is full of players that can generously be described as "able to play baseball". Sinclair himself would probably be a starter on most other teams but he's quickly approaching his twilight.

The Lakers have a very simple block B logo, using their famous powder blue to stand out on the field. The only PBL team (and one of the very few in the country) to wear powder blue jerseys, they'll at least look good while they lose by 10 to the Anchors.

Lakefront Athletic Complex, in use by the team since its founding in 1901, has seen several upgrades to it over the years. Some of these improvements have been less than stellar, leading to an iconic moment in Lakers history when the team gave up a walk-off home run in an important game after the outfield wall literally collapsed and the ball flew just through the hole, ruled a home run by the umpire who only saw the ball in the stands after the dust settled.

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