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10/24/2022 11:20 am  #41

Re: AltBA Season 2022

AltBA Knockout week one is in the books, and QCS is out. It's a small group for this, so we'll be finishing in Week 6. Maybe we'll run a second starting week 7? WHO KNOWS! I don't! This week's results:

6-2  DireBear
5-3  Kingsfan11
5-3  IDM
5-3  JamHeronArk
5-3  Magic
4-4  Dan O'Mac
3-5  QCS

Here are your week 2 matchups to choose from!


2x Alt Champion :: AltLB Champion Oklahoma City Bison - 2022 :: AltFL Champion New York Emperors - 2022


10/24/2022 11:28 am  #42

Re: AltBA Season 2022

Well, that certainly was a tough loss. We scored a lot, but not quite enough, and fell to the Olympians. We're going to bounce back however, and we'll be aggressive in shoring up those bench spots to make the Emeralds a cut above the rest. This week, we stay at home at The Dick II and host the Jimmer-led Devils. Those peachy bois are going to see the Emeralds in the standard Stratus set, shown here by last week's top scorer, Donovan Mitchell!

2x Alt Champion :: AltLB Champion Oklahoma City Bison - 2022 :: AltFL Champion New York Emperors - 2022


10/24/2022 11:50 am  #43

Re: AltBA Season 2022

It may be a new roster, but it's a familiar story. The Albuquerque Invaders finished with the highest point total in the AltBA in week 1, and once again top the overall standings. This week, though, at least one thing will change, as for the first time in the modern era, the team heads out East to take on the Baltimore Lancers. With a change in scenery, it feels appropriate to feature a new player as well, so the man we acquired to replace LeBron James, G/F Paul George, is here to show off our road maroon jerseys. #OutOfThisWorld #QuerqBoys #ABQvsBAL


10/24/2022 1:44 pm  #44

Re: AltBA Season 2022

Today, New Orleans Revelers owner Basketball Stickman arrived to announce the uniform that the Revelers would wear.   Journalist Dick Dingleberry, usually annoyed and uninterested in Stickman's press conferences, noted there were no shirtless, heavily oiled Gator Boyz, no Crockettes, nobody except Stickman.   Very strange indeed.  Even stranger, Stickman appeared to be remarkably tired and, strangely for him, very irritated.   

"21 Hours....." Stickman started, sounding lethargic and weak, a far cry from his usual over the top, dramatic ringmaster of the circus voice "21 miserable..... depressing..... poorly serviced..... bumpy....... hours on airplanes..... traveling to Honolulu, thinking we were playing them..... traveling back when I saw we were ACTUALLY playing the Indiana Cardinals.......meaning I could have stayed...... at home...... Party Gras-ing.......all because of a scheduling error........ I won't even discuss what they did to me during my surprise security search......"  Dick very much was curious about the "security search", wanting to savor the idea of the annoying Stick-idiot suffering, but Stickman was continuing his monologue.

".....just wait till we play the Lancers....... I might even.....send my personal Leprechaun assistant Nancy over to.... pay.... friend Gritty....... a visit...... heh, heh, heh.... I may even send......" Stickman's voice turned deeper, more menacing, "..........Mister....... Boppie...... with..... them.....ha....heehee....Ha.....hee haw.......heh.... WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!!!!"  Stick's voice suddenly rang out as he screeched out in maniacal laughter.    Dingleberry was frozen in fear..... actual fear of this lunatic. Suddenly, Stickman abruptly stopped laughing.   

"Wait..... what are you doing here, Dick?"   

"I...... uh...... you literally asked me to come to your press conference to tell me what jerseys the Revelers are wearing.    Not that I care much, I'm assuming you're wearing white at home, but what in the actual $&(+ was that nonsense about paying Gritty a visit?  Are you threatening the commissioner?  And I'm not letting you off the hook about this Mr. Boppie nonsense!   Who is that?  WHAT is that?"

"Yes.   We are wearing white this week.   Now leave me, old wrinkled human.  I need to be alone now"  Stickman turned and walked away, leaving Dick all by himself, as confused as you readers are now.



10/24/2022 2:03 pm  #45

Re: AltBA Season 2022

Today, note that the teams fighting for last year's championship start at the bottom of the rankings! A real hero to zero situation for both KC and Atlanta. In other news, ABQ is on top!


10/24/2022 3:43 pm  #46

Re: AltBA Season 2022

Well, we just couldn't get it done. Despite scoring fairly high, New Orleans was able to stay just ahead and we couldn't catch up. Jimmy Butler was this week's MVP, scoring 111.5 points.

The Flyers will try to hit .500 when they face the Los Angeles Olympians this week. LA had is coming off a high-scoring win over Seattle so this will be no easy feat for Charlotte to accomplish. As we're on the road once again, our Flyer Blue jerseys take the stage. #TakeFlight


10/31/2022 7:44 am  #47

Re: AltBA Season 2022

Oops! All Power Rankings!


10/31/2022 9:49 am  #48

Re: AltBA Season 2022

Our second week is in the books, and our top person this week got all 8 games correct AND were exact on the high score this week!

8-0  DireBear
7-1  idm
6-2  Kingsfan11
6-2  Dan O'Mac
6-2  Magic
5-4  JamHeronArk

Jam, it was a pleasure to have you along for the ride these two weeks, but unfortunately your time is at an end. Putting me at the top of the power rankings (unjustifiably so) will not save you.

For those of you left... make your picks!


2x Alt Champion :: AltLB Champion Oklahoma City Bison - 2022 :: AltFL Champion New York Emperors - 2022


10/31/2022 10:24 am  #49

Re: AltBA Season 2022

Bouncing back from our loss in week one, the Emeralds took down the Devils to go to 1-1. We're finishing up our three game homestand to start the season this week, welcoming our former division rivals, the Denver Mountaineers. Despite some injuries to our big men to start the season, we're shooting well, and look to overcome Deandre Ayton's injury. We're keeping it standard this week and wearing the Stratus set again, shown off by last week's top scorer, guard Kevin Porter!

2x Alt Champion :: AltLB Champion Oklahoma City Bison - 2022 :: AltFL Champion New York Emperors - 2022


10/31/2022 11:24 am  #50

Re: AltBA Season 2022

Well, that was disappointing. The Invaders couldn't weather several injuries to key players and lost our first intra-conference game. Luckily, we've got another chance this week, as we return to the Querq to host the defending champion Devils. Our leading scorer this week was - Bojan? Really? Yeah, look at that. Guess who gets to be on the graphic this week! #OutOfThisWorld #QuerqBoys #ATLvsABQ


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