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8/23/2022 10:58 pm  #11

Re: The 8FL


Coming next from The 8FL we have the Chicago Rush!

Why Rush?
For those who don't know. There was an old Arena Football League team called the Chicago Rush. As an Arena Football fanatic I was dying to have some old AFL representation. The name Rush also comes from the fast paced action of the league.

The Chicago Rush will be hosting games at the 10,300 seat Credit Union 1 Arena.

(edit: I'll redo the image as to where it doesn't take up as much space)

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8/24/2022 3:38 pm  #12

Re: The 8FL

The inner thigh stripe is an interesting choice, as well as the name on the front of the pants, but I could see that for a like of this form. The colours work well, though maybe a little more white could help the look. Are you planning to have some teams have sleeve or pant stripes? Maybe helmet logos?

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8/28/2022 8:05 pm  #13

Re: The 8FL

Alrighty, coming to you live from Louisville, Kentucky! We give you the Louisville Horsepower. The Horsepower like to show off their "electric" style of play through their colors. The blue and yellow combine to form a vibrant and electric experience.

Why Horsepower?
It seems obvious. And yes, the name is in reference to the famous Kentucky Derby. 

The Horsepower will play home games at Freedom Hall which seats 18,865 fans.

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8/28/2022 10:18 pm  #14

Re: The 8FL

So, I'm going to put this project on hold.

I am going to take a step back and focus more on working with gravit and working designs. This league felt very rushed. Thanks for understanding. And don't worry, I'll be focusing on a new project *devil emoji*

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