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9/29/2022 12:25 pm  #171

Re: The AltFL Season 2022

"Are we home yet?"
Heck yea we are! The Galactics are pumped to play in front of the Orlando faithful for the first time this season as we welcome the Milwaukee Mallards to Supernova Stadium. To mark the occasion, the Galactics will be breaking out their purple equipment with helmet, jersey, and socks, paired with the orange pants, hoping to create quite the colourful combo between the Galactics and Mallards. After a stellar performance in Week 3, DB Donovan Wilson is featured on the graphic. Wilson's performance was almost good enough to get the Galactics over the Voyageurs, but they fell just short, due to a Graham Gano field goal. The Galactics have also decided after a poor performance (and definitely not because Zack Wilson is back), that QB Cooper Rush will get the start in Week 4 over QB Joe Flacco, barring any developments on QB Dak Prescott. 

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10/01/2022 9:45 am  #172

Re: The AltFL Season 2022


10/01/2022 3:43 pm  #173

Re: The AltFL Season 2022

The Kentucky Stallions are heading on the road again to take on the spooky Phantoms of San Antonio. We are hoping to continue our unbeaten streak this week. 
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10/04/2022 10:46 am  #174

Re: The AltFL Season 2022

We've cruised through week 4, and we're down another team. I mean, that's the point, but the fact remains. NoE, it was great having you, but your time has come to an end. We had a first this week, as someone predicted all 12 matchups correctly!  

DireBear  12-0
Jam 11-1
Magic 11-1
IDM 10-2
Kingsfan11 10-2
Darknes 10-2
Dan O'Mac  9-3
Steelman 9-3
NoE38 8-4 

And now there are only 8 people remaining, so let's do Week 5!


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10/05/2022 1:21 am  #175

Re: The AltFL Season 2022

After a convincing defeat at the hands of the very good Raptors, the Reapers head back home for a game against the Portland Grizzlies. Hoping to squeak out a win and stay at or above .500, Carolina will be wearing their normal home look of Reaper Red helmets, jerseys, and socks, with Pepper Green pants. #FeelTheHeat



10/05/2022 9:30 am  #176

Re: The AltFL Season 2022

Coming off a big win over the Steelheads in the BOSA DEEZ NUTZ BOWL (sans Joey Bosa), the Emperors return to New York City to take on the Arizona Scorpions. YOUR New York Emperors are bringing back Night at the Museum Night. This was one of the most popular promotions of the season last year with Owen Wilson as honorary captain. This season we have the man that played the pharaoh , Ahkmenrah, here to be honorary captain with Rami Malek! As with last season, $1 of every hot dog, brat, burger, beer or soda purchased donated to the American Natural History Museum!

This week we're breaking out the Crown Jewel set with the black helmets, jerseys and pants. Showing off the jerseys will be Rookie Free Agent DB, number 5, Jalen Pitre!

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10/05/2022 11:49 am  #177

Re: The AltFL Season 2022

The Raptors took the W once again, and are now 4-0. They're looking to make it 5 this week, but they have a very strong Buffalo team standing in their way, looking to spoil the party. Should be a fun matchup this week.

This week's spotlight is on WR Tee Higgins, who has been very effective through the first 4 games. His 18 points last week helped the Raptors overcome a stingy Carolina team.

For the uniform, the Raptors will once again wear their green alt helmet, paired with the regular away jersey, green pants, and gold socks.


10/05/2022 9:01 pm  #178

Re: The AltFL Season 2022

Well, we lost again, and we are 0-4 now, and we head back to the northeast, but this time to Canada, to face off against another 0-4 team, namely the Toronto Beavers. We will bring our away set to Toronto (Navy-White-Navy) and our featured player this week, none other than our highest-scoring player last week, Rashan Gary. #SDvsTOR #SeekAndDestroy

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10/05/2022 9:13 pm  #179

Re: The AltFL Season 2022

The Nightriders welcome Seattle to the comfy confines of the Old Revere, we're breaking out the Lantern Yellows for the first time this year. QB Jimmy Garoppolo leads the charge this week after helping safely manage the offense.


10/05/2022 10:01 pm  #180

Re: The AltFL Season 2022

Well, we got our two weeks at the top, and now, thanks to a few injuries and a lot of poor play, the Steelheads have slid down to .500. We're back on the road, and we're closing out a tough opening stretch of the season by visiting Boston. Once we found out the Riders were gonna be in yellow, our first thought was "does steel contrast enough with yellow?" Turns out it does! So we're breaking out our fourth and final road combo of the year by donning the steel jerseys with the teal pants. This week, we're once again highlighting our highest scorer, who this week was ... Brett Maher? Our kicker? Wow, that really puts into perspective how bad we were last week. Oof. #NervesOfSteel #SEAvsBOS #Oof

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