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7/08/2022 12:57 pm  #1

The AltFL Season 2022

Believe it or not it is time to start getting ready for our third season of the AltFL! 

There are a number of things we need to take care of to prepare for the season so follow along closely. 

Here are the important dates to put into your calendars:
July 8 - Roll Call
July 13 - New Owners Draft
July 16 - Rookie Draft Begins (Slow draft performed in this thread)
*At Conclusion of Rookie Draft - New Owner Dispersal Draft*
July 23 - Schedule Release
August 14 - Alt Bowl Design Competition Begins
August 20 - Keepers Due
September 3 - Draft

AltFL Rookie Draft (July 23)
In case you do not remember, the Rookie Draft is two rounds (snake format). Below is the draft order which is based on the order of finish from the previous year. It is a SLOW DRAFT, meaning that we make our untimed picks on the forum in this thread. 

The Draft Order...

Owner Roll Call
All owners who are interested in returning must EMAIL Gritty by Tuesday, July 12. 

New Owners
If you are interested in owning a vacated franchise please email by that time as well. Even if you have previously told of me of your interest please email me just so we have an equitable experience for interested owners. By next Thursday, July 14 I will notify the new owners of their acceptance. From there this will be how we will move forward. 

STEP 1 - Interested owners will submit (via email) the available teams in order of preference. We will then cross our fingers that everyone picks a different favorite team. Expectedly, that will not happen. We will then create a random owner draft order for owners to pick their teams. 

STEP 2 - The rosters of the teams will be wiped clean. 

STEP 3 - The first responsibility of new owners will be to participate in the Rookie Draft. To be fair to all 24 teams, the draft order that you see above will remain in tact. Meaning if you choose the Copperheads you will be choosing last in the first round. So feel free to select your franchise with that in mind. 

STEP 4 - I will then send a document with all of the players (and their keeper salaries) that ended the season on one of the available teams. Owners will then rank those available players in order of preference. Once I receive the 'wish lists' of all of the teams I will assign players to each of the teams. We will use the reverse order of the OWNER DRAFT order from Step 1. 

STEP 5 - Owners will participate in the KEEPERS submission like all of the other teams. I assume that after the dispersal draft your rosters will be over budget. It will be important to select the players you want to keep. 

If you have any questions please reach out. 



7/15/2022 8:41 pm  #2

Re: The AltFL Season 2022

Tomorrow is the beginning of the 2022 AltFL Rookie Draft! 

In preparation for the draft we have to welcome on board 5 new owners! After the Rookie Draft we will have a new owner dispersal draft. If any of the new owners have not sent me their email address, please do so ASAP so I can help you set up your team. 

Here is the draft order for the first round of the Rookie Draft. Los Angeles has acquired the first round picks from trades with both Buffalo and Boston. If there are any other trades that involved Rookie Draft picks please EMAIL me with the details ASAP. The draft will begin tomorrow once I open the draft with a post. Remember the draft is only involving players that were drafted in this year's NFL Draft. 

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7/15/2022 8:53 pm  #3

Re: The AltFL Season 2022

Milwaukee, WI:
“Sevs, why the mallards?” A reporter asked. “I just said, F*ck it, QUACK. QUACK. And I will not be taking any more questions.”

Owner of the Indiana Cardinals (2005 AltBA Champions) the owner of the Memphis Kings, and new owner of the Milwaukee Mallards! #HoosierBirds #KingUp #QuackQuack

7/15/2022 9:10 pm  #4

Re: The AltFL Season 2022

*jayhawk just plummets out of the sky and crashes on a cactus*

"Where am I?" Jayhawk says

"Uhhh Arizona" A bystander says

"Ahh cool. I'm the new owner of your team" *Jayhawk shakes the man's hand vigorously*

*The camera fades as Jayhawk talks about his yester-years as "Take My Breath Away - Berlin" plays*

"Cut!" Says Jayhawk. "I'm not going to Arizona"

"But... that's what team you got" Says a producer

"Well... sh-t" Says Jayhawk 


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7/15/2022 9:40 pm  #5

Re: The AltFL Season 2022

For Immediate Release
Beverly Hills, California, United States
July 15th, 2022

Journalists gathered again outside the mansion of one KF11, the leading man of KF11 inc., who owns the Quebec Owls (AltHL), Vancouver Caribou (AltBA), and Los Angeles Condors (AltLB). KF11 had announced that he had some great news concerning the AltSports. 

The man of the hour, KF11, exited his mansion to meet the journalists and said: “I invited you all here to give you some great news. KF11 Inc. is acquiring another sports franchise.” KF11 then pointed to the left of the journalists, where they could see the gold condor and the statue base, which was now covered and elongated. “Last time I invited you here, I told you I would fill that statue base once I got an AltFL franchise, and I delivered on that promise.”

He then had an assistant pull the curtain off, revealing a silver destroyer sitting on the last statue base. “I am proud to announce that KF11 Inc. is acquiring the San Diego Destroyers of the AltFL.”

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7/15/2022 10:33 pm  #6

Re: The AltFL Season 2022


Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

Fans of Magical_Kittenz gathered eagerly in… North Carolina? They were rather confused on why they were there instead of Kansas but they knew there was an announcement coming.

Magic stepped outside onto the stageand yelled “WE’RE NOT IN KANSAS ANYMORE!”

She made her way over to a podium that looked like it had a mannequin covered by a sheet next to it. The crowd immediately stepped back, remembering what happened the last time she had a mannequin.

She pulled off the sheet to reveal a football jersey, saying “Ladies, Gentlemen, and all of those who don’t identify with those, I am proud to announce that I have purchased ownership of the Kentucky Stallions of the AltFL. Do I know what I’m doing? Absolutely not. But I’ll figure it out and Kentucky will win again!”

She then pulled a lever and fell into the stage, promptly ending the press conference.

Owner of the AltHL's Alaska Auroras, AltLB's Kansas City Colts, AltFL's Kentucky Stallions,  AltCAA's University of Kansas City Cosmos (2001 Legacy Champions)

7/16/2022 12:00 pm  #7

Re: The AltFL Season 2022

Ladies and Gentlemen! 

Welcome to the third annual AltFL Draft in league history. Right now, there are hundreds of nervous young men hoping to hear their name called today. This is how the Rookie Draft works:

This is a relatively slow draft. Meaning that there is no set time for each pick. So we will need everyone to be patient as we make our way through the draft. People understandably have things going on this weekend so they may not be able to post right away. When your team is up, post your pick in this thread.  If you feel like you will not be around the forum today, DM me a list (ranked) of players who you would like to select. I will then post your pick for you and you can then come and make your post later in the draft. If you don't make your pick within a reasonable time (determined by Gritty) I will reach out to you to nudge you along. If I don't hear back we will skip your pick. You can then come back at anytime and make your pick. 

This is a snake draft. So the Copperheads (no pun intended) will have the last pick of the first round and the first of the last. This draft runs for two rounds. If you have any questions just DM me. 

I will update the draft board every five picks. 

With that said...the 2022 AltFL Draft is officially open. 

Magic (welcome!) and the Kentucky Stallions are on the clock!


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7/16/2022 12:09 pm  #8

Re: The AltFL Season 2022

With the first pick in the AltFL rookie draft, the Kentucky Stallions pick Drake London (WR, USC)

A graphic will be inserted here later when Magic is currently not on a mountain. 

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Owner of the AltHL's Alaska Auroras, AltLB's Kansas City Colts, AltFL's Kentucky Stallions,  AltCAA's University of Kansas City Cosmos (2001 Legacy Champions)

7/16/2022 12:57 pm  #9

Re: The AltFL Season 2022

With the second pick in the AltFL Rookie Draft, the Toronto Beavers select Aidan Hutchinson from Michigan.

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7/16/2022 2:27 pm  #10

Re: The AltFL Season 2022

With the third pick the Brawlers going ground attack with Breece Hall. The San Diego Destroyers and KingsFan (welcome!) are on the clock.

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