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7/06/2022 2:14 am  #1

Among The Icebergs

Niknotup is a magical and mysterious place in the land of Polaris and the late night sunset. Nestled between glowing auroras and frigid earth and sea, Niknotup has captured the imaginations of both Natives and Foreigners for millennia. Early humans who migrated from the icy wastes of the north in search of food and shelter were among the first to call these glacial valleys and rugged mountains, building cultures and experiences that persist to this current day. Then there were the first foreigners: Helteenders, Howardyians, Aurora Bearians, and Deeslanders. They came to trade, and occasionally to attempt conquest, but they were welcome nonetheless. Then colonizers from Gleywin, Deesland, Sokkma, and even as far away as Grittain and Arroka came to stake their claim, and make the land their dominion, to varying rates of success. Finally, after a century of foreign control, Niknotup became a republic, transferring power back to it’s indigenous citizens and enabling them to forge their own country’s future.

This thread is dedicated to sharing the diverse culture and storied history of Niknotup, and to encouraging tourism to the country. Stories and art will be posted on an irregular schedule, and questions can be left for the Bureau of Tourism, the Bureau of Culture and the National Historical Society that will be answered as soon as possible. Without further ado, enjoy the magic of Niknotup.

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