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9/01/2022 5:53 pm  #21

Re: AltCAA - 2022 Season

The AltCAA Network is proud to bring you

We'd also like to encourage some community interaction with our weekly Pick'em Game this will be going on throughout the season so the AltCAA Network would you to pick from our Top 5 Games of the Week

9/05/2022 11:02 pm  #22

Re: AltCAA - 2022 Season

And the first week of the inaugural AltCAA season is a wrap, now it's time for power rankings! Since I'm new to the whole power rankings thing, I'll try to explain how the power rankings for the DPR (DireBear Power Rankings) work. The DPR is based primarily on scoring points, simply if you score a lot of points on average you're more likely to gain spots over time. If you want more details exactly on what the DPR is based on then just let me know and I'll do my best to explain them. Because of some other factors the first few weeks might be a bit wonky, so once we get like 1 or 2 more weeks in it will start to normalize. Also, you're more than free to rank yourself in the weekly previews if you're in the top 10, since that's what I thought would be equivalent to the top 25 in the NCAA (With the #1 Wichita A&M taking a road trip to #4 Calvert, which might make an interesting game next week). With that out of the way, here's the moment you've been waiting for, the rankings!

Wichita A&M becomes the first team to top the DPR, coming off an impressive week where they scored 168 points against Minnesota A&M. Since this is only week 1, all of the teams that scored within the top 10 in points finished in the top 10, but we should start seeing a more true top 10 once we get later into the season. The bottom 3 in the top 10 all lost, but as previously mentioned, finished in the top 10 on viture on scoring the most posts. On the other hand, the bottom 3 in points this week finished at the bottom, but with the volatility of college football they might not stay down there.

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9/05/2022 11:58 pm  #23

Re: AltCAA - 2022 Season

Pretend I posted this before the week ended.

Calvert wore their white jersey set and will have a full reveal graphic next week.


9/06/2022 8:52 am  #24

Re: AltCAA - 2022 Season

Coming off a big win over the rival Rebels, the Wolfpack heads over to Minnesota to take on Twin Cities. The Lakers look to bounce back after a non-conference loss to St. Brendan's in the first half of the Battle for Babe's Bell. The Wolfpack is breaking out the all orange look as is done traditionally against the Lakers, and showing off the jerseys is Freshman Quarterback, number 10, Drake Maye!

9/06/2022 4:35 pm  #25

Re: AltCAA - 2022 Season

The St. Laurent Patriotes proudly present their uniform sets for the 2022 AltCAA College Football Season. The jersey's design is the same across all four kits, having sublimated Fleur-de-Lis on the jersey sleeves. The 4th uniform for St. Laurent is an homage to their home province, where the royal blue and white of the Quebec flag are the only colours used. You'll also notice that the helmet stripe is a Fleur-de-Lis (but a bit truncated).

Thanks to QCS for making these uniforms come to life.

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9/06/2022 5:14 pm  #26

Re: AltCAA - 2022 Season

Good timing, KF. Here is this week's ECC matchup between St. Laurent and The Commonwealth. The Big Blue are happy to escape the Keystone Clash with a victory despite having half of the team score 0 points due to last minute suspensions and injuries. The Big Blue welcome the Patriotes to historic Society Field, the nation's oldest stadium. For this home opener The Commonwealth will don their classic blue and gold uniforms. P-A-ALL-DAY!

The Moose look to shake off their Week 1 loss by flying across the country to South Carolina to take on the Angels. With the Angels wearing their whites at home, Yellowstone will be wearing their classic black on gold uniforms. Antlers Up!

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9/06/2022 6:22 pm  #27

Re: AltCAA - 2022 Season

Not the way the Rebels wanted to start the season, but we are ready to get back at it in week 2 against the Threshers. We're hoping a strong performance from RB Treyson Potts in week 1 can turn into an even better performance in week 2. We will be repping our usual road uniforms with red pants. #theRieldeal #RielVSMinA&M

9/06/2022 6:43 pm  #28

Re: AltCAA - 2022 Season

Well, the Johns Island Angels are feeling spoiled. As Gritty has already shown you, we're welcoming Yellowstone to Bohicket Stadium and we're going white-at-home this week (hope the Moose enjoy the 87° heat index in those black uniforms). We're also feeling spoiled because of our starting QB, Grayson McCall, who scored a late rushing touchdown to give the Angels a 3-point win over UFO last week. We're hoping we can ride that momentum into next week and beyond, and maybe we can even get the top ten ranking we deserve. #JIUceIsForever


9/06/2022 11:29 pm  #29

Re: AltCAA - 2022 Season

With a close come-from-behind victory, the Stegos edged out their rival in UCO to come out with their first win of the season. The Crazies return home to Leslie Kidd Stadium in Durango, where they will play Ohio A&M for their first home game of the year. RB Tank Bigsby played a huge part in the comeback, and he'll lead SoCo into the Jurassic Jungle in our new home set of purple helmets, green jerseys, and white pants.
#BlastFromThePast #BringTheBoom

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9/07/2022 8:10 am  #30

Re: AltCAA - 2022 Season

Now that things are fully going, does anyone know if there's going to be something like a database or a wiki to talk about things involving the colleges and their identity and traditions and history and culture like what Section30 has for the MAHL? 


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