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7/04/2022 1:12 pm  #1

AltCAA - 2022 Season

AHS Community! 

It is time to peak ahead to the 2022 AltCAA Season. We will have a more in depth opening day in about month. But for now we are going to get things started by getting an idea of who will want to play Fantasy College Football this season. 

Here are the dates of note (subject to change): 
July 4 - All School Roll Call
August 6 - Gritty will open up the season (big post with information)
August 13 - Signing Day (Draft)
August 27 - Opening Day
November 28 - Football National Championship

This year we will also be hosting two special seasons AltCAA Hockey and Basketball. More information to come about how this will be done. This will not be a fantasy season but rather something more similar to a legacy project. So if you can't handle the fantasy CFB season this will be a perfect season for you! 

October 3 - AltCAA Hockey Draft Begins
October 28 - AltCAA Basketball Draft Begins

AltCAA Football Roll Call!
Now is the time that you need to express your interest to join the college football season. We are looking only for owners (athletic directors) who are able to commit to the weekly setting of lineups. It is more than okay if you do not feel like you are able to. You're team will still be eligible for both hockey and basketball as well as the Legacy Project that will resume again in the fall. 

If you are in, you have to send me an email to...

Please send your final official school name, logo, and helmet. 

All interested schools must submit their intent by this Friday, July 8. After that point I will reveal all of the participating schools, the alignment and structure of the schedule. We will not commit to a schedule format until after we know how many schools are interested in playing this year. 

Looking forward to playing! 


7/14/2022 4:39 pm  #2

Re: AltCAA - 2022 Season

Last call to have your school involved in this AltCAA Season! 

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8/07/2022 2:41 pm  #3

Re: AltCAA - 2022 Season

Welcome to the 2022 College Football Season! 

For the first time ever we will brining our fantasy sports craziness to the college ranks. This year 20 schools will compete to become the first ever AltCAA Champions. Here are some of the important notes that you will need to get started for this upcoming season. As always, if you have any questions please reach out to me and I will address it. 

-At the time of this post, the Fantrax invites have been sent out. Please check to make sure you received the invite. 

-The season will kick off during WEEK ONE not Week Zero ---> August 30 - September 5
-The regular season will conclude during WEEK TEN ---> November 1 - November 7
-The playoffs will include 8 teams (4 conference champions and the top four wildcard - tiebreaker will be points scored). 
-The four major bowls will be the Avocado Bowl, Heritage Bowl, Harvest Bowl, Beacon Bowl.
-All teams that are above .500 will play in a non-major bowl game that we will be naming later. If there are an odd number of those teams, the team with the lowest points scored will not be included. 
***Please take the following survey to vote on which schedule formula you would like to use. 

-Unlike the AltFL we will only be doing offensive players and a Defensive Unit. 
-Starters will include: 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1RWT, 1DST
-Scoring will be the same format as the AltFL
-There will be no keepers because you will be able to keep EVERY player that is on your roster at no cost. 
***Please take the following survey to decide what kind of transactions we will be using. We can either have it like AltFL where there are trades and free agency OR we could reflect real college football and have no transactions during the season. We would open up a Transfer Period every offseason to welcome some wheeling and dealing. 

-The Draft will be known as signing day and will take place next Saturday, August 13th @ 8PM ET. If this time does not work out for you please let me know. This draft date has been common knowledge for over a month.
-This year we will be having a random draft order BUT in future years. The National Champion will be given the 1st overall pick. This will reflect normal college football when the teams that win get the best recruits. It also benefits that bad teams because they are given more picks higher up due to the snake draft. 

-After the roll call we had an odd number of teams. Therefore I reached out to QCS and Darknes to run a second team. Thanks to them for that. We will entertain the possibility of this expanding to other owners in the future (for owners who prove themselves to be dedicated in setting lineups and other engagement). 
-The 'duplicate teams' will not be able to play each other (unless in the playoffs), are not in the same conference, and will not be able to trade with one another. 
-After the roll call we only had 1 GLAC team. Therefore the GLAC has been replaced by the Southern Five. 

-Southern 5 (Temporary Name) - Bermuda Mariners (Timmy), Charlotte Highlanders (QCS), Johns Island Angels (IDM), Florida Orlando Aliens (Sevs), Nouvelle France Musketeers (Darknes #2). 

-ECC - Pennsylvania Commonwealth Big Blue (Gritty), Calvert Crusaders (QCS #2), Hershey Wildcats (Scratch), St. Brendan's Navigators (Darknes), St. Laurent Patriotes (KingsFan)

-Heartland - Twin Cities Lakers (S30), Minnesota A&M Threshers (Jam), Wisconsin State Wolfpack (Dan O'Mac), Wichita A&M 28ers (Edge), Ohio A&M Muskrats (Jayhawk)

-Super West Conference - California Orange Packers (Rugrat), Semiahmoo Whalers (DVDBubba), Southern Colorado Stegos (DireBear), Riel Rebels (Wallflower), Yellowstone Moose (Gritty#2)

Our outlook may look different in the future. We will be looking to add interested athletic directors in the future. We will also be eliminating athletic directors who don't set their lineups and participate. No hard feelings but we will for the good of the game.

The Survey:
-Here is the survey that will determine the transactions and schedule. I will close the voting On Tuesday morning. From there I will be developing the schedule and posting it so everyone can start making schedule posters / uniform schedules etc. 

Extra Roles and Responsibility: 
-1 OWNER - Need someone to complete the weekly rankings
-3 OWNERS - To team up and create a Saturday Morning College Game Day post each week, picks and other fun items. Fun but realistic and not stupid.
***Reach out to me if interested

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8/12/2022 10:14 pm  #4

Re: AltCAA - 2022 Season

With the draft tomorrow night we have a few decisions. Both of which were made with strong majorities. 

1.) TRANSACTIONS - HYBRID Option - Free Agency is allowed but no trades. All players are keepable. 

2.) SCHEDULE - Play every conference rival twice. You schedule your final two games. Since this option was selected you will have to inform me of your opponents. work it out amongst yourselves. However like real college football there will be restrictions based on existing conference schedules. After the draft I will set a deadline for you to organize your two games.  After that, if you don't have opponents I will match up the remaining teams. You can discuss amongst yourselves but don't submit anything to me just yet. We will deal with that on Sunday. 

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8/13/2022 5:22 pm  #5

Re: AltCAA - 2022 Season

Gritty wrote:

With the draft tomorrow night we have a few decisions. Both of which were made with strong majorities. 

1.) TRANSACTIONS - HYBRID Option - Free Agency is allowed but no trades. All players are keepable.  

Will there be a max amount of free agent signings per week, or will it just be an arms race right after the draft?

8/14/2022 12:02 pm  #6

Re: AltCAA - 2022 Season

We are 13 days away from the start of the 2022 AltCAA Season! 

This year, we have 20 schools competing for the first ever AltCAA National Championship. After the roll call we had 17 interested owners sign up to be a part of the inaugural season. To even out the 4 conferences I decided to task myself, QCS and Darknes to each manage a second team. By doing this we accomplished a number of things:

1) We kept the four conference alignment intact.
2.) Ensured that no teams would have to have a bye throughout the season
3.) Established equity between each of the conferences (each conference now has the same number of teams)

Ideally we would have either 16 or 24 participating schools. This would ensure that each conference would have an even number of teams. With an even number of teams in each conference, making the schedule would be rather simple. Like the AltFL we would have conference weeks and non-conference weeks. This would enable us to have a more 'free for all' scheduling approach for those OPEN DATES. To that end, we will be looking to either expand or contract next season.

With that said, 20 teams presented a few scheduling challenges. But after hours of massaging it, we have a plan for the 2022 schedule. Like real college football, the conference schedule comes first and then the schools will fill in their open dates around it with schools who are available. That's what we are going to do here:

As voted on by the owners, each school will play 8 conference games (home and away with each conference rival) and 2 open dates. Since there are an odd number of teams per conference, each week one team per conference will have an open date to schedule with the other 3 available schools. To accomplish this...think of the schedule as two master schedules (one for each half of the season). To make sure that you have a different batch of eligible schools to schedule, the order of open dates changes within each conference. This means that your school will be a part of 2 of 10 SCHEDULING PODS. The teams who are a part of that pod are the eligible teams to schedule with.

***With four teams in a pod this will be first come first serve (like real college football). So whoever submits to me their scheduling partner first gets the matchup and the remaining two teams will face off with one another. 

-Follow the link here to access this years schedule. 
-Find your open dates
-Below the Week by Week view of the schedule, you will find the scheduling pods. 
-Contact the team from your schedule pod and negotiate
-Reach out to Gritty to officially add the matchup to your schedule

***As of right now each team has 4 Home and 4 Away games. By the end of the scheduling process each team will need to have 5 and 5. 

As I said off the top of this post, this is not the perfect system but it works. This system still gives owners some scheduling flexibility. We will hopefully expand the number of AltCAA teams in the future to give schools the opportunity to schedule whoever they want. 

In other news...
-Darknes has volunteered to be the producer of AltCAA College Game Day. College Game Day is going to be a 'pregame show' for all the AltCAA action. This weekly post will include picks, features, and other fun segments. If you are interested in helping Darknes build this out, please reach out to him directly. 

-Additionally DireBear has volunteered to produce the weekly rankings.

Looking forward to seeing how this all shakes out! 

Schedules must be finalized by next Satuday, August 20. After that I will assign the matchups myself. 


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8/14/2022 9:52 pm  #7

Re: AltCAA - 2022 Season

Ready for some football! 

The schedule is nearly complete. A few minor adjustments are needed but it is looking pretty good! Needless to say, conference titles will be determined by conference records. Overall records and points scored will be tiebreakers used to formulate the final playoff rankings. I'd love to see people's schedule posters. Here are mine...

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8/14/2022 10:39 pm  #8

Re: AltCAA - 2022 Season

The AltCAA Network presents the Preseason Polls. We'd love to hear from you the AD's about how you feel about your team going into the inaugural season. So if you have the time I'd love to have you guys rank the conferences, after a couple days I'll post the results of how people feel. The Form is right here for those who want to partipicate

8/15/2022 9:48 am  #9

Re: AltCAA - 2022 Season

Riel Rebels Football is looking to prove they are the Riel deal this season. Here's a look at this season's uniform schedule:

Week 6 against, Minnesota A&M will be the Truth and Reconciliation Night, where the team will wear their orange alternates coinciding with Canada's National Day for Truth and Reconciliation (AKA Orange shirt day) in honour of the victims of residential schools.

8/19/2022 12:40 pm  #10

Re: AltCAA - 2022 Season

Darknes wrote:

The AltCAA Network presents the Preseason Polls. We'd love to hear from you the AD's about how you feel about your team going into the inaugural season. So if you have the time I'd love to have you guys rank the conferences, after a couple days I'll post the results of how people feel. The Form is right here for those who want to partipicate

Today is going to be last call on this poll, if you haven't filled it out yet.

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