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7/14/2022 6:15 pm  #31

Re: Metropolitan Hockey League: 1930-31 MHL Season

I say a little prayer every night we haven’t seen the last of the MHL.


7/14/2022 7:03 pm  #32

Re: Metropolitan Hockey League: 1930-31 MHL Season

Rugrat wrote:

I say a little prayer every night we haven’t seen the last of the MHL.

It has been one week. Patience.

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7/14/2022 9:41 pm  #33

Re: Metropolitan Hockey League: 1930-31 MHL Season

Rugrat wrote:

I say a little prayer every night we haven’t seen the last of the MHL.

Don't worry, I've just been busy with work. I wouldn't start a league like this if I was gonna give up less than a year in lol. I will do my best to have the first round up tomorrow. Patience is key.

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7/15/2022 11:22 am  #34

Re: Metropolitan Hockey League: 1930-31 MHL Season


1921 MHL Playoffs First Round

(1) Cleveland Wolves (31-17-2) vs (4) Binghamton Bears (27-21-2)

In the battle of two teams that needed to win to survive financially, emotions were high right off the bat. As the two teams took the ice for Game 1 in Cleveland, pleasantries were exchanged, resulting in penalties before the game started.

This emotion translated to the ice right away. Just 28 seconds in, Binghamton’s Syl Mender beat Marvin Sherman low, putting the visitors up early. This didn’t last for long though, as just 20 seconds later, Cleveland’s Stephen Ennis knotted things right back up with a nice solo rush. Not even a minute in, both teams were already on the scoresheet. Despite this riveting start, the pace died down for the next bit of the game. After the first two periods, the score remained knotted at 1. It was actually considered a pretty boring game for the most part. In the final minute, the two teams were knotted at 1, and all the fans at Cleveland’s Ice Gardens were expecting overtime. However, Wolves star Johnny Leblanc came out of seemingly nowhere, and beat Kevin Ward on his glove side, sending the crowd into a frenzy. Cleveland took game 1 2-1.

Game 2 in Binghamton saw a nervous crowd hoping this wouldn’t be the team’s last game. Things were looking good for the Bears in the first, as they were outshooting the Wolves, and got the game’s first goal courtesy of Ronald Johnson. However, just like the first game, Cleveland came back strong, and in the second, Johnny Leblanc scored again to knot it up. It was a tight back-and-forth affair for the rest of regulation. Neither team could find a winner, so to overtime it went. The overtime period was very tight, with few chances. Eventually, Cleveland’s Tom Robert let a shot go from the slot, and beat Ward, sending the Wolves to the Abbott Cup Final.

(2) Toronto Lakers (31-18-1) vs (3) Montreal Barons (29-20-1)

Toronto and Montreal do not like each other. Fans hurled insults and reportedly objects at the Barons players as they took the ice. You could tell it was affecting their attitude as the game started. The Lakers were all over them in the first period, scoring twice, courtesy of Joe Mason and Jack Warren. 35 seconds into the second, Warren scored his second of the game to put the home team up 3-0. Montreal started to fight back for the rest of the game, but it was too little too late, as they fell 3-1 in game 1. It was a do-or-die situation for them at home in game 2.

Baron fans were hoping that their beloved team could start off stronger in game 2, and they did. However, none of their many chances went in, and the Lakers scored on their first shot of the game, a powerplay goal from Ernest Gerrard. In the second, Toronto’s Mark Poirier scored from a very tight angle, deflating Montreal’s hearts once again. However, the Barons managed to get a goal back before the end of the period, courtesy of Connie Stone. Heading into the third, they were gaining momentum. They managed a bunch of shots in the third, but Toronto’s star goalie Frank Clercius was standing tall, getting the Lakers out of many Grade-A chances against. Despite all this, the Lakers once again scored on one of their few chances, with Gerrard potting his second of the game. The clock wound down, and the Lakers emerged victorious.

Abbott Cup Final Preview:
The MHL's Championship Trophy will be named the Abbott Cup, in honor of Alfred Abbott, an influential amateur hockey player who was on track to be one of the MHL's high-ranking executives before his unfortunate passing from cancer. The league decided to honor his legacy by naming the trophy after him.

(1) Cleveland Wolves vs (2) Toronto Lakers
These two teams were without question the best and most consistent teams of the MHL's inaugural year. They were only separated in the standings by a single point, so this could really be anyone's to lose.

Cleveland won 3 out of the 4 meetings between the two teams. The Wolves took the first two meetings 6-2 and 3-2 before the Lakers exploded for a 7-2 win in the third meeting.The two teams finished the regular season against each other, with Cleveland taking it 6-3. This was an interesting season series, with only 1 close game. This makes it a little tough to predict who ends up winning. Cleveland is the more offensive team, while Toronto's defense was their key to success. Whichever one prevails will determine who's taking home the inaugural Abbott Cup.

My Prediction: Cleveland's offense proves too much for Toronto to overcome, as they sweep the Finals.

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7/15/2022 11:31 am  #35

Re: Metropolitan Hockey League: 1930-31 MHL Season

Welcome back! Great to see my Wolves get the sweep, should be in for a though finals against Toronto though. Sucks to most likely see Binghamton go, but hey, maybe theyll be like a minor league team or something moving forward. Also, on the graphic it shows Montreal winning, but in the write-up it said Toronto won.

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7/27/2022 9:57 am  #36

Re: Metropolitan Hockey League: 1930-31 MHL Season

Cleveland’s Ice Gardens were buzzing as the two teams took the ice for game 1 of the inaugural Abbott Cup Final. The best-of-3 series saw the two best teams in the MHL face off. They were only separated by 1 point in the regular season, so it was realistically anyone’s to lose.

Just 90 seconds into game 1, the home Wolves struck first, getting a goal courtesy of Stephen Ennis. 90 seconds later, Tom Robert doubled the lead, much to the delight of the home crowd. It was a dream start for Cleveland, who dominated in every facet. However, Toronto would get some life near the end of the period, getting a goal from Ernest Gerrard. After 1, Cleveland led 2-1. In the second, Toronto had more life, eventually tying the game courtesy of Gerrard again. The rest of the period was pretty quiet, though the two teams did trade some chances. However, after 40, the scoreline was still knotted up at 2. In the third though, the Wolves exploded, while Toronto imploded. The Wolves held the puck virtually the entire time, getting two goals from Robert and another from Allan Zoet to take a commanding 5-2 lead with just over 6 to play. The Lakers got a late one back, but Terrance Champagne sealed the deal in the final minute. Cleveland outshot Toronto 32-23 in the first game and won 6-3.

Heading into game 2 in Toronto, it was do or die for the Lakers. They got the memo early, as David Burton opened the scoring 2:53 in, off a nice snap shot off a counterattack. Despite this early goal, Cleveland would be the dominant team for the first period, getting lots of shots off 2 powerplay attempts. However, Frank Clercius did well to keep the Lakers’ lead at 1 after 1 period of play. However, Cleveland’s efforts would finally get through in the second, as Joseph Champagne tied the game at 1 on a close-range effort. Similarly to the first period, that was the lone goal of the frame, in which Cleveland once again had the upper hand in. Heading into the final 20, the Wolves were looking to bear down and send the faithful home heartbroken. 7 minutes in, Tom Robert scored his 4th goal of the series, putting the Wolves up 1. However, Toronto’s saviour emerged in the form of Ernest Gerrard, who scored the game-tying goal 6 minutes later, and became the overtime hero 6:23 into the extra frame. The Lakers won game 2 3-2, and the series headed back to Cleveland.

The Lakers came out firing in Game 3, getting the first goal courtesy of David Campbell under 2 minutes in. For the Wolves, who had usually been the dominant team, this was problematic. However, they would eventually find their footing, and play like they had all series, tying the game up at 1, courtesy of a powerplay goal via Johnny Leblanc. After this, it was an absolute stalemate. Neither team would budge, and there were few chances at either end for the remainder of the period. It truly felt like a winner-take-all game. In the second, this “pace” continued. For pretty much the entirety of the middle frame, it was probably the most boring game you could imagine. Neither team was giving an inch of space. The tension was through the Ice Gardens’ nonexistent roof. It wouldn’t be until the third that one of the two teams would have a Grade-A chance. Just over two minutes into the third, Ernest Gerrard broke through Cleveland’s defense and rocketed a shot over Marvin Sherman’s right shoulder. Cleveland’s crowd and players were in disbelief. They fought viciously to get something back, but Frank Clercius and the Laker defense stood tall for the remainder of the game. 

As the game ended, Toronto’s players all came on to the ice and celebrated. They were the inaugural Abbott Cup champions, starting what would hopefully become one of the continent’s most special traditions.

As for Cleveland, this was a gut punch. Despite their on-ice success, their future was still uncertain, and the champions’ prize money would have guaranteed that they would stay in the MHL. This loss spawned headlines that they would potentially have to move back to being an amateur team. It was looking to be a tense offseason for them.

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7/27/2022 10:29 am  #37

Re: Metropolitan Hockey League: 1930-31 MHL Season


Congrats Toronto. Now it’s time to #SaveTheWolves


7/27/2022 11:33 am  #38

Re: Metropolitan Hockey League: 1930-31 MHL Season

Love the start! I think an indicator of which logo belongs to what city in the early year graphics just to get familiar with teams (especially if they are going to move so much) would be a good add, but everything looks great. 


7/29/2022 10:52 am  #39

Re: Metropolitan Hockey League: 1930-31 MHL Season

1921 MHL Offseason Part 1: Relocations, Withdrawals, Expansions, oh my!

MHL welcomes two new expansion teams

As part of the league’s plan to experiment in many different markets, the MHL announced two new teams that would join the league in time for 1921-22.

Boston Harpers

The Harpers take their name from an older team that folded in 1915. The name comes from Boston’s Irish heritage and the island’s symbol of a harp. The colours of green and gold are also a tribute to the Irish culture. The jersey features a Northwestern striping pattern on the arms and hem, with gold cuffs on the arms.

Kingston Sentinels

The second team was given to the city of Kingston, Ontario. Despite being a small market, they were seen as an ideal location to grow the game and draw more people to the city. The name comes from Fort Henry, used by Great Britain during the War of 1812. The logo features a K for Kingston, with a watchtower pattern on the top. The jersey features two red stripes on both arms and the hem.

From royalty to the steel industry

Shortly into the offseason, big news came out of York. The Royals had struggled financially all throughout the 1920-21 season but weren’t willing to leave the professional scene completely. In a bold move, team owner George Stone announced that the team would be moving 100km southwest to Hamilton. Stone hoped the bigger market would help the team financially, and keep them in the MHL for years to come. 

Stone announced that the team would now be known as the Steelers, and their colours would be gold and blue to match the city. The logo would be a simple H, and the jerseys would be a simple colour swap of the Royals, with the addition of a hem stripe.

Two teams withdraw from MHL

Over the course of the offseason, both the Binghamton Bears and Cleveland Wolves spent every day trying to collect enough money to play another year in the MHL. However, when the deadline came for teams to announce their status for 21-22, the two teams, unfortunately, decided against it, for the risk of going into debt and completely folding the franchise. However, Burris promised the two clubs that he would help finance them to stay operational in their former amateur leagues. However, as a penalty for leaving the league after only one year, Burris announced that the players of both teams were to become free agents available for any team in the MHL to sign. If a player remained unsigned, then they would be allowed to rejoin their former team.

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7/29/2022 11:01 am  #40

Re: Metropolitan Hockey League: 1930-31 MHL Season

I like the new teams! Boston in particular looks pretty sharp. Sad to see the Bears and Wolves go but I'm sure the league will eventually return to Ohio at least.


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