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5/17/2022 8:59 am  #131

Re: Welcome to PUCH

Awesome start to this series!   PUCH really does feel like one of the most in depth leagues we've had so far!  So much life and personality, this has been a great read so far!  Definitely excited to see how the playoffs..... well play out, (go Narwhal!).  

Motown Chrome.... wow, they're bad.  Like literally less than half the points the next worst team (Empire City, haha!) has.    Gotta love the crap storm a brewing!

Loving that both New York teams missed the playoffs (hey, if I'm rooting for a Boston team, I best not be too civil with any New Yorkers...err York-ahs, lest I be seen as a faker.... err fak-ah).  

Great work so far everyone!  Can't wait to see more!


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