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12/29/2021 6:49 pm  #1

The World Cup of Hockey

It is time to share the AltHL with the rest of the world! Designers from around the AHS globe will lend their talents to the creation of identities for various national teams. This is largely a design sprint to help our members exercise those creative muscles. 

This is how this sprint will work...

-The World Cup of Hockey will begin on Friday, February 4 (the winter olympics). 
-Submissions are due on Monday, January 31.
-Designers will submit a national team logo, home and road sweaters
-Designers are encouraged to provide a BRIEF explanation on their designs.s
-The structure of the World Cup will be based on the number of designers that we receive. The 12 Olympic hockey nations will be included first. If we have more than 12 designers enter the contest we will continue down the list of IIHF ranked nations. 
-Then we will randomly match designers with a country. 
-The countries will be broken down into Groups like a normal hockey tournament. Then we'll vote on the winning designs (more to come on that). 

Some Rules:
-Designs should be unique and separate from current or past designs IRL. (I'll work with you on this if I feel like the designs are too similar to reality)
-No Clipart! 

What do you do now? 
-PM Gritty to put your name in the pot by Saturday, January 1. That's when we'll do the drawing for the nations. 

Please consider participating even if you aren't super confident in your abilities. Like always it is more about doing creative things as a community than anything else. 

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1/01/2022 5:58 pm  #2

Re: The World Cup of Hockey

It is time to bring the the world! 

12 designers have entered this design sprint. They have each been assigned one of the 12 olympic hockey teams. There job is to create a team crest/logo as well as their home and road uniform. The job is to make unique designs. Therefore they aren't simply redesigning existing crests and concepts. For example Team Sweden will want to depart from the classic three crown concept (that I absolutely love btw!) that they traditionally have. Designers are allowed to provide brief explanations for their designs. 

The deadline for all submissions is Monday, January 31.  If a designer completes their country before the deadline they can opt for another country to work on. We will work does the list of IIHF rankings. I will simply respond to your submission email with your new nation. 

After the deadline we will compile all of the submissions. The countries will be broken down into groups (like the olympics). We will then vote on the favorites from that round. The top countries will move to the knock out stage. This will continue until we have a Gold, Silver and Bronze medal winners. 

With that said, here are the randomly assigned matchups. Good luck to everyone! 

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1/19/2022 10:37 pm  #3

Re: The World Cup of Hockey

The World Cup of Hockey is well underway. We have expanded beyond the Olympic nations and now include 41 different nations. 

As we enter the final stretch for submissions please remember that the deadline is MONDAY, JANUARY 31

If you have been assigned a country but you do not think you'll be able to complete it please let me know and I'll assign them to another designer. 

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2/03/2022 8:09 pm  #4

Re: The World Cup of Hockey

Tomorrow is the opening ceremonies of the World Cup of hockey. We have close to 40 submissions for the tournament and the fun begins tomorrow. 

This is how the tournament will progress. 


Throughout the day tomorrow (FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 4) I will be posting the uniforms of Group A, B and C. Saturday I will post groups D, E and F. Sunday will be groups G, H, I and J. Each will have a poll associated with it. Voters will rate the teams on a scale of 1-10. 

The voting for Round 1 will conclude on Monday. Meaning that it is important that you keep checking back to vote throughout the weekend.


The following Friday the Knockout Round begins. There are 10 groups. So the 10 group winners will advance to the knockout round along with 6 at large teams. The teams will be ranked according to their overall rating. Those matchups will not be determined by ratings but a simple head to head vote. 

Teams that make the gold and bronze medal games will be given a new determining system but we'll get to that. By the end we'll end up with our Gold Medal Champion of the AltHL World Cup of Hockey! 

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2/04/2022 12:11 pm  #5

Re: The World Cup of Hockey

Welcome to the World Cup of Hockey! 

We begin with some big nations. First with hockey powers USA and Canada as well as the host nation of China. You are to rate each of these teams from 1-10. 


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2/04/2022 4:21 pm  #6

Re: The World Cup of Hockey

Group B - There are three countries for Group B at the moment. There is another on its way and will be included with another group. Their ratings will be then lumped in with these nations.

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2/04/2022 6:22 pm  #7

Re: The World Cup of Hockey

Group C! Some classic hockey powers here...

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2/05/2022 12:37 pm  #8

Re: The World Cup of Hockey

Day 2 of the tournament begins...

North Korea fills in for this group.

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2/05/2022 4:19 pm  #9

Re: The World Cup of Hockey

Time for Group E. We will start to see lesser known hockey nations. 


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2/05/2022 9:59 pm  #10

Re: The World Cup of Hockey

For the final group of the night. Here is Group F.


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