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11/08/2021 2:57 am  #21

Re: AltCAA Legacy Project

Following a swap during a conversation on a land that seems to be very high (Swap with Charlotte):

Iowa lot of my decision to the advisory from that of the college experts in the group. But after a long night of thinking and watching a movie (that, unfortunately, did not feature a man named Hawkeye), I have decided that I am going to acknowledge that the Riel Rebels will be equal to Iow......Michigan State. It's Michigan State. 


11/08/2021 9:36 am  #22

Re: AltCAA Legacy Project

Central Arizona has selected... The Florida State Seminoles. 


11/08/2021 10:16 am  #23

Re: AltCAA Legacy Project

Dan O'Mac is sitting at a table, a "W-State" logo on the backdrop behind him, looking like a high school football player about to choose a school, a collection of hats on the table in front of him. From left to right: West Virginia, Wisconsin, Penn State, Oklahoma, Ohio State, Michigan State, and Georgia.

Dan: Oh, boy, I am excited to select the Wisconsin State Wolfpack's analog for the football portion of the AltCAA Legacy Project. This school needs to represent what Wisconsin State is, a premier state school, a history of running the ball, and success as a football first school in the very tough Heartland Athletic Conference. Being from Wisconsin, the choice is easy,

Dan reaches for the Wisconsin hat.

Dan: Wisconsin State's analog will be Wiscon-

Dan's assistant is seen, shaking their head no.

Sir, Wisconsin was already taken by Pennsylvania Commonwealth.


Assistant: You insisted, sir.

Dan frisbees the Wisconsin hat off screen.

Well, in that case, I'll simply have to choose our number one option, Michigan St-

Before Dan can finish, Wallflower runs through and steals the Michigan State hat.

Wallflower: Iow...... Michigan State. It's Michigan State.

Dan: What is happening here! Okay, last time. I select Wisconsin State's number one option for their analog for the AltCAA Legacy Project...

Dan hovers a hand over each of the hats remaining, piped in cheers for each school being played for each, obviously piped in, but Dan doesn't care. He finally picks up a had, a quick look at his assistant, who gives him a nod, and he puts on the hat.


And with that, Wisconsin State's AltCAA analog becomes the Oklahoma Sooners, and puts a fellow Heartland Athletic Conference team, the Minnesota A&M Threshers, on the clock.

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11/08/2021 10:29 am  #24

Re: AltCAA Legacy Project

The timeless intermultiversal sportsbeing JamHeronArk, the proprietor of JHA Holdings, has made an appearance. To whom and where are the wrong questions. He wields power over the past, changing all with a flick of his finger or a nod of his head. Yet, he is beholden to a quasifictional queue. He must select seventeenth. He is familiar with selecting seventeenth. In what he is calling an "express conference," he indicates that his position in the queue is here. His number has been called. He writes the past. There are many who may guess. His counterpart at Denton State believes that he will choose OK State due to his not-insignificant ties to a certain band of Cowboys. Like his closest friend, others know that what runs through the mind of this entity is not knowable.

The expectation is clear. JamHeronArk loves the color orange. He attends Oklahoma State.

The pick is in: OSU will be Minnesota A&M's analogue.

However, this is not the college formerly known as Oklahoma A&M, nor the team from the Pacific Northwest that shares its colors.

This is The Ohio State University.

In a jiffy, the express conference ends. It was aptly named.


11/08/2021 10:35 am  #25

Re: AltCAA Legacy Project

With the 49th pick of the 2013 NFL Draft, the Western Penn Hornets are extremely pleased to select, from the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.


11/08/2021 7:20 pm  #26

Re: AltCAA Legacy Project

The Southwest Ohio Royals are going to be matched up with the....'U' ! The University of Miami (FL). Probably the single best team I remember watching. 

***Additionally, Arizona College is now Stanford, meaning LSU is back on the table. 

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11/08/2021 7:54 pm  #27

Re: AltCAA Legacy Project

With a proud history dating back over a century, Football has become one of the first things you think of when you think of UTC. In the land of 10,000 lakes, the tides are always rolling.

The University of THE Twin Cities will be taking the legacy history of the University of Alabama!

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11/08/2021 10:14 pm  #28

Re: AltCAA Legacy Project

For the sake of randomness, and the closest geographical place to where my fantasy team is.....

The VICTORIA INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE CLARETS will select the UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON HUSKIES as the basis of the team's legacy records.

The history between these two teams will be different depending on the writer himself (me).

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11/08/2021 10:19 pm  #29

Re: AltCAA Legacy Project

From Los Angeles to Boston

The St. Brendan's Navigators are proud to select the USC Trojans and their legacy.


11/08/2021 10:59 pm  #30

Re: AltCAA Legacy Project

The Ohio A&M Fightin' Muskrats will be represented by Rutger... haha I'm not stupid.

They will be represented by the
University of Louisville


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