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8/28/2021 6:58 pm  #1

Names for Australian teams

I planning start a league here and need a names for 4 of 6 starting teams.

Canberra Limelights

Red Bull's Rage (Sydney)




Macca's Mc____ (Insert name here) (Gold Coast)


1/28/2022 11:36 am  #2

Re: Names for Australian teams

Tasmania Devils

Brisbane Jacks/Roos/Wallabies (Kangaroos)
Brisbane Tuff (A type of volcanic rock found in Brisbane, also "Tough")
Brisbane Rivermen (name in honor of the ferry operators on the Brisbane River)

Melbourne Gold/Rush/51ers (Based on the 1851 gold rush of Victoria)
Melbourne Countdown (Based on Melbourne's Live Music History and TV Show)
Melbourne Bushrangers (escaped convicts in the early years of Australia, Most Famous is Ned Kelly)


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