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8/08/2021 8:22 pm  #1

Field sport using Cricket equipment

Several years ago I had in my sick mind a vision of field sport similar to Soccer or Tennis Polo, but using Cricket equipment like bats, ball, etc, but I don't know if it is even possible to make a sport like this. What is your opinion?


8/09/2021 11:36 am  #2

Re: Field sport using Cricket equipment

CubsOrSoxs wrote:

I guess so. It would be wierd though. You would have your Bowler Offense(Glove) Throwing a ball to a offensive Batter(Bat). The Batter would hit it to another Bowler. They would catch it then toss a ball to a batter that would try to hit it past a Goalie(bowler) in the net. Idk.

I had idea that there would be Bowlers who throws or kick the ball (Out of their hands or off the ground), Batsmen who hold a bat and play in similar way to Hurling players and Goalkeepers who wear Wicket Keeper equipment.

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8/10/2021 5:59 pm  #3

Re: Field sport using Cricket equipment

Well, Box Soccrosse has been in development for some time, but it doesn't quite use the exact same equipment. Specifics get a little harder when it comes to developing rules, but based on my own inspiration, I don't think your idea is that obscure.


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