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6/05/2021 5:03 pm  #51

Re: AltHL Design 2021

Alright everyone! Headover to the fictional to buy these new team sweaters for Edmonton and Saskatoon. Ottawa ended in a tie so we are going to a final runoff. I'll reveal that winner tomorrow with the original polls for the American expansion teams. 

Ottawa Finals:

6/05/2021 5:14 pm  #52

Re: AltHL Design 2021

Hey, glad to see my designs for the Shockers and Wildcats won! Shame my Ottawa didn't make it, but I will gladly take these two. If only I had been doing this during the first go-round

6/05/2021 10:38 pm  #53

Re: AltHL Design 2021

me, to myself:

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6/07/2021 6:39 pm  #54

Re: AltHL Design 2021

Another strong set for the AltHL in the form of the Ottawa Guardians. I love that we went with the army green as the primary uniform color. Makes for a strong and unique identity. I will be compiling the US submissions tonight and post the poll sometime tomorrow! Also remember to send me the logo files for your minor league teams if you have them. If not, let us know and we can start working on them with and for you!
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6/07/2021 7:59 pm  #55

Re: AltHL Design 2021

Gorgeous! Beautiful identity! I love the home and away especially! The alt is good too, but the black shoulders feel superfluous. I still love the identity!

6/08/2021 8:51 am  #56

Re: AltHL Design 2021

Time for the American uniforms.

IMPORTANT NOTE: MILWAUKEE HAS 6 choices but I messed up the labeling. The poll is correct.

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6/08/2021 9:09 am  #57

Re: AltHL Design 2021

All three of these cities are incredible. Some tough decisions to be made, but I don't think there's a single set that I'd be disappointed with seeing as the winner. Great job to all the designers.

6/11/2021 11:40 pm  #58

Re: AltHL Design 2021

I like B for Detroit

6/13/2021 5:33 pm  #59

Re: AltHL Design 2021

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. I wanted to post the winning uniforms for the USA Expansion teams. I also wanted to update you on the upcoming Alt Sports events that we can look forward to. 

*Note - i am still working on capturing the gradient just right for Alaska, but i wanted us to be able to move on. Hope you all enjoy them. We have some good and interesting expansion teams to consider.


1.) AltHL Expansion Owner Lottery and Draft

Tomorrow I will post the draft order for the 6 expansion owners. Once the order is revealed the person who has the first overall pick can make their selection. Once they post their announcement the next person is free to do so. 

2.) AltHL Redesign Project

To keep the original owners occupied while the expansion owners draft their teams we are going to be redesigning the uniforms of a select few AltHL Franchises. This is how it will work...owners who are interested in getting a uniform update will PM their interest. Depending on the number of interested owners we will host a completely random lottery to select which ones we will work on THIS SEASON. Once we have our franchises selected that owner will PM me a 'client brief' of what they are looking for in their update. I will then send those out to the rest of the group. They will then try to address the needs of the client owner while mixing their own creative imagination. Teams that are redesigned this year will not be eligible for this project for the foreseeable future.  Team logos will stay the same. This project will be quick and last one week. We will then send out a poll of all of the new submissions. We will vote on them as a community like always. The owner of the team will then be able to choose between the existing design and the new winning design. 

3.) AltBA Legacy Project

We will continue with our legacy project. We have completed 12 out of 20 seasons.

4.) AltFL Offseason

Once our AltHL expansion process is completed we will take a quick trip back to the AltFL. I will be posting the google sheet with each team and their keepers and prices for them. 

We will also be addressing the Arizona Scorpions and other related issues. 

We will then host our 2 round rookie draft. 

After that time we will be submitting our keepers so we can get ready for training camp and the fantasy draft in the fall. 

5.) The AltLB Design Process

We will use the AltBA and AltFL components as a much needed rest for all of our designers. After the AltFL items are completed we will get the engines running for our fourth league...the AltLB. The AltLB will begin play next season. 

6.) The AltLB Legacy Project

So! That is a lot on the horizon. The intent of creating this Alt Sports Universe would be that our calendar would have something happening at all times. Looking forward to seeing this
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6/13/2021 6:32 pm  #60

Re: AltHL Design 2021

I'm assuming that this is a yes, but to ask the question anyway for those curious, can you join the jersey redesign lottery while specifying only one or two jersey changes?  (Say for example if you like your home and away jerseys and want to keep them the same but would like to see a redesign for the alternate jersey only.  Or in Seattle's case, get an alternate jersey)

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