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5/09/2021 10:48 am  #11

Re: AltHL Design 2021

This is always an exciting moment in the design process. The moment when we know the names of each of our teams. Each of the polls had a life of their own. The Shockers jumped out to a big early lead but the Broncos made a huge comeback and fell short by one vote. The Guardians and the Otters battled back and forth but the Guardians ended up winning with 31% of the vote. For Edmonton, the Wildcats took it with 37%. The other four nominees all were very close to one another. In the American cities the most popular name was the 48ers for Milwaukee. They won with 48% of the vote. In Alaska, the Auroras took it with 41%, followed by the Ursas. Finally the closest poll of all time was Detroit. All of the nominees tie except for the Angels. The Angels squeaked out the win at the very end. All in all it was fun to watch.

Now we move on to the logo round. The due date for logo submissions for the first group is next Saturday, May 15

A couple of things about this round...

-No copying logos 
-No clipart - we have had this problem a couple of times in the past. Clipart will not be accepted as a submission.
-Pay attention to the rest of the league so that we can branch out in terms of color schemes and designs. This is not a requirement but just a thought. 
-Please send your submissions to the email account.
-Please submit your logo without a background color. 
-Submit your color codes so that I can reduplicate them for the poll graphics. 
-When we reveal the logo submissions it will be the main logo on a swatch of its intended main color. 
-There is no need to provide word marks or secondary logos unless you feel like your design calls for it. We will just be going off of the primary logo for the voting. This is to make sure that each submission is judged on the same criteria. 
-For week number one we will be designing the logos of the CANADIAN TEAMS.


-With work piling up for me, I don't really have the time to help anyone with submissions this go around. But if you are someone who has good ideas for logos please reach out to others to see if you can collaborate on a submission. 
-I will be posting the poll, this time next Sunday. So the deadline is whenever I post it Sunday morning. That is why the submission deadline is Saturday night. If you need some extra time please reach out to me and I'll know to hold the poll for a bit. 

-Congrats to the winners, looking forward to seeing their identities! 


5/09/2021 10:59 am  #12

Re: AltHL Design 2021

I love the names! The three Canadian teams are my favorite even though I didn't like the Shockers at first. I think this will be a great expansion round! Time to start designing then!

EDIT: The cat in Edmonton's graphic looks like a long-hair version of one of my cats! Royalties, please Gritty!

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5/09/2021 5:59 pm  #13

Re: AltHL Design 2021

I call hacks, my one and only team name didn't get picked!


Well, at least majority of these names allow for some creativity for their identities, cant wait to see what people come up with. 

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5/10/2021 9:26 am  #14

Re: AltHL Design 2021

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5/11/2021 4:26 pm  #15

Re: AltHL Design 2021

Attention designers...If you would like to include a very short explanation of some of the thought that went into the logo design please feel free to include it in your email. I won't be putting it in the poll but I will in the larger post that will accompany it. Looking forward to what every comes up with. 

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5/11/2021 4:53 pm  #16

Re: AltHL Design 2021

I love the inclusion of some thoughts/inspirations.

5/11/2021 5:17 pm  #17

Re: AltHL Design 2021

I can totally work that into my designs! Can't wait!

5/11/2021 6:23 pm  #18

Re: AltHL Design 2021

Big fan of this, I think we've missed out on some great references that were a little too subtle.


5/11/2021 8:56 pm  #19

Re: AltHL Design 2021

QCS wrote:

Big fan of this, I think we've missed out on some great references that were a little too subtle.

I agree. Glad you all like it. I think it will help for sure. 

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5/13/2021 4:53 pm  #20

Re: AltHL Design 2021

Just an update. Everyone has until Saturday evening to get your submissions in for the first three expansion teams. 

So far we have 3 entries for Ottawa, 2 for Edmonton and 1 for Saskatoon. 

There is still plenty of time to tweak your looks. 

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