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3/12/2021 6:42 pm  #21

Re: Professional Football Organization: Wave of the Typhoon (Yr 2; 1978)

BengalErnst28 wrote:

Am I missing something?  This league has been around since the 1920s but all the championships have been won by practically two teams ?

Only 6 of the 12 current teams have won a title (Chicago: 28, Portland: 5, Salt Lake(Minnesota): 2, Detroit: 1) You'll see 2 more tonight/tomorrow morning when I unveil the Eastern division.


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Re: Professional Football Organization: Wave of the Typhoon (Yr 2; 1978)

Time to introduce the PFO's 3rd & final division, the Eastern Division, starting with the favorite team of dixieland, the Georgia Generals. Another member of the failed International League of the 1950s, the Generals joined the league in the 1957, and made the championship in 1962 & 1964, but they lost to Chicago in '62, and San Francisco in '64. Since then, the Generals have hovered at the 4-8/5-7 level, but due to their isolation in the deep south (a region in which the only pro competition is Miami in the AAFC and the Birmingham Broncos of the USFL). The team was named after the confederate generals (with matching unis to boot), but they went through a massive overhaul in 1971 in an effort to not alienate minority fans.

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Re: Professional Football Organization: Wave of the Typhoon (Yr 2; 1978)

The second team in the Eastern division is easily the worst team in all of professional sports; the New Jersey Warriors. Like Georgia, the Warriors came from the IFL of the 50s; and like the Blue Ox, they relocated mid-way through their time in the IFL. Originally, the Warriors played in the nation's capital, but they moved to New York in 1955 in the hope of merging into the AAFC. However, due to their financial instability caused by the hasty move from DC to NYC, the AAFC chose to not admit the Warriors. Desperate to live, they were allowed to join the PFO on the condition that they left New York. Rather than going back to Washington, the Warriors chose to move down the turnpike, landing in Newark, directly in between both the Philadelphia Blue Birds (now the Kansas City Fire Lions) and the New York Hawks. In 20 years sinnce joining the PFO, they have won 36 games, lost 204, posses an 0-39-1 record against the New York Hawks, & suffered six winless seasons. With back to back winless campaigns in each of the last two years, the Warriors have been the #1 candidate for relocation. Below are Jersey's unis, which haven't been changed since their days in DC.

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Re: Professional Football Organization: Wave of the Typhoon (Yr 2; 1978)

Hopefully better fortunes for the warriors, they look good, can’t do anything with those looks however.

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Re: Professional Football Organization: Wave of the Typhoon (Yr 2; 1978)

The third member of the PFO (and 11th member of the league) has won 11 of the league's 50 titles, but they've won 28 of the 31 Eastern Division Champions, and have been the biggest rival (and obstacle) to the Chicago Hounds dominance of the league. It's the New York Hawks. The Hawks actually started the league back in 1927 as a way to meet up and play the Chicago Hounds, Hartford Sailors (next post), and many other teams that have since folded. The Hawks have been fighting with the Hounds since the beginning. Even up to the modern day, the Hawks fight the Hounds. When Raul Gomez wanted to move Chicago to Argentina, only 1 team approved the move: the New York Hawks. All but 1 of the Royal Crown games have featured either Chicago or New York, with over half of all Royal Crown games (including an 11 year streak from 1945-1956) being Chicago vs. New York. However, the Hawks have always played second fiddle to Chicago. Even in the weak east, New York looks to be on their last legs.

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Re: Professional Football Organization: Wave of the Typhoon (Yr 2; 1978)

The 12th and final team in the PFO in 1977 is the Hartford Sailors. The Sailors are the oldest professional football organization, starting as the Hartford Athletic Club in 1894. In 1916, to honor the men fighting across seas in Europe, the Athletic Club rebranded to the Sailors. Upon joining the PFO as a charter member in 1927, the Sailors immediately won the first two league championships. However, they've only won 2 championship since then, with an undefeated, 5 game season in 1933 (the '33 Sailors are still considered the greatest team in PFO history), and in 1968 over Chicago, which was remarkably the first time that Hartford had hosted the Hounds. The Sailors, much like the Hounds, sport a simplistic, classic look that stood the test of time.

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Re: Professional Football Organization: Wave of the Typhoon (Yr 2; 1978)

Before I fully hop into the 1977 season, here is a complete list of past league champions:

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Re: Professional Football Organization: Wave of the Typhoon (Yr 2; 1978)

With the Hawks being the bridesmaid so many times I really want to root for them but I just can’t with them being a poor man’s version of the Baltimore Ravens. I’m a Cincinnati Bengals fan


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Re: Professional Football Organization: Wave of the Typhoon (Yr 2; 1978)

1977 Professional Football Organization Preseason Predictions (actual season will come tonight/tomorrow)
The league has now once again reach the 12-team plateau with the addition of the Tampa Bay Typhoon, now they've split into three division (East, Central, West), added a wild-card for the post-season, and the schedule has jumped from 12 games up to 14 (with a bye week), keeping pace with the All-American Football Conference.

Starting with the Eastern Division, which is comprised of the Georgia Generals, Hartford Sailors, New Jersey Warriors and the loser of 7-straight Royal Crowns, the New York Hawks.

The defending champion Portland Renegades headline the tough Western Division, along side the Dallas Six-Shooters, Salt Lake Blue Ox, & big-spending San Diego Sol.

And lastly, we can't forget the Chicago Hounds, who got to avoid being lumped in the Western Conference with Portland, now get two games against expansion Tampa Bay and the lowly Detroit Motors, with the Kansas City Fire Lions rounding out the division.

The schedule is simple, with everyone playing each other once & division foes meeting twice. However, there are some key games to look out for.

Week 1
The season kicks off with the Typhoon starting their PFO journey by hosting the Georgia Generals in the early session. Also, for the only the second time ever, the Hounds will head to Hartford (all previous meetings had been in Chicago).

Week 2
The defending champion Renegades will unveil their 5th banner in Prime-time against the only other team to win a title in the 70s, the Hounds in the PFO's lone Monday Night game this year

Week 4
The Warriors host the Typhoon in what looks to be the Warriors best and perhaps only shot to end their nearly 1,000 day long losing streak. Other than that, this game looks to be easily the worst on the schedule; it would take a miracle for someone other than Tampa Bay or New Jersey to get the #1 pick in the '78 college draft.

Week 5
The Sol & Fire Lions travel for a neutral-site game in Mexico City (KC is the host), but with how passionate Central & South America are for the Sol, this should shatter league attendance records.

Week 7
Salt Lake will travel to Portland as former Renegades QB Hugh Bronson returns to the city he gave 12 years to finally see what everyone else already knows: the Underpass is a highway to hell. Bronson may not even survive the game with how the Renegades defense has been talking Bronson's return up.

Week 10
Dallas returns off of their bye to travel to New York in a rematch of last-years 48-47 triple OT (college OT rules, but start from the 50 instead of the 25) shoot-out that ended up giving the Eastern title to the Hawks.

Week 12
Its the Thanksgiving Day Classic between Chicago & Detroit, hosted by the Motors in their new Pontiac Silverdome.

Week 14
The Wild-Card will likely be decided as the Sol host the Six-Shooters in a match-up expected to send one of these clubs to the postseason for the first time.

Week 15
The season ends in Atlanta as the Generals host the Hawks in another playoff clincher, this time for the east.

1977 Standings Prediction

Eastern Division
Georgia Generals: 9-5 (6-6 last year)
New York Hawks: 7-7 (7-6 last year)
Hartford Sailors: 4-10 (5-7 last year)
New Jersey Warriors: 1-13 (0-12 last year)

Central Division
Chicago Hounds: 12-2 (10-2 last year)
Kansas City Fire Lions: 8-6 (4-8 last year)
Detroit Motors: 4-10 (3-9 last year)
Tampa Bay Typhoon: 1-13 (expansion)

Western Division
Portland Renegades: 11-3 (12-1 last year)
San Diego Sol: 10-4 (7-5 last year)
Dallas Six-Shooters: 9-5 (7-5 last year)
Salt Lake Blue Ox: 6-8 (4-8 last year)

Chicago over San Diego 34-10
Portland over Georgia 14-10

Royal Crown XXXII: Chicago over Portland: 23-13

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3/13/2021 4:05 pm  #30

Re: Professional Football Organization: Wave of the Typhoon (Yr 2; 1978)

Hopefully New Jersey can end their losing streak this year... boy don I feel for you Warrior fans. Anyways this should be good.


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