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3/23/2021 9:17 pm  #141

Re: Velo (Team Bicycle Racing Sport)

---Friday, March 18 – Boston, Massachusetts
The owners met today and voted unanimously to affirm Henry Clay Frick as the next commissioner of the National Velo Federation.  Frick has been presented with a 1-year contract.
---Monday, April 25 – Boston, Massachusetts
Cut days begin with the Boston Checkers.  The day is the unofficial assumption of the Boston Checkers by their new owner Moses Kimball.  Nancy Fish’s lone year at the helm of the team was a championship one so Kimball takes control of a team in good shape.  Wim Krantz is returning as the head coach.  The pending free agents he faced were Volker Felix and Alf Roydon, both heroes in the eyes of the Boston Checkers faithful.  Roydon announced his retirement as was expected.  Felix was re-signed.  Following his re-signing Coach Krantz made a comment about how young Felix is and how the Checkers can expect to have him around for quite some time.  No players changed positions, leaving Roydon’s former First Option position open. The Checkers reached out to Milwaukee Monsters pending free agent Bennett Cleary, who once played for the Checkers.  Cleary, however informed the Checkers that he intends to announce his own retirement.
---Tuesday, April 26 – Milwaukee, Wisconsin
The Milwaukee Monsters are perhaps the most consistent team.  Despite this fact they only have one championship to show for it.  Today on their cut day they carried on with their consistency.  Olaf Waterman was retained as the coach and star Ralph Juarez was re-signed.  Bennett Cleary retired as a player but has expressed his intention of finding a coaching job somewhere.  Ramiro Chaplin was moved up to the Second Option position.
---Wednesday, April 27 – Montreal, Quebec
A dull offseason finally got interesting today with the Club de Montreal cut day.  Leonidas Marsden has had a good run in Montreal.  This past season he was able to make the playoffs.  He knew his team was good with Thad Butts at the lead, but he also knew that he needed to get quite a bit better.  Looking around he knew he needed a guy like Adrian Beitel on his team.  In his rookie season Beitel made a profound difference for the St. Louis Steamers.  He lifted a team that otherwise seemed doomed to the bottom of the standings up to be a playoff team.  Going forward Beitel was held the promise of good fortunes for the St. Louis Steamers.  The one thing he could not fix however was the financial instability of the team’s owner.  Poor investment decisions have been catching up to Mark Twain over the past couple years.  In Montreal Leonidas Marsden saw this financial trouble as an opportunity.  He went to his owners, James Creighton, and Louis Rubenstein, with a plan.  If they could give the money to Mark Twain that would keep him in place as the owner of the Steamer for at least another year, they could talk him into trading them Beitel for the much less talented Marius Horn.  The owners of Club de Montreal agreed to the deal if Marsden could get St. Louis to bite.  Derry Savona and Lisandro Hannigan were the pending free agents due up for Club de Montreal.  Savona had spent all the past season saying he was retiring at years end.  With the Beitel trade deal on the table with St. Louis, Coach Marsden asked Savona to consider re-signing if the trade went through.  Savona waited.  Then St. Louis agreed to the deal.  Savona re-signed and the team let Hannigan go.  With the Beitel trade they could have re-signed Hannigan as well, but Coach Marsden decided the team might as well see what kind of rookie addition they could find.  Beitel was assigned to the Leadoff Position, Butts was moved down to the Middle Position, Savona down to the Cleanup Position, and Roland Gunnarsen down to the First Option Position.  In all, the day was franchise changing for the Club de Montreal.  With the Line of Adrian Beitel, Thad Butts, and Derry Savona they should compete this coming season for a Title Match.  Coach Marsden spoke at days end to the press saying “I just wanted Savona to return because he deserves it.  It was with him that I put this team together.  It has been with him I have built this team.  I want to win a championship with and for him as much as anyone.  When we win it, I wanted him to not miss out on that.” 
---Thursday, April 28 – St. Louis, Missouri
Ever since the death of Benidito Holt, the St. Louis Steamers have felt like a team trapped in an endless nightmare.  Last offseason they found a ray of hope.  That ray was rookie Adrian Beitel.  Just as the team and its fans felt they were waking up from that nightmare, the finances of the team stole that hope from them.  In order to maintain control of the team at least for another year, the Steamers had no choice but to accept a trade with Club de Montreal that sent Beitel up north.  Coach Colin Poggi was adamantly against the trade.  Today as the Steamers went into their cut day Poggi informed them, he would not be returning.  He later told reporters “This was one of the hardest decisions I ever made.  The choice to walk away from a head coaching job in this league, one of just a few such jobs, that was hard for me to do but I just can not support this team functioning and making decisions in the way it is.”  Jumping on easy pray Wim Krantz, the Head Coach of the Boston Checkers, reached out to Steamers pending free agent Julius Partanen.  With an offer from them, Partanen choose to go to the free agency market where he signed a letter of intent with the Checkers.  The Steamers re-signed their other pending free agent Arnold Millward, and moved him up to the Leadoff Position.  Harald Zawisza was moved up to the Middle Position, Marius Horn was assigned to the Cleanup Position, Aaron Faulkner was moved up to the Second Option Position, and Anthony Plank was moved down to the Third Option Position.  The Steamers may find it exceedingly difficult to hire a new head coach.
---Friday, April 29 – Ottawa, Ontario
The Ottawa Velo Club had a decent first year.  By early February they were 4&2 and ranked but then they lost four straight games to end the season.  The two factors working against them were the fact they were in the much rougher Western Conference and that they were ill constructed due to first year structuring.  That poor understanding of where the talent lay among their players meant that one of their best Dan Stevenson was only signed for a single season.  On the free agent market Ottawa stood no chance against the money of Pittsburgh and Manhattan.  The team’s early success was enough to convince Philip Ross, the team’s owner, to bring back head coach Fons Jespersen for another year.  Coach Jespersen wanted nothing more then to re-sign Stevenson while letting his other pending free agent Alv Seymour go.  Before he could get Stevenson to re-sign however both the Pittsburgh Challengers and Manhattan Velo Club reached out to make him financially lucrative contracts. Stevenson informed Ottawa he would become a free agent and at least for now he has chosen the Pittsburgh Challengers, signing a letter of intent with them.  The loss of Stevenson was not enough to convince Coach Jespersen he should hold onto Alv Seymour.  Seymour was released to free agency as well.  Denis Bardsley, another strong player on the team’s roster, was moved up to the Leadoff Position, Armel McConnell was moved up to the Middle Position, Albano Aldenberg was moved down to the Cleanup Position, and Kai Breen was moved down to the First Option Position. 
---Saturday, April 30 – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
It was one hell of a first year for Elian Hillam as the head coach of the Pittsburgh Challengers.  Ido Peyton got hurt early in the year and the team struggled to win a game without him.  All year long Hillam stressed that the Challengers had their leader but not much else.  He said the team was not built to support Peyton at all.  This offseason, with Hillam re-signed as the head coach, he went about using Andrew Carnegies money to solve that problem.  He has a letter of intent signed with Dan Stevenson.  To make room for him on the roster they needed to release one of their pending free agents.  The first of those were Ido Peyton.  Of Course, the team wanted to sign him, or it would make no sense to build a support team for him.  Peyton was re-signed to stay.  The other pending free agent was Theo Franke.  He was released.  Frans Klassen was moved down to the Cleanup Position making way for Stevenson to fill the Middle Position.  When all was said and done on this Pittsburgh Challengers cut day Coach Hillam reported “We still have a rather inferior bench.  We have work to do there in the coming years.  But our plan for this year is in the works.  We can compete for a championship now, but we are in no way finished rebuilding this team.” 
---Monday, May 2 – Manhattan, New York
Cut day for the Manhattan Velo Club is just that, all cuts.  Coach Glendower Zegers was let go as expected following two disappointing seasons.  Also released were pending free agents Charlton Flipsen and Sebastian Kloet.  Stanford Kristoffersen was moved up to the Middle Position, Cristiano Peter was moved down to the Cleanup Position, and Frederic Nielson was moved down to the First Option Position.  J.P. Morgan had some comments following his cut day. He said, “I learned something this year.  We need to look hard for the right new coach because we need that man to stabilize this team.  We missed out on guys like Adrian Beitel because we lacked a stable presence at the head of our team.” 
---Tuesday, May 3 – Boston, Massachusetts
The Boston Grasshoppers cut day brought no surprises.  The team as expected is going to re-set and come at this again.  Coach Yosh Hobbs, Leadoff Menno Lyons, and Middle Donald Novak have all been let go.  Winfield Gomez was moved up to the Leadoff Position and Terenti Denis was moved up to the Middle Position. 


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