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1/20/2021 11:45 pm  #21

Re: The Story of Gridby

The ninth NGL franchise, the Philadelphia Spirits. Because of Pennsylvania's Blue Laws during this period, the Spirits can only play on Saturdays.

And last, but not least, the Brooklyn Steeplechasers.

Stay tuned for the results of the 1926 NGL Season.


1/21/2021 10:19 am  #22

Re: The Story of Gridby

A lot of great teams here! My favorite may have to be Detroit because the name is cool and like their colors a lot.

1/21/2021 3:53 pm  #23

Re: The Story of Gridby

Loving these identites so far!

1/21/2021 5:14 pm  #24

Re: The Story of Gridby

It's the Brooklyn Steeplechasers for me.

1/21/2021 9:28 pm  #25

Re: The Story of Gridby

So I guess that Brooklyn will play at Ebbets Field?

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1/21/2021 11:47 pm  #26

Re: The Story of Gridby

Enigmajones wrote:

So I guess that Brooklyn will play at Ebbets Field?

Here's the NGL venues for 1926:
GCNY: Polo Grounds
Steeplechasers: Ebbets Field
Gaels: Soldier Field/Grant Park
Cardinals: League Park
Browns: Sportsman's Park
Roadsters: Navin Field
Coopers: Parkway Field
Spirits: Shibe Park
Unicorns: Braves Field
Lakers: Offermann Stadium

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1/27/2021 7:55 pm  #27

Re: The Story of Gridby

Here's the 1926 NGL schedule.

Louisville Coopers at Philadelphia Spirits
Brooklyn Steeplechasers at Buffalo Lakers
GCNY at Chicago Gaels
St. Louis Browns at Cleveland Cardinals
Detroit Roadsters at Boston Unicorns

Boston Unicorns at Cleveland Cardinals
Detroit Roadsters at Buffalo Lakers
GCNY at Louisville Coopers
Philadelphia Spirits at Brooklyn Steeplechasers
Chicago Gaels at St. Louis Browns

Buffalo Lakers at Louisville Coopers
Chicago Gaels at Detroit Roadsters
Philadelphia Spirits at GCNY
Boston Unicorns at Brooklyn Steeplechasers
Cleveland Cardinals at St. Louis Browns

Philadelphia Spirits at Boston Unicorns
GCNY at St. Louis Browns
Buffalo Lakers at Chicago Gaels
Brooklyn Steeplechasers at Detroit Roadsters
Louisville Coopers at Cleveland Cardinals

St. Louis Browns at Louisville Coopers
Detroit Roadsters at Philadelphia Spirits
Chicago Gaels at Brooklyn Steeplechasers
Cleveland Cardinals at Buffalo Lakers
Boston Unicorns at GCNY

St. Louis Browns at Philadelphia Spirits
Detroit Roadsters at Louisville Coopers
Buffalo Lakers at GCNY
Chicago Gaels at Boston Unicorns
Brooklyn Steeplechasers at Cleveland Cardinals

Louisville Coopers at Brooklyn Steeplechasers
GCNY at Detroit Roadsters
St. Louis Browns at Boston Unicorns
Philadelphia Spirits at Buffalo Lakers
Cleveland Cardinals at Chicago Gaels

Louisville Coopers at GCNY
Brooklyn Steeplechasers at Chicago Gaels
Boston Unicorns at Buffalo Lakers
Cleveland Cardinals at Philadelphia Spirits
Detroit Roadsters at St. Louis Browns

Louisville Coopers at Boston Unicorns
St. Louis Browns at Brooklyn Steeplechasers
Philadelphia Spirits at Chicago Gaels
Buffalo Lakers at Detroit Roadsters
GCNY at Cleveland Cardinals

Boston Unicorns at Philadelphia Spirits
Cleveland Cardinals at Detroit Roadsters
Brooklyn Steeplechasers at GCNY
Chicago Gaels at Louisville Coopers
Buffalo Lakers at St. Louis Browns

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1/28/2021 3:34 pm  #28

Re: The Story of Gridby

First Half of the 1926 NGL Season

WEEK ONE (May 1-2, 1926)

Louisville Coopers 27 at Philadelphia Spirits 30
Brooklyn Steeplechasers 24 at Buffalo Lakers 6
GCNY 28 at Chicago Gaels 21
St. Louis Browns 0 at Cleveland Cardinals 20
Detroit Roadsters 22 at Boston Unicorns 18

WEEK TWO (May 8-9, 1926)
Boston Unicorns 20 at Cleveland Cardinals 14
Detroit Roadsters 6 at Buffalo Lakers 18
GCNY 24 at Louisville Coopers 14
Philadelphia Spirits 24 at Brooklyn Steeplechasers 16
Chicago Gaels 32 at St. Louis Browns 28

WEEK THREE (May 15-16, 1926)
Buffalo Lakers 22
at Louisville Coopers 18
Chicago Gaels 6 at Detroit Roadsters 20
Philadelphia Spirits 10 at GCNY 9
Boston Unicorns 3 at Brooklyn Steeplechasers 13
Cleveland Cardinals 42 at St. Louis Browns 24

WEEK FOUR (May 22-23, 1926)
Philadelphia Spirits 46
at Boston Unicorns 6
GCNY 34 at St. Louis Browns 6
Buffalo Lakers 36 at Chicago Gaels 6
Brooklyn Steeplechasers 12 at Detroit Roadsters 28
Louisville Coopers 0 at Cleveland Cardinals 18

WEEK FIVE (May 29-31, 1926)
St. Louis Browns 28 at Louisville Coopers 16
Detroit Roadsters 6 at Philadelphia Spirits 22
Chicago Gaels 19 at Brooklyn Steeplechasers 14
Cleveland Cardinals 6 at Buffalo Lakers 32
Boston Unicorns 0 at GCNY 59

1926 First Half Standings
Z - Philadelphia Spirits 5-0
Gridby Club of New York 4-1
Buffalo Lakers 4-1
Detroit Roadsters 3-2
Brooklyn Steeplechasers 2-3
Cleveland Cardinals 2-3
Chicago Gaels 2-3
Boston Unicorns 1-4
Louisville Coopers 1-4
St. Louis Browns 1-4

Z - With their win in Week 4 at Boston, the Spirits clinched homefield advantage for the 1926 NGL Grand Final, which will be held on July 10, 1926 at Shibe Park.

For the second half of the season, Louisville, Boston and St. Louis face the toughest road to the Grand Final. They will each need to win out and hope the results of other games go their way.

Buffalo can get into the Grand Final if they beat GCNY later this year and stay consistent throughout.

Detroit, Brooklyn and Cleveland will need to win out and hope GCNY and Buffalo lose their remaining games.

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1/28/2021 10:54 pm  #29

Re: The Story of Gridby

The Second Half of the 1926 NGL Season


St. Louis Browns 22 at Philadelphia Spirits 12
Detroit Roadsters 14 at Louisville Coopers 8
Buffalo Lakers 16 at GCNY 26
Chicago Gaels 6 at Boston Unicorns 40
Brooklyn Steeplechasers 6 at Cleveland Cardinals 20

Louisville Coopers 24 at Brooklyn Steeplechasers 12
GCNY 20 at Detroit Roadsters 12
St. Louis Browns 0 at Boston Unicorns 20
Philadelphia Spirits 18 at Buffalo Lakers 34
Cleveland Cardinals 10 at Chicago Gaels 22

Louisville Coopers 29 at GCNY 10
Brooklyn Steeplechasers 6 at Chicago Gaels 20
Boston Unicorns 16 at Buffalo Lakers 14
Cleveland Cardinals 18 at Philadelphia Spirits 26
Detroit Roadsters 36 at St. Louis Browns 16

Louisville Coopers 34 at Boston Unicorns 6
St. Louis Browns 25 at Brooklyn Steeplechasers 24
Philadelphia Spirits 10 at Chicago Gaels 17
Buffalo Lakers 18 at Detroit Roadsters 32
GCNY 46 at Cleveland Cardinals 12

Boston Unicorns 16 at Philadelphia Spirits 42
Cleveland Cardinals 33 at Detroit Roadsters 3
Brooklyn Steeplechasers 22 at GCNY 9
Chicago Gaels 28 at Louisville Coopers 20
Buffalo Lakers 4 at St. Louis Browns 36

Philly, who clinched homefield advantage in the Grand Final, rested on their laurels in Weeks Six and Seven and paid dearly for it. However, the Spirits would win 2 out of the last 3 to prove they were good enough for the final test.

GCNY had the best second half of any NGL team, and the results speak for themselves. Throughout the second half, sportswriters began to unofficially refer to GCNY's players as the "Marvels" thanks to their on-field feats.

Chicago and Detroit each had a big second half. However, because they each missed a shot at the Grand Final, they will petition the league office for a playoff tournament.

After starting hot in the first half, the Lakers cooled down in the second half to finish at 5-5.

The biggest drop-off in the second half and the biggest disappointment this year was Brooklyn, who was picked by many prognosticators before the season began to be one of the better teams.

Final Standings for 1926
Z - Philadelphia Spirits 7-3
X - GCNY ("The Marvels") 7-3

Detroit Roadsters 6-4
Chicago Gaels 6-4
Buffalo Lakers 5-5
Cleveland Cardinals 4-6
Boston Unicorns 4-6
Louisville Coopers 4-6
St. Louis Browns 4-6
Brooklyn Steeplechasers 3-7

Stay tuned for the 1926 Grand Final at Shibe Park!

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1/29/2021 10:18 am  #30

Re: The Story of Gridby

Great first season. Chearing for GCNY to complete their magic here.

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