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12/30/2020 8:31 pm  #1

Help with rules for a fictional sport

The name "Gridby" is a portmanteau of Gridiron and Rugby, yet the game I'm trying to create that carries this name is leaning closer to what I had with Driveball, where it was a blend of Gaelic and Aussie Rules with a pinch of Rugby League.

A Rough Draft of the General Rules (Subject to Change)
Around 13-15 men a side. A goalie if necessary.
Just like Driveball, Gridby starts with a ball-up at midfield and the field is divided into three zones; attack, neutral and defense.
If the ball goes out of bounds, play is restarted with a line-out, just like rugby union (or league?).
Six tackles are needed for the defending team to gain possession.
Changes in possession result in the tackle count reverting to zero.
A free kick is awarded to an attacking team player if a defender commits a penalty.
The attacking team is allowed six marks per drive. A seventh results in a turnover.
A mark can be spoiled by a defending team's player.
Kicks after the siren are allowed.

The Field (Subject to Change)
For the field, I'm trying to find the right balance of the best parts of field markings from each real-life football code. Plus, I could use some ideas on where to place team logos or advertising as the game evolves.

The maximum size is 120 yards long to 70-80 yards wide. Probably bigger in Canada.

Here are some real life fields for comparison.
American Football

Rugby Union

Rugby League

Aussie Rules

Gaelic Football (Also used for Hurling)

Field Hockey (Bonus for comparison)

The Ball

I am not sure if a round ball or an oval ball would work better for a game that allows for unlimited forward passes and laterals." alt="" />

For Driveball, this was what I had for scoring. I'm a little unsure if I want to keep this or to eliminate the goalie position and change the scoring to be more akin to rugby.

As for the story of the game, I'm not sure of a good year to start and I'm having some trouble with the backstory. This will likely take place in North America in case anyone is wondering.


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