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12/19/2020 12:15 pm  #1

The USFL Lives

Hi all,

Not sure this is appropriate or not, so if it is not, please feel free to lock or remove the post. 

I am working on a multi year (1983-2020?) USFL alt history by using Draft Day Football 21 to simulate and track data while I add in weekly recaps, news stories, etc. as if in real time.  To do this I created a website on Wix as the home to the league.  I like the website format, because it gives me more ability to create a look for the ongoing alternate history, but it does not give me much room for forum/discussion, so I was hoping that this thread could be something of an informal forum about the posting on the website. 

If that is OK with everyone, the website is this one, and we are just about to start 1984 after a 1983 season which saw Tampa Bay, not Michigan  take the league title.  

The USFL expanded by only 4 teams (not 6) and there is more of a focus on financial balance by having each team with a hard salary cap and 3 exempt players, and by having revenue sharing that includes some gate receipts as well as sponsorship and tv money.  It may not save all the USFL teams from financial ruin, and we have already seen Chicago and Arizona swap franchises just as in reality back in 83-84.  But as we get further and further into the simulation, more disparity between reality and this alternate reality will develop. 

Again, if using this forum as a sounding board for an externally based USFL alt history is not OK, I understand, but I thought it might be allowable and this format lets me do more visually with the alt history on the website. 

Thanks, and I hope folks like it. 


12/19/2020 1:50 pm  #2

Re: The USFL Lives

Glad to see ya back Wideright, will be following the website


12/29/2020 7:29 pm  #3

Re: The USFL Lives

How hard was it to make a website like this for your alternate league?


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