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8/31/2021 7:05 pm  #2551

Re: Minnesota Amateur Hockey League

Oh boy, this is going to be a good match-up! Go Titans.


8/31/2021 7:48 pm  #2552

Re: Minnesota Amateur Hockey League

1985 Kellogg Cup Final

1st Period
FAR - 2
ULM - 0

There were over 16,000 in attendance at the St. Paul Civic Center for the 1985 Kellogg Cup Final between #7 Fargo and unranked New Ulm. You couldn't write a better start than what the Titans got off to in this one, scoring on their first shot of the game to take a 1-0 lead under a minute into the game. A second goal later in the period gave Fargo a bit of a cushion and emphasized their domination early in this game.

2nd Period
FAR - 3
ULM - 1

The second period picked up where the first had ended with Fargo buzzing and controlling play. The Bavarians were pinned in their own end for a while and a tired defenseman tripped up a Titan to give Fargo a powerplay. The Titans won the offensive zone draw and got it to the point for a quick shot that beat the New Ulm goalie to give Fargo a commanding 3-0 lead. It was starting to look like the Titans were gonna run away with, but then disaster struck. New Ulm found themselves shorthanded again and after icing the puck down the ice, it was stopped in the corner by the Fargo goaltender. He stopped it there and left it for his defensemen, but he accidentally kicked it while skating back to his crease. The puck trickled into the crease and the first man there was winger Haru Lee who poked it in to give his team a bit of life late in the period.

3rd Period
FAR - 3
ULM - 3

You could feel the atmosphere begin to shift after New Ulm got on the board, and that only grew more evident as the third period began. The Bavarians had new life and as the Minnesotan representatives in the final, got a lot of help from the average spectators on hand. Booming "Lets Go Diamonds" chants rang out through the Civic Center as New Ulm poured it on early. New Ulm drew a powerplay and converted on it to make it a one goal game. The Bavarians were relentless in the third, pressing as hard as they could to level the score. Fargo was bailed out by their netminder on more than one occasion, but he could only do so much. Haru Lee put home his second of the game to tie the score at three with under 5 minutes left in regulation. The final horn sounded with the score still tied, sending us to overtime.

The atmosphere was electric as the teams returned to the ice for overtime, the next goal will win the Cup. Both teams got a couple shots but nothing was really threatening. Just past the midway point of the period, New Ulm picked off a Titan pass in center ice. The Bavarians turned it up ice on a 2 on 1 with speed. The puck carrier took it wide before firing it low on net. The save was made, but the rebound went right out to Lee who smacked it into the open goal. The red light flashed and the horn sounded, Haru Lee has won the Kellogg Cup for the New Ulm Bavarians, scoring his third goal of the game. For the second time in team history, the Kellogg Cup is headed to New Ulm. The Bavarians become the first team from the South Region to have won multiple Kellogg Cups. After leading 3-0, Fargo suffered a monumental collapse and ultimately fall to New Ulm 4-3 in overtime.

The Tschida Trophy was awarded to Fargo' Isaac Irman, a center who led the Titans to a RRHL Title and Kellogg Cup Final Appearance. Irman was a crucial piece to a very good Fargo squad, leading the team in Points, Assists, and Faceoff Wins. This is Isaac's first time winning the award and he is also the first Titan to be given the honor.

Let me know what you think, comments are appreciated!

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8/31/2021 7:52 pm  #2553

Re: Minnesota Amateur Hockey League



8/31/2021 9:35 pm  #2554

Re: Minnesota Amateur Hockey League

Wow, good stuff to the Diamonds! I was hoping for Fargo to win it but I like New Ulm as well. A fun Super Series for sure!


9/10/2021 6:43 pm  #2555

Re: Minnesota Amateur Hockey League

1985 Offseason Highlights

- 7 Expansion Teams

- 15 Identity Changes

- 2 New Arenas
        - Hudson: The Bengals are moving indoors to the new Hudson Sports and Civic Center (HSCC) which seats 800.
        - Lake City: The Skis are will finally get a roof over their heads at 750 seat Lake City Municipal Arena.

- 6 New Mascots

- 4 New Rivalry Trophies

- All Kellogg Cup Champions now have stars on the back of their jerseys

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9/10/2021 6:57 pm  #2556

Re: Minnesota Amateur Hockey League

Updated Champions Banners

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9/10/2021 6:58 pm  #2557

Re: Minnesota Amateur Hockey League

New Arenas

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9/10/2021 7:03 pm  #2558

Re: Minnesota Amateur Hockey League


Sadly, two of the MAHL's pawed friends passed prior to the 1985/86 season. Starting this coming season are Greyson II and Conrad III.

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9/10/2021 7:07 pm  #2559

Re: Minnesota Amateur Hockey League

Rivalry Trophies

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9/11/2021 6:13 pm  #2560

Re: Minnesota Amateur Hockey League

Identity Changes

Brainerd, the St. Paul Saints, and the Twin Cities Vulcans join every other Kellogg Cup winning team in adding championship stars to their jerseys, otherwise though there is nothing changed about their look. The defending champs from New Ulm also slightly tweaked their jerseys by adding a second star.

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