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10/13/2020 6:43 pm  #1

North American Hockey League - A fictional history

For decades pro hockey was played in three major leagues. The Eastern Canadien Hockey League which had teams in Quebec and the Maritime Provinces, the Ontario players League which mostly had teams in the Toronto Area and the Eastern Hockey League which had teams in the East coast US. In 1938 there were rumors that a new league spanning all 3 regions would be formed. Two years later the NAHL was formed with 9 teams to begin play in the fall of 1940.
I’ll probably start text-only but as I get better at graphic designs I’ll move more into that . The first season should be up soon!

10/13/2020 6:50 pm  #2

Re: North American Hockey League - A fictional history

Interesting! What are the team names and what are the odds for each team?
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10/13/2020 6:58 pm  #3

Re: North American Hockey League - A fictional history

Sevsdast wrote:

Interesting! What are the team names and what are the odds for each team?

We have the Boston Admirals, Buffalo Chiefs, Connecticut Colonials, Montreal Giants (English-speaking MTL), Le Hockey Club De Montreal (French-speaking MTL), New York Pirates, Ottawa Lions, Philadelphia Guardians and the Toronto Trojans. Each team has a number for the season. The higher the number the better they are projected to be. For example the Admirals are 9,  the Lions are 8 and the Guardians are 1.
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10/13/2020 7:55 pm  #4

Re: North American Hockey League - A fictional history

This one going to be fun to read, I can't wait for the first season to be up.


10/13/2020 9:22 pm  #5

Re: North American Hockey League - A fictional history

1940-41 season
X-  Boston
X- Ottawa
X- MTL Hockey Club
X- New York
X- Toronto
X- Buffalo
     MTL Giants

Season Highlights
• The Admirals take first place led by superstar Jared Martin who had 39 goals this season.
• Ottawa gets the other top spot thanks to the superb play of RW Harold Lane
• Expected to miss the playoffs, the New York Pirates finish 4th with 17 year old up and coming star Dougie Steele leading the way
• League President Lawrence Williams announces mid-season that the league championship Trophy will be called the Williams Cup.
The playoffs will be next! C & C appreciated!
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10/14/2020 9:27 am  #6

Re: North American Hockey League - A fictional history

1941 NAHL Playoffs.
First Round
NY 1 vs TOR 3
Dougie Steele is held to just 2 scores all series as the Trojans, led by Defensemen Jack Howard move on to round 2
MTL HC 3 vs BUF 0
Jean LaGasse allows just 5 goals in another one-sided series as Buffalo can’t find answers against a powerful MHC defensive team
Second Round
BOS 3 vs TOR 2
In a surprising close series, little used Admirals RW Richard Price scores in OT of game 5 to send Boston to the 1st ever Williams Cup Final.
OTT 1 vs MTL HC 3
Jean LaGasse does it again for the MHC, allowing just 2 goals against the Lions. Pierre Bonaparte has a great scoring series for the MHC to send them to the finals.
C & C appreciated! Who’s your pick for the final?
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10/14/2020 1:31 pm  #7

Re: North American Hockey League - A fictional history

1941 Williams Cup Final
Boston Admirals vs Le Hockey Club de Montreal

Prior to the series, longtime Admiral Freddie Schwartz announced that he would be retiring after 16 years with the franchise. The phase “win it for Freddie” became well known in Boston during the season. Game 1 would be at the Copley Arena in Boston. Just 80 seconds in, Montreal would strike first on a goal by Francis Chevalier. Turns out that would be all they needed as Jean LaGasse was again fabulous in the net for the MHC.

Game 2 would be another 1-0 game but Boston goalie David O’Connell would out-duel LaGasse. Jared Martin would score the winner for Boston late in the second period to tie the series heading to Montreal.

Game 3 in Montreal was all Admirals however as Freddie Schwartz scores twice along with Martin to give Boston a 2-1 series lead.

Game 4 would be a wild one as the MHC raced out to a 3-0 lead after 1 period. The Admirals got within one as Jared Martin scores twice in the second but Pierre Bonaparte would respond with a goal with time running out in the second to make it 4-2. The third period would be crazy as 4 different Admirals would score within 2 minutes and 46 second of each other to make 6-4 in favor of Boston. The Ads would nurse that lead with about a minute to go however, Chevalier would pull Montreal within one. With 8 seconds left Boston cleared the puck and started to celebrate but left to much time for Yves Plante. Plant got to the Admiral blue line, took a hard shot and improbably went in just before the buzzer to tie the game. However in OT Schwartz would score what would turn out to be his final goal in pro hockey to give Boston the win and a chance to win the title at home.

Game 5 was pretty boring, unless you’re an MHC fan. Jean LaGasse was fabulous stopping 28 of 29 shots he faced. Russell Lane would score both Montreal goals as they took 2-1 and forced game 6 at home.

Game 6 was a blowout as the MHC finally ran out of gas. Jared Martin scored a hat-trick and his older brother Conner would ad 2 more to give the Boston Admirals the first ever Williams Cup.

G1: MHC 1-0 BOS
G2: MHC 0-1 BOS
G3: BOS 5-2 MHC
G4 BOS 7-6 MHC (OT)
G5: MHC 2-1 BOS
G6: BOS 5-1 MHC

Congrats to the Admirals and their fans! The offseason is next!
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10/26/2020 12:38 pm  #8

Re: North American Hockey League - A fictional history

1941-42 Season
X- Boston
X- MTL Hockey Club
X- Toronto
X- New York
X- Buffalo
X- Connecticut
     MTL Giants

Season Highlights
• Jared Martin scores a record-smashing 47 goals, including 6 in a game vs Philadelphia to lead the Admirals to first place again

• The Colonials make the final playoff spot despite losing a quarter of their team to the War effort overseas.

• Dougie Steele leads the Pirates to a surprise 4th place for a second straight year.

• Philadelphia and the Montreal Giants again finish outside the playoff chase.

C & C appreciated! The playoffs will be up soon!
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10/28/2020 9:19 am  #9

Re: North American Hockey League - A fictional history

1942 postseason

Round 1

TOR 3 vs CON 0

In the Colonials first ever playoff series, they scumble in 3 straight games to Jack Howard’s Toros.

NY 3 vs BUF 2

Dougie Steele scores the winner late in game 5 to lift the Pirates over the Chiefs

Round 2

BOS 1 vs NY 3

The Pirates stun the defending champion Admirals limiting Jared Martin to just 1 score all series. Meanwhile Steele does it again scoring a goal in every game to send the Pirates to the Williams Cup Final

MHC 3 vs TOR 0

Jean LaGasse was up to his usual tricks against the Toros, recording back to back shutouts in the last two games to send the Montreal Hockey Club back to the Final.

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10/28/2020 10:14 pm  #10

Re: North American Hockey League - A fictional history

And I'm guessing World War II will cause the league to shrink right?


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