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9/24/2020 5:23 am  #131

Re: Term 1- Group 1

Alright, sorry for my latre submission. But here it is. Oahu's football kit with their wave pattern unique to the team. All it needs now is to add the logos and the numbers and we're good to go!
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9/24/2020 10:02 pm  #132

Re: Term 1- Group 1

Do we feel like we're ready to submit?  I will set my alarm for a couple hours from now, if no other feedback is given, I'll submit what we have!
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9/25/2020 11:06 am  #133

Re: Term 1- Group 1

Sorry Stick, 

Work and home have been insane the past 2 weeks with kids returning to school etc. I think we had enough here to get it accepted so hopefully they like it. <--- Official home of the fictional country of Yorkland

9/25/2020 11:10 am  #134

Re: Term 1- Group 1

No worries!  I sent pretty much everything to them.  Only thing I didn't send was MacBeth's soccer template, as we never had a chance to finish .  Sorry about that MacBeth!  It did look pretty cool!  As it is, I did send Pepper's design over, so if they are satisfied, we'll be all set!  They did say they liked it a lot, just need to wait until they approve all the details!
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