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9/04/2020 9:39 am  #1

Term 1 - Group 3

Group 3, here is our initial challenge.
With the revised city size of 100,000-250,000, our choices are the cities of Elizabeth and Paterson and the municipalities of Woodbridge and Lakewood.

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9/04/2020 9:58 am  #2

Re: Term 1 - Group 3

There are also Woodbridge and Lakewood which have estimated 2019 populations of above 100,000 so those work as well

To add to this an idea for Lakewood could be dealing with Ocean County and could be Ocean State University, though feels a bit newer than an early 1800s school so maybe something in the Newark area like the other 3 cities with a classic name would be cool.

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9/04/2020 10:12 am  #3

Re: Term 1 - Group 3

The color lends itself to a few birds. Kestrels, flickers, swallows, bluebirds, robins, finches, crossbills, towhees, sparrows, orioles, blackbirds, tanagers, and grosbeaks all have species in New Jersey with orange coloration. Out of these, I believe the best nickname would be the Kestrels, as predatory birds are more common among team nicknames.

A believable name and backstory for a Paterson-based college would be Hamilton University, among the "Ivies" of the AHS Universe. From Wikipedia, "In 1791 Alexander Hamilton (1755/57–1804), first United States Secretary of the Treasury, helped found the Society for the Establishment of Useful Manufactures (S.U.M.), which helped encourage the harnessing of energy from the Great Falls of the Passaic River to secure economic independence from British manufacturers. The society founded Paterson, which became the cradle of the industrial revolution in America." This connection to Hamilton seems strong enough to justify the founding and naming of a university in his honor.
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9/04/2020 10:22 am  #4

Re: Term 1 - Group 3

I like this

Kestrels is a great name! Unique and fits the colour. Hamilton University is great and the backstory is great, I am very on board with that idea.

9/04/2020 11:40 am  #5

Re: Term 1 - Group 3

One detail I forgot to mention in my Hamilton U proposal was the founding date: 1804, the year Hamilton was shot in Weehawken, New Jersey. I believe that a monogram logo could be utilized, similarly to Dartmouth, Princeton, and Yale.
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9/04/2020 11:49 am  #6

Re: Term 1 - Group 3

Yea something simple for sure, like a simple "H" with a Kestrel silhouette could be cool, or even a simple "H" logo. That works well for the founding date.

9/04/2020 12:10 pm  #7

Re: Term 1 - Group 3

I'm down with the Hamilton Kestrels


9/04/2020 12:56 pm  #8

Re: Term 1 - Group 3

Another thought I had. St. John the Baptist is the patron saint of the Diocese of Paterson. Do we create a Catholic school? John the Baptist University anyone?


9/04/2020 1:08 pm  #9

Re: Term 1 - Group 3

Hi everybody. Sorry for being late to this convo! But yes, I'm all in with Hamilton U. Plus, it could make for some fun potential designs, considering the popularity of the Hamilton musical. 

I LOVE the idea of this being an "Ivy League" college in the northeast. 

I'm good with Kestrels too, but just wanted to throw this out and see if anybody would entertain the idea: Quails? 

I mentioned Quails because the forefathers (such as Hamilton) used their feathers as pens back when America started up. 

Another possibility is the Eagles or Hawks. I know, I know. Cliched and boring. But considering how old the school is and how "American" and "Colonial" the name sounds if we're going with Hamilton U, it could make sense. Eagles because of the "american mascot" or Hawks becaues of the alliteration. 

With that being said, I'd like to submit my color ideas. With the orange being part of the color scheme, I would like to nominate brown as the secondary color. I think when designed right, it would look quite nice. I went to a college with orange and brown and I thought it was a great color combination that not many schools or pro teams use. 

Just my two cents to start with. 

Just to clarify - Are we creating ONE school or multiple schools? Just wanted to make sure I understood this correctly. 

EDIT: Wording, and added colors idea. 

DOUBLE EDIT: I'm all in with the Kestrels now. Look at how beautiful the bird is! The orange woulud be fantastic with this. 

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9/04/2020 1:29 pm  #10

Re: Term 1 - Group 3

RoughRiders9 wrote:

Just to clarify - Are we creating ONE school or multiple schools? Just wanted to make sure I understood this correctly. 

Not part of the group, but I give you the right answer. For now, you are making one school. Once you have finished your design and the QCS group has accepted it, we'll give you a second challenge to work on. At most, a group can make 10 teams in one term. I love what you guys have going on right now, the variety in everyone's ideas is awesome!

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