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2/05/2021 10:05 pm  #71

Re: Robin Island Hockey - The KLH (1971 Kurosawa Cup Finals)

Hey guys, sorry for the... *checks watch* uh... 4 month break I took from this. In return, I've got four full seasons to share with you!

Every team made updates in 1974, including two expansion teams! Here are the updates first:

As you'll notice, pretty much every change can be boiled down to adding TV numbers. As the league grew in popularity, TV deals were reached and networks started asking for easier ways to identify players. So, TV numbers were mandated with the 1974 expansion.

The results of the four seasons are as follows:
1972 - Aoishi and Newton met once again but the Unions took it this time, becoming the first team to repeat as champions.
1973 - Sol came out of nowhere after many terrible seasons to win their first championship. The Peacocks came up short yet again.
1974 - The Jacks and Explorers met in the Finals with Newton coming out on top.
1975 - In the first year with eight teams, the Peacocks finally got their ring, taking out the Unions to claim their first championship.

Speaking of expansion, here are those two teams! Both are small-market teams, avoiding where the RIBF has been.

First off, Matsuike, the capital of Finch Lake. Inspired by the many tress found around the capital, the team went with Pines. Green and brown were obvious for colors, and the jerseys were designed to resemble trees. Brown pants, green tops, just like trees. Even the socks are inspired by trees.

Next, Oyachi, the valley capital of the province of Oyachi, got a team. Taking influence from the NHL, the name Whalers was selected. A maroon and navy color scheme, inspired by the province's flag, support wavy striping on the jerseys. The logo is an O and a W combined to create a unique mark. A unique, thin font was used to remind of the historical buildings around the port.

There you go! An update for you. I think what I'll do is update the league to match with the RIBF, but it will be very on-and-off. Enjoy!


2/05/2021 10:05 pm  #72

Re: Robin Island Hockey - The KLH (1971 Kurosawa Cup Finals)

I like the Whalers.

2/06/2021 1:19 am  #73

Re: Robin Island Hockey - The KLH (1971 Kurosawa Cup Finals)

All the teams look great

I really like that shade of green for the Pines and the whole package for the Whalers is a big thumbs up from me

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