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9/18/2020 3:48 pm  #61

Re: American-Canadian Basketball Association

Rugrat wrote:

Oh this should be an interesting matchup for sure? Any chance for expansion later on?

Yeah we have something in the works. For now, just stay tuned!


9/25/2020 7:02 pm  #62

Re: American-Canadian Basketball Association

Cardiac Cardinal wrote:

Hey just caught up with this thread and it sounds pretty interesting. Go Clydesdales!

Glad to have you on board! And good to see another team represented on the boards!

Sorry for not posting the finals sooner. I've been busy IRL and I got caught up with the college project and AltFL.

I forgot to post the Divisional Champions trophies graphic last time so here you go:

Now to the main event.

1967 A-C BA Finals
The only two teams that have never missed the playoffs each fight to earn their first 49th Parallel Trophy.

Calgary and New York trade the first two games, but the Outlaws’ playoff experience shows as they win the next three and the 49th Parallel Trophy.

Congrats to Calgary for finally taking it home.

Next post: 1967 Offsesaon


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9/26/2020 9:37 am  #63

Re: American-Canadian Basketball Association

Congrats to the Outlaws on bringing it home at last


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