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6/30/2020 12:32 pm  #1

The Official AltFL Information Thread (Gritty Only)

Welcome the Official AltFL Information Thread!

This thread is a hub for all things AltFL.  Gritty will be responsible for its maintenance so please do not post in here.  The AltFL will have a number of threads that will serve different purposes: 
1.) The Information Thread - will be a place for rules, information, and it will serve as a league directory of sorts, I'll post individual team posts eventually almost as a 'yearbook' once the teams are more developed.  
2.) The Design Thread - this will be for people to post creative applications of their teams.  If you hire a coach, make a stadium, fake social media post, etc.
3.) Discussion Thread - I like the thread that JamHeron created that is a place for people to just chat about the goings on of the league so we do not clog up the design thread.
4.) The Fantasy Thread - eventually we will make a thread that will follow the fantasy league.
5.) Legacy Project Thread.  That's it let's keep it neat and tidy.  

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6/30/2020 1:29 pm  #2

Re: The Official AltFL Information Thread (Gritty Only)

AltFL Nuts and Bolts

A. Roster Construction
The AltFL is made up of 24 franchises.  That means that the talent level may be more diluted than a traditional 12-team fantasy league.  To counteract that dilution, we will expand our team rosters to include individual defensive players.  This accomplishes two things:
1.) Our rosters will be more realistic with defensive stars
2.) Expands the number of stars available to draft

Therefore this is the breakdown of an AltFL roster:
Starters - QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, DL, DL, LB, LB, DB, DB, K ( 13 )
Bench - ( 10 ) --> The 10 Bench players account for a backup for each of the starting positions.
Total Players - ( 23 )
Total League Players - ( 552 )

B. Keeper Rules
The goal of every owner should be to build a sustainable winning franchise.  To aid that endeavor we are implementing a simple Keeper Program.  
1.) Who Can You Keep? Every team can keep as many players as they would like.  
2.) Keeper Points Every team will have available 120 Keeper Points.  Players are given 'point values' (think of them as salaries) based off of where they were drafted.  
3.) Player Salaries There are 23 rounds in our draft.  First rounders will be worth 23 points.  Second rounders...22 and so on.  The more early round picks that you choose to keep limits the number of keepers you can keep and visa versa.  This system means that there is more value the earlier you pick in the draft. This gives value to the weaker teams (see Draft Rules Below).
4.) Rookie Salaries First round rookies will be given values of a tenth rounder, second round rookies will be given values of a 15th rounder.  
5.) Long Term Keepers Moving forward, you can keep players for multiple years BUT their salary will increase by 5 points.  So to keep a first round it would be...$23 (year 1), $28 (year 2), $33 (year 3) and so on.  

C. The Rookie Draft
Every season, immediately following the NFL Draft, the AltFL will hold a two-round, serpentine style, Rookie Draft.  The draft order will mirror the NFL's policy.  This means that the worst team receives the first pick..the champion receives the last (and first of the second round).  

D. The Fantasy Draft
The Fantasy Draft will take place over the summer before the NFL season begins.  The Draft Order will be determined by a lottery system.  

E. The Schedule
-Each team will play 13 regular season games.  
-Some teams will have 7 home games, some will have 6 games. (this will rotate every year)
-Each team will play:
a.) 5 division games
b.) 6 games versus another division (this assignment will rotate every year)
c.) 2 games versus 1 team from each of the two remaining divisions. (based off of your standings the previous year)
-Mock Schedule
Week 1 - Division Rival #1
Week 2 - Division Rival #2
Week 3 - Intra Division #1
Week 4 - Intra Division #2
Week 5 - Intra Division #3
Week 6 - Final Division #1
Week 7 - Final Division #2
Week 8 - Intra Division #4
Week 9 - Intra Division #5
Week 10 - Intra Division #6
Week 11 - Division Rival #3
Week 12 - Division Rival #4
Week 13 - Division Rival #5 / Arch Rival (stays the same every year, ex. Army Navy Game)
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7/10/2020 2:20 pm  #3

Re: The Official AltFL Information Thread (Gritty Only)

The Scoring System (as of now)

Kick/Pun Return TDs = 8
Two Point Conversions = 2
Fumbles Lost = -2
Interceptions Thrown = -2
Passing TD = 4
Passing Yards = .05
Rushing / Receiving TD = 6
Rushing / Receiving Yards = 0.1

Forced Fumbles = 4
Fumbles Recovered = 4
Interceptions Caught = 5
Passess Defensed = 1.5
Sacks = 4
Tackles Assisted = 0.75
Tackles Solo = 1.5

Extra Points = 1
FG 50+ = 5
FG 40+ = 4
FG 1-39+ = 3
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7/23/2020 6:18 pm  #4

Re: The Official AltFL Information Thread (Gritty Only)


When - Friday, July 24, 2020 @ 8:30 ET
Where -

I suggest getting there a little early to acclimate yourself to the Draft Room as it may be different than the site that you are used to.

-The Draft will be snake style. 

-All teams will have the same number of players as the number of rounds when the draft ends.

-If you are not present in the draft room the autobot will pick your player immediately.

-Each player has 1 minute to make their selection.

-If your time elapses for 3 straight picks the auto pick will take over until you return.

-All undrafted players will join the waiver wire.

-Each team currently has 2 out of their 26 players (their rookies). 

-26 roster spots accounts for all 13 starting positions and 11 bench spots.

-The Roster Breakdown:

The Draft Order was randomly determined and is as follows:
1. New York
2. Toronto
3. Orlando
4. Chicago
5. Seattle
6. Buffalo
7. Utah
8. Kentucky
9. Birmingham
10. Milwaukee
11. Los Angeles 
12. Minnesota
13. Dallas
14. San Antonio
15. St. Louis
16. Tennessee
17. San Diego
18. Miami
19. Boston
20. Carolina
21. Kansas City
22. Philadelphia
23. Arizona
24. Portland

Any questions please ask it in the chat and I'll do my best to get to it.

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9/03/2021 9:29 pm  #5

Re: The Official AltFL Information Thread (Gritty Only)

If you make a trade at any point during the season please fill out this survey. Thank you for helping us keep things organized. 

2021 AltFL Trade Portal
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