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6/18/2020 1:44 pm  #11

Re: European Dashball Alliance

Looks like Helsinki is Europe's Texas. Unfortunate story for Rome, though. 276-58 is absolutely wild.


6/18/2020 1:47 pm  #12

Re: European Dashball Alliance

Dan O'Mac wrote:

I usually pick my teams based on a logo/uniforms when not in the U.S., without those factors, I'm looking for a city I like, which are not currently represented.

Sorry, I cannot design my own logos and upload them here if someone were to help me out, that would be great
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6/18/2020 8:41 pm  #13

Re: European Dashball Alliance

2022 EDA Playoffs
Helinski IceBreakers vs Berlin Brewers
This series was not even supposed to be close but it was. Game one went as expected with the Breakers grabbing a 177-130 win at home. However the Brewers stunned all of Finland with 3 straight wins to grab a shocking 3-1 lead in the series. Jeff Davenport went off in those 3 games scoring 200 points in each. Game 5 in Helinski saw the Breakers stay alive with a 180-145 win. Game 6 was in Berlin and the Brewers capitalized in the early going. However, Jan Lundquist stepped up huge for the IceBreakers, scoring 30 straight points to lead his team to a 175-138 victory to force game 7. The deciding game wasn’t even close as the Breakers cruised to a 190-105 win to head to the first ever Reich Cup Final

Madrid Toros vs Dublin Shamrocks
This series was also supposed to be one-sided. It was but not in the way that people thought it would be. Early in game 1, Josef Perez got hurt which cost the Toros dearly. Without him the Rocks claimed a 181-159 win to start the series and one by the same score the next night. As the series shifted to Dublin, the Shamrocks wiped the floor on the Toros, winning two straight at home to sweep the series in four straight and head to the Final to face the IceBreakers
Reich Cup I
Helinski IceBreakers vs Dublin Shamrocks
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